WRAL weather app | The latest NC weather on your phone (2024)

The WRAL Weather app was designed to deliver the most accurate local weather forecast from WRAL's team of expert meteorologists and to bring the app's most in-demand features to the forefront, placing the most important information on one screen – current conditions, hourly forecast, 7-day outlook, and iControl interactive radar.

What’s new in the WRAL weather app?

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You can now add the new WRAL Weather app widgets to your phone or tablet’s home screen.

Get a quick glance at the current conditions, the 3-day forecast, and active alerts for your current location.

You can change the location in the widget from your current location. Go into the app. Tap the search bar at the top of the home screen. Enter another location and tap the star.

To add a widget: Press and hold on an open area on your home screen. On iOS, hit the plus button in the top left corner, and search for WRAL Weather to add the widget. On Android, click on the Widgets icon, search for WRAL Weather to add. Widgets are only available on iOS devices with a software version of iOS 14 or higher.

With this update, you will need to reenter any saved locations you had in the previous version of the app.

How do I get the WRAL Weather app?

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To download the free WRAL Weather app, visit the Apple App Store OR visit the Google Play store for the Android app. You’ll get customized weather alerts wherever your phone goes. Just keep your phone turned on and nearby. Customize the alerts you receive -- lightning, dangerous storms, severe thunderstorm warnings.

The latest weather for the Triangle

The WRAL Weather App is an incredible multi-function weather station you can access right on your phone. And each forecast is designed and assembled by a team of six full-time WRAL meteorologists who have in-depth knowledge of North Carolina’s weather.

In the WRAL Weather app, you’ll find weather forecasts for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Eastern North Carolina. Check the Raleigh weather this week or check the weather this weekend. Plus, the app can keep up with your current location and give the most accurate real-time forecast.

What’s still in the WRAL weather app?

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You can easily stay up to date on the weather by receiving forecast information and updates from the WRAL Severe Weather Center in Raleigh, directly through your phone or tablet. You can also find direct links to the Live Cam section of the website and see what’s happening outside right now near you. Get the latest weather forecast, keep track of the cloud cover and rainfall amounts nearby with your Futurecast, and receive severe weather alerts in your area with your exact location.

Swipe right and left to see hourly weather trends, and tap the 7-day for detailed local forecast information from the WRAL Weather team. The latest observations and graphics can be found in the Weather Feed.

Stunning weather graphics and animation effects tailored to match current conditions provide you with an immersive and fun experience.

In addition to a richer home screen experience, the app also allows you to customization more options than ever before. You can save multiple favorite locations, set alert preferences, toggle between light and dark themes, or turn off "Scientific Mode" for a simplified current conditions presentation.

You can set a favorite school system to have personalized closings and delays information delivered right on the home screen of the app.

iControl radar is still central. A hybrid data layer marries the historic national radar with the forecasted Futurescan for a linear presentation of up to seven hours of animated data.

Weather-related news and video are tightly integrated. So when severe weather is bearing down on the Triangle or North Carolina, WRAL's award-winning breaking news and pertinent life-saving information can be found quickly and easily on the home screen.

Allow push notifications for the app and you’ll enable critical weather alerts, right when you need them. Then, access the interactive iControl radar map and see where severe weather is headed next.

The Updated WRAL Weather App Features:


  • WRAL Weather app widgets are now right on your home screen
  • Change your location right in the widget
    WRAL weather app | The latest NC weather on your phone (4)

Today’s Weather Forecast

  • Hourly forecasts for your current location.
  • Accurate 7-day forecast.
  • Written forecasts from the meteorologists you trust.
  • Pre-recorded video forecasts are available on-demand

iControl Radar

  • Radar updates in the palm of your hand.
  • Customized for your current location.


  • Check the DualDoppler5000
  • Watch live weather reports every 10 minutes on WRAL News+

Additional Features

  • ReportIt – report the weather you see
  • Hurricane Center
  • Live traffic and city cameras
  • Weather news
  • Around the state weather
  • Almanac
  • Closings & Delays

Download the WRAL Weather app right now

Download the free WRAL Weather app by visiting Apple's App Store OR the Google Play store.

WRAL weather app | The latest NC weather on your phone (2024)
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