Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in GE Ultrasound Systems (2024)

Microsoft Outage Disrupts Services Including Bing and Copilot*

Ransom House Threatens Data Leak of Advance Press, Allegedly Steals 300GB of Data*

WhatsApp Warns of Government Surveillance Vulnerabilities Despite Encryption*

CentroMed Reports Data Breach Affecting Patient Confidentiality*

MITRE Reveals Cyberattack Exploiting VMware Systems for Persistence*

CISA Adds Actively Exploited Apache Flink Vulnerability to KEV Catalog*

ACSA Notifies 55,000 Individuals of Cyberattack Data Breach*

Malware Backdoored JAVS Courtroom Software Compromises Systems Worldwide*

Zoom Implements Post-Quantum Encryption for Enhanced Security*

Microsoft Introduces Recall Feature: Security and Privacy Implications*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Honeywell's Virtual Controller*

Nissan Oceania's Call Centre Hit by OracleCMS Data Breach*

Veeam Releases Critical Update for Backup & Replication Software*

China-Linked Hackers Increasingly Use Proxy Networks for Cyberespionage*

Newly Disclosed Threat Group Unfading Sea Haze Targets South China Sea Entities*

Blackbasta Group Claims Hack on Atlas, Major US Oil Distributor*

MediSecure Data Breach Prompts Calls for Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures*

GhostEngine Mining Campaign Disables EDR Security Through Exploiting Vulnerable Drivers*

ANZ Bank Faces Major Online Banking Outage: Customers Struggle to Access Accounts*

Critical Vulnerability Unveils Pre-auth RCE in Mirth Connect*

OpenSSF Launches Siren Mailing List for Open Source Threat Intelligence Sharing*

Western Sydney University Reveals Data Breach, Notifying 7,500 Affected Individuals*

SolarWinds Introduces Generative AI for Enhanced IT Management in Service Desk*

Critical Vulnerability "Linguistic Lumberjack" Identified in Fluent Bit*

Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Fluent Bit Utility*

Exposing Critical Infrastructure: The Risk of Public Internet Exposure for ICS Assets*

Hackers Exploit Foxit PDF Reader Vulnerability to Deploy Various Malware*

New Public RCE Exploit Targets Unpatched QNAP QTS Zero-Day Vulnerability*

New BiBi Wiper Malware Variant Deletes Disk Partition Tables, Targets Israel and Albania*

Unveiling LATRODECTUS: A Rising Threat in the Malware Landscape*

New 'Antidot' Trojan Hacks Android Devices for Data Theft and Remote Access*

Critical Vulnerability in Python Package Threatens AI Systems*

Chinese Nationals Arrested for Orchestrating $73 Million Laundering Scheme Through Pig Butchering Crypto Scam*

ARRL Cyberattack Disrupts IT Systems and Online Services*

Chinese Hackers Target U.S. AI Organizations in Sophisticated Cyber Campaign*

Ransomware Group Uses Malicious Ads to Target Windows Admins via PuTTY and WinSCP*

Grandoreiro Trojan Returns, Targets 1,500+ Banks Globally*

Chinese Cyber Espionage Group BlackTech Deploys Advanced Deuterbear RAT*

Data Breach at WebTPA Exposes Information of 2.4 Million Insurance Policyholders*

Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in GE Ultrasound Systems*

Large-Scale Ransomware Attack Hits MediSecure E-Script Firm*

Indian Universities Targeted by a Sidecopy APT Campaign*

Facebook Messenger Exploited by North Korean Hackers in Targeted Malware Campaign*

Foxit Reader Users Targeted by PDF Exploits*

Critical Vulnerabilities Fixed in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS*

City of Wichita Ransomware Breach Exposes Personal Information*

Nissan Data Breach Compromises 53,000 Employees' Personal Information*

Cybercriminals Exploiting Ransomware Attacks Through Microsoft's Quick Assist Feature*

Intel Releases 41 Security Advisories Addressing 90 Vulnerabilities*

Massive Data Breach Affects 900k Individuals at Mississippi Healthcare Provider*

ICS Patch Tuesday: Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi Electric Release Advisories*

Santander Customer and Employee Data Compromised in Third-Party Breach*

U.S. and China Clash Over AI Misuse and Restrictions*

Ebury Botnet Targets 400,000 Linux Servers*

Wireshark 4.2.5 Addresses Security Vulnerabilities and Enhances Network Analysis Capabilities*

Malicious Actors Exploit GitHub for Spreading Multiple Information Stealers*

Researchers Discover 64 Billion Annually Stolen by Southeast Asian Scam Syndicates*

Adobe Fixes Critical Flaws in Reader, Acrobat*

City of Helsinki Cyberattack Compromises Student and Personnel Data*

New Chrome Zero-Day Flaw CVE-2024-4761 Under Active Exploitation*

VMware Releases Patches for Exploited Vulnerabilities from Pwn2Own 2024*

SAP Patches Major Vulnerabilities in CX Commerce and NetWeaver Platforms*

NHS Digital Warns of Potential Exploitation of Arcserve UDP Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - May 2024*

Black Basta Ransomware Hits Over 500 Organizations in North America, Europe, and Australia*

IoT Devices at Risk Due to Flaws in Integrated Cellular Modems*

Data Breach at FBCS Collection Agency Exposes Personal Information*

INC Ransomware Source Code Offered for Sale at $300,000 on Hacking Forums*

Apple Releases Patches for Code Execution Bugs in iPhones, iPads, and macOS*

PyPi Package Exploits macOS with Sliver Pen-Testing Suite Backdoor*

Nmap 7 95 Update Introducing Fresh OS and Service Detection Signatures*

Researchers Demonstrate GhostStripe Attack on Autonomous Vehicles*

Firstmac Limited Issues Data Breach Warning Following Cyberattack*

Ohio Lottery Data Breach Exposes Over 538,000 Individuals' Personal Information*

Google Releases Security Updates to Address Zero-Day Flaw in Chrome*

FIN7 Exploits Malicious Google Ads to Distribute NetSupport RAT*

Android Malware Impersonates Popular Apps for Credential Theft*

Ransomware Attacks Evolve into Psychological Warfare, Targeting Individuals and Families*

Government of British Columbia Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents on Government Networks*

French Medical Imaging Provider Coradix-Magnescan Faces Cyberattack, Patient Appointments at Risk*

Final Fantasy Servers Targeted by Ongoing DDoS Attacks, Players Face Login Issues*

Ascension Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident: Network Interruption Update*

Dell Technologies Issues Data Breach Notice to Customers*

LiteSpeed Cache Vulnerability Exploited by Hackers for Complete Control of WordPress Sites*

Brandywine Realty Trust Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack*

Critical Vulnerability Patched in Latest Android Update*

Critical Vulnerability Found in Tinyproxy Exposes Thousands of Instances to DoS and RCE Attacks*

BogusBazaar: Massive Online Fraud Network Scams Thousands, Stealing Millions*

Zscaler Investigates Potential Data Breach Following Hacker's Claims*

Hijack Loader Malware Adopts Advanced Anti-Analysis Techniques*

Poland Condemns Alleged Cyberattacks by Russian Group APT28*

TunnelVision Attack Exposes Vulnerabilities in VPN Applications*

Indian Government Takes Action Against Cyber Terror, Blocks 14 Messenger Apps in J&K*

DocGo Reveals Cyberattack as Hackers Breach and Steal Patient Health Data*

LockBit Ransomware Administrator Unmasked and Charged by U.K. National Crime Agency*

Unveiling the Proliferation of Cyber Scams on Social Media and Messaging Platforms*

MITRE Corporation Reveals Details of Cyber Attack Targeting NERVE Environment*

Supply Chain Breaches Surge 68 Percent Year Over Year, Reveals DBIR*

UK Ministry of Defence Faces Data Breach Impacting Military Personnel*

New macOS Malware 'Cuckoo' Targets Intel and ARM-based Macs*

APT42 Expands Tactics with New Backdoors Targeting NGOs and Government Entities*

Law Enforcement Takes Down LockBit Group's Tor Website*

Xiaomi Devices Affected by Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apps and System Components*

City of Wichita, Kansas, Faces Ransomware Attack*

Mitigating Threats Posed by NiceCurl and TameCat Backdoor Variants*

Ukraine Reports Surge in Russian Cyberattacks Targeting Financial and Critical Infrastructure*

U.S. Reports North Korean Hackers Exploiting Vulnerable DMARC Settings*

Russian APT28 Exploits Outlook Flaw to Hack Czech, German Targets*

Chinese Researchers Identify Security Flaws in Government Websites*

Android Malware Campaign Targeting Bank Accounts in Finland*

Tamil Nadu Police Data Breach: Information Available for Sale on Dark Web*

US Government Warns of North Korean Phishing Campaigns Exploiting Weak Email Policies*

Bitwarden Debuts MFA Authenticator App for iOS and Android*

File Overwrite Flaw Endangers Popular Android Apps Xiaomi and WPS Office*

Russian Hackers Breached and Sabotaged Texas Water Treatment Plant*

LockBit Exposes Stolen Data from Cannes Hospital in France*

1,400 GitLab Servers Affected by Exploited Vulnerability*

Surge in DDoS Attacks Targeting Sweden Amid NATO Bid Process*

FortiGuard Labs Discovers Goldoon Botnet Exploiting Decade-Old D-Link Vulnerability*

Belarusian Cyber-Partisans Target KGB and State-Owned Enterprises in Recent Cyberattacks*

Latrodectus Malware Exploits Microsoft and Cloudflare Themes in New Attacks*

Data Breach at Dropbox Exposes Passwords and Authentication Information*

HPE Aruba Networking Releases Patch for Critical RCE Flaws in ArubaOS*

ZLoader Malware Evolution: New Anti-Analysis Feature and Stealthy Tactics Unveiled*

Siemens Energy Manager Software Vulnerability Highlights Persistent Deserialization Risks*

Cuttlefish: A New Malware Threat Targeting Networking Equipment and Cloud Authentication Data*

Critical Security Flaws in Judge0 Enable Sandbox Escapes and Host Takeover*

London Drugs Pharmacy Temporarily Closes Stores Due to Cybersecurity Incident*

GAO Identifies New Security Deficiencies in IRS Management Controls*

Unveiling the DarkGate Threat: Exploiting AutoHotkey and Evading SmartScreen*

Researchers Uncover Novel Attacks Targeting High-End Intel Processors*

JFrog and Docker Collaborate to Mitigate Malware Threats in Docker Hub Repositories*

U.K. Bans Default Passwords in Smart Devices to Combat Cyber Threats*

Muddling Meerkat Hackers Exploit China’s Great Firewall to Manipulate DNS*

Kaiser Permanente's Data Breach Affects 13.4 Million Patients*

Critical Vulnerability in R Programming Language Enables Supply Chain Attacks*

Google Enhances Security Measures on Play Store to Combat Malicious Apps*

Japanese Police Use Fake Payment Cards to Protect Elderly from Tech Support Scams*

DDoS Attacks Persist Against Russian Independent Media Site Meduza Post-Election*

Okta Warns of Surge in Credential Stuffing Attacks and Residential Proxy Abuse*

CISA's Ransomware Notification Pilot Resolves Over 800 Vulnerabilities*

Password Security Survey Highlights Urgent Need for Improved Cybersecurity Practices*

Ukraine Targeted in Cyber Attack Exploiting Microsoft Office Flaw*

Belarusian Hacker Group Claims Breach of KGB Network, Exposing Thousands of Personnel Files*

Security Breach Exposes 19,000 Welfare Program Accounts in California*

Organizations Remain Vulnerable to Cactus Ransomware Exploiting Qlik Sense Vulnerabilities*

New Android Banking Trojan Brokewell Enables Extensive Device Takeover and Remote Control*

Over 90,000 IP Addresses Affected by Self-Spreading PlugX USB Drive Malware*

North Korean Threat Actors Targeting Developers with Fake Job Interviews*

Malicious Websites Exploit SEO Poisoning to Spread Malware*

FTC Announces $5.6 Million Refunds to Ring Users Over Privacy and Security Issues*

North Korea-Linked Lazarus Group Unveils Complex Attack Chain Targeting Asia*

Security Research Reveals Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Warbird and Protected Media Path Technologies*

Phishing Campaign Exploiting Compromised Email Accounts Targets Autodesk Drive Users*

DOJ Announces Arrest of Samourai Wallet Founders for Money Laundering Conspiracy*

Critical Vulnerabilities in Brocade SANnav Management Application Expose Fibre Channel Infrastructure*

Hackers Exploit Cisco Zero-Days to Breach Government Networks*

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Expose Keystrokes of More Than 1 Billion Chinese Keyboard App Users*

Czech News Agency's Website Hacked, Spreads False Assassination Attempt Story*

Iran-Linked Hackers Execute Five-Year Cyber Espionage Campaign*

Multistage Attack Leveraging SSLoad and Cobalt Strike Detailed by Researchers*

Google Releases Update to Fix Critical Chrome Vulnerability*

Vulnerabilities in iSharing App Expose Millions to Location Tracking*

North Korean Hackers Target Dozens of South Korean Defense Companies*

Open-source Cloud Console Cartographer helps security teams transcribe log activity*

Russia-Linked Hacker Group Targets Indiana Water Treatment Plant*

Ransomware Report Highlights Shifts in RaaS Landscape and Increase in Victims*

Security Researchers Expose Windows Defender Vulnerability Enabling Database Deletion*

Phishing Campaign Exploiting Nespresso Website Vulnerability Evades Detection*

Kaspersky Uncovers Sophisticated Scam Targeting Telegram Users for Toncoin (TON)*

North Korean State-Sponsored Hackers Embrace AI in Cyber Operations*

GuptiMiner Malware Campaign Exploiting eScan Antivirus Update Mechanism*

JavaScript Malware Shifts to Server-Side Redirects & DNS TXT Records as Traffic Direction System (TDS)*

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in WordPress Plugin Forminator*

New PedoRansom Malware Targets Child Exploiters with Extortion Tactics*

Cyber Agency Warns of Increasing Targeting of Ukrainian Soldiers' Apps for Spying*

Androxgh0st Malware Exploits Servers Worldwide for Botnet Attacks*

Unveiling the Threat: Malicious PyPI Package "discordpy bypass 1.7" and Its Stealthy Tactics*

Uncovering a Dependency Confusion Vulnerability in an Archived Apache Project*

Surge in Quishing Attacks and Evolving Phishing Trends Highlight Latest Cybersecurity Threats*

MITRE Corporation Breached by Nation-State Hackers Exploiting Ivanti Vulnerabilities*

CrushFTP Urges Immediate Patching for Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Beware of Sophisticated Google Ad Phishing Scam Targeting Whales Market Users*

Cannes Hospital Forced to Cancel Medical Procedures Due to Cyberattack*

Rise of Cheap, Disposable Ransomware on Dark Web Forums*

U.S. Dam Cybersecurity Raises Alarming Concerns Amid Growing Threats*

Frontier Communications Addresses Cyberattack, Works on System Restoration*

160 Ransomware Attacks Strike Food and Agriculture Sector in 2023*

Data Breach at Michigan Healthcare Organization Affects 180,000 Individuals*

Malicious Hackers Target SAP Applications, Exploiting Cloud Migration and Security Vulnerabilities*

US Justice Department Charges Moldovan National for Operating Large-Scale Botnet*

International Law Enforcement Disrupts 'LabHost' Phishing Service, Arrests 30+ Worldwide*

Unveiling MadMxShell: A Sophisticated Malware Campaign Targeting IT Professionals*

Persistent OfflRouter Malware Infects Ukrainian Government Networks*

American Automaker's IT Staff Targeted by FIN7 in Phishing Campaign*

Mass Brute-Force Attacks Targeting VPN and SSH Services*

Czech Minister Warns of Russian Attempts to Sabotage European Railways*

Atlassian Vulnerability Exploited: Linux Variant of Cerber Ransomware Deployed*

Debian Security Update: Patching Critical Vulnerabilities in GTKWave*

Surge in Cyber Attacks Targeting Philippines Amidst South China Sea Tensions*

BreachForums Faces Cyber Attack, Admins Stand Resolute*

Kaspersky Discovers SoumniBot, a Innovative Android Banking Malware Evades Detection*

Iranian-Backed Hacking Group Allegedly Threatens Israeli Citizens with Radar System Hijack*

Threat Actors Target T-Mobile and Verizon Employees in SIM Swap Scheme*

Critical Security Flaw in Chirp Systems' Software Enables Remote Unlocking of Smart Locks*

Ukrainian Hacker Group Deploys Destructive Malware f*cknet in Attacks Against Russian Infrastructure*

Imperva's 2024 Bad Bot Report Highlights Rising Threat of Malicious Bots*

Critical PuTTY Vulnerability Exposes NIST P-521 Private Keys*

Ivanti Alerts Users to Critical Vulnerabilities in Avalanche MDM Solution*

Orca Research Reveals LeakyCLI Vulnerability in AWS and Google Cloud CLI Tools*

LockBit Ransomware Resurfaces with Enhanced Self-Propagation Capabilities*

Global Organizations Targeted by SteganoAmor Attacks Leveraging Steganography*

Pune Cyber Crime Police Investigate 3.4 Crore Share Trading Scam*

Critical Vulnerability in Delinea Secret Server Requires Immediate Action*

Data Breach at Cisco Duo's Telephony Supplier Exposes MFA Messages Sent Over SMS and VOIP*

AI Voice Cloning: The Growing Threat to Financial Security*

Muddled Libra's Strategic Shift: Exploiting SaaS and Cloud for Extortion and Data Theft*

Omni Hotels Targeted by Daixin Ransomware Gang in Cyberattack*

Chipmaker Nexperia Confirms Data Breach by Dark Angels Ransomware Group*

Royal Mail's Barcoded Stamps Fail to Prevent Flood of Forgeries in the UK*

DPRK Utilizes Phantom DLL Hijacking and TCC Abuse by Leveraging Two MITRE Sub-Techniques*

Evolution of Earth Hundun's Cyberespionage Activities Using Waterbear and Deuterbear Malware*

Intel and Lenovo Servers Exposed to 6-Year-Old BMC Vulnerability*

Iranian Threat Actor MuddyWater Expands Arsenal with DarkBeatC2 Infrastructure*

XZ Utils Backdoor Files Found in Popular Rust Crate liblzma-sys*

Hoya Corporation Hit by Ransomware, Attackers Demand $10 Million*

Apple's Updated Warning System by Addressing Mercenary Spyware Threats and Zero-Day Exploits*

Massive SMS Phishing Scam Targets Americans with Fake Road Toll Notices*

Telegram Windows Desktop App Patched to Address Zero-Day Exploiting Python Script Launch*

Palo Alto Networks Issues Advisory for CVE-2024-3400 Exploiting Firewall Vulnerability*

Unveiling AWS's Battle Against IP Spoofing and DDoS Assaults*

FAQs from the 2024 State of the Phish Report: Understanding the Threat Landscape*

Revisiting MACT: Exploring Malicious Applications within Trusted Cloud Environments*

Security Alert: TA547 Strikes German Entities Using Rhadamanthys Malware*

Space Force Chief: US Faces Loss Without Assistance from Musk and Bezos*

X Resolves URL Error Potentially Facilitating Convincing Social Media Phishing Scams*

CISA Issues Warning: Federal Email Systems Targeted by Russian Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Accounts*

Microsoft Two-Step Phishing Campaign Targets LinkedIn Users: A Professional Hook*

Exploitation of Oversized LNK Files by Vedalia APT Group in Malware Campaign*

Circumventing SharePoint Security: Two Novel Methods for Evading Exfiltration Detection*

Data of 7.5 Million Customers Leaked in Attack on Consumer Electronics Giant boAt*

Spectre V2 Exploit Targets Intel CPU-Based Linux Systems*

Over 91,000 Smart LG TVs Exposed to Remote Takeover Due to Vulnerabilities*

New Ahoi Attacks Pose Threat to Confidential Virtual Machines*

Researchers Uncover 'Muliaka' Ransomware Group Targeting Russian Enterprises*

KernelCare Live: CVE-2024-1086 Patches Released for CloudLinux 6h and 7 Users*

Microsoft Addresses Critical Vulnerability in Azure Kubernetes Service Confidential Containers*

Browser Fingerprinting: Cybercriminal Utilization*

Phishing Deception Unveiled: Suspended Domains Unleash Malicious Payload in Latin America*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - April 2024*

Rising Trend: Malware-Initiated Vulnerability Scanning*

Hackers Focus on Human Rights Activists in Morocco and Western Sahara*

10-Year-Old Romanian Hacker Collective 'RUBYCARP' Emerges with Botnet Operations*

Security Alert: Multiple Adobe Software Products Affected by Code Execution Vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday*

Fake E-Shop Campaign Targets Banking Security Across Regions*

New Latrodectus Malware Emerges in Phishing Campaigns*

Targus Discloses Cyberattack, Temporarily Disrupting Operations*

Google Sues Chinese Developers Over Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Scam*

UK Authorities Investigate 'Honey Trap' Scheme Targeting Westminster Figures*

D-Link NAS Devices Vulnerable to Critical Command Injection and Backdoor Flaw*

Massive Data Breaches Hit Hawai Based Insurance Giant and Healthcare Providers*

Home Depot Data Breach Exposes Employees to Phishing Risks*

Red CryptoApp Ransomware Group Unveils 'Wall of Shame' for Exposed Victims*

Cisco Alerts Users to Vulnerability in End-of-Life Small Business Routers*

Facebook Malvertising Campaigns Exploit Interest in AI to Spread Password-Stealing Malware*

Byakugan Malware Exploits Adobe Acrobat Reader Installers*

Emerging Threats to AI-as-a-Service Security*

Vulnerability in HTTP2 Protocol's CONTINUATION Frame Enables DoS Attacks*

Cyberattack Causes Disruption to Hoya's Optics Production and Orders*

City of Hope Notifies Over 800,000 Individuals of Data Breach Impacting Personal and Health Information*

Progress Software Releases Critical Patches for Flowmon Vulnerability*

Magento Shoplift Malware Targets WordPress Sites*

Visa Alerts Financial Institutions of JsOutProx Malware Surge Targeting Customers*

Rising Threat of SMS Phishing (Smishing) Targeting Enterprises*

SurveyLama Data Breach Exposes 4.4 Million Users' Personal Information*

Google Issues Patches for Actively Exploited Pixel Vulnerabilities*

Prudential Financial's Data Breach Affects 36,000 Individuals*

Ransomware Group INC Ransom Claims Responsibility for UK City Council Cyber Attack*

Security Alert: Highly Sensitive Files Disappear from Europol Headquarters*

Critical Linux Vulnerability 'WallEscape' Exposes User Passwords*

Agent Tesla Malware Targets American and Australian Organizations in Recent Campaign*

Ivanti Issues Emergency Patches for 4 Vulnerabilities in Connect Secure and Policy Secure*

Threat Actors Use YouTube Video Game Cracks to Deliver Malware*

Critical Vulnerability Detected in LayerSlider Plugin Installed on a Million WordPress Sites*

Google Settles 'Incognito Mode' Privacy Lawsuit, Agrees to Delete Billions of Browsing Records*

Surge in Cyberattacks Inflicting Physical Disruption*

Binarly Introduces Free Scanner to Detect Linux Executables Affected by XZ Utils Supply Chain Attack*

WordPress WP-Members Plugin Vulnerability Enables Script Injection*

NIST Faces Challenges with National Vulnerability Database, Urgent Calls for Action*

Google Introduces Device Bound Session Credentials (DBSC) for Enhanced Browser Security in Chrome*

Ransomware Suspected in Missouri County's Tax Payment Disruption*

Vulnerability in Hotel Self Check-In Kiosks Exposes Room Access Codes*

China-Linked Hackers Unleash Stealthy 'UNAPIMON' Malware for Covert Operations*

Malicious Android Apps Transforming Phones into Proxies for Cybercriminals Discovered*

PandaBuy Data Breach Exposes Information of 1.3 Million Users*

The Absence of Human Imperfections: AI's Identifying Flaw*

OWASP Foundation Discloses Data Breach Affecting Specific Members due to Misconfigured Legacy Wiki Server*

Indian Government Rescues 250 Citizens Compelled into Cybercrime Activities in Cambodia*

Pentagon Outlines Strategy for Enhancing Cybersecurity of Defense Industrial Base*

Sellafield Nuclear Waste Facility Faces Prosecution Over Cybersecurity Lapses*

MarineMax, a Yacht Retailer, Reveals Data Breach Following Cyberattack*

Vultur Banking Malware Masquerades as McAfee Security App on Android*

Prisma Finance Crypto Theft Concludes Unusual Week of Platform Breaches*

Activision Urges 2FA Activation for Accounts Compromised by Recent Malware Theft*

Google Podcasts Service to Close in the US Next Week*

More Than 100 Malicious Packages Aiming at Popular ML PyPi Libraries*

AT&T Reports Exposure of 73 Million Customers' Data on Dark Web*

Malicious Backdoor Discovered in xz: A Critical Data Compression Library for Linux*

Malicious Ads Distribute Stealer Malware, Targeting macOS Users*

Data Breach at Massachusetts Health Insurer Affects 2.8 Million Individuals*

Cisco Alerts Regarding Password-Spraying Attacks on Secure Firewall Devices in the US*

Darcula, The Global Threat of Phishing-as-a-Service Exploiting Victims Worldwide*

Emergence of Linux Variant of DinodasRAT in Global Cyber Campaigns*

Google Releases Chrome Browser Security Update to Patch Vulnerabilities*

NHS Scotland Contained Ransomware Attack, Ensuring Regional Isolation*

Vietnam's Leading Securities Brokerage Hit by Cyberattack, Halting Trading Operations*

Ransomware Strikes Municipalities in Texas and Georgia, Disrupting Essential Services*

Cyberattack Strikes Hot Topic with Credential Stuffing, Data Compromised*

Cryptocurrency Scammers Hijack Trezor's Twitter Account Using Fake Calendly Invite*

TheMoon Malware Rapidly Infects 6,000 ASUS Routers in 72 Hours for Proxy Service*

Code Execution Vulnerabilities Discovered in NVIDIA ChatRTX for Windows*

Chinese APT Groups Targeting ASEAN Entities Uncovered*

Guardio Labs Discovers Vulnerability in Microsoft Edge*

Hackers Target India's Defense and Energy Sectors with Malware Disguised as Air Force Invitations*

Dubious NuGet Package Raises Concerns of Chinese Industrial Espionage*

Chinese Cybersecurity Firm Linked to Communist Party Government Targets Australia*

Portugal Mandates Halt to Biometric Data Collection by Sam Altman's Worldcoin*

State Department Issues Alert on Fraudulent Scheme Targeting Payroll Systems*

UK Street Newspaper, Big Issue, Targeted by Ransomware Gang*

Japan Conducts First Cyber Defense Exercises with Pacific Island Nations*

Finland Confirms APT31 Hackers Responsible for 2021 Parliament Breach*

AMD Zen CPUs Vulnerable to New ZenHammer Memory Attack*

Giant Tiger Reports Customer Data Breach Linked to Third-Party Vendor*

Free VPN Apps on Google Play Convert Android Devices into Proxies*

Sophisticated Attack Campaign Targets GitHub with Malicious Packages Impacting and Others*

New Zealand Reveals State-Sponsored Cyberattacks from China*

Critical 17,000 Vulnerabilities Found in German Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Raspberry Pi Transformed into Cybercriminals' Plug-and-Play Fraud Tools*

Lumen Technologies Uncovers 40,000-Strong Botnet Utilizing End-of-Life Devices*

Panera Bread Hit by Nationwide IT Outage Since Saturday*

Mitigating Shadow AI Risks in Organizational Settings*

Petersen Health Care Declares Bankruptcy Following Cyberattack and Loan Defaults*

Hacking Group R00Tk1t Targets Indian Political Party, Raises Concerns Ahead of Elections*

UK's Communications Workers Union Faces Cyberattack*

Google's AI-Driven Search Feature Accused of Promoting Scam Sites*

StrelaStealer Malware Targets Organizations in US and EU Through Large-Scale Phishing Campaigns*

Russian State-Backed Hackers Target Ukrainian Internet Providers in Sophisticated Cyberattacks*

SCAA Faces Cyberattack: Data of 70,000 Members Possibly Compromised*

Mozilla patches Firefox zero-days worth $100,000 after a two-day hackathon*

German Authorities Dismantle Major Online Marketplace for Drugs and Cybercrime*

Illinois County Government and Local College Hit by Ransomware Attacks*

FlowFixation Vulnerability in AWS Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow*

GoFetch Side-Channel Attack Targets Apple M1, M2, and M3 Processors*

Ivanti Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in Standalone Sentry, Neurons for ITSM*

Tax Phishing Attack Targets Small Business Owners for Social Security Numbers*

Security Researchers Uncover Critical Flaw in Hotel Door Systems*

Foxit Reader Vulnerability Exploit Sparks Urgent Patch Release*

GitHub Unveils AI-Powered Tool for Automatic Code Vulnerability Fixes*

Pwn2Own Vancouver: Successful Hacks on Windows 11, Tesla, and Ubuntu Linux*

Microsoft Releases Patch for Xbox Vulnerability After Initial Dismissal*

Chinese Hacker Exploiting Vulnerabilities Targets Global Institutions*

Malware-as-a-Service Campaign Targets Android Users in India*

Hackers Target Belgian Grand Prix Fans with Phishing Scam*

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Argo GitOps Tool for Kubernetes*

Atlassian Fixes Critical Vulnerability in Bamboo Data Center and Server*

Windows Server Updates Trigger LSASS Memory Leak, Prompting Crashes*

Critical Vulnerabilities Addressed in Chrome 123 and Firefox 124 Updates*

US Department of Defense Celebrates Milestone in Ethical Hacking Program*

Exploitation of TeamCity Vulnerability Linked to Jasmin Ransomware and Other Malware*

New Loop DoS Attack Threatens Hundreds of Thousands of UDP-Based Hosts*

TMChecker: New Dark Web Toolset Targets Remote Access Services and E-Commerce Platforms*

Impact of Cyberattack on UnitedHealth Group's Change Healthcare Unit Sparks Legal Action*

Phishing Campaign Unveils Ingenious Microsoft Office Tactic to Distribute NetSupport RAT*

APIs Drive the Majority of Internet Traffic and Cybercriminals Exploit Them*

Pensacola City Government Phone Lines Disabled by Cyberattack*

Security Researchers Uncover Massive Data Leak from Misconfigured Google Firebase Instances*

AcidPour, A New Data-Wiping Malware Targeting Linux IoT Devices*

Expansion of International Spyware Agreement Includes Six New Countries*

Nations Direct Mortgage Data Breach Exposes 83,000 Individuals' Information*

Phishing Evolution: Hackers Target Popular Document Publishing Sites*

Relentless Cyber Activity Targeting Global Critical Infrastructure*

MediaWorks Investigates Alleged Data Breach Impacting 2.4 Million Individuals*

Machine Learning Model Repositories Vulnerable to Supply Chain Attacks*

Apex Legends Esports Tournament Temporarily Halted Due to Cheating Incident*

Key MITRE ATT&CK Techniques Exploited by Cyber Attackers*

Fujitsu Discovers Malware Breach, Customer Data Compromised*

Unveiling an Evasive Azorult Campaign Leveraging HTML Smuggling via Google Sites*

Fortra Fixes Critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerability in FileCatalyst Transfer Tool*

Unveiling the Earth Krahang APT Campaign: Targeting Government Entities Worldwide*

Gitgub Malware Campaign Targets GitHub Users with RisePro Info-Stealer*

Ransomware Threat Targets South African Pension Data*

Unveiling a Novel Acoustic Side-Channel Attack on Keyboards*

GhostRace: New Data Leakage Attack Exploits Speculative Execution*

AT&T Denies Origin of Leaked Data Impacting 70 Million Individuals*

ShadowSyndicate Hackers Exploits CVE-2024-23334 in Aiohttp Python Library*

Scranton School District Faces Ransomware Attack, Disrupting Operations*

Encina Wastewater Authority Targeted by BlackByte Ransomware Group*

WordPress Sites Vulnerable to Takeover Due to Discontinued Security Plugins*

McDonald’s Experiences Global IT Failure Impacting Stores*

Cisco Fixes High-Severity IOS XR Vulnerabilities*

Oversubscribed and Outdated Supercomputers Cause Delays in NASA Missions*

Threat Actors Exploit Document Publishing Sites for Persistent Credential and Session Token Theft*

Irish Government Website Bug Exposing COVID-19 Vaccination Records Takes 2 Years to Publicly Disclose*

StopCrypt Ransomware: Evading Detection as the Most Widely Distributed Threat*

Real-Time URL Protection Integrated into Chrome's Standard Safe Browsing*

Researchers Outline Vulnerability in Kubernetes Allowing Takeover of Windows Nodes*

Alabama is Experiencing a DDoS Cyberattack with Alleged Support from Russian Hacktivists*

Phone Number Hijacking: SIM Swappers Targeting eSIMs*

Google's Gemini AI Vulnerable to LLM Threats, Researchers Warn*

Billion-Dollar Boat Seller MarineMax Discloses Cyberattack to SEC*

Vcurms Malware Sets Sights on Popular Web Browsers for Data Theft*

Cloud-Based Assault Targets Meson Crypto CDN Prior to Launch*

Chipmaker Patch Tuesday: Intel and AMD Tackle Fresh Microarchitectural Vulnerabilities*

Data Breach Exposes Over 2.3 Million Records from Family Entertainment Business*

Securing Third-Party App Usage in Mid-Market Companies Scaling from 500 to 5000 Employees*

Server Leak Exposes Wealth of Customer Data from Leading EV Charging Firm*

Exposed: Vulnerabilities in ChatGPT Plugins Compromise Data and Accounts*

Roku Refunds 15,000 Breached Accounts for Unauthorized Subscriptions*

Okta Denies Involvement in Data Leak on Hacking Forum*

Data of 27,000 Individuals Compromised in September Ransomware Attack on Stanford*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - March 2024*

Adobe Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in its Enterprise Products*

Siemens Ruggedcom Devices Vulnerable to Nozomi Component Flaws in ICS Patch Tuesday*

SAP Addresses Critical Command Injection Vulnerabilities with Patches*

Acer Confirms Leak of Philippine Employee Data on Hacking Forum*

EquiLend Alerts Employees of Data Theft by Ransomware Group*

Belgian Village Hit by Cyberattack on Brewery Now Faces Second Incident Targeting Coffee Roastery*

Copyright Lawsuit Targets Nvidia's NeMo AI Framework*

Personal Information Leaked in Jersey Data Breach*

The Global Rise of Sophisticated Vishing Campaigns*

Microsoft SCCM Misconfigurations Unveiled by Researchers as Cyberattack Vectors*

QNAP NAS Devices Vulnerable Due to Critical Security Flaw*

French Government Facing Unusually Intense Cyberattacks*

Leicester City Council Grapples with Extended IT Outage After Cyber Attack*

Russian Gov Hackers Steal Microsoft Source Code via Email Surveillance*

Paysign Investigates Potential Data Breach Amid Reports of Stolen Consumer Information*

Australian graphics company Canva says font security remains a significant issue*

Exploitation of WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Leads to Malware Infection on 3,300 Sites*

QEMU Exploitation: A Novel Tunneling Technique Threatens Company Networks*

In-Memory Web Shell Exploits Target Atlassian Confluence Vulnerability*

CISA Alerts of Exploited Pixel Phone Vulnerability*

Unpatched Sceiner Smart Lock Flaws Enable Unauthorized Door Access*

Evolution of Threats: Transition from Web3 Drainer to Distributed WordPress Brute Force Attack*

NTLM Authentication Vulnerability Exploited by TA577 Cyber Threat Actor*

Chinese Government Hacking Group Targets Tibetans in Cyber Espionage Campaign*

Swiss Government Documents and Credentials Leaked in Ransomware Attack*

Technology Disruption Under Investigation at South St. Paul Public Schools*

Snake Python-Based Information Stealer Targets Facebook Users in Cyberattacks*

Cisco Addresses High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Secure Client VPN Application*

Georgia Tech Redefines Industrial Cybersecurity Threats with Web-Based PLC Malware*

PetSmart Issues Password Resets Amid Credential Stuffing Attack*

Japanese Ministry Attributes Line Data Breach to Shared Technology with Naver*

Google's March 2024 Android Security Update Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities*

Beware of Fake Online Meeting Platforms Spreading Malicious RATs*

HHS Support Measures for Healthcare Providers Amid Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack*

Malicious Campaign Exploits Misconfigured Cloud Servers in Linux*

Organizations are deliberately launching applications with known vulnerabilities*

Canadian Financial Intelligence Agency Shuts Down Systems Amid Cyberattack*

North Korean Threat Actors Exploit ConnectWise Vulnerabilities to Deploy TODDLERSHARK Malware*

Cybercriminals Unleash Upgraded GhostLocker 2.0 Ransomware in Global Attack Campaign*

North Korean Hackers Breach South Korean Semiconductor Companies*

Apple Issues Urgent Software Update to Address Critical Security Flaws in iOS Platform*

Meta-Owned Facebook and Instagram Experience Global Outage, Prompting Swift Response*

Cybercriminals Utilize New DNS Hijacking for Investment Scams*

WogRAT Malware Exploits Online Notepad Platform in Stealthy Attacks*

FortiGuard Labs Discovers CHAVECLOAK Trojan Targeting Brazilian Banking Users*

Data Breach at Mr. Green Gaming Exposes Personal Information of 27,000 Users*

VMware Issues Urgent Patches for Critical ESXi Sandbox Escape Vulnerabilities*

Cybercriminals Embrace AI: Shaping a New Era of Malware Development*

Emerging Threat: Morris II Worm Exploits Generative AI for Malicious Propagation*

Expansion of Predator Spyware: New Network Infrastructure in Botswana and the Philippines*

RA World Ransomware: A Multistage Threat Employing Anti-AV Tactics and GPO Exploitation*

Critical Vulnerabilities in JetBrains TeamCity On-Premises Potentially Allowing Server Takeovers*

Sophisticated Phishing Attacks Target FCC Employees and Cryptocurrency Platforms*

American Express Notifies Customers of Third-Party Service Provider Data Breach*

Critical Vulnerabilities Patched in Hikvision's HikCentral Professional Security Management System*

Exploitation of Major Brand Subdomains in Large-Scale Spam Campaign*

Major Security Flaws Found in Doorbell Cameras Sold Online, Including Amazon*

FBI and CISA Release Indicators of Compromise for Phobos Ransomware*

Unit 42 Discovers New Linux Variant of Bifrost RAT with Innovative Evasion Tactics*

U.S. Court Mandates NSO Group's Disclosure of Pegasus Spyware Code to WhatsApp*

Golden Corral Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 183,000 Individuals*

CISA Alerts to Exploitation of Windows Streaming Service Vulnerability*

Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Hit by Data Breach: 'Sensitive' Information Stolen by Hackers*

Meta Fixes Facebook Account Takeover Vulnerability*

North Korean Hackers Exploit Windows Zero-Day in Rootkit Attack*

SPIKEDWINE Exploits European Diplomats Through WINELOADER Attack*

BEAST AI: Disrupting Large Language Models in Just One Minute of GPU Time*

Enterprises Struggle with Mobile Fraud Amid Surge in AI-Powered Attacks*

Internet and Telecom Services Disrupted in Chad Amid Deadly Political Clashes*

New Linux Malware GTPDOOR Exploits GPRS Tunnelling Protocol for Telecom Network Attacks*

Cisco Fixes High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Data Center OS*

Irish Foreign Affairs Ministry Finds 'No Evidence' of Cyber Breach After Extortion Claim*

Pharmaceutical Distributor Cencora Discloses Data Exfiltration in Cybersecurity Incident*

Savvy Seahorse Unveils Innovative DNS CNAME Technique*

Travel Industry Faces Threat of Agent Tesla Malware Attacks Targeting Online Travelers*

New Malware Campaign "TimbreStealer" Targeting Mexican Users Discovered by Cisco Talos*

Bazaarvoice Targeted in Cyberattack by Mogilevich Ransomware Group*

Malicious JavaScript in Tornado Cash DAO Compromises Transaction Privacy*

medQ Acknowledges Data Breach Due to Software Encryption Incident*

Anycubic 3D Printers Hacked, Users Warned of Vulnerability*

Pepco Group's Hungarian Business Targeted in Phishing Attack, Suffers €15 Million Losses*

Newly Discovered Xeno RAT Trojan Poses Significant Threat on GitHub*

Web Check: Free Open-Source Intelligence Tool for Website Analysis*

LoanDepot Confirms Data Breach: Almost 17 Million Customers Affected by Ransomware Attack*

Hackers Exploit 14-Year-Old CMS Editor on Government and Education Sites for SEO Poisoning*

Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability in WordPress Plugin Puts Over 200K Websites at Risk*

Hugging Face Vulnerability Opens Door to Supply Chain Attacks on AI Models*

New IDAT Loader Version Utilizes Steganography to Distribute Remcos RAT*

Russian Cyberspies Exploit Dormant Accounts to Target Cloud Infrastructure*

North Korean Hackers Distribute Malicious npm Packages Targeting Developers*

Hackers Swipe Nearly $10 Million from Axie Infinity Co-Founder's Personal Accounts*

Critical Security Vulnerability Discovered in Popular 'Ultimate Member' WordPress Plugin*

Malawi Immigration Department Suspends Passport Services Due to Cyberattack*

ThyssenKrupp Automotive Body Solutions Business Unit Falls Victim to Cyber Attack*

Zyxel Addresses Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Firewall Products with Patches*

Hackers Expose 2.5M Private Plane Owners' Data in LA International Airport Breach*

Major Brands' Subdomains Hijacked in Massive Spam Campaign*

Biden's Executive Order Aims to Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures at Ports*

Finance Department Expresses Regret Over Second Unintentional Data Leak in Four Months*

High-severity Vulnerability in Apple Shortcuts App Exposes Sensitive Data*

RCMP Probes Cybersecurity Incident During Ongoing Website Disruption*

Quik Pawn Shop Targeted in Alleged Cyberattack by Akira Ransomware Group*

UnitedHealth Confirms Optum Cyberattack, Leading to US Healthcare Billing Outage*

Rising Threat: Web3 Malware Exploits Cryptocurrency Assets*

SSH-Snake: Emerging Self-Modifying Worm Poses Threat to Networks*

FTC Alleges Avast Sold Customer Browsing Data to Advertisers Without Consent*

Singapore Sees Surge in Scams and Cybercrime Despite Anti-Scam Measures*

Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities Discovered in Wi-Fi Software for Android, Linux, and ChromeOS*

Arizona Firm's Data Breach Affects 2.4 Million Patients*

Ubuntu Addresses Multiple FreeImage Vulnerabilities*

Tangerine Telecom Breach Impacts 232,000 Customers*

Signal Beta Introduces Custom Usernames for Enhanced Privacy*

Researchers Warn of Surging Banking Malware Campaign Exploiting Google Cloud Run*

Researchers Unveil 'VoltSchemer' Attacks Exploiting Wireless Charger Vulnerabilities*

Ransomware Attack Hits DC-Area School System, Affecting Data of 100,000 Individuals*

Malicious PyPI Packages Exploit DLL Side-Loading for Supply Chain Attacks*

Internal Documents from Chinese Hacking Contractor iSoon Exposed in Leak*

DDoS Attack Disrupts Top UK Universities' Services*

PSI Software, a Critical Infrastructure Vendor, Targeted by Ransomware Attack*

VietCredCare, A New Malware Threat Targeting Facebook Advertisers in Vietnam*

Chrome 122 and Firefox 123 Address High-Severity Vulnerabilities with Security Patches*

Global Law Enforcement Targets LockBit Ransomware Syndicate*

Linux Malware Campaign 'Migo' Targets Redis for Cryptomining*

Hacker group Cactus Ransomware Confirms Schneider Electric Hack*

North Korea Expands Revenue with Malware-Infused Gambling Websites as-a-Service*

Malware Attacks Increases as MacOS Adoption Rises: New Threats Target Apple Users*

M.O.R.E' Ransomware Surfaces on Dark Web, Posing Threat to Users Across Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms*

Wyze Camera Breach Exposed 13,000 Strangers to View Inside Homes*

Critical Vulnerabilities Identified in ConnectWise ScreenConnect*

KeyTrap Vulnerability: Disrupting Internet Access with a Single DNS Packet*

Researchers Warn Smart Lawn Mowers could be a Target for Cyberattacks*

Revealing the Enigmatic 'MMS Fingerprint' Hack by NSO Group in Mobile and Wireless Networks*

Security Breach at Jaypee University in India: Allegations of Compromised Institute and Disclosure of Sensitive Data*

Anatsa Android Malware Infects Over 150,000 Devices Through Google Play Downloads*

Escalating DDoS Attacks Pose Threat to Media Freedom in Europe*

New Espionage Campaign Targets European and Iranian Embassies by Russia-Aligned Hackers*

New MonikerLink Flaw Puts Outlook Users at Risk of Data Theft and Malware Exposure*

Hackers Allegedly Breach Staffing Giant Robert Half, Offer Sensitive Data for Sale*

Critical Security Flaw in GL-AX1800 Router Allows Remote Code Execution by Attackers*

Hacker Caught Selling Bank Accounts of US and Canadian Users*

Cybersecurity Crisis Unfolds in India's Financial Sector as Motilal Oswal Breached*

Mastermind Behind FBI's Most-Wanted Zeus and IcedID Malware Cases Admits Guilt*

Eight Critical Vulnerabilities Revealed in the AI Development Supply Chain*

Cryptocurrency Firms Targeted by RustDoor macOS Backdoor Disguised as Job Offers*

Exploiting AWS for Mass Smishing: Unveiling the Malicious 'SNS Sender' Script*

U.S. Authorities Disrupt Russia-Linked Botnet Involved in Cyber Espionage Activities*

Unauthorized Access to U.S. State Government Network Exploiting Former Employee's Account*

ALPHV Ransomware Announces Successful Attacks on loanDepot and Prudential Financial*

CISA Urges Immediate Patching of Cisco ASA Flaw Exploited in Ransomware Attacks*

Critical RCE Vulnerabilities Patched by SolarWinds in Access Rights Manager*

CUSG CMS Vulnerabilities Exposed Credit Unions to Attacks*

TicTacToe Dropper Unleashes Data Theft and Multi-Threat Spread on Windows Systems*

New 'Gold Pickaxe' Malware on Android and iOS: Targeting Users through Facial Data Theft for Fraudulent Activities*

U.S. Internet Exposes Extended History of Internal and Customer Emails*

Chinese Hackers Utilize Deepfakes in Mobile Banking Malware*

RansomHouse Gang Launches MrAgent Tool for Automated VMware ESXi Attacks*

Uncovering Three Key Application Security Flaws Beyond Automated Scanner Detection*

South Korea Accuses North Korean Hackers of Breaching Presidential Office Email Account*

JabberZeus Leader Pleads Guilty to Zeus and IcedID Malware Operations*

Russian Threat Actor Turla Targets Polish NGOs with Newly Deployed TinyTurla-NG Backdoor*

ESET Fixes High-Severity Privilege Escalation Vulnerability*

Microsoft Acknowledges Exploitation of Critical Zero Day Vulnerability in Exchange Server*

Qakbot Malware Signals Potential Resurgence Post Law Enforcement Takedown*

Atlassian Vulnerability Identified as Cause of GAO Breach*

Microsoft and OpenAI Issue Alert Regarding Nation-State Hackers Utilizing AI for Cyber Attacks*

DNSSEC Vulnerability Single Malicious Packet Can Disable DNS Servers*

The Ubuntu Command not found Tool may cause Users to Install Rogue Packages*

Trans Northern Pipelines Investigates Cyber Breach by ALPHV or BlackCat Ransomware Gang*

Varta AG Halts Production Following Cyberattack on IT Systems*

Researchers Reveal KeyTrap DNS Vulnerability with Potential to Disable Large Parts of Internet*

Zoom Fixes Critical Vulnerability in Windows Applications*

Resurgence of Bumblebee Malware Attacks Following 4-Month Hiatus*

Data Breach at Integris Health Affects 2.4 Million Patients*

Cybercriminals Enhance Glupteba Botnet's Evasion Methods with Undocumented UEFI Bootkit*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - February 2024*

PikaBot Emerges with Enhanced Code Efficiency and Sneaky Strategies*

Jet Engine Dealer Reports Unauthorized Activity Amid Cybersecurity Incident*

Prudential Financial Reports Network Breach, Employee Data Compromised*

CISA Adds Roundcube Email Software Flaw to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Microsoft Addresses Zero-Day Exploited in DarkMe RAT Distribution Campaign*

Cyber Fraud Epidemic: Telangana Loses 150 Crore in Just Over a Month*

Cybercriminals Exploit Three Familiar Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word and Excel*

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down 21 Romanian Hospitals*

FCC Implements Stricter Data Breach Reporting Rules for Telecoms*

Bank of America Alerts Customers About Data Breach Following Vendor Cyberattack*

Microsoft Introduces Sudo for Windows 11 to Streamline Command Execution*

Senior Executives Targeted in Ongoing Azure Cloud Account Takeover Campaign*

Free Decryption Tool Released After Rhysida Ransomware Successfully Cracked*

Security Flaw in Smart Helmets Puts Millions in Danger of Hacking and Surveillance*

Largest Casino's Mobile App Exposes Customer Personal Information*

U.S. Justice Department Dismantles Warzone RAT Infrastructure and Apprehends Key Operators*

UK Shifts from Physical Biometric Immigration Cards to E-Visas*

Microsoft Outlook Clients Encounter Exchange ActiveSync Syncing Issues*

Canada Moves to Ban Flipper Zero and Similar Devices Amid Car Theft Concerns*

ExpressVPN Bug Exposes DNS Requests Over Years, Compromising User Privacy*

New Variant of MoqHao Android Malware Operates Without User Interaction*

Zardoor Backdoor Stealthily Targets Saudi Islamic Charity Organization*

New Ivanti Authentication Bypass Flaw Impacts Connect Secure and ZTA*

Raspberry Robin Exploits New One-Day Vulnerabilities, Enhancing Stealth and Persistence*

Advanced macOS Malware Disguised as Visual Studio Update*

Hyundai Motor Europe Hit by Black Basta Ransomware Attack*

Ransomware Attack Paralyzes Municipality of Korneuburg, Austria*

Microsoft Reveals New Windows 11 Feature: 'Sudo for Windows'*

LastPass Users at Risk from Counterfeit App on Apple App Store*

Escalating Iranian Offensive Cyber Operations Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict*

Analysis of HijackLoader Malware's Enhanced Defense Evasion Techniques*

APTs Exploit FortiOS Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Attacks*

Vulnerabilities in Cisco's Enterprise Communication Devices are Patched*

Google's Pilot Program Targets Financial Fraud by Blocking Risky Android APKs*

No Evidence of 3 Million Electric Toothbrushes Used in DDoS Attack*

Shim Vulnerability Poses Critical Risk to Majority of Linux Systems, Allowing Complete Compromise*

Security Flaw Exposes User Data in Spoutible, Prompting Concerns and Remedial Actions*

Danish Data Protection Authority Issues Injunction on Student Data Transfer to Google*

66,000 Individuals Impacted by SIM-Swapping Attacks Targeting US Insurance Giants*

Researchers Expose DiceLoader Malware Targeting Corporate Businesses*

U.S. Agencies Issue Warning on Chinese Cyber-Espionage Group's Threat to Critical Infrastructure*

Canon Mitigates 7 Critical Flaws in Small Office Printers with Urgent Patches*

Fortinet Addresses Critical Flaws in FortiSIEM with Immediate Patches*

False Facebook Job Ads Spreading 'Ov3r_Stealer' to Take Crypto and Credentials*

JetBrains Alerts of Fresh Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in TeamCity*

Verizon Insider Data Breach Impacts Over 63,000 Employees*

New Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Azure HDInsight Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop Services*

Android Addresses Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability with Patch*

Pennsylvania Courts Website Targeted in Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack Disruption*

French Healthcare Firm Viamedis Faces Cyberattack, Potentially Impacting Millions*

AI SPERA Introduces Criminal IP ASM on Microsoft Azure Marketplace*

Dutch Ministry of Defence Targeted in Chinese State-Sponsored Cyberattack*

Cybercriminals Exploit Job Boards, Pilfering Millions of Resumes and Personal Data*

ApateWeb: Cybercriminals Exploit Over 130,000 Domains for Large-Scale Cyber Attacks*

Employee Falls Victim to $25.6M Deepfake Scam Involving AI-Generated CFO*

Microsoft Investigating Outlook Security Alerts Issue with .ICS Calendar Files*

Mitsubishi Electric Discloses Critical Vulnerabilities in Factory Automation Products*

Ivanti SSRF Zero-Day Actively Exploited at Scale, Warns Security Researchers*

Institute of Statistics in Albania Targeted by Iranian-Linked Hackers*

US Implements Visa Ban for Individuals Tied to Commercial Spyware Misuse*

NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Targets Jordanian Activists and Journalists*

VajraSpy Malware Infecting Android Devices by using Patchwork's Romance Scam*

"Commando Cat", a new Cryptojacking Campaign Strikes Exposed Docker APIs*

QNAP Addresses High-Severity Vulnerabilities in QTS and Qsync Central with Patches*

A Cybercrime Operation Carried out by Interpol, Synergy, Takes Down 1,300 Servers*

Lurie Children's Hospital Halts IT Systems in Response to Cybersecurity Event*

APT28: Russian Hackers Utilize NTLM Relay Attacks to Target High-Value Organizations*

Leaky Vessels Flaws Allow Unauthorized Escape from Docker and runc Containers*

DirtyMoe Malware Strikes Over 2,000 Computers in Ukraine, Engaging in DDoS Attacks and Cryptojacking*

Latest Mispadu Banking Trojan Exploits Windows SmartScreen Vulnerability*

South African Railways Suffers Over $1 Million Loss Due to Phishing Scheme*

Critical Mastodon Flaw Enables Hijacking of Any Decentralized Account by Hackers*

Clorox Reveals $49 Million in Costs Resulting from Cyberattack*

AnyDesk Confirms Breach of Production Servers, Urges Users to Update Software and Change Passwords*

CISA Alert: Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Moby and OCI Components*

Unauthorized Access to Cloudflare via Compromised Okta Auth Tokens*

Romanian Parliament Faces Cybersecurity Breach, Exposing Officials' Confidential Information*

PurpleFox Malware Spreads Across Thousands of Computers in Ukraine*

CISA Urges Enhanced Security for SOHO Routers against Volt Typhoon Threats*

FTC Mandates Enhanced Security Measures for Blackbaud Following Major Data Breach*

FritzFrog's Return: Unleashing Log4Shell and PwnKit Exploits to Propagate Malware in Network Infrastructures*

Global Affairs Hit by Cyberattack, Initiates Shutdown of Computer Systems for Remediation*

HeadCrab 2.0 Embraces Fileless Strategy, Focuses on Exploiting Redis Servers for Cryptocurrency Mining*

CISA Issues Alert on Active Exploitation of Critical Flaws in Apple iOS and macOS*

Android Local Elevation Flaw Exploit Unleashed, Affecting 7 OEMs*

Fintech Giant Direct Trading Technologies Faces Data Leak Impacting Over 300K Traders*

Cybercriminals Leveraging Ivanti VPN Vulnerabilities to Distribute KrustyLoader Malware*

UNC4990 Strikes Italian Businesses with Weaponized USBs, Unleashing Cryptojacking Malware*

Telegram's Role in Cybercrime: Easy-to-Use Kits and Malware Fueling a Surge in Phishing Attacks*

Johnson Controls Reports $27 Million Cost and Data Breach from Ransomware Attack*

Ivanti Issues Alert on Actively Exploited Zero-Day in Connect Secure Product*

Mercedes-Benz Source Code Exposed Due to Mishandled GitHub Token*

Critical Workspace Creation Flaw in GitLab Requires Immediate Upgrade to Mitigate File Overwrite Risk*

Web-Based Ransomware Decryption Tool Facilitates Recovery of Partially Encrypted Files*

The Mother of All Breaches: Massive Release of 26 Billion Records Exposes LinkedIn, Twitter, and Major Organizations*

Threat Actors Sell 1.8TB Database of Personal Information for 750 Million Indian Mobile Users*

Ukrainian Prisoners of War Oversight Agency Faces Cybersecurity Breach*

Newly Discovered glibc Vulnerability Enables Attackers to Attain Root Access on Major Linux Distributions*

DarkGate Malware Spread Through Microsoft Teams Phishing in Group Chats*

Italian Data Protection Authority Accuses ChatGPT of Privacy Violations Under GDPR*

ZLoader Malware Resurfaces with 64-bit Windows Compatibility in Latest Variant*

Juniper Networks Issues Critical Junos OS Updates to Address High-Severity Vulnerabilities*

Rising Threat: Albabat, Kasseika, Kuiper - Emergence of New Ransomware Gangs Leveraging Rust and Golang*

Outlook Vulnerability Reveals NTLM Passwords, Researchers Warn*

Schneider Electric Faces Cactus Ransomware Attack with Threats of Data Leak*

FBI Warns of Tech Support Scams Employing Couriers for Money Collection*

Keenan & Associates Alerts 1.5 Million Individuals to Data Breach Following Summer Cyberattack*

Outlook Apps Encounter Connectivity Issues with, Microsoft Investigating*

45,000 Jenkins Servers Vulnerable to RCE Attacks Through Public Exploits*

Microsoft Teams Faces Second Outage in Three Days, Disrupting Services in North and South America*

Critical Jenkins Vulnerability (CVE-2024-23897) Poses RCE Threat*

Malicious PyPI Packages Deliver WhiteSnake InfoStealer Malware to Windows Systems*

Vulnerabilities in Westermo Lynx Switches Pose Risks for Industrial Organizations*

Ukraine's Major Energy, Postal, and Transportation Entities Targeted in Cyberattacks*

Pegasus Spyware Targets Mobile Devices of Journalists in Togo*

AllaKore RAT Malware Targets Mexican Companies Using Financial Fraud Techniques*

Healthcare Provider Alerts 4 Million Patients Regarding Data Breach at Perry Johnson & Associates (PJ&A)*

Ransomware Strikes Kansas City Public Transportation Authority*

Microsoft Issues Alert on Expanding APT29 Espionage Campaign Targeting Global Organizations*

Malicious Google Ads Target Chinese Users in Ongoing Malvertising Campaign*

Critical Cisco Flaw Enables Remote Takeover of Unified Communications Systems*

23andMe Confirms Data Breach: Attackers Exfiltrate Raw Genotype Data and Health Reports*

Blackwood Hackers Exploit WPS Office Update Mechanism for Malware Installation*

LODEINFO Fileless Malware Advances with Enhanced Anti-Analysis and Remote Code Techniques*

Mozilla Addresses 15 Vulnerabilities, Including Five High-Severity, in Firefox and Thunderbird Updates*

EquiLend Faces Disruptions Following Cyberattack, Initiates Investigation and Restoration Efforts* Exposes 198GB of Internal and User Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Data*

Critical Google Kubernetes Misconfiguration Allows Any Gmail Account to Control Clusters*

AI Expected to Escalate Ransomware Threat in the UK Over Next Two Years, Warns NCSC*

Pwn2Own Automotive 2024: Tesla Breached with Demonstration of 24 Zero-Day Exploits*

Russian Hackers Infiltrate Email Accounts of HPE Security Team*

Credential Stuffing Attack Affects Potential 340,000 Jason’s Deli Customers*

Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs Exposed to Exploits, Allowing Potential Wallet Draining*

Kasseika Ransomware Exploits Antivirus Driver to Disable Competing Security Software*

DDoS attacks are moving from megabits to terabits, according to Gcore Radar*

Malicious NPM Packages Compromise Developer SSH Keys, Exfiltrate Data via GitHub*

Fortra GoAnywhere MFT Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Exploited with Release of Exploit Code*

Ransomware Attack Strikes Veolia North America's Water Services Operations*

Active Exploitation: Critical Confluence Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Targeted in 40,000 Attacks Within 3 Days*

AerCap, Global Aviation Leasing Leader, Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack*

Apple Releases iOS 17.3, Issues Warning on WebKit Zero-Day Exploits*

Stealthy Malicious Web Redirect Scripts Concealed Within Compromised Websites*

Apple Swiftly Addresses 2024's First Zero-Day Exploit with Critical Security Updates*

North Korean Hackers Exploit Fake Research to Deploy RokRAT Backdoor*

Splunk Enterprise Addresses High-Severity Vulnerability in Latest Patches*

Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability Exploited in Recent Wave of Godzilla Web Shell Attacks*

Java and Android Vulnerability: MavenGate Attack Poses Security Threat, Allowing Hackers to Hijack Systems via Abandoned Libraries*

MacOS Backdoor: The Lucrative Threat of Cracked Software Stealing Cryptowallets Surpasses Gold*

SEC Affirms X Account Compromised in SIM-Swapping Incident*

VMware Addresses Critical Code Execution Vulnerability in vCenter Server with Security Updates*

VF Corporation, Owner of Vans and The North Face, Discloses Ransomware Breach Impacting 35 Million Individuals*

NS-STEALER Exfiltrates Secrets from Popular Web Browsers by Using Discord Bots*

Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in Leading Open Source AI/ML Platforms*

Brave Browser Discontinues 'Strict' Fingerprinting Protection Due to Website Compatibility Issues*

Ransomware Attack by Tietoevry Results in Disruptions for Swedish Companies and Municipalities*

Ransomware Attacks Utilize TeamViewer for Network Breaches*

Developer Charged with Hacking Following Disclosure of Cybersecurity Concerns*

Cyberattack Disrupts IT Network and Services at Kansas State University*

Docker Hosts Compromised in Ongoing Scheme for Website Traffic Theft*

Unpatched Vulnerabilities in Rapid SCADA Pose Risks to Industrial Systems*

Vulnerability in TensorFlow CI and CD Exposes Supply Chain to Poisoning Attacks*

Google Detects Deployment of Spica Backdoor Malware by Russian FSB Hackers*

Inferno Drainer's Scam-as-a-Service Drains 87 Million Dollars from 137000 Victims*

PixieFail UEFI Vulnerabilities Pose Risks of Remote Code Execution, Denial of Service, and Data Theft for Millions of Computers*

GitHub Rotates Keys to Mitigate Credential-Exposing Vulnerability*

VMware Issues Urgent Patch for Critical Aria Automation Flaw*

LeftoverLocals Attacks Expose AI Data Leak in GPUs from AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm*

A Botnet Bigpanzi has Infected 170,000 Android TV Boxes with Malware*

Microsoft Warns of Iranian Hackers Using Fresh MediaPl Malware to Target Researchers*

Exposes Pegasus Spyware on iPhone with a New iShutdown Method*

PAX PoS Terminal Vulnerability Enables Transaction Tampering by Attackers*

Have I Been Pwned adds 71 Million Emails from NazAPI Stolen Account Dataset*

Oracle Addresses 200 Vulnerabilities in January 2024 Critical Patch Update*

Atlassian Alerts Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Confluence Versions*

Google Addresses First Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Day of 2024*

FBI and CISA Issue Alert as Androxgh0st Malware Botnet Targets AWS and Microsoft Credentials*

New Attack Wave Spreads Remcos RAT Through Adult Games*

Ransomware Attack Hits Majorca's Calvia City, Extortionists Demand $11 Million*

Critical Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Citrix Netscaler Exploited*

MyFlaw Security Flaw in Opera Browser Exposes Mac and Windows Users to File Execution Attacks*

Balada Injector Exploits Plugin Vulnerability, Compromising 7,100 WordPress Sites*

Windows SmartScreen Vulnerability Exploited to Deliver Phemedrone Malware*

High-Severity Vulnerabilities Detected in Bosch Thermostats and Smart Nutrunners*

Over 178,000 SonicWall Firewalls Exposed to DoS and Potential RCE Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Working on Fix for Windows 10 0x80070643 Errors in KB5034441 Update Installation*

Lush, UK Cosmetics Retailer, Confirms Cyberattack*

Ivanti Connect Secure Exploited with Zero-Days to Deploy Custom Malware*

GitLab Issues Warning on Critical Zero-Click Account Hijacking Vulnerability*

Cryptominers Targeting Misconfigured Apache Hadoop and Flink with Rootkit*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Juniper SRX Firewalls and EX Switches*

CISA Warns of Actively Exploited Critical Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability*

Atomic Stealer Upgrade Targets Mac Users with Encrypted Payload*

Microsoft Releases Script for Updating Windows 10 WinRE with BitLocker Fixes*

Python-Powered FBot Hacking Toolkit Targets Cloud and SaaS Platforms*

Major T-Mobile Outage Disrupts Account Access and Mobile App Functionality*

Risk Emerges for ERP Systems as New Proof-of-Concept Exploit Targets Apache OFBiz Vulnerability*

Critical Vulnerabilities Expose 150k WordPress Sites to Takeover Risk Through POST SMTP Mailer Plugin*

Framework Computer Reveals Data Breach Following Phishing Attack on Accountant*

Data Breach at Fidelity National Financial Exposes Personal Information of 1.3 Million Individuals*

Pro-Ukraine Hackers Retaliate, Breach Russian ISP in Response to Kyivstar Attack*

Free Decryptors Unveiled for Victims of Black Basta and Babuk's Tortilla Ransomware*

Hathway Faces Data Breach as Hacker Leaks KYC Data of 4 Million Users*

Cisco Addresses Critical Unity Connection Bug Allowing Attackers to Obtain Root Privileges*

The Newest Mirai-Based Botnet Exploiting SSH Servers for Cryptocurrency Mining*

Saudi Ministry Exposes Sensitive Data, Posing Substantial Cybersecurity Threat*

Significant Data Breach Raises Alarm Over Potential Exposure for Entire Brazilian Population*

Water Curupira Hackers Unleash PikaBot Loader Malware in Ongoing Cyber Threat Campaign*

Turkish Hackers Targeting Weakly Secured MSSQL Servers for Global Ransomware Attacks*

CISA Adds Six Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities to KEV Catalog Affecting Apple, Adobe, Apache, D-Link, and Joomla Products*

Security Flaws Discovered in QNAP and Kyocera Device Manager*

Windows 10 KB5034122 Update Addresses Shutdown Bug*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - January 2024*

Fake Hack-Back Offers Target Ransomware Victims, Warns Cybersecurity Firm*

CISA Issues Warning on Exploitation of Apache Superset Vulnerability*

Beirut International Airport experienced a cyber attack*

NoName Group's DDoS Assault Targets Ukrainian Government Websites*

Maldives Government Websites Recover After Cyberattack Amid Diplomatic Strains*

North Korea's DPRK Hackers Pilfered $600 Million in 2023 Cryptocurrency Heist*

NIST Highlights Security and Privacy Risks Amid Swift Deployment of AI Systems*

Cross Switch Faces Data Breach and 3.6 Million Records Potentially Compromised*

Hackers Exploit Netgear and Hyundai X Accounts for Crypto Draining Scams*

Toronto Zoo Confirms Ransomware Attack Had Zero Impact on Animal Wellbeing*

Syrian Cyber Group Unleashes Destructive SilverRAT Threat*

Sea Turtle Cyber Espionage Campaign Strikes Dutch IT and Telecom Sectors*

Cyberattack on loanDepot Mortgage Firm Disrupts IT Systems and Payment Portal*

Cyberattack Strikes Municipal Systems in West Virginia City*

Ivanti Warns of Critical EPM Vulnerability Allowing Device Hijacking*

Cyber Partisans Hacktivist Group Targets and Shuts Down Belarusian News Agency BelTA*

Pays Fouesnantais and France's Township Faces Municipal Service Disruption after Cyberattack*

New macOS Backdoor Threat SpectralBlur Linked to North Korean Hackers*

New Variant of Bandook RAT Targets Windows Machines*

Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities in Apache RocketMQ Servers for RCE Attacks*

Data Breach at Now-Defunct Ambulance Service Affects Nearly 1 Million Individuals*

In an assault on KyivStar, Russian hackers erased thousands of Systems*

UAC-0050 Adopts Novel Phishing Strategies for Dispensing Remcos RAT*

Mandiant’s Twitter Account Recovered Following Six-Hour Crypto Scam Breach*

Malware Exploiting Google MultiLogin Vulnerability to Persist After Password Reset*

Linux Targeted by 3 Malicious PyPI Packages Deploying Crypto Miners*

SMTP Smuggling Flaw Enables Attackers to Bypass Security and Spoof*

CISA Alert: Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities Found in Chrome and Excel Parsing Library*

Australian Court Service Faces Breach, Hearing Recordings Potentially Compromised*

Xerox's U.S. Subsidiary XBS Falls Victim to Breach as Ransomware Gang Leaks Data*

Orbit Chain's $86 Million Loss in Year-End 2023 Fintech Hack*

Android Game Developer's Google Drive Misconfiguration Exposes Cloud Security Risks*

Windows 10 and 11 Face New DLL Search Order Hijacking Variant, Evading Protections*

Kimsuky Hackers Utilize AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke in Recent Attacks*

New Malware 'JinxLoader' Delivering Formbook and XLoader Threats*

EasyPark Reveals Data Breach Affecting Potentially Millions of Users*

Anna Jaques Hospital's Computer System Compromised in Cyberattack*

Albanian Parliament and Telecom Company Targeted in Cyberattacks*

Lockbit Ransomware Causes Emergency Care Disruption in German Hospitals*

Russian Military Hackers Unleash New MASEPIE Malware in Targeted Campaign Against Ukraine*

Ransomware Attack Strikes Trinidad and Tobago's Social Security Agency*

Microsoft Takes Action to Safeguard Against Malicious Exploitation, Disabling MSIX Protocol Handler*

Chinese Hackers Exploit Fresh Zero-Day in Barracuda's ESG Appliances*

Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability in Apache OfBiz ERP System Poses Business Threat*

Corewell Health Faces Another Data Breach, Affects Over 1 Million Patients*

DragonForce Ransomware Claims Cyberattack on Ohio Lottery*

LoanCare Notifies 1.3 Million Individuals Regarding Data Breach*

Microsoft Word docs used to impersonate the Nepali government in a Nim-based campaign*

Cyber-Phishing Attacks with Cryptocurrency Drainers are on the Rise*

A New Ransomware Variant of Carbanak Banking Malware has been Discovered*

Android or Xamalicious Stealth Backdoor Actively Infecting Devices*

Reports of a Data Breach have been Investigated by Video Game Giant UBISOFT*

LONEPAGE Malware Targets Ukrainian Companies with UAC-0099 Exploit Based on WinRAR*

ESET Resolves High-Severity Flaw in Multiple Product's Secure Traffic Scanning*

The Iranian Hackers have Developed a New Backdoor for Hacking Windows*

Cloud Atlas' Targeted Spear-Phishing Strikes: Russian Agro and Research Firms Under Attack*

New Instagram Phishing Campaign Targets 2FA Backup Codes*

Indian government Entities Targeted by Rust-based Malware*

WordPress Plugin Breach: E-Commerce Sites Vulnerable to Credit Card Theft*

Europol Alerts to 443 Online Stores Infected with Credit Card Theft Scripts*

Ubisoft Initiates Investigation into Recent Reports of Security Breach*

Akira Ransomware Group Takes Credit for Cyberattack on Nissan Australia*

Mint Mobile Reveals Fresh Data Breach, Unveiling Customer Information Exposure*

Chrome Extensions Forcing 1.5 million Fake VPNs to be Installed*

Chameleon Android Malware Disables Fingerprint Unlock to Pilfer PINs*

OpenAI Addresses ChatGPT Data Leak with Imperfect Fix Rollout*

Cyberattack Forces First American to Shut Down IT Systems*

A New FalseFont Malware Title Targets Defense Firms, According to Microsoft*

Healthcare Software Provider's Data Breach Affects 2.7 Million Patients*

Google Addresses the Eigth Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome*

Critical Pre-Auth Stack Buffer Overflows Affect Ivanti Avalanche*

F5 BIG-IP Zero-Day Alert Emails Spreading Data-Wiping Malware*

HCL Technologies Faces Ransomware Attack: Ongoing Investigation Underway*

FBI Disrupts BlackCat Ransomware Operation and Develops Decryption Tool*

FBI Reveals ALPHV Ransomware Profited $300 Million from 1,000 Victims*

The Terrapin attack can compromise the security of OpenSSH connections*

GitHub Exploited by Hackers to Skirt Detection and Compromise Hosts*

Web Injections Campaign Targets 50000 Users, Stealing Banking Data in Ongoing Threat*

Mr. Cooper Data Breach Exposes 14.7 Million Individuals to Security Risks*

Iran's Gas Stations Hit by Suspected Cyberattack, Causing Widespread Disruption*

Microsoft Reveals High-Severity Remote Code Execution Flaw in Perforce Helix*

Xfinity Reveals Data Breach Following Citrix Server Hack*

Customer Data Exposed in Cyberattack on MongoDB, Company Confirms*

Qbot Malware Resurfaces in Phishing Campaign Aimed at Hospitality Sector*

Google Phishing Ads Target WordPress Hosting Provider Kinsta*

Rhadamanthys Stealer Malware Advances with Enhanced Capabilities*

Ransomware Threats Target Patients of Fred Hutch Cancer Center*

3CX Issues Warning to Disable SQL Database Integrations*

Data Breach at Delta Dental of California Exposes Personal Information of 7 Million Individuals*

U.S. Nuclear Research Lab's Data Breach Affects 45,000 Individuals*

A Cryptocurrency Wallet Supply Chain Attack Stole $600K from Ledger dApps*

NKAbuse Malware Leveraging NKN Blockchain for Covert Comms*

Kraft Heinz Probes Alleged Hack, Assures Normal System Operations*

Hackers Hijack SOHO Routers and VPN Devices with Stealthy KV-Botnet*

Phishing Evolution: BazarCall Adopts Google Forms for Credible Deception*

CISA Warns of Russian Hackers Targeting TeamCity Servers Since September*

Microsoft Takes Control of Domains Selling Fake Outlook Accounts*

Hackers Leverage Public PoC to Exploit Critical Flaw in Apache Struts*

1,450 Exposed pfSense Servers Vulnerable to RCE Attacks via Bug Chain*

Booking-Themed Scam Unleashes New MrAnon Stealer Malware, Targets German Users*

Threat Actor Exploits Recruiters with Malicious More Eggs Backdoor Malware*

Microsoft Warns of OAuth App Exploitation for BEC and Cryptomining Attacks*

Sophos Proactively Backports Remote Code Execution (RCE) Fix for Unsupported Firewalls Post-Attacks*

Russian APT28 Launches Cyber Espionage Campaign Across 13 Nations*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - December 2023*

HTML Injection Bug in Counter-Strike 2 Exposes Players' IP Addresses*

University of Wollongong Confirms Data Breach and Alerts Authorities*

Americold, Cold Storage Giant, Confirms Data Breach After Malware Attack in April*

Critical Bug in Backup Migration Plugin Exposes 50K WordPress Sites to RCE Attacks*

Emergency Apple Updates Address Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Older iPhone Models*

Researchers have Unmasked Sandman APT's Hidden Connection to China's KEYPLUG Backdoor*

The Lazarus Hackers have Released a New RAT Malware Using a Two-Year-Old Bug in Log4j*

A Record 2.6 Billion Users Records have been Exposed by Apple, but End-to-End Encryption Wins Out*

The AutoSpill Attack Steals Passwords from Android Password Managers*

Ransomware Gang Confirms Cyber Hit on California Hospital*

Norton Healthcare Reveals Data Breach Following May Ransomware Attack*

New HeadCrab Variant Exploits Redis Servers for Root Access*

Google Drive Users Continue to Face Challenges Despite Proposed Fix for File Recovery*

Email Sending Challenges in Microsoft Outlook for Users with Extensive Folders*

5Ghoul Vulnerability Strikes Qualcomm and MediaTek Chip-Powered 5G Phones*

Iranian Threat Poses Risk to Israel's Critical Infrastructure Through 'Polonium' Proxy*

New Bluetooth Vulnerability Enables Hackers to Seize Control of Android, Linux, macOS, and iOS Devices*

WordPress Resolves POP Chain Vulnerability, Safeguarding Websites Against RCE Exploits*

Data Breaches at Two Cambridge Hospitals are Caused by Excel Spreadsheets*

Microsoft Alerts on COLDRIVER's Adaptive Evasion Techniques and Credential Theft Strategies*

Russian State-Sponsored Hackers Target NATO Rapid Response Corps in Cybersecurity Breach*

Linux Servers are Infected with the Krasue RAT Malware using Embedded Rootkits*

North Korean Hacker Group Andariel Targets South Korean Companies, Stealing Defense Secrets*

Austal USA, Navy Contractor, Confirms Cyberattack and Data Leak*

US Senator Exposes Government Surveillance via Mobile Notifications on Apple and Google Users*

Qualcomm Discloses Exploited Chip Flaws in Targeted Attacks*

Intel and AMD CPUs are Vulnerable to SLAM Attacks that Steal Sensitive Data*

Critical Infrastructure Routers Face 21 Sierra Vulnerabilities*

Nissan Proactively Investigating Cybersecurity Incident and Assessing Potential Data Breach*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Patched in Various Atlassian Products*

Go Module Repositories on GitHub: The Growing Threat of Repojacking*

Kali Linux 2023.4 Features GNOME 45 and 15 New Tools in Latest Release*

Cyberattack Confirmed by HTC Global Services after Data was Leaked*

23andMe Confirms Hackers Accessed Data from Millions of Users*

Thousands of Israeli Hospital Documents have been Leaked by Iran-Linked Hackers*

U.S. Government Agencies Compromised Through Exploitation of Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability by Hackers*

WALA, International Dog Breeding Organization, Reveals 25GB of Pet Owners' Data*

Beware: iPhone Users Alerted to Deceptive Fake Lockdown Mode Attack*

The SpyLoan Android Malware has been Downloaded 12 Million Times from Google Play*

Android Security Updates for December 2023 Address 85 Vulnerabilities, Including a Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability*

More than 20,000 Microsoft Exchange Servers at Risk of Exploitation in Cyber Attacks*

WeMystic Fortune-Telling Platform Exposes Over 13 Million User Records*

Tipalti Probes Allegations of Data Breach Amid Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Issues Alert on Malvertising Campaign Propagating CACTUS Ransomware*

The Fake Security Advisory Pushes Backdoor Plugins for WordPress*

Russian Cyber Threat Actors Exploit Outlook Vulnerability to Hijack Exchange Accounts*

AeroBlade Hackers Target U.S. Aerospace Sector in Fresh Campaign*

MIPS Devices are Targeted by a Stealthier Version of P2Pinfect Malware*

Revolutionizing Browsing: Google Chrome's Cache Update*

Hospitals are urged to patch Citrix Bleed bug*

Since 2017, North Korea's State Hackers Have Stolen $3 Billion in Crypto*

Pirated Software Distributes Proxy Malware Targeting Mac Users*

Qilin Ransomware Linux Variant Concentrates on Targeting VMware ESXi*

Berglund Management Group Discloses Data Breach Affecting Over 50,000 Individuals in the US*

VMware Resolves Critical Authentication Bypass in Cloud Director After 2 Weeks of Unpatched Vulnerability*

Microsoft Windows KB5032278 Update Introduces Copilot AI Assistant, Addresses 13 Bugs*

Newly Discovered Agent Raccoon Malware Exploited by Hackers to Create Backdoors in US Systems*

Chinese Hackers Employ SugarGh0st RAT in Targeting South Korea and Uzbekistan*

FjordPhantom Android Malware Employing Virtualization for Evasion Tactics*

North Carolina's Hendersonville Exposes Employee Data in Thanksgiving Cybersecurity Breach*

Zyxel Issues Warning on Critical Vulnerabilities Found in NAS Devices*

Staples Confirms Cyberattack as Cause for Service Disruptions and Delivery Challenges*

JAXA, Japan's Space Agency, Falls Victim to Cyberattack*

Apple Addresses Two New iOS Zero-Day Vulnerabilities with Emergency Updates*

UEFI Code Vulnerabilities Exploitable for Bootkit Implantation Through Image Files*

Cybersecurity Incident Impacts Capital Health Hospitals, Resulting in IT Disruptions*

Numerous Undisclosed secrets discovered within application images on Docker Hub*

A Ransomware Attack Exploits Qlik Sense Flaws to Infect Networks with Cactus Ransomware*

Hackers Compromise US Water Facility Through Exposed Unitronics PLCs*

Third-Party Data Breach Affects 2 Million Individuals at Dollar Tree*

Automotive Giant Yanfeng Hit by Qilin Ransomware Attack*

Egyptian E-Payment Provider Recovers After LockBit Ransomware Attack*

US Authorities Seize Sinbad Cryptocurrency Mixer Utilized by North Korean Lazarus Hackers*

Okta Data Breach in October Impacts All Users in Customer Support System*

Play Ransomware Group Targets 17 Victims, Including 14 US-Based Companies*

New 'Xaro' Variant of DJVU Ransomware Poses as Cracked Software to Deceive Users*

Experts Warn of More than 200 Malicious Android Apps Targeting Iranian Banks*

Rapid Exploitation of Critical ownCloud Vulnerability in the Wild*

Google Addresses the Sixth Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome for 2023*

Critical Vulnerability Uncovered in Ray AI Framework*

Bluetooth Vulnerability BLUFFS Allows Attackers to Take Command of Connections*

Hackers Can Exploit the 'Forced Authentication' Feature to Steal Windows NTLM Tokens*

Government of Serbia accused of using Military-grade Spyware against Critics*

DP World Admits Cybersecurity Breach in Australia, Reveals Data Theft Without Ransomware Deployment*

North Korean Cyber Actors Utilize Hybrid macOS Malware Tactics for Enhanced Stealth and Evasion*

Ransomware Breach Strikes Slovenia's Primary Power Giant, HSE*

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Ardent Hospital Emergency Rooms Across Six States*

Gulf Air Experiences Data Breach, Assures No Impact on Critical Operations*

Ukraine Claims Successful Hack into Russian Aviation Agency, Leaks Data*

QRadar SIEM Vulnerability Enables Remote Attackers to Initiate Denial of Service Attacks*

Ransomware Strike Erases All Player Accounts for Indie Game Developer*

Rivers Casino Customers and Employees' Sensitive Data has been Compromised by Hackers*

Rhysida Ransomware Gang Claims Breach of China Energy*

Google Drive Users Frustrated After Losing Months of Stored Data*

Appscook, School App Developer, Exposes Sensitive Data of Hundreds of Children*

The General Electric Company investigates claims of cyber attack and data theft*

KyberSwap Reports $54.7 Million in Cryptocurrency Stolen in Cyberattack*

APT Attacks Targeting the Afghan Government Use a New Web Shell Called HRServ.dll*

Supply-Chain Attack Unleashes Zero-Day Exploit in UK and South Korea Cybersecurity Incident*

Israel Targeted by Rust-Powered SysJoker Backdoor in Cyberattacks Linked to Hamas*

Confidential Kubernetes Secrets from Fortune 500 Enterprises Unveiled in Public Repositories*

OwnCloud File Sharing App Vulnerability Exposes Admin Passwords*

Neanderthals Exploit Telegram Bot "Telekopye" for Large-Scale Phishing Scams*

Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 27,000 Members of NYC Bar Association*

CTS Cyberattack Rattles Dozens of UK Law Firms*

Germany's Federal Bar Association Probes Ransomware Attack*

Kansas Courts Affirm Data Breach and Ransom Request Following Cyberattack*

Latest Attacks by Konni Group Utilize Malicious Word Documents in Russian Language*

The Black Basta Ransomware Group has Compromised New Targets*

Widespread Distribution of New WailingCrab Malware Loader Through Shipping-Related Emails*

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Suffers Server Down Affecting E-Ticket Booking*

Expansion of ClearFake Campaign Takes Aim at Mac Systems with Atomic Stealer*

Windows Hello Authentication Bypass Identified on Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo Laptops*

North Korean Threat Actors Employ Malware Campaigns Disguised as Job Recruiters and Seekers*

Data Breach at Welltok Exposes Information of 8.5 Million US Patients*

Tmax Enterprise software provider Experiences Data Breach, Exposing 2 Terabytes of Information*

Microsoft Reports CyberLink Breach by Lazarus Hackers in Supply Chain Attack*

Dragon Touch Children's Tablet Compromised by Corejava Malware*

Fresh Botnet Malware Leverages Pair of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities to Target NVRs and Routers*

CISA Issues Urgent Directive for Immediate Response to Looney Tunables Linux Vulnerability*

Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP Issued a Data Breach Alert on Midwest Gaming & Entertainment, LLC.*

AutoZone Alerts of Data Breach Due to MOVEit Vulnerability*

Hacktivists Breach U.S. Nuclear Research Lab, Compromising Employee Data*

CISA's Cybersecurity Guide: Safeguarding Healthcare and Public Health Organizations*

Play Ransomware Shifts to Commercial Model, Offered as Service to Cybercriminals*

Deceptive Campaign Aims at Indian Android Users, Impersonating Banks and Government Bodies*

Latest Agent Tesla Malware Iteration Employing ZPAQ Compression in Email-Based Assaults*

South China Sea Tensions Prompt Mustang Panda Hackers Target Philippines Government*

Critical Vulnerability in Industrial Refrigeration Products Patched by Johnson Controls*

LittleDrifter USB Malware Linked to Gamaredon Spreads Outside Ukraine*

Contractor Hacks Lead to Canadian Government's Data Breach Disclosure*

Apache ActiveMQ RCE Exploited by Kinsing Malware to Install Rootkits*

New Version of LummaC2 Malware Unveils Innovative Trigonometry-Based Anti-Sandbox Technique*

Increase in NetSupport RAT Infections: Targeting Government and Business Sectors*

Phobos Ransomware Accuses VX-Underground Malware Collective of Framing*

Indian Hackers Targeting U.S., China, and Other Nations for More Than Ten Years*

FCC Implements New Regulations Safeguarding Consumers Against SIM-Swapping Threats*

RSA Keys Extracted from SSH Server Signing Errors by Researchers*

Russian Hackers Exploit WinRAR and Ngrok Features in Embassy Attacks*

Yamaha Motor's Philippine Subsidiary Hit by Ransomware Assault*

Discord Phishing Scam Emerges Following Bloomberg Crypto X Account Mishap*

CISA Adds Three Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities in Windows, Sophos, and Oracle into KEV Catalog*

Vietnam Post Corporation Leaks 1.2TB of Data, Revealing Email Addresses of Employees*

Deceptive Google Ads Lure WinSCP Users into Installing Malicious Software*

Security Researchers Uncover Malicious Packages on PyPI and NPM Repositories Targeting Developers*

Fortinet Alerts Users to Critical Command Injection Vulnerability in FortiSIEM*

Experts Reveal DarkCasino as New APT Threat Leveraging WinRAR Security Flaw*

Ransomware Group Lodges SEC Complaint Regarding Victim's Unreported Breach*

Exploitation of Zimbra Email Software's Zero-Day Flaw by Four Hacker Groups*

Toyota Acknowledges Security Breach as Medusa Ransomware Threatens Data Leak*

Significant Data Breach Reported at Smart WiFi Provider Plume by Alleged Hackers*

Long Beach, California Shuts Down IT Systems Following Cyberattack*

FBI Exposes Tactics Used by the Notorious Scattered Spider Hacker Group*

Google Workspace and Cloud Platform Vulnerable to Potential Ransomware Exploits*

FBI and CISA Alert on Opportunistic Rhysida Ransomware Attacks*

Toronto Public Library Acknowledges Data Breach in Ransomware Attack*

North Carolina County Faces Unauthorized Data Access in Cyberattack by Hackers*

Australian Agency Raises Alarm Over Threat from State-Supported Hackers*'s Ransom Payment Doesn't Stop Attackers from Releasing Data*

Latest PoC Exploit for Apache ActiveMQ Vulnerability Enables Low-Profile Attacks*

Denmark's Critical Infrastructure Faces Largest Coordinated Cyberattack, Targeting 22 Energy Firms*

PJ&A Cyberattack Exposed Nearly 9 Million Patient Records*

Recent Data Breach Impacts Customers of Samsung's UK Store*

FBI Announces Success in Disrupting IPStorm Botnet and Its 23,000 Malicious Proxies*

Targeted Attacks on MySQL Servers and Docker Hosts Using DDoS-Enabled Malware Detected by Researchers*

LockBit Ransomware Exploits Citrix Bleed Vulnerability, Exposing 10,000 Servers in Attacks*

Truepill Pharmacy Platform Reports Data Breach Affecting 2.3 Million Customers*

VMware Reveals Critical Authentication Bypass in VCD Appliance Without Available Patch*

New Reptar CPU Bug Impacts Intel's Desktop and Server Systems*

Vulnerability in WP Fastest Cache Plugin Puts 600k WordPress Sites at Risk of Attacks*

Vietnamese Cybercriminals Employ Delphi-Based Malware to Attack Indian Marketing Professionals*

Critical Azure CLI Vulnerability Addressed by Microsoft, Preventing Credential Leakage in Logs*

AMD CPU Vulnerability "CacheWarp" Allows Root Access in Linux VMs*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - November 2023*

Chinese Hackers Conduct Stealthy Espionage Assaults on 24 Cambodian Entities*

Lorenz Extortion Group Leaks Stolen Data from Cogdell Memorial Hospital in Texas*

IP Criminality & Advanced Cyber Threat Analysis with Cisco SecureX-XDR*

Emergence of a New Ransomware Faction Armed with Hive's Source Code and Infrastructure*

Ethereum's 'Create2' Function Abused in $60M Cryptocurrency Theft*

DP World Hit by Cyberattack, Paralyzing Thousands of Containers in Ports*

"" Grapples with Dual Data Breaches as Threat Actors Leak 1,276,000 Scraped User Records*

Israel Alerts Organizations to BiBi Malware Wiper Attacks Targeting Linux and Windows*

Microsoft Issues Alert Regarding Fraudulent Skills Assessment Portals Targeting IT Job Seekers*

Microsoft Resolves Slow Saving Issues in Outlook Desktop with Bug Fix*

Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside is Impacted by Ongoing Cyberattacks*

Law Enforcement Dismantles BulletProftLink, a Major Phishing Service Provider*

Data Breach at McLaren Health Care Impacts 2.2 Million People*

Healthcare Organizations Compromised as Hackers Exploit ScreenConnect Remote Access*

Iran-Linked Imperial Kitten Cyber Group Focuses its Attack on Middle East Entities*

Mr. Cooper, Major Mortgage Servicer Reports Customer Data Exposure in Security Breach*

Microsoft Warns of BlueNoroff Hackers Plans for Fresh Crypto Theft Attacks*

Maine Government Alerts 1.3 Million Individuals About MOVEit Data Breach*

Clop Ransomware Attacks Exploit Zero-Day Flaw in SysAid, Microsoft Reports*

Anonymous Sudan Claims Responsibility for DDoS Attack Leading to Cloudflare Website Outage*

Google Ads Distribute Malicious CPU-Z App via Counterfeit Windows News Site*

Ransomware Attack Affects 39,000 Individuals at Kyocera AVX*

Ransomware Attack Strikes Industrial and Commercial Bank of China*

Microsoft Provides Temporary Solution for Windows Server 2022 VMs Facing Issues*

Russian Hackers Employ LOTL Technique to Potentially Trigger Power Outages*

Data Breach at Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc. Impacts Cook County Health due to Security Incident*

CISA Issues Alert as High-Severity SLP Vulnerability Faces Active Exploitation*

Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Security by Eliminating SMB1 Firewall Rules*

Iranian Hackers Employing New C2 Framework MuddyC2Go to Target Israel*

Datacenter Overheating Disrupts 2.5 Million Bank Transactions*

Sberbank Confronts Massive DDoS Attack with 1 Million Requests Per Second*

Undetectable Crypto Mining Technique Revealed in Azure Automation by Researchers*

Security Alert: Python Packages on PyPI Infected with Blaze Stealer Malware*

WhatsApp Unveils Enhanced Privacy Feature: Safeguarding IP Addresses During Calls*

Major Outage Knocks ChatGPT Offline, Affecting OpenAI Systems*

Hacker Exposes 35 million LinkedIn User Database on Breach Forums*

Russian-speaking Threat Actor "Farnetwork" Connected to Five Ransomware Groups*

FBI Warns of Ransomware Gangs Targeting Casinos via Third-Party Gaming Vendors*

Security Breach Unveiled by Sumo Logic, Recommends API Key Resets*

Japan Aviation Electronics Reports Unauthorized Server Access in Recent Cyberattack*

Android Security Updates for November 2023 Address 37 Vulnerabilities*

BlueNoroff Hackers Utilize ObjCShellz Malware to Create Backdoors on Macs*

GootLoader's Advanced Malware Variant Operates Covertly and Expands Swiftly*

Cisco Addresses 27 Vulnerabilities with Security Updates for Network Security Products*

Fraudulent Ledger Live App on Microsoft Store Scams Users out of $768,000 in Cryptocurrency*

Emergence of New Jupyter Infostealer Version with Advanced Stealth Tactics*

Marina Bay Sands Discloses Data Breach Impacting Information of 665,000 Customers*

China-Based E-commerce Store "Zhefengle" Exposes Millions of Chinese Citizen IDs*

Hilb Group Reveals Email Security Breach Impacting Personal Data of 81,000 Individuals*

QNAP's Alert on Critical Command Injection Vulnerabilities in QTS OS and Apps*

Multi-Platform Attack by SideCopy Threat Actor Utilizes WinRAR Zero-Day and Ares RAT to Target Indian Organizations*

Ransomware TellYouThePass Executes Remote Code Execution (RCE) Attack on Apache ActiveMQ*

Android Security Bypassed by Cybercrime Service for Malware Installation*

Veeam Issues Critical Bug Warnings for Veeam ONE Monitoring Platform*

Google Alerts Users to Possible Misuse: Cybercriminals Using Calendar Service as a Covert C2 Channel*

Socks5Systemz Proxy Service Compromises 10,000 Systems Globally*

DarkGate Malware Exploiting Microsoft Installer Files After Targeting Microsoft Teams*

DDoS Attacks Cause Disruptions in Singapore's Public Health Services*

Kinsing Actors Leveraging Latest Linux Vulnerability to Compromise Cloud Environments*

NodeStealer Malware Exploiting Facebook Business Accounts to Run Malicious Advertisem*nts*

Allied Pilots Association of American Airlines Pilots Reveals Ransomware Attack*

CanesSpy Spyware Distributed Using Altered WhatsApp Versions*

Microsoft Exchange New Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Enable Remote Code Execution and Data Theft Attacks.*

Boeing Company Affirms Cyberattack Involving LockBit Ransomware*

Cloudflare's Data Center Power Outage Disrupts Dashboard and API Services*

Researchers Identify 34 Windows Device Drivers Vulnerable to Complete Device Compromise*

Employee Records at OKTA Exposed in Third-Party Vendor Breach of Rightway Healthcare*

Atlassian Issues Urgent Warning for Patching After Confluence Data Wiping Vulnerability Exploit*

Iran's MuddyWater Launches Spear-Phishing Campaign Targeting Israel*

Cyberattack Targets Mortgage Giant Mr. Cooper, Disrupting IT Operations*

Ace Hardware Reports Cyberattack Affecting 1,202 Devices*

Hackers from North Korea are Targeting Crypto Experts with KANDYKORN MacOS Malware*

Critical Vulnerabilities in F5 BIG-IP Products Actively Exploited in the Wild*

Mysterious Kill-Switch Deactivates Mozi Malware Botnet Operations*

CVSS 4.0: New Vulnerability Severity Rating Standard Unveiled*

Middle East Financial and Government Sectors Targeted by Iranian Cyber Espionage Group*

Citrix Bleed Vulnerability Exploited by Hackers in Global Government Network Attacks*

Over 3,000 Internet-Facing Apache ActiveMQ Servers at Risk of Remote Code Execution Attacks*

Avast Antivirus SDK Misidentifies Google App as Malware on Huawei, Vivo, and Honor Smartphones*

British Library Faces Weekend Cyberattack, Leading to Internet Access Disruptions*

Discovery of Malicious NuGet Packages Distributing SeroXen RAT Malware*

Bluetooth Spam Attacks Inspired by Flipper Zero Now Available as Android App*

The Elektra Leak Campaign Leveraging Exposed AWS IAM Credentials on GitHub for Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks*

Hackers Exploiting MSIX App Packages to Spread GHOSTPULSE Malware on Windows PCs*

SEC Files Lawsuit Against SolarWinds for Investor Misrepresentation Preceding 2020 Cybersecurity Breach*

New Phishing Campaign Utilizes Disguised Remcos RAT as Fake Payslip*

Bibi-Linux Wiper Malware Launches Destructive Attacks on Israeli Organizations*

Cyberattack Disrupts Toronto Public Library Services Over the Weekend*

India's Biggest Data Breach: 815 million COVID Test Records for Sale, Sample Authenticity Confirmed*

Hunters International Ransomware: A Potential Rebranding of Hive*

Check Point Records a High Surge in QR Code Quishing Compared to the Previous Year*

Researchers Discovered XMPP-Based Instant Messaging was Being Wiretapped*

Nevada School District Parents Receive Emailed Student Data Stolen by Hackers*

Android Adware Apps on Google Play Accumulate Over Two Million Installs*

Latest iLeakage Exploit Extracts Email Addresses and Passwords from Apple Safari*

Microsoft Reveals Octo Tempest as a Significant Threat to Financial Security*

Critical Vulnerability in NextGen's Mirth Connect Puts Healthcare Data at Risk*

StripedFly Malware Framework Infects Over One Million Windows and Linux Systems*

Iranian APT Group Tortoiseshell Unleashes Fresh IMAPLoader Malware Assaults*

Seiko Discloses Ransomware Breach Compromising Customer Data*

Alleged Cybersecurity Incident: Researcher Reports Exposure of 12 Million Patient Records at Redcliffe Labs; Company Denies Data Breach*

Potential Data Breach: 1.2 Million Airbnb User Records Reportedly Exposed*

Ransomware Attack by Rorschach Gang Disrupts Chile's Telecom Giant GTD*

GoPIX Malware Malvertising Campaign Takes Aim at Brazil's PIX Payment System*

European Government Email Servers Hacked Using Roundcube Zero-Day Exploit*

ASVEL Basketball Team Acknowledges Data Breach After NoEscape Group's Ransomware Attack Assertion*

Security Breach Impacts Five Canadian Hospitals Linked to TransForm Health Services Provider*

Modified Backdoor on Compromised Cisco Devices Evades Detection*

VMware Issues Alert About POC Availability for vRealize RCE Vulnerability*

1Password Identifies Suspicious Activity in Wake of Okta Support Breach*

BHI Energy Discloses Details of Akira Ransomware Attack on Its Systems*

City of Philadelphia Reveals Data Breach After Five Month Delay*

Firebird Backdoor by DoNot Team Targets Pakistan and Afghanistan*

Quasar RAT Exploits Dual DLL Side-Loading Technique for Covert Operations*

Associated Wholesale Grocers Claimed as a Victim by Play Ransomware Group*

Researchers Discover ExelaStealer, a Low-Cost Information Stealer Targeting Windows Systems*

American Family Insurance Confirms IT Outages Caused Due to Cyberattack*

TetrisPhantom Hackers Target Government Systems in Asia-Pacific, Stealing Data from Secure USB Drives*

Thousands of Devices Infected with Malicious Lua Backdoor Exploiting Cisco Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Significant Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Discovered in SolarWinds Access Audit Solution*

Okta Support System Breached Through Compromised Credentials*

DarkGate Malware Strikes U.K., U.S., and India in Vietnamese Hacking Campaign*

A Cyberattack Disrupts the Operations of Healthcare Solutions Giant Henry Schein*

Fraudulent KeePass Website Leverages Google Ads and Punycode to Distribute Malware*

Iran-Linked OilRig Launches 8-Month Cyber Campaign Targeting Middle East Governments*

BlackCat Ransomware Employing Innovative 'Munchkin' Linux VM for Covert Attacks*

A Malware Framework Named MATA Exploits EDR to Attack Defense Firms*

Casio's Data Breach Affects Customers in 149 Countries*

Synology's DiskStation Manager Admin Takeover Vulnerability Exposes NAS Devices*

Data Breach at TrueCoin's Third-Party Vendor Exposes TUSD User Information*

Lazarus Group Uses Trojanized VNC Apps to Deceptively Target Defense Experts with Fake Interviews*

Qubitstrike's Campaign Targets Cloud Environments via Jupyter Notebooks for Crypto Mining*

Security Research Reveals IT Administrators' Use of Weak Passwords on Critical Portals*

ClearFake Introduces Deceptive Browser Updates for Malware Distribution*

North Korean Hackers Exploit Critical TeamCity Vulnerability to Breach Networks*

Ampersand, a TV Advertising Sales Giant Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Knight Ransomware Group Claims BMW Munique Motors Cyberattack*

D-Link Confirms Data Breach as Data Appears on Sale at BreachForums*

The SpyNote Android Malware Spreads Through Fake Alerts about Volcanic Eruptions*

Nation-State Hackers Leveraging Discord Platform to Target Critical Infrastructure*

Open Source CasaOS Cloud Software Reveals Significant Security Vulnerabilities*

Vulnerabilities in Weintek HMIs Pose Significant Security Risks*

The 'RedAlert' Rocket Alert App for Israel was Found to Install Spyware on Android Devices*

Cisco Issues Alert Regarding Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in IOS XE*

Threat Actors are Exploiting Potential Milesight Industrial Router Vulnerability*

Kansas Courts Shutdown IT Systems Following Security Incident*

Critical Vulnerability in WordPress Royal Elementor Plugin Exploited by Hackers*

Russian Hackers Exploit Latest WinRAR Vulnerability in Fresh Campaign*

Researchers Warn Against SpyNote, an Android Trojan that Records Calls and Audio*

Vietnam Faces Accusations of Utilizing Predator Spyware for Surveillance of EU and US Legislators*

AI Algorithm Developed to Counter Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Unmanned Military Robots*

Steam Platform Enforces SMS Verification to Prevent Malware-Laden Updates*

Indian State Government Addresses Bug Exposing Aadhaar Numbers and Fingerprints*

Juniper Networks Addresses Over 30 Vulnerabilities in Junos OS with Security Patches*

Mysterious Network Incident Triggers Kwik Trip IT Systems Outage*

DarkGate Malware Disguised as PDF Files Spreads Through Messaging Services*

Latest PEAPOD Cyberattack Initiative Focuses on Female Political Leaders*

Shadow PC Issues Data Breach Warning as Hacker Attempts to Sell Gamer Data*

FBI Releases AvosLocker Ransomware Technical Analysis and Defense Strategies*

ToddyCat Hackers Employ 'Disposable' Malware for Asian Telecoms' Targeted Attacks*

ShellBot Employing Hex IPs for Evasion in Linux SSH Server Attacks*

NuGet Developers Infected by SeroXen RAT Through Malicious Solana and KuCoin Packages*

Philippine Statistics Agency Investigates Suspected Data Breach*

Simpson Manufacturing's Cyberattack Results in IT System Suspension*

Enterprise Systems Vulnerable to Critical SOCKS5 Vulnerability in cURL*

LinkedIn Smart Links Resurge in Phishing Campaigns Against Microsoft Accounts*

CISA Alerts to Ongoing Exploitation of Adobe Acrobat Reader Vulnerability*

Deceptive Backdoor Targets WordPress Sites by Posing as Genuine Plugin*

Chrome 118 Addresses 20 Security Vulnerabilities with Patches*

Unprecedented DDoS Assaults Leveraging Zero-Day Flaw in HTTP2 Rapid Reset Technique*

Air Europa Data Breach Sparks Urgent Warning to Customers Cancel their Credit Cards*

Safexpay Technology's Payment Gateway Breach Unveils Rs 16,180 Crore Scam*

Critical Citrix NetScaler Vulnerabilities Exposes Sensitive Data*

Massive Ad Fraud Botnet PEACHPIT Harnesses Millions of Compromised Android and iOS Devices*

Researchers Detect Grayling APT's Continuous Attacks on Various Sectors*

Mirai Variant Targets Linux Routers with 13 New Payloads*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - October 2023*

Critical Memory Corruption Vulnerability in libcue Library Threatens Linux GNOME Environments*

IoT Security Concerns Raised Due to Flaws in ConnectedIO's 3G 4G Routers*

D-Link WiFi Range Extender Susceptible to Command Injection DoS Attacks*

Over 17,000 WordPress Sites Targeted by Balada Injector by Exploiting Unpatched tagDiv Plugin*

Magecart Card Skimming Campaign Manipulate Online Store 404 Pages for Credit Card Theft*

Israeli Energy and Defense Sectors Targeted by Cyber Threat Actor with Gaza Ties*

Flagstar Bank Suffers Third Data Breach Since 2021, Impacting 800,000 Customers*

Microsoft 365 Administrators Receive Cautionary Notice About Recent Google Anti-Spam Regulations*

D.C. Board of Elections Confirms Voter Data Breach in Website Hack*

23andMe Genetics Company Reports User Data Breach in Credential Stuffing Attack*

Blackbaud Reaches $49.5 Million Settlement Over Ransomware Data Breach*

Backdoored Firmware Discovered in Android Devices Used in US Schools*

Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Supermicro BMC IPMI Firmware*

3 Million Customer Records Exposed in Major CRM Provider Really Simple Systems Data Breach*

Lyca Mobile Probes Customer Data Breach Following Cyberattack*

Cyber Espionage Campaign Linked to China Deploys Cobalt Strike Backdoor in Semiconductor Firms*

New Android Trojan GoldDigger Targets Financial Apps in Asia Pacific*

Cyber Espionage Attack Targets Guyana Governmental Entity with DinodasRAT*

BitSight Uncovers 100,000 Vulnerable Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Exposed to Cybersecurity Risks*

Data Breach at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Following Cyberattack*

Atlassian Releases Critical Patch for Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Confluence*

Hackers Exploit Breached SQL Servers to Target Azure Cloud VMs*

Cisco Resolves Hard-Coded Root Credentials Vulnerability in Emergency Responder*

Sony Confirms Data Breach Affecting Thousands of Employees in the United States*

Researchers Uncover Connection Between DragonEgg Android Spyware and LightSpy iOS Surveillanceware Tool*

New Supply Chain Attack Unleashes Open-Source Rootkit via Rogue npm Package*

Critical Apple Update Addresses Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in iPhone Hacks*

Cyber Security Vulnerability at National Logistics Portal (Marine) Exposes Sensitive Data*

Security Flaws in TorchServe Enable Remote Code Execution in PyTorch Models*

Mirai Botnet's Latest Variants hailBot, kiraiBot, catDDoS Found Active in Recent Attacks*

MEDUSA Ransomware Group Claims Attack on Two New Victims*

Qualcomm Releases Patch for 3 New Zero-Days Under Active Exploitation as Hackers Target GPU and DSP Drivers*

'Looney Tunables' Linux Bug Grants Root Privileges on Major Distributions*

EvilProxy Exploits's Open Redirect for Microsoft 365 Phishing*

Lorenz Ransomware Group Launches a Major Cyberattack on Allcare Pharmacy*

Ransomware Threat Groups Targeting JetBrains' TeamCity Servers*

Arm Alerts about Exploited Mali GPU Flaws, Suspects Targeted Attacks*

Motel One Group Reveals Data Breach After Ransomware Attack*

Zanubis Android Banking Trojan Impersonates Peruvian Government App to Target Users*

Exim Releases Patches for Three of Six Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Disclosed Recently*

Zip Slip Vulnerability in OpenRefine Leads to Malicious Code Execution*

BunnyLoader, New Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) Threat Emerges with New Capabilities*

Iran's APT Group OilRig Unleashes Menorah Malware for Stealthy Operations*

DDoS protections provided by Cloudflare ironically bypassed.*

RSA Decryption Vulnerability from 1998 Returns in Marvin Attack*

Amazon Accidentally Sends Out Mastercard and Google Play Gift Card Order Emails*

WS_FTP Server Hotfixes Released by Progress Software for Multiple Security Flaws*

The New ASMCrypt Malware Loader Allows Cybercriminals to Fly Under the Radar*

An Exploit has been Released for the Microsoft SharePoint Server Authentication Bypass Flaw*

Zero-day RCE Attacks on Millions of Exim Mail Servers*

Cisco Alerts About Exploitation Attempts Post Vulnerability Discovery in IOS and IOS XE Software*

Critical Flaw in Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager Enables Remote Server Access*

Microsoft Breach by Chinese Hackers Results in Theft of 60,000 U.S. State Department Emails*

Malware-Infested Ads Infiltrating Bing's AI Chatbot*

Progress Software Issues Warning About Critical Vulnerability in WS FTP Server Software*

Password-Stealing Commits Disguised as Dependabot Contributions Target GitHub Repositories*

Budworm Hackers Launch Custom Malware Attacks on Telcos and Government Organizations*

Firefox 118 Addresses High-Severity Vulnerabilities with Security Patches*

DarkBeam Exposes Massive Cache of Email and Password Combinations in DataBreach*

Researchers Discover Modern GPUs Vulnerable to New Side-Channel Attack*

Malicious PyPI and npm Packages Utilised in SSH Key Compromises*

US and Japan Warn of BlackTech Hackers Backdooring Cisco Routers*

Johnson Controls, a Leading Building Automation Company, Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack*

Google Resolves the Fifth Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome for 2023*

ZenRAT Malware Targeting Windows Users by using the Fake Password Manager Software*

PhilHealth Faces $300K Ransom Demand Following Data Breach*

Google Reassigns Top CVE Rating to libwebp Vulnerability Impacting Browsers and Applications*

ShadowSyndicate Cybercriminals Linked to Multiple Ransomware Operations Across 85 Servers*

Chinese Hackers in Multi-Year Campaign Target South Korean Organizations*

American Red Cross Exploited as Phishing Lure by New AtlasCross Hackers*

Openfire Flaw Exploited by Hackers to Encrypt Servers*

ZeroFont Phishing Manipulates Microsoft Outlook to Display Fake AV Scans*

Critical JetBrains TeamCity Flaw Exposes Source Code and Build Pipelines*

Hong Kong Consumer Watchdog Hit by Severe Ransomware Attack*

Clop Ransomware Attack on BORN Ontario Child Registry Affects 3.4 million Individuals*

Mixin Network Halts Operations After Suffering a $200 Million Hack*

Critical BIND DNS System Vulnerabilities Enable DoS Attacks*

Three Unique Categories of Cyberattacks with Ties to China Targeting Southeast Asian Government Entities*

Xenomorph Android Malware Targets U.S. Banks and Cryptocurrency Wallets*

Phishing Campaign Lured as Drone Manuals Targets Ukrainian Military*

Spyware Operation EvilBamboo Targets Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Taiwanese Through Watering Hole Attacks*

Data Breach at National Student Clearinghouse Affects 890 Schools*

Sony Corporation Allegedly Breached by RANSOMEDVC Ransomware Group*

Nansen, a Cryptocurrency Analytics Company, Urges Password Resets After Vendor Data Breach*

OpenSea API Users Requested to Rotate API Token Following a Third-Party Security Breach*

Stealthy and Modular Deadglyph Malware Cyberespionage Attack Targets Middle East Government Entities*

Gelsemium APT Group Targeting Southeast Asia's Government Entities*

Data Breach at Ohio Community College Exposes Nearly 300,000 Individuals*

Spyware Attacks Exploit Newly Resolved Apple and Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerabilities*

BBTok Banking Trojan's Latest Variant Takes Aim at Moreover 40 Latin American Banks*

Bermuda Government Attributes Cyberattack to Russian Hacker Group*

Cybercriminals Redirect Hotel Guests to Fake Site to Swipe Credit Card Information*

Atlassian Addresses High-Severity Vulnerabilities with Security Updates*

New LuaDream Malware Used by 'Sandman' Hackers to Infiltrate Telecommunication Providers*

Suspected Ukrainian Hacker Linked to 'Free Download Manager' Malware Attack*

CISA and FBI Warns About Snatch Ransomware Group's Attacks*

Air Canada Confirms Security Breach, Reveals Exposure of Employee Records*

Cyber Group 'Gold Melody' is Marketing Compromised Access to Ransomware Attackers*

Apple Releases Urgent Updates to Fix Three Zero-Day Exploits*

Pizza Hut Australia Faces Data Breach Affecting 200,000 Customers*

Researchers Found Fake POC on GitHub Distributing VenomRAT Malware*

Hackers Selling Over 2million Pakistanis' Data from Restaurants After a Massive Breach*

City of Pittsburg Suffers Cyberattack Results in Outage*

Advanced Phishing Attacks Aimed at Chinese Users Using ValleyRAT and Gh0stRAT Malwares*

Nagios XI Network Monitoring Software Fixes Critical Security Flaws*

Security Flaws in Atos Unify Expose Systems to Backdoor Attacks*

Fortinet Releases Critical Security Updates for FortiOS, FortiProxy, and FortiWeb Products*

P2PInfect Botnet Updates to Stealthier Variant with Activity Surges by 600 Times*

T-Mobile App Glitch Exposes User Account Information to Others*

Hackers from China Target North American and APAC Firms with Web Skimmer Campaigns*

New Rust-Based Malware Campaign 'Operation Rusty Flag' Targets Azerbaijan Entities*

AMBERSQUID Cryptojacking Operation Attacks Leverages AWS Services*

Phishing Attack Targets Victims of Celsius Crypto Bankruptcy*

Hackers Employ new HTTPSnoop and PipeSnoop Malware to Target Telecom Companies*

Next-Gen Android Banking Trojan Hook Builds Upon ERMAC's Legacy*

International Criminal Court Systems Compromised in Recent Cyber Attack*

GitLab Urges on Users to Apply Critical Pipeline Flaw Security Updates*

Trend Micro Fixes a Critical Zero-Day vulnerability in Apex One Endpoint Security Products*

Hackers from APT36 Infect Android Devices with Clones of the YouTube App*

Unauthenticated RCE vulnerability Affects Thousands of Juniper Devices*

Bumblebee Malware Makes a Comeback, Leveraging WebDAV for New Assaults*

38TB of Private Data leaks from Microsoft's Unsecured Azure Storage*

SprySOCKS, a New Linux Malware, has been Used in Cyber Espionage Attacks*

Shell's Australian BG Group Business Affected by MOVEit Breach*

Lazarus Group Targets CoinEx Exchange in Ongoing Cryptocurrency Platform Attacks*

Cuba Ransomware Gang Targets Mutiple Sectors with Newly Updated Malware*

UNC3944, a Financially Motivated Threat Actor, Shifts Efforts Toward Ransomware Attacks*

TikTok Flooded with Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scams Impersonating 'Elon Musk'*

Auckland Transport Authority Experiences Alleged Ransomware Attack*

Ransomware Attack on ORBCOMM Leads to Disruption in Trucking Fleet Management*

Retool Attributes Security Breach to Google Authenticator's MFA Cloud Sync Function*

NodeStealer Malware Targets Facebook Business Accounts Across Various Browsers*

MGM Casino Faces Ransomware Attack with ESXi Server Encryption*

Caesars Entertainment Pays Ransomware After Suffering a Data Breach*

Microsoft Discovers Flaws in the ncurses Library that Exposes Linux and macOS Systems*

Malicious Google Ads Exploit Cisco Webex to Distribute Malware via Tracking Templates*

Iranian Cyberattackers Infiltrate Defense Organizations through Password Spray Tactics*

Proof-of-Concept Exploit Demonstrates Windows 11 'ThemeBleed' RCE Vulnerability*

Vulnerability in N-Able's Take Control Agent Exposes Windows Systems*

Rollbar Discloses a Data Breach, Exposing its Clients Access Tokens*

Airbus Launches Inquiry After Hacker Exposes Data*

Mozilla Addresses Critical Zero-Day Exploit in Firefox and Thunderbird by Patching WebP Vulnerability*

Kubernetes Flaws Expose Windows Endpoints to Remote Attacks*

Hackers Employ 3AM Ransomware to Salvage Unsuccessful LockBit Assault*

Eight Vulnerabilities Exposed in Microsoft Azure HDInsight Analytics Service*

The Latest WiKI-Eve Attack is Capable of Stealing Numeric Passwords Through WiFi*

Espionage Group 'Redfly' Quietly Exploits Power Supplier's Network for Half a Year*

Adobe Exploited the Zero-Day Vulnerability in Acrobat and Reader Software*

MetaStealer Malware Takes Aim at Apple macOS in Recent Attacks*

GitHub Fixes a Security Vulnerability which Exposed More Than 4,000 Repositories to Repojacking Attack*

Advanced Phishing Operation Targets Windows Machines by Utilizing Agent Tesla, OriginBotnet, and RedLine Clipper*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - September 2023*

Rhysida Ransomware Group Continues its Attack on US Hospitals with Demanding 1.3 million Dollar Ransom*

Newly Emerged Sponsor Backdoor by Charming Kitten Targets Brazil, Israel, and U.A.E. Entities*

MGM Resorts Suffers a Cyberattack, Resulting in the Shutdown of IT Systems*

HijackLoader Modular Malware Gains Traction in Cybercrime Circles*

Google Addresses Another Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in Attacks*

Vietnamese Cybercriminals Use Facebook Messenger to Distribute Python Stealer*

New Steal-It Campaign Steal NTLMv2 Hashes from Compromised Windows Using PowerShell*

Malicious Telegram Clones on Google Play Infect Over 60,000 Users with Spyware*

Phishing Campaign in Microsoft Teams Distributes DarkGate Malware*

Cybercriminals Exploit Genuine Advanced Installer Tool for Crypto-Mining Attacks*

Cybercriminals Steals More Than $690,000 Following Takeover of Vitalik Buterin's Twitter Profile*

Dymocks Booksellers Data Breach Impacts 836000 Customers*

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility for Israel's Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital Cyber Attack*

Cisco is Warning About Zero-Day Exploit of Cisco ASA and FTD Software in the Wild*

Notepad++ Releases Version 8.5.7 to Resolve Four Security Flaws*

Apache Superset Flaws Exploit Enables Remote Code Execution Attacks on Servers*

Google Looker Studio Exploited in Phishing Attacks to Target Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts*

Apple Releases Emergency Updates to Fix Two Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Targeting iPhones and Mac*

Security Experts Warn of Iranian Hackers Using Fortinet and Zoho Flaws in Breach of US Aviation Organisations*

IBM Reveals Data Breach Affecting Janssen Healthcare Platform*

Cisco BroadWorks Platform Affected by Authentication Bypass Flaw*

Mirai Variant Strikes Low-Cost Android TV Boxes, Turning Them into DDoS Weapons*

Dunghill Leak Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility for Sabre Data Breach*

Security Researchers Uncovered Nine Vulnerabilities in SEL's Power Management Products*

September 2023 Android Updates Addresses Multiple Vulnerabilities Including an Actively Exploited Zero-Day*

New SideTwist Backdoor and Agent Tesla Variant Unleashed via Phishing Campaigns*

IOS Devices Can be Exploited with Flipper Zero's Bluetooth Spam Attack Functionality*

Microsoft Signature Key Stolen from Windows Crash Dump Used by Storm-0558 to Target Organizations*

W3LL's Phishing Kit Breaches Thousands of Microsoft 365 Accounts, via Bypassing MFA*

NXP Semiconductors Alerts its Customers to Data Breach Impacting Personal Information*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Found in ASUS Routers*

Coffee Meets Bagel Confirms Recent Outage Caused Due to Cyberattack*

Chaes Malware Incorporates Google Chrome DevTools Protocol for Data Theft*

Zero-Day Vulnerability in Atlas VPN Exposes Users Actual IP Addresses*

MinIO Storage System Vulnerabilities Exploited by Hackers to Compromise Servers*

Zaun, a Fence System Company's Data Breach, Exposes Sensitive Data about UK Military Sites*

Freecycle Confirms Enormous Data Breach Affecting 7 Million User Accounts*

An Attack on a German Financial Agency's Website Began in September 2023 Has Been Disrupted Ever Since*

Chinese-Speaking Hackers Unleash Extensive iMessage Smishing Campaign Across the United States*

Vietnamese Cybercriminals Employing Malicious Malvertising Campaign to Target Facebook Business Accounts*

Security Researchers Discover Breach of Ayush Jharkhand Portal, Exposing Records of 320,000 Patients*

Okta Issues Warning About Social Engineering Attacks Targeting Super Administrator Privileges*

Plaintext Passwords can be Stolen from Websites using Chrome Extensions*

A Data Breach at the University of Sydney has Affected Recent Applicants*

Vulnerability in VMware SSH Authentication Bypass Now Has an Exploit in the Wild*

Emerging SuperBear Trojan Utilized in Targeted Phishing Attack Against South Korean Activists*

Russian-Backed 'Infamous Chisel' Android Malware Targeting the Ukrainian Military*

Cybercriminals Focusing on Microsoft SQL Servers for FreeWorld Ransomware Deployment*

Threat Actors Hacked Sourcegraph Website Using a Leaked Admin Access Token*

Earth Estries' Targets Governments and Tech Companies from Multiple Continents in an Espionage Campaign*

LogicMonitor SaaS Platform Users Targeted in Ransomware Attacks*

Hackers Breach Forever 21 Systems to Access more than 500,000 Members Information*

Lazarus Hackers from North Korea Linked to VMConnect Malicious Packages on PyPI*

Anonymous Sudan Shuts Down X Platform in Demand for Elon Musk's Starlink Service*

Windows Container Isolation Framework can be Exploited by Hackers to Bypass Endpoint Security*

Paramount Suffers a Data Breach After a Security Incident*

Google Chrome Security Patch Released to Fix High-Severity Vulnerability*

VMware Warning About a Critical SSH Authentication Bypass Flaw in VMware Aria Operations*

All in One WP Migration Flaw Exploit Could Result in a Data Breach*

DreamBus Malware Infects Servers by Exploiting a Vulnerability in RocketMQ*

Chinese Hackers Suspected of Breaching Japanese Cybersecurity Agency in Prolonged Attack*

Hackers Utilize Automated Tools to Overwhelm Mobile Devices with OTP SMS Messages*

Cisco VPNs Compromised Through Brute Force Attacks in Hacking Campaign*

DarkGate Malware Operations Increases as Creator Rents Malware to Affiliates*

New Android MMRat Malware Steals Data via the Protobuf Protocol*

University of Michigan Has Shut Down its Network Following a Cyberattack*

Spain's Police Warn About LockBit Locker Ransomware Phishing Attacks Against Architectural Firms*

Mom's Meals Disclosed a Data Breach That Affected More than 1200000 Individuals*

KMSDBot Malware Gets an Upgrade with Enhanced Capabilities to Attack IoT Devices*

JPCERT Uncovers Innovative 'MalDoc in PDF' Attack Technique*

Experts Discovered a Microsoft Entra ID Exploit That Grants Attackers Elevated Privileges*

Metropolitan Police Force's Data Exposed After Its Contractor's IT System Gets Breached*

Ohio History Connection Suffers a Ransomware Attack Affecting Thousands of People*

Leaseweb, World's Top Cloud and Hosting Provider, is Restoring 'Critical' Services Following a Security Incident*

Flax Typhoon Hackers Employ Advanced Tactics, Leveraging LOLBins for Stealthy Operations, Microsoft Reports*

Major Data Breach at Kroll Exposes Confidential Information of FTX, BlockFi, and Genesis Creditors*

The Telegram Bot "Telekopye" is Powering Large-Scale Russian Phishing Scams*

NVIDIA Graphics Driver Vulnerability Could Lead to Memory Corruption*

Smoke Loader Dropped New Whiffy Recon Spyware Utilises WiFi to Pinpoint Location*

Jupiter X Core WordPress Plugin Flaws Enable Hackers to Take Over Websites*

Pole emploi, France's National Employment Authority Suffers Data Breach Affecting 10 Million People*

Hackers Breach Internet Organization Using Public ManageEngine Exploit*

Danish Hosting Firms, CloudNordic and AzeroCloud, Lost all Customer Data After a Ransomware Attack*

Scarab Ransomware Spreads Worldwide with the Help of Spacecolon Toolset*

Cybercriminals Exploit WinRAR Zero-Day Vulnerability to Hack Trading Accounts*

Over 3000 Unpatched Openfire Servers Found Vulnerable to Hackers Exploit*

EVLF, a Syrian Threat Actor, Found to be Creator of CypherRAT and CraxsRAT Malware.*

Roblox Game Developers Targeted by Dozens of Malicious npm Packages*

Hacking Forum Selling Scraped Data of 2.6 Million Duolingo Users*

XLoader macOS Malware Takes on New Identity as 'OfficeNote' Productivity Application*

University of Minnesota is Investigating Potential Security Breach Incident*

Carderbee Hacking Group Utilises PlugX Malware to Target Asian Organisations in Supply Chain Attack*

Energy One Launches Investigation into Recent Cyberattack*

Cisco VPN Products are Targeted by Akira Ransomware to Breach Organizations*

Vulnerabilities in TP-Link Smart Bulbs Could Expose WiFi Passwords to Hackers*

HiatusRAT Malware Resurfaces, Attacking Taiwanese Firms and US Military Personnel*

CISA Adds Adobe ColdFusion Flaw to Known Exploited Vulnerability Catalog*

BlackCat Ransomware Group Targets Japanese Watchmaker Seiko in Cyberattack*

New Vulnerability in Ivanti Sentry is Exploited in the Wild*

Tesla Reports Over 75,000 Individuals Affected by Large-Scale Data Breach in May 2023*

Numerous Android Malware Applications Employing Sneaky APK Compression to Bypass Detection*

Cuba Ransomware Exploits Veeam Vulnerability to Target Vital U.S. Entities*

Juniper Networks Warning Regarding New Juniper Junos OS Flaws That Expose Devices to Remote Attacks*

Ransomware variant BlackCat adopts advanced Impacket and RemCom tools*

New Google Chrome Feature Notifies Users Regarding Automatic Removal of Harmful Extensions*

Microsoft's DNS Misconfiguration Causes Hotmail Email Delivery Failures*

Security Vulnerability in WinRAR Allows Hackers to Execute Programs via Opening RAR Archives*

Apple iOS 16 Vulnerability Facilitates Covert Cellular Connectivity While Simulating Airplane Mode*

Global Wave of Phishing Attacks Targets Zimbra Email Server Accounts*

Bronze Starlight Group is Using Cobalt Strike Beacons to Target Asian Gambling Industry*

Zulip Chat App Employed by Russian Hackers for Stealthy Diplomatic Phishing Operations and Covert C&C Operation*

LABRAT Campaign Takes Advantage of GitLab Vulnerability for Cryptomining and Proxy Hijacking Operations*

CISA Issues Alert on Exploitation of Critical Citrix ShareFile Flaw in the Wild*

Stealthy Malware Infections Build 400,000 Proxy Botnets*

Critical Vulnerability Exploited to Hack Nearly 2,000 Citrix NetScaler Instances*

Google Chrome 116 Release Patches a Total of 26 Vulnerabilities*

QR Code Phishing Attack Employed to Target Multiple U.S. Organizations*

PowerShell Gallery Weaknesses Expose Users to Supply Chain Attacks*

Cybercriminals Exploit Cloudflare R2 for Hosting Phishing Pages*

Threat Actors Hijacking LinkedIn Accounts in a Widespread Campaign*

Norfolk and Suffolk Police Unintentionally Disclose Personal Data of 1,230 Individuals*

Numerous Vulnerabilities Detected in 'ScrutisWeb Software' Pose a Remote Hacking Risk to ATMs*

Android Banking Malware Gigabud RAT Targets Institutions of Various Countries*

New Remote Access Trojan QwixxRAT Distributed via Telegram and Discord Platform*

VMware ESXi Servers are Targeted by the Monti Ransomware with its New Linux Locker*

Data Center Vulnerability Exposed by Multiple Issues in CyberPower and Dataprobe Products*

The Info-Stealing Malware Exposed over 100K Hacking Forum Accounts* Confirmed a Breach of Its User Database After a Hacker Stole Data From 760K Users*

New Spam Campaign Distributes Knight Ransomware as Disguised TripAdvisor Complaints*

Ernst & Young's (EY) MoveIt Breach Exposes Bank of America Customers Data*

Indian Government's Parivahan Website Suffered Data Breach Exposing Source Code and 10K User Sensitive Data*

A New Set of CODESYS SDK Flaws Exposes OT Environments to Remote Attacks*

In Early 2022, a Critical Vulnerability in Magento Shopping Carts was Discovered and Exploited*

Researchers Uncover APT31's Sophisticated Backdoors and Data Exfiltration Methods*

SystemBC Malware Evolves to Target Power Company in Southern Africa*

Cyber Espionage Group 'MoustachedBouncer' Utilizes Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM) Attacks for Diplomatic Espionage*

Critical Flaw in Dell Compellent Integration Tools Exposes VMware vCenter Admin Credentials*

CISA Links Barracuda ESG Attacks to New Whirlpool Backdoor*

New Statc Stealer Malware Targeting the Microsoft Windows to Steal Sensitive Personal and Payment Information*

Gafgyt Malware Exploits Half-Decade Old Vulnerability in End-of-Life Zyxel Router*

CISA Adds Actively Exploited Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio Vulnerability to KEV Catalog*

Cybercriminals Abusing Open-Source Merlin Post-Exploitation Toolkit to Breach Entities*

Microsoft Office Update Disrupts Actively Exploited RCE Attack Chain*

Missouri Issues Alert Regarding Stolen Health Information Due to IBM MOVEit Data Breach*

Massive EvilProxy Phishing Campaign Targets the 120,000 Microsoft 365 Users*

New Rhysida Ransomware is Targeting Healthcare Organizations*

Code Flaw in Microsoft Visual Studio Lets Extensions to Collect Credentials*

Downfall Attack Exploit Targets Intel Processors, Extracting Encryption Keys and Sensitive Data*

AMD Zen CPUs Leak Sensitive Data Due to a New Inception Attack*

Latest Variant of Yashma Ransomware Targets Several English-Speaking Nations*

8 Years of Voter Data Exposed in UK Electoral Commission Data Breach*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - August 2023*

QakBot Malware Group Increases Command and Control Network with Additional 15 New Servers*

Vulnerable Redis Servers are Targeted by a New SkidMap Linux Malware Variant*

Cyber Attack Hits Prospect Medical Holdings' Healthcare Facilities Affecting Five Cities*

New Malware Campaign Uses OpenBullet Configurations to Target Rookie Cyber Criminals*

ScarCruft Breach 'NPO Mashinostroyeniya,' a Russian and Indian Defence Manufacturing Company*

Colorado Department of Higher Education Suffers Data Breach*

Researchers Identified Weaknesses in Tesla's Infotainment System that Unlock Paid Features and Exposes Secrets*

Threat Actors Using Reptile Rootkit Malware Targeting South Korean Systems*

Cybercriminals Target IT Pros with Fake VMware vConnector Packages on PyPI*

A New PaperCut Critical Bug Allows for Remote Code Execution Attacks on Unpatched Servers*

Malicious NPM Packages Were Found to Exfiltrate Sensitive Data From Developers*

Mozilla Firefox 116 Fixes Multiple High-Severity Vulnerabilities*

Rilide Malware Incorporates Chrome Extension Manifest V3 Adaptation For Data Theft*

Massive Cyber Attack Targets Hundreds of Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway Servers*

New Microsoft Azure AD CTS Feature Exploited to Move Laterally in Network*

Malicious Apps Avoid Google Play Store Scanners by Using Sneaky Versioning Techniques*

Google Chrome 115 Updates Include Patch for Critical V8 Vulnerabilities*

Slack Messaging Platform Experiences Outage Affecting Its Users*

Salesforce's Email Services Critical Zero-Day Exploited Using Facebook Phishing Campaign*

New Collide Power Widespread Side-Channel Attack Exploits Vulnerability in All CPUs*

Researchers Uncover Authentication Bypass Flaw in Ivanti EPMM Versions*

Researchers Discover AWS SSM Agent Abused as a Stealthy Remote Access Trojan*

Russian Hackers are Using Microsoft Teams Phishing Attacks to Target Government Organizations*

Space Pirates Target Multiple Organizations in Russia and Serbia by Using Deed RAT Malware*

Hundreds of European Bank Customers Targeted by SpyNote Android Trojan*

China's APT31 Allegedly Targeting Air-Gapped Systems in Eastern Europe*

NodeStealer's Latest Variant Targets Facebook Business Accounts and Crypto Wallets*

Threat Actors Targeting Italian Organizations with WikiLoader Malware*

Patchwork Hackers Targeting Chinese Research Organizations with EyeShell Backdoor*

Hackers Exploiting 'BleedingPipe' Vulnerability to Target Minecraft Servers and Players*

P2PInfect Malware Botnet Breach Redis Servers Using Replication Feature*

Hackers Stealing Signal and WhatsApp User Data via Fake Android Chat App*

AVRecon Botnet Providing Illegal Proxy Service Using Compromised Routers*

'Maximus' US Government Contractor Data Breach Affects 8 Million People*

Cyber Criminals Hack Israel's Largest Oil Refinery Operator 'BAZAN Group'*

Critical Security Vulnerability Found in Metabase BI Software*

Ivanti Fixes a Zero-Day Flaw in its Endpoint Manager Mobile (EPMM) Software*

Hackers Employ SUBMARINE Backdoor in Barracuda Email Security Gateway Hack*

Abyss Locker Ransomware Encrypts VMware ESXi Servers*

Hackers Exploit Windows Search Feature to Distribute Remote Access Trojans*

New Android Malware Steals Crypto Credentials Using uses OCR*

STARKMULE Employs U.S. Military-themed Document Lures to Target Koreans*

BlueBravo Targets European Diplomatic Entities Using GraphicalProton Backdoor*

IDOR Web App Flaws Enables Unauthorized Access*

Hawai'i Community College Suffers Data Breach*

Fenix Cybercrime Group Targets Taxpayers from Mexico and Chile*

Decoy Dog Malware Poses Grave Risk to Enterprise Networks*

Hackers Actively Exploiting Vulnerable Apache Tomcat Servers*

WordPress Ninja Forms Plugin Flaws Expose Websites to Data Leak*

Zimbra Addresses Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in XSS Attacks*

Over 900k MikroTik Devices Affected by Code Execution Vulnerability*

Researcher Discovers New AI Tool Dubbed 'FraudGPT' Used in Sophisticated Cyber Attacks*

Ubuntu Linux Vulnerabilities Affect 40 Percent of Ubuntu Users*

ALPHV Ransomware Integrates Data Leak API for Enhanced Extortion Approach*

NATO's Communities of Interest (COI) Cooperation Portal Suffers Data Breach*

Nitrogen Malware Exploits Google Ads to Deliver Ransomware Attacks*

JumpCloud Cyberattack Exposes North Korean Nation-state Actors IP Address*

Casbaneiro Banking Malware Adopts UAC Bypass Technique for Stealthy Attacks*

400,000 Corporate Credentials Stolen by Info-stealing Malware Families*

Realst macOS and Infostealer Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Wallets*

VMware Fixes Critical Bug Exposing Cloud Foundry API Admin Credentials in Audit Logs*

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Suffers Massive Outage*

Zenbleed Attack Exposes Sensitive Data in AMD Zen2 Processors*

Norwegian Government's ICT Platform Hacked Via Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Ivanti Addresses A Zero-Day Flaw in its MobileIron Platform*

OpenSSH Vulnerability Exposes Linux Systems to Remote Command Injection*

Atera Windows Installers Vulnerable to High-Risk Privilege Escalation Attacks*

Open-Source Software Supply Chain Attacks Target Banking Sector*

Microsoft Azure AD Token Forging Technique Goes Beyond Outlook And Wiz Reports*

Clop Ransomware Gang Employing Clearweb Sites to Expose Data Stolen in MOVEit Attacks*

Coastal Mississippi County Hacked in a Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Distribute HotRat Malware Via Pirated Softwares*

DDoS Botnets are Exploiting Critical Vulnerability in Zyxel Devices*

BundleBot Malware Distributed Via Masqueraded Google AI Chatbot and Utilities*

Lazarus Group's Campaign Targets Crypto, Gambling and Cyber Sector Developers*

Mallox Ransomware Exploits Vulnerable MS-SQL Servers to Breach Networks*

New Peer-to-Peer Malware 'P2PInfect' Targets Redis Servers Running Windows and Linux Systems*

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Apache OpenMeetings Web Conferencing Tool*

JumpCloud Breach Attributed to North Korean APT Lazarus Group*

Critical AMI MegaRAC Flaws Enable Hackers to Crash Vulnerable Servers*

Chinese APT41 Using New WyrmSpy and DragonEgg Spyware to Target Mobile Devices*

Two Ransomware Groups Target Beauty Giant 'Estée Lauder'*

Hackers Target Pakistani Organizations with ShadowPad Malware*

Threat Actors Transform Microsoft Exchange Servers as Malicious C2 Servers*

Adobe Releases Patches for Actively Exploited ColdFusion Flaws*

Citrix Patches Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in its ADC and Gateway Products*

FIN8 Utilizes Upgraded Sardonic Malware Variant to Deploy BlackCat Ransomware*

VirusTotal Data Breach Exposes Personal Details of Registered Customers*

Microsoft Exchange Online Service Suffers New Outage Blocking Emails*

SophosEncrypt Ransomware: Impersonating the Popular Sophos Brand*

Supply Chain Attack Enabled by Critical Privilege Escalation Design Flaw in Google Cloud Build*

Hackers Exploit WebAPK to Trick Android Users into Installing Malicious Apps*

Hackers Exploiting WordPress WooCommerce Payments Flaw in Massive Campaign*

Threat Actors Exploit Microsoft Word Vulnerabilities to Distribute LokiBot Malware*

Threat Actors Utilising Malicious USB Drives to Distribute SOGU and SNOWYDRIVE Malware*

Companies Attempt to Bolster their Cyber Defenses as Ransomware Threatens Data Security*

Researches Uncover Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Honeywell Experion DCS and QuickBlox Services*

Hackers Exploit Lemmy Instances Via Zero-Day Vulnerability*

AIOS WordPress Plugin Found Storing User Passwords in Plaintext Format*

Hackers Use New Generative AI Cybercrime tool WormGPT to Launch Attacks*

Gamaredon Hacking Group Distribute Malware via Instant Messaging Apps*

Microsoft Security Flaw Enables Hackers to Breach 24+ Organizations Using Fake Azure AD Tokens*

Data Breach at Colorado State University Impacts Students and Staff Personal Data*

AVrecon Malware Exploits 70,000 Linux Routers to Establish Massive Botnet*

Ukraine and Poland's Military and Government Entities Targeted Using PicassoLoader Malware*

Zimbra Urges Administrators to Manually Fix Exploited Zero-Day Attacks*

CISA Warns About Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Vulnerabilities Used in Industrial Systems*

BlackLotus Windows UEFI Bootkit's Source Code Leaked on GitHub*

Researchers Found Fake POC on GitHub Distributing Data Stealing Malware*

Unauthenticated REST API Access Compromises Cisco SD-WAN vManage*

Fortinet Patches Critical Stack-based Overflow Flaw in FortiOS and FortiProxy Devices*

Researchers Publish Proof of Concept for Ghostscript's Critical RCE Vulnerability*

Russian State Hackers Use BMW Car Ads to Lure Western Diplomats*

New PyLoose Malware Hijacks Computational Power For Cryptocurrency Mining*

Microsoft Discloses a Breach of US Government Exchange Email Accounts by Chinese Hackers*

SonicWall Alerts Customers to Critical Flaws in its GMS and Analytics Suites*

Hackers Abuse Loophole in Windows Policy to Load Malicious Kernel Drivers*

Microsoft Office Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in Attack Against NATO Summit*

Apple Releases Critical iOS Update to Fix Zero-Day Vulnerability in WebKit*

Deutsche Bank Confirms Data Breach: Customer Data Exposed through Provider Breach*

HCA Healthcare Acknowledges Data Breach as Hacker Steals Data of 11 Million Patients*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - July 2023*

Hackers Actively Targeting Latin American Businesses Using TOITOIN Banking Trojan*

RomCom Threat Actors Target NATO Summit Attendees in Phishing Campaign*

VMware Issues a Warning Regarding the Availability of Critical vRealize RCE Flaw Exploit Code*

Apple Issues an Emergency Update Regarding Recent Attacks Using Zero-Day Exploitation*

Hackers Exploit Revolut's Payment Systems, Stealing $20 Million*

BlackByte 2.0 Ransomware Executes Infiltration, Encryption, and Extortion Within 5 Days*

Nickelodeon Launches Investigation Following Leak of "Decades Old" Data*

Charming Kitten APT Group Enhances Targeting of macOS Systems with 'NokNok' Malware*

Hackers Targets the Cloud-Native Environments of JupyterLab and Docker APIs in Silentbob Campaign*

The Latest Version of the 'Big Head' Ransomware Unveils a Bogus Windows Update Alert*

A Critical Unauthenticated SQLi Flaw Patched in MOVEit Transfer Software*

Mastodon Social Network Fixes Critical Flaws that Allow Server Takeover*

Barracuda Addresses Ongoing Email Gateway Login Challenges*

CISA Urges Govt Agencies to Patch Actively Exploited Android Driver*

Threat Actors Employ Vishing Technique to Deploy New 'Letscall' Malware*

CISA Raises Concerns of Netwrix Auditor RCE Bug Exploitation in Truebot Malware Attacks*

Two Malicious File Management Apps on Google Play Steals User Data*

Cisco Issues a Warning About a Flaw That Enables Attackers to Crack Traffic Encryption*

New Linux Kernel Vulnerability 'StackRot' Exploit Enables Privilege Escalation*

Microsoft Resolves Windows LSA Protection Warnings Bug*

Android Security Patch For July Resolves Three Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities*

New Stealer-as-a-Ransomware 'RedEnergy' Targets Energy and Telecom Sectors*

TeamsPhisher Tool Exploits Microsoft Teams Bug, Enabling Malware Delivery to Users*

Actively Exploited Flaw in SolarView Series Exposes Energy Organizations to Attacks*

Japan’s Largest Port 'Port of Nagoya' Operations Disrupted*

Mozilla Addresses 13 Vulnerabilities in the Firefox 115 Release*

Ransomware Encryption Impacts Over Two-thirds of Manufacturing Companies*

DDoSia Attack Tool Upgrades and Expands Targeting Across Multiple Businesses*

New GuLoader Campaign Targets Law Firms in the United States*

Threat Actor 'Neo_Net' Employs Android Malware to Target Global Financial Institutions*

Microsoft Denies Anonymouns Sudan’s Data Breach Claim of 30 Million Customer Accounts*

Researchers Warn that 300,000 Fortinet Firewall Appliances are Vulnerable to Attacks.*

Sophisticated Threat Meduza Stealer Targeting 19 Password Managers and 76 Crypto Wallets*

Hackers Target European Government Entities in SmugX Campaign*

BianLian Ransomware Gang Targets Leading Global Business Conglomerate 'Piramal Group'*

Hackers Exploiting WordPress's Ultimate Member Plugin Flaw in the Wild*

Samsung Phone Vulnerabilities Listed in CISA's 'Must Patch' Catalog Likely Exploited by Spyware Vendor*

BlackCat Ransomware Group Exploits WinSCP Search Ads to Distribute Cobalt Strike*

Researchers Discovered an Upgraded Version of RustBucket Malware Targeting macOS Users*

Charming Kitten, An Iranian Hacking Group Uses Updated POWERSTAR Backdoor in Espionage Attacks*

TMSC's Hardware Supplier Kinmax Technology Suffers Ransomware Attack by LockBit Ransomware Gang*

Hackers Target Vulnerable SSH Servers To Perform Proxyjacking*

North Korean Hacker Group 'Andariel' Strikes with its New EarlyRat Malware*

MuddyWater Employs a New C2 Framework Called PhonyC2*

The Android Spy App LetMeSpy Suffers a Major Data Breach*

New Windows-Based Info Stealer Malware 'ThirdEye' Steals Sensitive Information*

Flutter-Based Fluhorse Android Malware Employed to Steal Credit Cards Details and 2FA Codes*

Critical Flaws in Social Login Plugin and LearnDash LMS Plugin for WordPress Fixed by Vendors*

SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Found in Gentoo Soko Leading To Remote Code Execution*

ArcServe Patches a High-Severity Security Vulnerability In Its UDP Backup Software*

8Base Ransomware Gang Engages in Double Extortion Attacks*

Akira Ransomware's Linux Version Encryptor Targets VMware ESXi Servers*

Google Chrome Releases New Update to Patch High-Severity Vulnerabilities*

Siemens Energy and Schneider Electric Confirms Data Breach in MOVEit Data-theft Attack*

Threat Actors Using New Unique Execution Chain to Target NPM Repository*

Outlook Web Suffers Outage Impacting Users Across America*

Mockingjay Process Injection Method Allows Malware To Evade Detection*

Suncor Energy Suffers Cyber Attack Impacting Petro-Canada Gas Station Customers*

Hackers Expose Data of 45,000 New York City Students in MOVEit Breach*

Researchers Uncover New Cybercrime Group 'Muddled Libra' Using Social Engineering to Target BPO Sector*

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hit by macOS Backdoor 'JokerSpy*

New Malware Campaign Uses Android Banking Trojan 'Anatsa' to Target Banking Customers*

Angry LastPass Users Locked Out as MFA Resets Cause Frustration*

Super Mario Game Compromised to Distribute Windows Malware*

American And Southwest Airlines Suffered a Data Breach Exposing Pilot's Credentials*

Grafana Released Patches For Critical Auth Bypass Due to Azure AD Integration*

New Strain of JavaScript PindOS Delivers Bumblebee and IcedID Malwares*

Data Breach in MOVEit Transfer Impacts Genworth Financial and CalPERS, Exposing Data of 3.2 Million Individuals*

Fortinet Resolves Critical Remote Command Execution Flaw in FortiNAC Devices*

Newly Discovered Bug in Microsoft Teams Allows Malware Distribution by External Accounts*

Phishing Campaign MULTISTORM Exploits India and U.S. with Remote Access Trojans*

CISA Updates Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog with Six Additional Security Flaws*

New Cryptojacking Campaign Targets IOT and Linux Device using Trojanized OpenSSH Version*

Mirai Botnet Exploiting Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link, Zyxel, and Netgear Devices*

VMware Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities in vCenter Server Allowing Code Execution and Authentication Bypass*

Zyxel Fixes a Critical Command Injection Vulnerability in its Network Attached Storage(NAS) Devices*

Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Exploits Used in Triangulation Spyware Attack*

North Korean Hacking Group 'APT37' Employing FadeStealer Malware to Conduct Cyber Espionage*

Microsoft Releases Workaround for Outlook Freezes and Slow Starts*

iOttie Discloses Data Breach Post its Official Site Hack*

Condi Malware Targets TP-Link Archer AX21 Wi-Fi Router with DDoS-as-a-Service Exploit*

Tsunami Botnet Malware Infects Linux SSH Servers*

Microsoft Resolves Critical Azure AD Authentication Flaw Allowing Complete Application Takeover*

Info-Stealing Malware Compromises Over 100,000 ChatGPT Accounts*

RDStealer Malware: Uncovering a Remote Desktop Exploitation for Data Theft from Shared Drives*

Hackers Using Fake OnlyFans Content to Distribute 'DcRAT' Malware*

ASUS Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Routers Models*

Iowa's Des Moines Public Schools Confirms a Ransomware Attack*

Malwarebytes Issued a Fix for the Chrome Display Issue Caused by the Windows 11 KB5027231 Update*

Researchers Uncover Advanced Toolkit Specifically Targeting Apple macOS Systems*

Massive Data Breach at India's Largest Tech Retailer Exposes Sensitive Employee and Customer Data*

BlackCat Ransomware Gang Threatens to Leak Data Stolen During Reddit's System Hack*

Microsoft States DDoS Attacks as the Root Cause of the Recent Azure and Outlook Outages*

Russian Hackers Employ USB-Spreading Malware to Target Ukrainian Government and Military Officials*

Hackers Promote New Mystic Stealer Via Malware as a Service*

Researchers Uncover Location Tracking Attack Exploiting SMS Delivery Reports*

Emerging Threat Actor Diicot Exploits Diicot Brute, a Go-based SSH Brute-Forcer, to Compromise Linux Systems*

Chinese Cyberespionage Group 'UNC4841' Behind Barracuda Zero-day Attacks*

Rhysida Ransomware Group Leaks Stolen Documents from Chilean Army*

Clop Ransomware Group Initiates Extortion of MOVEit Data-Theft Victims*

Abuse of Cloud Mining: Hackers and Threat Actors Exploit Services to Launder Cryptocurrency*

GravityRAT Malware Targets WhatsApp Backups on Android Devices*

Google Chrome's 114 Update Includes Patch for Critical Vulnerability*

Chinese Hackers Exploit DNS-over-HTTPS Protocol for Distribution of Linux Malware*

Ofcom, UK Media and Telecoms Regulator, Falls Victim to MOVEit Hack*

Critical Security Flaws Uncovered in Microsoft Azure Bastion and Azure Container Registry*

Malicious GitHub Repositories Disguised as Fake Security Researchers Distribute Zero-Day Malware*

New ChromeLoader Campaign Detected Spreading 'Shampoo' Malware through Counterfeit Warez Websites*

Microsoft Addresses Windows Kernel Vulnerability with Default Disabled Fix*

Widespread Brand Impersonation Campaign Utilizes 6,000 Websites to Fake 100 Brands*

Critical Vulnerability in WordPress Stripe Payment Plugin Exposes Customer Order Details*

New DoubleFinger Loader Targets Cryptocurrency Wallets in Cyber Attacks*

VMware Releases Patch for Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited to Install Backdoors in Virtual Machines*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - June 2023*

Pirated Windows 10 ISOs Utilize EFI Partitions to Install Clipper Malware*

Swiss Government Suffers DDoS Attacks Post Data Leak*

'Have I Been Pwned' Discloses Zacks Investment Research's Data Breach*

Threat Actors Harness Powerful BatCloak Engine for Fully Undetectable Malware*

Researchers Uncover Security Flaws in Honda's 'PETE' e-Commerce Platform*

A Major Data Breach Exposed Personal Information of Users Via Govt’s CoWIN Portal*

Researchers Uncover a Flaw in Popular Strava App's Heatmap Feature Exposing Home Address*

University of Manchester Suffers a Cyberattack, Resulting in a Likely Data Theft*

Russian Telecom Company 'Infotel' JSC Suffers an Outage*

Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft Visual Studio Exploited to Distribute Malicious Extensions*

Fortinet Patches Critical RCE Flaw in Fortigate SSL-VPN Devices*

Hackers Impersonate Crypto News Journalists, Steal $3 Million in Digital Assets*

New SPECTRALVIPER Backdoor Targets Vietnamese Public Companies with Advanced Tactics*

New Stealth Soldier Backdoor Malware Targets North Africa in Espionage Attacks*

New Critical SQL Injection Flaws Discovered in MOVEit Transfer*

Microsoft Discovers AitM Phishing and BEC Attacks Targeting Major Financial Institutions*

Microsoft Azure Portal Suffers an Outage Claimed to be the Result of DDoS Attacks*

Asylum Ambuscade Group Combines Cybercrime with Espionage to Target Small and Medium Businesses*

Security Researchers Publish PoC for Actively Exploited Windows Win32k Flaw*

CLOP Ransomware Gang Actively Exploiting MOVEit Zero-day Flaw*

Japanese Pharmaceutical Company 'Eisai' Suffers Ransomware Attack*

AIIMS Suffers Another Cyberattack, Following November 2022 Cyberattack*

Cisco Patches Critical-Severity Flaws in Expressway Series and TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS)*

Malicious Campaign Deploys Satacom Downloader for Spreading Crypto-Stealing Addons*

Cisco Resolves AnyConnect Bug Allowing Windows SYSTEM Privileges*

VMware Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities in Aria Operations for Networks*

Hackers Exploit Minecraft Mods to Distribute Fractureiser Malware on Windows and Linux*

Cyclops Threat Group Facilitates Distribution of Information Stealing Malware to Cybercriminals*

Researchers Discovered Over 60,000 Android Apps Installing Adware on Mobile Devices*

PowerDrop: New PowerShell Malware Targets the U.S. Aerospace Industry*

Outlook Faces Multiple Outages Allegedly Caused by Hacktivist Group Anonymous Sudan*

Google Releases Patch for Zero-Day Chrome Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild*

Android Security Patch Resolves Critical Vulnerabilities, Including Mali GPU Flaw*

Brazilian Cybercriminals Exploit LOLBaS and CMD Scripts to Target Online Bank Accounts*

Magecart-Style Campaign Exploits Legitimate Websites to Steal Credit Card Information*

Threat Actors Exploit Barracuda ESG Zero-Day Flaw to Distribute Backdoor*

$35 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Stolen in Atomic Wallet Breach*

New Malware Campaign Targeting Online Sellers with Info-Stealer*

Splunk Addressed High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its Enterprise Products*

Chinese Hackers Camaro Dragon Employs New 'TinyNote' Backdoor for Intelligence Gathering*

US and South Korea Warn Kimsuky Hackers Impersonating Journalists to Gather Intelligence*

Google removed 32 Malicious Extensions from Chrome Web Store Downloaded by 75 Million Times*

North Korean Hackers, ScarCruft Uses LNK Files to Launch RokRAT Malware*

New MOVEit Transfer Zero-Day Vulnerability is Mass-Exploited in Data Theft Attacks*

New Horabot Campaign Targets Latin Americans' Gmail and Outlook Accounts*

Researchers warn Organisations about Saleforce 'Ghost Sites' Exposing Sensitive Information*

iPhones on Kaspersky Networks are Being Targeted with Unknown Malware*

Dark Pink APT Group Continues to Target Asia-Pacific Entities*

Hackers Pushing SeroXen RAT To Target Gaming Community*

Threat Actor 'Spyboy' Promotes Terminator Tool Capable of Bypassing AV, XDR, and EDR Solutions*

Researchers Uncover Proof-of-Concept for RCE Flaw Affecting Popular Python Library ReportLab Toolkit*

Researchers Warn About a Backdoor Functionality in Gigabyte Motherboards*

Google Releases Chrome 114; Addressing 18 Security Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Found DogeRAT Malware Targeting Indian Android Users*

RomCom Malware Impersonating ChatGPT, GIMP Spreaded via Google Ads*

Researchers Spotted 'SpinOk' Spyware Trojanized in 101 Android Applications*

Researchers Found Vulnerability in WordPress's 'Gravity Forms' Plugin Used in 930,000 Websites*

'Automattic' Rolls Security Patch to Address Critical Flaw in the Jetpack Plugin*

Apple Critical 'Migraine' Flaw Enables Attackers to Bypass System Integrity Protection*

MCNA Dental Suffers Ransomware Attack; Impacting 8.9 Million Patients*

Hacking Forum Exposed the Data of 478,000 RaidForums Members*

New GobRAT Malware Targeting Linux Routers in Japan*

Jimbos Protocol Suffered Flash Loan Attack Resulting in Theft of Over $7.5 Million*

BlackByte Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility for City of Augusta's Cyberattack*

Researcher Uncovers 'File Archiver in the Browser' Phishing Toolkit to Exploit ZIP Domains*

Emby Forced to Shutdown Hacked User-hosted Media Servers*

Unpatched Zyxel Firewalls Exploited by New Variant of Mirai Botnet*

New Bandit Stealer Malware Found Targeting Web Browsers and Cryptocurrency Wallets*

Researchers Discovered a Critical OAuth Vulnerability in Expo Framework*

QBot Malware Exploits DLL Hijacking Flaw in Windows WordPad EXE to Infect Devices*

Buhti Ransomware Gang Exploits Leaked Encryptors to Target Windows and Linux Systems*

Researchers Uncover Predator Android Spyware’s New Data Theft Capabilities*

Critical Vulnerability in Google Cloud's Cloud SQL Service Exposes Confidential Data*

D-Link Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in its D-View 8.0 Network Device Management Platform*

New Russian-linked Malware 'COSMICENERGY' Targets Industrial Systems*

Threat Actors Found Using Encrypted RPMSG Messages in Microsoft 365 Phishing Attacks*

Barracuda Networks Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Email Security Gateway Appliance*

Zyxel Patches Critical Flaws in its Firewall and VPN Products*

Researchers Uncover New Version of Legion Malware Targeting SSH Servers and AWS Credentials*

Lazarus Group Targets Microsoft IIS Servers to Deploy Malware*

Microsoft Exchange Servers Infected with the New PowerExchange Malware*

GitLab Issues an Emergency Update to Address a Critical Path Traversal Vulnerability*

Hackers Attack 1.5 million WordPress Sites by Leveraging a Cookie Consent Plugin Vulnerability*

Researchers Discover North Korean Kimsuky Group Leveraging Sophisticated Reconnaissance Toolkit*

Asian Government Entities Targeted by Newly Discovered APT Group, GoldenJackal*

Rheinmetall, German Arm Manufacturer, Falls Victim to BlackBasta Ransomware Attack*

Newly Discovered AhRat Malware Disguised in Screen Recording App on Google Play Store*

Newly Discovered Windows Kernel Driver Used by Iranian Hackers to Target Middle East Entities*

'Crypto Phishing Service 'Inferno Drainer' Steals $5.9 Million from Victims*

Microsoft 365 Suffers New Outage Causing Connectivity Issues*

Threat Actor 'GUI-vil' Exploiting AWS EC2 Instance for Crypto-mining Operations*

BlackCat Ransomware Group Employing Malicious Windows Kernel Drivers to Evade Detection*

Hackers Could Chain Two Flaws to Achieve Code Execution in Pimcore*

New Attack Method 'BrutePrint' Found Brute-Forcing Fingerprints on Android Devices*

Threat Actors Use Fake CapCut Websites to Distribute Malware*

Threat Actors Hide TurkoRAT Malware in npm Packages*

Infamous Cyber Group FIN7 is Back With Cl0p Ransomware*

Hackers Employ SIM Swapping to Target Microsoft Azure Machines*

Dish Network Likely Paid Ransom Following the Recent Ransomware Attack*

Luxottica Discloses a Data Breach; 70M Users Info Leaked*

A Faulty Security Update Taken Down ASUS Routers Globally*

CISA Issues a Warning on a Samsung ASLR Bypass Flaw*

Cryptojacking Group Exploits Oracle WebLogic Server for Cryptocurrency Mining*

'Lemon Group' Hacks Millions of Android Devices, Installing Guerilla*

New Vulnerability Discovered in KeePass Exposing Cleartext Master Password*

Retaliatory Cyberattack: Indian Hackers Target Pakistani Embassy Websites Following DDoS Attack on Indian State Police*

Apple Addresses Three New Zero-day Vulnerabilities with Patch Releases*

MalasLocker Ransomware Targets Zimbra Servers, Demands Charitable Donations*

Houthi-Linked Cyber Threat Group OilAlpha Targets Android Users in the Arabian Peninsula*

Unpatched Vulnerability Found in Belkin Wemo Smart Plugs by Researchers*

Malicious Visual Studio Extensions Discovered on Microsoft's VSCode Marketplace by Researchers*

Cisco Addresses Four Critical RCE Flaws in It's Smart Switches*

Chinese Hacking Group "Camaro Dragon" Exploits TP-Link Routers to Target European Organizations*

Hackers Exploit Geacon, a Cobalt Strike Port, to Target macOS Users*

Multiple Flaws Discovered in Kiddoware's Android Application 'Parental Control - Kids Place'*

Hackers Targeting Microsoft Azure Admin Account for Stealthy Access to VMs*

K D Hospital, a Multi-Specialty Healthcare Facility, Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Found Vulnerabilities in Sierra Wireless, Teltonika Networks, and InHand Networks' Routers*

New APT Group, Lancefly Employs 'Merdoor' Backdoor*

PharMerica Suffers a Data Breach; Over 5.8 Million Patients Impacted*

New Ransomware-as-a-Service Operation, MichaelKors Targets Linux and VMware ESXi Systems*

Threat Actors Target Poorly Managed Microsoft SQL Servers Using CLR SqlShell Malware*

New Ransomware Operation, RA Group Targets US and South Korean Companies*

Rockwell Automation Fixed Multiple Vulnerabilities Present in its Products*

Threat Actors Found Exploiting Recently Fixed WordPress Plugin Vulnerability*

U.S. Transportation Department Suffers Data Breach; 237,000 Employees Impacted*

Greatness, New Phishing-as-a-Service Platform helps Cybercriminals to Generate Convincing Phishing Pages*

Researchers Uncovered a Vulnerability in Ferrari Website, Exposing Sensitive Information*

Researchers Found Multiple Vulnerabilities in Netgear's NightHawk Routers*

Toyota Disclosed Data Breach Exposing Car Location Data of 2 Million Customers for a Decade*

Attackers Exploiting Follina Vulnerability to Distribute XWorm Malware*

Discord Disclosed Data Breach After its Support Agent's Account got Compromised*

FBI and CISA Warns Bl00dy Ransomware Targets Education Sector via PaperCut RCE Flaw*

New APT Group Red Stinger Targeting East Europe's Critical Infrastructures*

Researchers Uncover Stealthier Version of Linux BPFDoor Malware*

ABB, a Swiss Automation Company Struck by the Black Basta Ransomware*

Ransomware Gangs Targeting VMWare ESXi Servers with Leaked Babuk Ransomware Source Code*

Researchers Found Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Elementor Plugins*

North Korean Hackers Breach South Korea's Seoul National University; KNPA Issues Warning*

Researcher Found New Variant of RapperBot Malware with Cryptojacking Capabilities*

Threat Actors Employ DownEx Malware to Target Government Organizations in Central Asia*

Threat Actors Deploying Aurora Stealer Via Popunder Ads*

Researchers Disclose Info on Zero-Click Windows Vulnerability Enabling NTLM Credential Theft*

New DDoS Botnet Malware AndoryuBot Exploits Critical Ruckus RCE Vulnerability*

SideWinder APT Group Deploys Server-Based Polymorphism Technique in Attacks on Pakistani Government Organizations*

Sysco, a Global Food Chain, Faces Data Breach Impacting Customer and Employee Information*

Critical Linux Kernel Netfilter Vulnerability Enables Root Privilege Escalation*

Microsoft Releases Optional Fix Guidelines for Secure Boot Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Adobe Releases Patch for 14 Vulnerabilities in Substance 3D Painter Software*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - May 2023*

Healthcare Solution Provider 'NextGen' Suffers Data Breach Impacting 1 Million Customers*

After MSI Breach, Intel Investigates Intel Boot Guard Private Keys Leak*

FBI Seizes 13 Domains Linked to DDoS-For-Hire Services*

Critical Vulnerability in Siemens Industrial Control Systems Could Disrupt Power Grid*

CERT-UA Warns of SmokeLoader and RoarBAT Malware Attacks Against Ukraine*

Researchers Found SideCopy Group's Phishing Campaign with Indian Military Themed Lures*

Researchers Uncover New Ransomware Operation Dubbed 'Cactus'*

New Ransomware 'Akira' Targets Enterprise Networks*

Vulnerability in OpenAI's Account Validation Process Allows Unlimited Credits*

A Security Incident Exposed Private Tweets of Twitter Circle*

Fortinet Releases Patches for High-Severity Vulnerabilities in FortiADC and FortiOS*

New PaperCut RCE Exploit Bypasses Existing Detections*

Dragon Breath APT Group Targets Gambling Industry Using Double-Clean-App Technique*

Hackers Employ New Web-Inject Toolkit DrIBAN to Target Italian Banking Clients*

Threat Actors Hack Packagist Repository; Dozen PHP Packages Compromised*

New Android FluHorse Malware Targets Users with Malicious Apps*

Updates for Android Fixes a Kernel Flaw used in Spyware Attacks*

ALPHV Gang Breaches Constellation Software in a Ransomware Attack*

Two WordPress Custom Field Plugins Exposes Over 1M Sites to XSS Attacks*

Cisco Disclosed New RCE Vulnerability in Cisco SPA112-Port Phone Adapters*

Meta Thwarts a Malware Campaign that Used ChatGPT to Steal Accounts*

ALPHV Ransomware Added McDermott International to its Victim List*

Researchers Found New Android Subscription Malware 'Fleckpe' on Google Play*

Three New Vulnerabilities Found in Microsoft Azure API Management Service*

City of Dallas Suffers Royal Ransomware Attack Resulting in Shutdown of its IT Systems*

Russian Hacking Group 'Sandworm' Utilizes WInRAR to Erase Ukrainian Government's Data*

New Info-stealing Malware 'NodeStealer' Steal Cookies to Hijack Facebook Accounts*

Dragon Breath Group Employs New Double DLL Sideloading Technique to Evade Detection*

A Data Breach at Brightline Affects 783,000 Pediatric Mental Health Patients*

Hackers Exploit Authentication Bypass Vulnerability and RCE Vulnerability in DVR Devices*

Iranian Government's BouldSpy Android Spyware Found Targeting Minority Groups*

Researchers Uncover Three New Flaws in FRRouting Software*

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Level Finance Hacked, Resulting in Loss of 214k LVL Tokens*

CISA Added TP-Link, Apache, and Oracle Vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Servers Running Salesforce Software Are Leaking Sensitive Data*

Researchers Found Threat Actors Distributing New LOBSHOT Malware via Google Ads*

Vietnamese Threat Actor Employs Malverposting Tactics to Infect 500,000 Devices*

Hackers Target AT&T Email Accounts to Steal Cryptocurrency*

Russian Hackers Target Ukrainian Government with Phishing Emails*

Sharpboys Breach Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Facebook Account*

Americold, A Leading Cold Storage Company Suffered Outage Followed by Network Breach*

Hackers Found Targeting Vulnerable Veeam Backup Servers Exposed on the Internet*

Zyxel Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities in its Firewall Devices*

Hackers Use Realistic Checkout Forms to Steal Credit Cards*

CISA Issued a Warning about Critical Vulnerabilities in Illumina's DNA Sequencing Systems*

Researchers Found New Variant of ViperSoftX Info-Stealing Malware with Broader Range of Targets*

New macOS Info-stealing Malware 'Atomic' is being Sold Via Private Telegram Channel*

Multiple Malicious Gaming Apps Found Distributing Adware on Google Play*

Russian Hacking Group Found Operating New Politically Motivated Surveillance Campaign Paperbug in Tajikistan*

Researchers Found RTM Ransomware Group Using New Linux Encryptor to Target VMware ESXi Servers*

Researchers Found Chinese Hacking Group Gallium Using New Linux Malware Strains in Cyberespionage*

PrestaShop Releases New Version to Fix a Critical SQL Filtering Vulnerability*

Apache Superset Servers are Vulnerable to Authentication Bypass and RCE Attacks*

Cisco Discloses New Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Prime Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Software*

Evasive Panda Hacking Group Targets Tencent QQ Messaging App with MgBot Malware*

Researchers Found New Version of Mirai Botnet Malware Exploiting a Vulnerability in TP-Link WiFi Routers*

VMware Released Patches for Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in its Workstation and Fusion Software Hypervisors*

New Critical SLP Vulnerability Allows Massive 2200X DDoS Amplification Attack*

Iranian Hackers Targeting Israel with a PowerLess Backdoor Via Phishing Attacks*

APC Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities in its Easy UPS Online Monitoring Software*

Canadian Directory Publisher Yellow Pages Suffers a Cyberattack Resulting in Data Leak*

Researchers Found New Side Channel Attack Affecting Multiple Generations of Intel CPUs*

Attackers Hacked KuCoin’s Twitter Account to Promote Crypto Scam*

Microsoft 365 Search Outage Impacts Outlook, Teams, and Exchange Online*

Hackers can Abuse Improperly Wiped Corporate-grade Routers to Gain Sensitive Data*

CISA Adds Three More Security Flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Researchers Found a New Malware Toolkit Dubbed Decoy Dog via Anomalous DNS Traffic*

In Both Europe and the US, EvilExtractor Seen an Uptick in Malware Activity*

Alongside 3CX Breach, Lazarus X_TRADER Hack Affects Critical Infrastructure*

Google Ads Support Ransomware Gangs to Employ the BumbleBee Malware*

MediaWiki and TWiki-based University Websites Compromised to Spread Fortnite Spam*

GhostToken Flaw Enable Attackers to Hide Malicious Apps in Google Cloud Platform*

American Bar Association Suffers Data Breach, Affecting 1.4 Million Members*

Kubernetes RBAC Exploited in a Large-scale Cryptocurrency Mining Campaign*

African Telecommunication Service Providers are Targeted by Daggerfly Threat Group*

Attackers Abuses Abandoned 'Eval PHP' WordPress Plugin to Compromise Websites*

Lazarus Threat Group Found Using Linux Malware in Fake Job Campaigns*

Two Critical Vulnerabilities Found In Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraDB RDS and AnlayticDB for PostgreSQL*

VMware Addresses Critical Arbitrary Code Vulnerability in its Aria Operations for Logs*

Threat Actors Using AuKill Hacking Tool to Disable EDR Software on Targeted Systems*

PaperCut Warns of Critical Vulnerabilities that are Actively Exploited in the Wild*

Blind Eagle Threat Group's New Multi-Stage Attack Pushes NjRAT Trojan on Compromised Systems*

Researchers Found Attackers Deploying Trigona Ransomware on Unsecured Microsoft SQL Servers*

Pakistani Hackers Transparent Tribe Target Indian Government Agencies Using Linux Malware Poseidon*

Google Addressed Another Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome Browser*

Vice Society Ransomware Gang Leaks Data Stolen from US Network Infrastructure Giant CommScope*

Iranian Hackers Leveraging Legitimate Simplehelp Remote Support Software to Carry Out Persistent Attacks*

CISA, FBI Alerts on Russian State-Sponsored APT28 Threat Group Targeting Cisco Routers*

Iranian Hacking Group 'Mint Sandstorm' Targets US Critical Infrastructure in Retaliation to Iranian Attacks*

CISA Adds macOS and Chrome Bugs to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

A Security Researcher Published New Sandbox Escape PoC Exploit for VM2 Library*

Ex-Conti Members Collaborate with FIN7 Hacking Group to Push New Domino Malware*

QBot Malware is Now Distributed Using Malicious PDFs and Windows Script Files*

New Credential-Stealer Zaraza Bot Targets 38 Different Web Browsers, Including Google Chrome*

Hackers Abused Google Command and Control Red Team Tool in Data Theft Attacks*

New Android Malware Chameleon Targets Users in Australia and Poland*

Researchers Found New LockBit Encryptors Targeting macOS Devices*

The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center Issued an Alert on 'Hacktivist Indonesia' Group Targeting Govt Websites*

Researchers Found Hackers Using Action1 RMM in Ransomware Attacks*

NCR’s Aloha POS Platform Suffers an Outage as a Result of BlackCat Ransomware*

Attackers are Spreading Android Goldoson Malware Via 60 Google Play Apps*

Kodi Suffered a Data Breach Exposing 400K User Records*

Researchers Found Vice Society Ransomware Using New PowerShell-Based Data Theft Tool in Attacks*

CISA Adds Two Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities in Android and Novi Survey to its KEV Catalog*

Google Chrome Releases Emergency Update to Fix a Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Russian State Sponsored APT29 Group Targeting NATO and European Union Countries*

Researchers Uncover 'Read The Manual' Locker Cyber-criminals*

Researchers Found New Legion Tool with Credential Harvester and SMTP Hijacking Capabilities*

Microsoft Warns of a Phishing Campaign Targeting Tax Preparers and Accounting Firms*

Pakistani Hackers 'Transparent Tribe' Targeting Educational Institutions of India*

Security Researchers Warn to Patch Critical MSMQ Vulnerability in Windows*

Hyundai Suffers Data Breach Exposing Customers’ Personal Data*

Kyocera Addressed a Vulnerability in its Android Printing App that can be Abused to Install Malware*

Fortinet Patches Critical Vulnerability in its FortiPresence*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - April 2023*

A New 'By-Design' Flaw in Microsoft Azure Could Expose Storage Accounts to Hackers*

Infected Websites Distributing Monero Malware via Fake Google Chrome Update Errors*

Attackers Hacked iPhones via Invisible Calendar Invites to Drop Spyware*

Microsoft Patched Actively Exploiting Zero-day Vulnerability in Windows CLFS*

SAP Addresses Two Critical-Severity Vulnerabilities in its April 2023 Security Updates*

European HR and Payroll Management Company SD Worx Suffers a Cyberattack*

NPM Repository Flooded with Malicious Packages Causing DoS Attack and Service Unavailability*

Apple Patches Two Zero-day Vulnerabilities on Older iPhones and iPads*

Researchers Found New Cryptojacking Campaign Targeting Linux Machines*

Scammers Using Authentic YouTube Email Address to Lure Users into Providing Credentials*

Iran-based Hackers Carrying Out Destructive Attacks in Disguise as of Ransomware*

Researchers Disclose Critical RCE Flaw in vm2 Sandbox Library*

CISA Urges Agencies to Address Backup Exec Issues Exploited by a Ransomware Gang*

Massive Balada Injector Campaign Targeting WordPress Sites Since 2017*

MSI Affirms Security Breach Accusations Post Ransomware Attack*

Apple Patches 2-Zero days Exploited to Hack iPhones and Macs*

Cisco Released Patches for Multiple Vulnerabilities in its Various Products*

Medusa Ransomware Acknowledges Cyberattack on the Open University of Cyprus*

Money Message Ransomware Claims MSI Breach; Demands 4 Million USD*

Google Patches Several Security Vulnerabilities with Chrome 112*

Researchers Found Four Vulnerabilities in the Popular Japanese Word Processor 'Ichitaro'*

CISA Warns on Vulnerabilities Discovered in Nexx Smart Devices*

New Clipper Malware 'CryptoClippy' Targeting Portuguese Cryptocurrency Users*

Researchers Found Threat Group Mantis Using Upgraded Malware to Target Palestinian Entities*

Researchers Found New Version of Typhon Information-Stealer with Enhanced Anti-Analysis and Evasion Capabilities*

Google Announced Android's April 2023 Security Update Addressing Over 65 Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Found New Rilide Malware Targeting Chrome-Based Browsers to Steal Cryptocurrency*

ALPHV Ransomware Exploits Three High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Veritas Backup Software*

Check Point Researchers Spotted New Rorschach Ransomware Deployed Against a US-Based Company*

IRS-Authorized '' Website was Found Serving JavaScript Malware*

HP Announces Critical Information Disclosure Flaw in its LaserJet Printers to be Patched within 90 Days*

Researchers Found New Information-Stealing Malware 'OpcJacker' Used in Malvertising Campaigns*

Hackers Using Malicious WinRAR Self-Extracting Archives to Plant Backdoors on Devices*

Hackers Target Victims of 3CX Supply Chain Attack with Gopuram Malware*

Researcher Found Multiple Vulnerabilities in Osprey Pump Controller*

American Telecommunication Company Lumen Technologies Suffered Two Cyberattacks*

Researchers Discovered a New 'Money Message' Ransomware Extorting $1 Million*

Fake Threat Group Midnight Extorting Previously Breached U.S. Companies*

Researchers Found Cylance Ransomware Targeting Linux and Windows Systems*

TMX Finance and its Subsidiaries Suffers Data Breach Affecting 4.8 Million Customers*

Hackers Exploited a High Severity Flaw in the Elementor Pro WordPress Plugin to Upload Backdoors*

Researchers Found Threat Actors Exploiting 10 Year Old Windows Vulnerability with 'opt-in' Fix in Recent Attacks*

A Severe Super FabriXss Vulnerability has been Discovered in Azure Service Fabric Explorer*

Researchers Found Malware Botnets Exploiting Realtek and Cacti Vulnerabilities*

New AlienFox Toolkit Targets Popular Cloud Services for Credential Harvesting*

Chinese Threat Group RedGolf Uses a Custom Backdoor KEYPLUG to Target Windows and Linux Systems*

Threat Group Winter Vivern Exploiting a Zimbra Vulnerability to Steal NATO Emails*

CISA Added Five Vulnerabilities Exploited to Drop Spyware to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

A Misconfigured Microsoft Bing Application Allows to Breach the Office 365 Users*

Hackers Compromised 3CX Desktop App Using Digitally Signed and Trojanized Version of 3CX (VOIP)*

Researchers Discovered a New Malware ‘Melofée’ Targeting Linux Server*

QNAP Addresses High Severity Linux Sudo Vulnerability in NAS Devices*

Hackers Exploited 'burn' Smart Contract Function in SafeMoon's Liquidty Pool to Drain $8.9 Million*

Clop Ransomware Breached Crown Resorts' Network by Exploiting GoAnywhere Zero-day Vulnerability*

Security Researchers Disclosed WiFi Protocol Vulnerability Allowing Attackers to Hijack Network Traffic*

Researchers Found Trojanized Tor Browsers Targeting Russians with Crypto-Stealing Malware*

Attackers Targeted European Entities to Distribute Remcos RAT and Formbook Malware*

Pakistan-Based SideCopy APT Group Targeting India's DRDO with Action RAT*

Researchers Found New Variants of IcedID Loader Delivering Other Malware*

A New MacStealer Malware Targeted Mac Users and Stealing iCloud Keychain Credentials*

Apple Fixes WebKit Zero-Day Bug on Older iPhones*

Twitter Removes Source Code that Leaked on GitHub and Searching for Downloaders*

Attackers Targeting U.S. Taxpayers in New Emotet Phishing Campaign*

Critical Flaw in AI Testing Framework MLflow May Expose AI and Machine-Learning Models*

OpenAI Reveals About ChatGPT User Data Exposure Incident*

Microsoft Warn of Outlook Vulnerability Exploited by Russian Attackers*

Procter & Gamble Discloses Data Breach via GoAnywhere Zero-day*

Chinese Nuclear Energy Institutions Targeted by 'Bitter' Espionage Hackers*

Lionsgate's Streaming Network Reveals Over 37 Million Subscribers' Data*

Malicious Python Package Employ Unicode Technique to Evade Detection*

Researchers Disclose Chinese Nation State Hackers' New Attack Strategies*

Threat Actors Targeting 450 Financial Apps Using Android Banking Trojan*

Code Hosting Platform 'GitHub' Swiftly Replaces Exposed RSA SSH Key*

Play Ransomware Gang Publishes Data Stolen From Maritime Firm Royal Dirkzwager*

WordPress Fixed a Critical Vulnerability in WooCommerce Payments Plugin*

BlackGuard Stealer Targeting 57 Cryptocurrency Browser Extensions and Wallets*

Cisco Addressed High Severity Vulnerabilities in its IOS and IOS XE Software*

Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 Snipping Tool's Acropalypse Privacy Flaw*

Researchers Warn About Kimsuky Threat Group Stealing Gmail Content*

Researchers Published Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for Netgear Orbi Mesh Wireless System Vulnerabilities*

A Trojanized ChatGPT Chrome Extension Found Stealing Facebook Accounts*

CISA Warned on Critical Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems Products*

Play Ransomware Gang Released Data Allegedly Stolen From Logistics Services Company Royal Dirkzwager*

Mozilla Fixes Firefox Crash Issue in Windows 11 and macOS Systems*

Hackers Employing New CommonMagic and PowerMagic Malware To Steal Victims' Information*

Threat Actors Targeting Linux Servers with Different Variants of ShellBot Malware*

Fraudsters Extort 1 Crore INR from 81 Users Via a Mobile Payment App*

Threat Actors Exploited a Zero-day Vulnerability in General Byte Bitcoin ATMs*

Ferrari, Italian Luxury Sports Car Manufacturer Discloses a Data Breach*

Realtek SDK, Huawei Routers, and Hadoop YARN Servers are Targeted by New HinataBot Botnet*

FBI, CISA and MS-ISAC Releases Advisory to Warns About LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Attacks*

New Trigona Ransomware Targets Australia, United States and European Countries*

Threat Actors Now Distributing Emotet Malware via Malicious Microsoft OneNote Files*

NBA Suffers Data Breach that Exposes its Fans' Personal Information*

Scammers Abuse Twitter’s 'Quote Tweet' Feature to Target Bank Customers*

Attackers Distributing Android Malware 'FakeCalls' in South Korea*

A Cyberattack at Latitude Financial Services Leads to Data Theft at Two Service Providers*

Google Warned About 18 Zero-Day Flaws in Samsung's Exynos Chipsets*

Attackers Abuse Adobe Acrobat Sign to Deliver Redline Info-Stealing Malware*

Mozilla Announced the Release of Firefox 111 with Dozen of Vulnerability Patches*

Attackers Hacked U.S Federal Agencies Using Old Telerik UI Vulnerability*

Researchers Discovered First Dero Cryptojacking Campaign Targeting Kubernetes*

Healthcare Provider ILS Suffered a Data Breach Exposing 4.2 Million Patient Data*

Researchers Disclosed the Technical Details of Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability*

Tick APT Group Compromised a Data-Loss Prevention Company in East Asia*

CISA Added a Critical Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability to its Known Exploited Vulnerability Catalog*

New Threat Group YoroTrooper Running Cyber-Espionage Campaign Against CIS Government Organizations*

Rubrik Suffers Data Breach in GoAnywhere Zero-Day Attack*

SAP Addressed Five Critical Vulnerabilities in its Security Updates*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - March 2023*

Euler Finance Lost $197 Million in Crypto in Flash Loan Attack*

Dark Pink APT Group Using KamiKakaBot Malware Against Southeast Asian Government and Military Entities*

A Massive Cyberattack Hijacks East Asian Websites to Redirect Victims to Adult Content*

Threat Actors Using AI-generated YouTube Videos to Spread Info-stealer Malware*

Researchers Discovered Critical Security Vulnerabilities in Akuvox E11 Video Doorphone*

Unidentified Attackers Target Government Networks by Abusing New FortiOS Bug in Zero-Day Attacks*

Researchers Disclosed a Cross-Site Search Vulnerability in OpenSea NFT Marketplace*

Researchers Found a New CASPER Attack that Leaks Data from Air-gapped Computers*

German Vehicle Manufacturer BMW Exposes Clients Data and Business Secrets*

U.S. Office Supply Distributor Essendant Suffers Multi-Day Outage*

Updated Version of Prometei Malware Found Infecting 10000 Systems Worldwide*

Clop Ransomware Gang Starts Extorting GoAnywhere Zero-Day Exploit Victims*

Researchers Found BATLOADER Malware Abusing Google Ads to Deliver Secondary Payload*

New Threat Actor UNC2970 Targeting Security Researchers Using New Custom Malwares Families*

Researcher Found New GoBruteforcer Malware Targeting Servers with phpMyAdmin, MySQL, FTP, Postgres Services*

CISA Adds Two Vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Cerebral Healthcare Platform Suffered a Data Breach Affecting 3.18 Million Patients*

Researchers Found the New Variant of Xenomorph Android Malware Targeting Over 500 Banks*

Threat Actors Exploiting Remote Desktop Software Vulnerabilities to Spread PlugX Malware*

New Variant of IceFire Ransomware is Now Actively Targets Linux Systems*

Attackers Targeted Oracle WebLogic Servers with New ScrubCrypt Crypter*

A Chinese Hacking Campaign Targets Unpatched SonicWall SMA Appliances to Install Custom Malware*

AT&T Vendor Hack Results in the Disclosure of 9 Million Customer Records*

Researchers Reported About Bitwarden's Autofill Feature Flaw that can be Abused to Steal Credentials*

New Sharp Panda Campaign Targets Southeast Asian Government Entities with Soul Malware*

Veeam Addressed a High Severity Backup Services Vulnerability Affecting its Backup Infrastructure*

Fortinet Fixed a Critical RCE Vulnerability Affecting FortiOS and FortiProxy*

SYS01stealer: A New Attack Targeting Critical Infrastructure Enterprises Using Facebook Ads*

Transparent Tribe Hackers Employ Trojanized Messaging Apps to Distribute CapraRAT*

Microsoft Releases a Fix for Outlook Login Issues in Exchange Environments*

Acer Discloses Breach Following the Sale of 160GB of Data on a Hacking Site*

The March 2023 Android Update Addresses Two Critical Code Execution Flaws*

New HiatusRAT Malware Found Targeting DrayTek Vigor Routers for Data Theft*

Researcher Found Blackfly APT Group Targeting Asian Entities*

Experts Revealed About a Blind Spot in Google Cloud Platform that Leads to Data Exfiltration Attacks*

Researcher Published Proof-of-Concept for Microsoft Word's Critical RCE Vulnerability*

The Sandbox Blockchain Games’ Employee Account Hacked to Send Malware-Linked Emails*

Threat Actors Using Malicious Microsoft OneNote Attachments to Infect Windows Systems*

Researchers Found New FiXS ATM Malware Targeting Banks of Mexico*

Tennessee State University and Southeastern Louisiana Universities Suffers Cyberattack*

CISA and FBI Warn of Increased Royal Ransomware Attacks*

Researchers Found Thousands of Websites Compromised Using Stolen FTP Credentials*

Threat Actors Launch New Cryptojacking Campaign, Targeting Misconfigured Redis Database Servers*

Microsoft Fixed MMIO Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs*

Experts Uncover a Full-Featured Information Stealer and Trojan in a Python Package on PyPI*

Scammers Target Trezor Customers with Fake Data Breach Notifications*

Aruba Networks Patched Six Critical-Severity Vulnerabilities Impacting ArubaOS Versions*

Iron Tiger Attackers Create New Linux Version of their Custom SysUpdate Malware*

Cisco Addresses Critical RCE Vulnerability in Web UI of Multiple IP Phones*

BlackLotus is the First UEFI Bootkit Malware to Bypass Secure Boot Defenses on Windows 11*

Microsoft Addressed a Global Outage Impacting its Exchange Online Mailboxes*

Blind Eagle Hackers Targeting Colombian Entities via Spear-Phishing*

Attackers Using Advanced Hacking Operation SCARLETEEL to Infiltrate Cloud Services*

Researchers Identified Pair of Security Defects in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0*

American TV Giant Dish Network Confirms Ransomware Attack Behind Multi-Day Network Outage*

CISA Alerts on Active Exploitation of ZK Java Framework RCE Flaw*

Attackers Promoting New Exfiltrator-22 Post-Exploitation Framework to Spread Ransomware*

LastPass Releases Additional Information on December 2022 Password Vault Data Breach*

Researchers Found Mysterious Nevada Group Targeting Thousands of Cloud Servers*

Attackers Use LinkedIn URL Shortener to Send Amazon Prime Phishing Emails*

Two Critical Flaws in WordPress Houzez Theme and Plugin are Being Actively Exploited in the Wild*

U.S. Marshal Service Suffered a Data Breach Followed by Ransomware Attack*

Ohio’s Largest Oil Producer Encino Energy Targeted by Cyberattack*

ChromeLoader Campaign Now Distributing Malicious VHD Files Disguised as Game Programs*

Cyberattacks Target Data Center Organizations to Steal Information*

News Corp's Data Breach Statement Reveals Hackers were on it's Network for 2 Years*

Attackers Flood NPM Repository with 15000 Malicious Packages Containing Phishing Links*

American TV Giant Dish Network Suffers an Outage*

Stanford University Suffers Data Breach Affecting 897 PhD Applicants*

Researchers found Unknown Threat Actors Targeting Government Entities with PureCrypter Malware*

Pirated Final Cut Pro Software Targets macOS for Cryptocurrency Mining*

Researchers Discover a Cyber Group Employing Lilith RAT and Atharvan Malware to Target the Material Research Industry*

Dole, a Fruit and Vegetable Company, Hit by a Ransomware Attack*

Analysts Warn of Increasing Attacks Leveraging Zoho ManageEngine Products*

Canada’s Second Largest Telecom TELUS Investigating a Possible Data Breach*

Cisco Addresses High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its Application Centric Infrastructure Components*

Attackers Exploited R1Soft Server Backup Manager Vulnerability to Deploy Backdoor*

New S1deload Info-Stealer Malware Targets YouTube and Facebook Accounts*

Shipping and Medical Laboratories are Targeted by New Threat Actor Hydrochasma*

Hackers Using Fake ChatGPT Apps to Distribute Windows and Android Malware*

VMware Fixed a Critical Injection Flaw in Carbon Black App Control*

CISA Adds Three New Security Flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Security Researchers Release the Proof-of-Concept Exploit for Critical Fortinet's FortiNAC RCE Flaw*

Researchers Found MyloBot Botnet Infecting Thousands of Systems Everyday*

Video Game Publisher Activision Suffered a Data Breach*

Pakistani Threat Actor SideCopy Targeting Indian Government Agencies Using ReverseRAT Backdoor*

Apple Updated its Security Advisories to Add New Class of Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Found a New Stealc Malware with Wide Range of Capabilities*

HardBit 2.0 Ransomware Operators Use Victim’s Insurance Details to Set Up Ransom Payment*

Samsung Adds New Security Feature to Protect Against Zero-Click Attack*

Indian Ticketing Platform RailYatri Suffered a Data Breach Affecting 31 Million Customers*

Attacker Targeted Coinbase Employees in Smishing Attack*

Attackers Using New Version of OxtaRAT Backdoor to Target Armenian Entities*

Researchers Found a New WhiskerSpy Backdoor Delivered via Trojanized codec Installer*

Threat Actors Exploiting Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Vulnerabilities to Deploy Cryptocurrency Miners*

Experts Found Attackers Targeting South Korean Journalists with RambleOn Malware*

Researchers Found New Mirai Botnet Variant Targeting Linux and IoT Devices*

GoDaddy Reports a Multi-Year Security Breach it Suffered*

Threat Actors Targeted Microsoft IIS Servers with New Frebniis Malware*

Fortinet Patches Two Critical Security Flaws in FortiNAC and FortiWeb Product*

CISA Alerts on Windows and iOS Vulnerabilities Exploited as Zero-Days*

Louisiana HBCU's Xavier University Reported a Data Breach that Occurred in November 2022*

Researchers Found an Authenticated RCE Vulnerability in Arris Router*

Scandinavian Airlines Suffered Cyberattack Exposing Customer Data*

Burton Snowboards Cancelled Online Orders Following Cyber Attack*

RedEyes APT Group Using New Malware 'M2RAT' to Steal Victims' Data*

Splunk Patches High Severity Vulnerabilities in its Enterprise Solution Update*

New Stealthy Malware 'Beep' is Very Focused in Avoiding Detection*

Tonga Communications Corporation Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Hyundai and Kia Car Thefts Rise due to TikTok Challenge*

Hackers Using New MortalKombat Ransomware and Laplas Crypto-Hijacker Targeting U.S Victims*

Community Health Systems Suffers Data Breach Affecting One Million Patients*

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Reaches End of Support Lifecycle in April 2023*

Al-Toufan Hacking Group Targets Websites of Bahrain Airport and News Sites*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - February 2023*

United States’ Largest Bottler Pepsi Bottling Ventures Suffers Data Breach*

Garrison Women's Health Suffered Data Breach Affecting 4,000 Patients*

Apple Addressed New Actively Exploited WebKit Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Cloudflare Detects and Mitigates Largest Recorded DDoS Attack*

Modified Version of ESXiArgs Ransomware Blocks VMware Host Recovery*

New Ransomware Group DarkBit Targets Israel's Top Research University Technion*

Threat Actors Hacked Namecheap’s Email Account to Send Phishing Emails*

CISA Warns About North Korean Hackers Targeting Healthcare Organizations in Ransomware Attacks*

CISA Adds Three More Security Flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Multiple Medical Groups in California Suffered a Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Found Malicious Packages on PyPI and NPM Repositories*

Play Ransomware Claims Attack on A10 Networks*

Clop Ransomware Gang Claims Exploiting GoAnywhere Zero-Day Flaw*

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) and Troubleshooters*

Researchers Found Multiple Vulnerabilities in Wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Devices*

NewsPenguin Threat Actor Targets Pakistani Entities in Phishing Campaign*

Russian Hackers Use Fake Crypto Job Offers to Push Enigma Malware*

Reddit Hit by Cyberattack that Allowed Hackers to Steal Source Code*

The Largest Canadian Bookstore Indigo Suffered a Cyberattack*

Researchers Found Russian Hackers Using New Graphiron Malware to Target Ukraine*

Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay Hit by a Cyberattack*

Munster Technological University (MTU) in Ireland Suffers a Major IT Breach*

Multiple Document Management Systems Found with Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities*

Google Released Chrome 110 that Addresses 15 Vulnerabilities*

Pharmaceutical Distributor AmerisourceBergen Hit by a Cyberattack*

Researchers Found New Medusa Botnet Targeting Linux Users*

GuLoader Malware Targets E-commerce Industry Using Malicious NSIS Executables*

Developers Release an Emergency Patch for GoAnywhere MFTaaS's Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaw*

Researcher Disclosed a Flaw Detected in Toyota's Global Supplier Management System (GSPIMS)*

Google Chrome to End Support for Windows 7,8,8.1, Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2 Starting February 2023*

OpenSSL Releases a Patch to Fix High-Severity Vulnerabilities*

U.S. Cellular's Third-Party Vendor Suffers Data Breach Affecting its 52000 Customers*

Researchers Disclosed About High-Severity Format String Vulnerability Present in F5 BIG-IP*

India’s Largest Truck Brokerage Company FR8 Exposes 140GB of Information in a Data Leak*

TgToxic Malware is Targeting Android Users from Southeast Asia*

Hackers Mimicking Ukrainian Ministry Officials to Deploy Malware*

TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate Discloses a Data Breach Affecting 20 Million Consumers*

A New Wave of Ransomware Attacks Targeting ESXi Systems Using a VMware Flaw*

Major Internet and Power Outages Struck Bermuda*

A New Android Banking Trojan is Aimed at Brazilian Financial Institutions*

A GoAnywhere MFT Zero-day Flaw Enables Server Intrusion*

Florida Hospital Shuts Down its IT Systems Post a Cyberattack*

Threat Actors Targeting Vulnerabilities in SugarCRM and Oracle E-Business Suite*

Jira Software from Atlassian has a Critical Authentication Vulnerability*

Hackers from Iran's Oil Rig Using a New Backdoor to Steal Data from Government Agencies*

Hackers Use KoiVM Virtualization Technology to Evade Detection when Installing the Formbook Data Stealer*

North Korean Lazarus Hacking Group Stole 100GB of Data Via Campaign Named "No Pineapple!"*

Financial Software Provider, ION Group, has been Hit by a Ransomware Attack Affected Global Markets*

Cisco Addressed High-Severity Vulnerability in its IOx Application*

Car Retailer Arnold Clark Suffers a Data Breach Claimed by Play Ransomware*

Hackers Stolen the Details of 240,000 Skating Customers from Planet Ice*

Fraudulent Crypto Apps Infiltrate Apple App Store and Google Play Store*

BlackCat Ransomware Gang Claims an Attack on Solar Industries, an Industrial Explosives Manufacturer*

Hackers Used Google Fi Data Breach to Carry Out SIM Swap Attacks*

A Phishing Attack Against Latvia’s Ministry of Defense Linked to Russian Hacking Group*

Guildford County School Suffers a Cyberattack Resulting in Outage*

US Telecommunications Company Charter Communication Impacted by Third-Party Data Breach*

Indianapolis Housing Agency Suffers Ransomware Attack Affecting 212,910 Peoples*

Hackers Advertising New Golang-Based Malware via Telegram Channel*

Attackers Stole Encrypted Code-Signing Certificates of GitHub Desktop for Mac and Atom Apps*

Developers Disagree with a New Vulnerability Reported in KeePass Software*

QNAP Fixes a Critical Vulnerability in its NAS Devices*

UK Retail Company JD Sports Suffered a Data Breach Affecting 10 Million Customers*

A Critical Vulnerability in Lexmark Printers Affects Over 120 Models*

Researchers Found Gootkit Malware with New Components and Obfuscation Techniques*

ISC Patched Multiple High-Severity DoS Vulnerabilities in DNS Software Suite BIND*

Researchers Warn About Multiple Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Software OpenEMR*

Researchers Found Attackers Using Portable USB Storage Devices to Spread New Variant of PlugX Malware*

Several Malicious Apps have been Found on Google Play Store with Over 5 Million Downloads*

Hackers Using New SwiftSlicer Data Wiper to Infect Windows OS*

A Major Microsoft 365 Outage was Caused by a Change in WAN Router IP Address*

A Hacker Group Called Sandworm Attacked a Ukrainian News Agency with Five Data Wipers*

Researcher Found 75,000 WordPress Sites Still Using Vulnerable LearnPress Plugin Version*

Data Breach Against Two Health Service Organizations Affected 400,000 Individuals*

BayCare Clinic Suffers Data Breach Due to Tracking Pixel Used by Third Party Vendor*

German Airport's Websites, Administration Bodies, and Financial Sector Organizations Suffers DDoS Attack*

New Mimic Ransomware Uses 'Everything' Windows Search Tool to Encrypt Files*

The CISA of Federal Organizations Breached Using Legit Remote Desktop Software*

Phishing Campaigns Employ New Python RAT Malware to Target Windows*

Threat Actors Leveraging Critical Realtek SDK Flaw in Millions of Attacks*

North Korean Hackers Actively Harvesting Credentials in the Latest Cyberattacks*

Zacks Investment Research Security Breach Affects 820,000 Customers*

Researchers Found Threat Actors Abusing Google Ads to Spread Malware*

DragonSpark Attackers Group Use Golang Malware to Evade Detection*

Several Microsoft Services Including Teams, Outlook, Store Stop Responding: Microsoft Probes Outage*

Arm Mali GPU Vulnerability Leads to Arbitrary Kernel Code Execution and Root on Pixel 6 Phones*

A Vulnerability in Diksha App Exposed Personal Information of Millions of Indian Teachers and Students*

Zendesk Suffered Data Breach After its Employee Fell into Phishing Attack*

Security Researchers Disclosed Two Security Flaws in Samsung's Galaxy Store App for Android*

Apple Backported Security Patches for Zero-Day Vulnerability in Older iPhone and iPad Models*

Nunavut Energy Supplier Qulliq Energy Corporation Suffered a Cyberattack*

Roaming Mantis Adds New DNS Changer to its Android Malware to Hack WiFi Routers*

Costa Rica's Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Riot Games’ Development Environment Compromised Via Social Engineering Attacks*

Drupal Patches Vulnerabilities that Lead to Information Disclosure*

Chinese Hackers Leverages a Fortinet Flaw as a Zero-day Exploit to Drop Malware*

Hackers Actively Using OneNote Attachments to Spread Malware*

Researchers Dismantle Massive Ad-fraud Operation Dubbed 'Vastflux'*

Over 19,000 End-of-life Cisco Routers Vulnerable to RCE Attacks*

The Windows 10 KB5019275 Preview Update Comprises 14 Fixes*

Vulnerabilities of Critical Significance OpenText Enterprise Content Management System Patched*

Gamaredon Company Utilizes Telegram to Launch Cyberattacks Against Ukraine*

Hackers May Abuse GitHub Codespaces Functionality to Host and Disseminate Malware*

Researchers Discovered a New Banking Trojan Hook with RAT Capabilities*

Researchers Discovered a Critical RCE Flaw Dubbed EmojiDeploy in Microsoft Azure Services*

T-Mobile Disclosed Data Breach Affecting 37 Million Customers' Personal Information*

Attackers Hacked 34,942 PayPal Users Accounts in Credential Stuffing Attack*

Cisco Announced Patches for a High-Severity SQL Injection Vulnerability in Unified CM and CM SME*

Oracle Addresses 327 Security Vulnerabilities in its January 2023 Critical Patch Update*

HR Management Platform Exposed Personal Information of Millions of Job Candidates*

CERT Coordination Center Disclosed Critical Security Flaws in Netcomm and TP-Link Routers*

Researcher Found NjRAT Trojan Being Distributed Via New Earth Bogle Campaign*

MailChimp Suffers a Breach After Attackers Gained Employee Credentials*

CISA Alerts on Vulnerabilities in Siemens, GE Digital, and Contec ICS Products*

Researchers Warn of Critical RCE Vulnerability in Zoho ManageEngine Products*

Nissan North America Suffers Data Breach Due to Poorly Configured Third-Party Vendor Database*

Microsoft Azure Services were Vulnerable to Unauthorized Access to Cloud Resources*

Git Patched Two Critical Severity Security Flaws that Allow Hackers to Execute Arbitrary Code*

Threat Actor ‘Lolip0p’ Uploaded Three Malicious Packages on PyPi Platform*

ODIN Intelligence's Website Defaced and Breached*

DNV's ShipManager Software Suffers a Ransomware Attack Affecting Thousands of Shipping*

Vice Society Ransomware Gang Leaked Sensitive Data from University of Duisburg-Essen*

Hackers Leaked Sensitive Files From San Francisco Transit Police Online*

Researcher Found Android TV Box with Pre-installed Malware*

Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider MetaMask Warns Users of a New Address Poisoning Scam*

Majority of Cacti Servers Found Unpatched against Critical Vulnerability Resulting in Attacks*

The Website of Canada's Largest Alcohol Retailer Hacked to Steal Credit Card Information*

Researchers Found CircleCI Security Incident was Caused by Info-Stealing Malware*

Hackers Breached NortonLifeLocks's Password Manager Accounts*

Polyglot Files are Used by Cybercriminals to Distribute Malware Undetected*

WordPress Plugins Found Vulnerable to Critical SQL Injection Flaws along with PoCs*

Researchers Found EyeSpy Malware Being Spread Via Trojanized VPN Installers*

Attackers Exploiting a Patched FortiOS SSL-VPN Zero-day Vulnerability Against Government Networks*

IcedID Malware Attack Compromised Active Directory Domain*

Researchers Found Hackers Actively Exploiting a Critical Flaw in Control Web Panel*

Cisco Discovers Three Vulnerabilities in Asus Router Software*

Researchers Disclosed SymStealer Security Vulnerability in Google Chrome and Chromium-Based Browser*

Australia's Fire Rescue Victoria Suffers Data Breach Claimed by Vice Society Ransomware Gang*

Gootkit Loader Abuses VLC Media Player to Infect Australian Healthcare Organizations*

Google Released Chrome 109 to Fix 17 Vulnerabilities*

New Advanced Threat Actor Dark Pink Using Custom Malware Against Government and Military Entities*

Cisco Warns About Critical Auth Bypass Vulnerability Found in End-of-Life Routers*

Scattered Spider Threat Actors Employing Vulnerable Intel Drivers to Evade Detection*

UK's Leading Mail Delivery Service Royal Mail Suffers Severe Service Disruption Following Cyberattack*

CISA Adds Two More Security Flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Security Researchers Found Cryptographic Weaknesses in Threema Messaging App*

Zoom Fixes Multiple Flaws Exposing Windows and macOS Users*

Iowa's Largest School District Des Moines Public School Hit by Cyberattack*

StrongPity Hackers Targeted Android Users with a Trojanized Version of Telegram App*

Over 1,300 Fake AnyDesk Sites Found Delivering Info-Stealing Vidar Malware*

Auth0 Project Releases a Patch for RCE Flaw in the JsonWebToken Library*

Scammers Abusing Open Redirect on the UK DEFRA Website to Redirect Visitors to Fake Dating Sites*

Hackers Breached Kubernetes Clusters as Part of a Malware Campaign Via PostgreSQL Database*

CISA Alerts on High-Severity Vulnerabilities Affecting Hitachi Energy Products*

Russian Threat Group Cold River Targets Three US Nuclear Research Laboratories*

Attackers Spreading NetSupport Malware Masquerading as Pokemon Card Game to Infect Users*

MedStar Mobile Healthcare Suffers Ransomware Attack Affecting 612,000 Customers*

Threat Actors Using CAPTCHA Bypass Tactics on GitHub in Freejacking Campaign*

Hackers Bypass Firewalls Restrictions Using CloudFlare Tunnels*

Air France and KLM Suffers Data Breach; Several Customers Accounts Hacked*

Fast Food Restaurant Chain 'Chick-fil-A' Suffers Data Breach*

Rackspace's Customer Data Accessed in Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Releases Temporary Patch for ODBC Database Connection Issues*

A New Variant of Dridex Malware Actively Attacking Windows OS and macOS Systems*

CircleCI Releases a Security Alert to Warn Users about Cyber Attack*

Bluebottle Hackers Attacked Banks Using Signed Windows Drivers*

Database of Exposed Private Customer Data and Administrator Credentials*

Five Guys Burger Chain Suffers Data Breach Impacting Job Applicants*

Researchers Found Sudden Increase in SpyNote Android Malware Infection Rates*

New SHC-Compiled Linux Malware Found Installing Cryptominers and DDoS Bots*

Multi-Flaw Updates are Released for Qualcomm Chipsets and Lenovo ThinkPad*

Zoho Patches a Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability in its ManageEngine Products*

Multiple Car Brand's API Flaws Exposed Owner's Personal Data*

Fortinet Released Patches for High-Severity Vulnerabilities Found in FortiADC and FortiTester*

LockBit Ransomware Group Claims Ransomware Attack on Los Angeles Housing Authority*

Royal Ransomware Group Claims Data Breach Attack on Queensland University of Technology*

Threat Actors Using Stolen Information of Colombian Bank Customers as Lures in Phishing Emails*

Synology Fixed Critical Vulnerability in VPN Plus Server Software*

PyTorch Admins Reveals About Malicious PyTorch-nightly Dependency*

Bristol Community College Hit by Ransomware Attack*

A Telekom Malaysia Company Suffers a Data Breach Affecting Over 250,000 Customer Accounts*

Scripps Health Agrees to Pay $3.5 million to the Victims Affected in the 2021 Data Breach*

Jakks Pacific Toy Production’s Servers Suffers Ransomware Attack, Hive and BackCat Group Leak Data*

Royal Ransomware Group Claims Cyber attack on Iowa’s Public Broadcasting Network*

The LockBit Ransomware Gang Claims Cyberattack on Port of Lisbon in Portugal*

CISA Warns of Vulnerabilities Impacting TIBCO Software's JasperReports Product*

A Canadian Mining Firm Shuts Down a Mill After it was Attacked by Ransomware*

WordPress Sites are Being Backdoored by New Linux Malware Using 30 Plugin Exploits*

Cert-In Warns Indian Users on LastPass Data Breach and NetApp OnCommandInsight Vulnerability*

Anonymous Twitter User Published 10,000 API Keys of Crypto Trading Platform 3Commas*

CISA Warns of Several Vulnerabilities in Rockwell Automation Controllers*

Royal Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility for Cyberattack on Telecom Company Intrado*

NETGEAR Fixes a High Severity Vulnerability Affecting Multiple Models of its Wi-Fi Routers*

Hackers Moved their Initial Infection Vector Towards Malicious Excel Add-in Files*

Attackers Abusing Google Ads to Spread Trojanized Software Products*

Hive Ransomware Claims Attack on Louisiana Hospital Impacting 270,000 Patients*

Citrix Patches Critical Severity Vulnerabilities in its ADC and Gateway Servers*

Sargent and Lundy Energy Firm Suffered a Data Breach that Impacted Personal Information of 6,900 Individuals*

A Hacker Claims to have Stolen Data of 30 Million Indian Railways Users*

New YouTube Bot Malware Found Stealing Sensitive Data*

North Korean Lazarus APT Group Targeting NFT Investors in Phishing Campaign*

BlueNoroff Threat Actors Adopted New Techniques to Bypass Windows MotW Protection*

Researchers Found a Password Vulnerability in ZyXEL Indoor Routers* Suffers a Cyberattack Losing Cryptocurrency Worth $3 Million*

New GuLoader Malware Found Adopting New Anti Analysis Techniques to Evade Detection*

Hackers Targeted Bitkeep Wallet Users in Cryptojacking and Drained $8M in Assets*

Researchers Warn of Critical Linux Kernel Vulnerability Affecting SMB Servers Enabled with ksmbd*

Cincinnati State Technical Community College Suffers a Cybersecurity Breach*

Researchers Disclosed a High-Severity Flaw in Kyverno’s Container Image Signature Verification Mechanism*

Researchers Discovered Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Ghost CMS*

Microsoft Silently Fixed Cross Tenant Network Bypass Flaw in its Azure Container Service*

Researchers Uncover W4SP Stealer in Multiple PyPI Packages Under Various Names*

Threat Actors Deploy New Info-stealer Malware to Infect Software Pirates*

Hackers Actively Exploit WordPress Gift Card Plugin with 50K Installations*

Researchers Warn Indian Officials About Kavach 2FA Phishing Attacks*

Widespread 2FA Bypass Attacks Hit Comcast Xfinity Accounts*

LastPass Suffers a Data Breach Exposing Customer Vault Data*

FIN7 Hackers Use an Auto-Attack Platform to Breach Vulnerable Exchange Servers*

A Hacker Leaked Customer Data of Betting Firm BetMGM on Hacking Forum*

Researchers Disclosed Multiple High-Severity Flaws in Password Management Solution Passwordstate*

The Zerobot Botnet is added with New Capabilities and Exploits New Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Discovered Banking Trojan 'GodFather' Targeting 400 Banks and Crypto Exchanges Applications*

Hackers Gained Profit from Hacking JFK Airport's Taxi Dispatch System*

Hackers Targeted Telecom and Government Systems with Raspberry Robin Worm*

Attackers Hacked Private GitHub Repositories of Okta Company*

Researchers Found Malicious Packages with 'W4SP' Info-Stealer Malware on PyPi Platform*

Hackers Targeting Brazilian Banking Users with New Android Trojan BrasDex*

Security Researchers Suspect KMSdBot Botnet Offering DDoS-for-Hire Services for Attackers*

Researchers Found New Microsoft Exchange Exploit Used by Play Ransomware to Breach Servers*

Phishing Sites Distributing DarkTortilla Malware*

Researchers Found Fake Malicious ‘SentinelOne’ Package on PyPi Repository*

Meta Platforms Took Down Fake Accounts Operated by Nearly 200 Spyware Vendors Across the Globe*

Play Ransomware Gang Claims Cyberattack on Hotel Chain 'H-Hotels'*

Microsoft Reclassified a Windows Vulnerability as Critical Severity*

Department of Healthcare and Human Services Reports Data of 254K Patients Being Compromised*

Colombian Energy Company EPM Hit by BlackCat Ransomware Attack*

CRM Platform SevenRooms Suffers Data Breach Exposing Customers’ Information*

Samba Releases Security Updates to Address Multiple High Severity Vulnerabilities*

After Being Disrupted by Google, Glupteba Malware is Back*

FBI Warns About BEC Attacks Targeting Food Shipments*

CISA Adds Critical Veeam Backup and Replication Vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Microsoft Warns New Minecraft DDoS Malware Infecting Windows, Linux and IoT Devices*

Researchers found a New MirrorStealer Malware Targeting Japanese Politicians*

Ukrainian Government Networks Breached Using Trojanized Windows 10 Installers*

New Phishing Campaign Uses Facebook Posts to Evade Email Security*

Hacker Posted Social Blade's User Data on Hacking Forum Stolen in Data Breach*

5.7M Gemini Users’ Personal Information Leaked in Third-Party Vendors’ Data Breach Incident*

FuboTV Suffers Streaming Outage Due to Cyberattack*

Australia's TPG Telecom Suffers a Data Breach Affecting 15,000 Customers*

Ransomware Hackers Using Microsoft-Signed Drivers to Access Systems*

FBI Seizes 48 Booter or Stresser Online Platforms that Used for DDoS Attacks*

Unknown Threat Actors Uploaded 144,000 Phishing Packages on NuGet, NPM, and PyPi Open-Source Package Repositories*

Microsoft Fixes the LSASS Memory Leak Flaw Affecting Windows Servers*

VMware Releases Patches for Critical Security Vulnerabilities in ESXi and vRealize*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - December 2022*

Stalkware Application Xnspy Found Stealing Data from Thousands of iPhone and Android Devices*

A New Python Backdoor Allows Hackers to Access Compromised VMware ESXi Servers Remotely*

The Global Pravasi Rishta Portal of the Indian Foreign Ministry Leaks Passport Information*

Apple Addressed New Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Security Updates*

LockBit Ransomware Gang Claims Ransomware Attack on Finance Department of California*

Hive Ransomware Group Claims Attack on Knox College*

Fortinet Released Emergency Patch for Already Exploited FortiOS SSL-VPN Vulnerability*

Nearly 360,000 Individuals' Information was Affected in Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Data Breach*

A Cryptocurrency Mining Campaign Infects Linux Users with Go-Based Malware Called CHAOS*

Uber Suffers a Data Breach After an Attack on its Third-Party Vendor*

An Iran-Backed MuddyWater Campaign Abuses the Syncro Remote Administration Tool*

Australian Telecom Firm Telstra Apologizes for Data Leak that Exposed 130,000 Customer's Data*

Air Gapped PCs Highly Vulnerable to Data Theft via Power Supply Radiation*

Rackspace Issues a Phishing Warning Following a Ransomware Incident*

Cisco Warns Companies of High Severity Unpatched Flaw Affecting IP Phones Firmware Globally*

Researchers Disclose a Novel Attack Method to Bypass Popular Web Application Firewalls*

An Updated TrueBot Variant Exploiting the Netwrix Auditor Bug and the Raspberry Robin Worm*

Researchers Discover Drokbk a New Malware that Leverages GitHub as a Dead Drop Resolver*

Iranian Hackers Target the Diamond Industry with Fantasy Data-Wiping Malware*

Formbook Malware is Distributed via Trojanized OneNote Document*

Hive Ransomware Group Targeted French Sports Brand Intersport*

CommonSpirit Health Suffered Ransomware Attack that Exposed Data of 623,000 Patients*

Cisco Discloses a High Severity Vulnerability Affecting its IP Phones 7800 and 8800 Series*

New Zerobot Malware Leveraging more than 21 Flaws in Zyxel Firewalls, F5 BIG-IP, D-Link Routers*

Compromised WordPress Plugins Redirect Website Visitors to Push Notification Scam*

Attacker Tried Over 6,000 Attempts to Hack ICMR Server*

The Vice Society Ransomware Gang Targeted more than 30 Schools in 2022*

Hackers Breached CloudSEK's Confluence Server Using Stolen Employee Credentials*

Attackers found Vulnerability in SiriusXM Platform to Unlock and Start Cars Remotely*

Amnesty International Canada was Allegedly Targeted in Cyberattack by Beijing*

Researchers Discovered Largest Dark Web "In The Box"*

Antwerp's Digital Partner Suffered a Cyberattack Disrupting the City's Digital Services*

VTB Bank, Russia's Second Largest Financial Institution, Suffers Massive DDoS Attack*

Hackers Selling Personal Data Of 150,000 Patients of Tamil Nadu's Sree Saran Medical Centre*

The André-Mignot Teaching Hospital in France Suffers a Ransomware Attack*

A Chain of Three Harmless Linux Vulnerabilities could Allow Hackers to Gain Full Root Privileges*

A Vulnerability in IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL Allows Unauthorized Access*

Researchers Found Malicious Android Apps with More than Two Million Downloads on Google Play Store*

New Zealand Health Insurer Accuro Suffered a Cyberattack Affecting 34,000 Customers’ Data*

North Korean Hacking Group Using New and Fake Crypto Apps to Breach Networks and Steal Cryptocurrency*

Google Fixes a Ninth Zero Day Vulnerability in its Chrome Browser Update*

The Previously Undocumented Data Wiper CryWiper Masquerades as a Ransomware*

Attackers Targeting Unpatched Redis Servers to Drop New Redigo Backdoor*

Multiple Platform Certificates Used by Android OEM Device Vendors used to Digitally Sign the Malware*

Colombian Healthcare Provider Keralty Suffers Ransomware Attack that Disrupts its Operations*

The Schoolyard Bully Malware Infected more than 300,000 Devices to Harvest Facebook Account Credentials*

New DuckLogs Malware-as-a-Service Found to Be Used By Thousands of Cybercriminals*

Researchers Found Some NPM Tools Fail to Display Security Flaws*

NVIDIA Patches Critical GPU Display Driver Vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux*

North Korean Attackers Using New Dolphin Backdoor to Spy on South Korean Targets*

Google Released Chrome 108 to Fix High-Severity Memory Safety Vulnerabilities*

Hackers Breached GoTo's Dev Environment and Cloud Storage; Impacting its Affiliate 'LastPass'*

Researcher found Outdated OpenSSL used in Dell, HP, and Lenovo Devices*

Hive Ransomware Claims Responsibility for Attack on Guilford College in North Carolina*

Attackers using Trigona Ransomware in Increasing Worldwide Attacks*

Malicious Android App 'Symoo' Detected with 100,000 Installs on Google Play Store*

Lanner Patched Over a Dozen BMC Firmware Vulnerabilities*

Southampton County in Virginia Disclosed Theft of Individuals' Personal Information Following Ransomware Attack*

Acer Releases Patches for High Severity Vulnerability Allowing to Disable Secure Boot*

Scammers Used FC Barcelona's Website Domain for Third-Party Fraud Campaign*

Over 5.4 Million Twitter Users' Records are Freely Available on a Hacking Forum*

Researchers Discovered A Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Windows Internet Key Exchange*

A Ransomware Group Aimed at Belgian Municipality But Hits the Police Instead*

New Ransomware Attacks Targeting Ukraine Organizations Linked to Russian Sandworm Group*

Google Patches a Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Chrome Browser Update*

The Vice Society Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility of Attack on Cincinnati State College*

Hackers Target Windows Gamers with Miners and Info-Stealers via Fake MSI Afterburner*

Researchers Detected New Stealthy Variant of RansomExx Ransomware Developed Using Rust Programming Language*

Hackers Included Spyware in New Variants of SoftVPN and OpenVPN Trojan Software*

Millions of Android Devices Require Patches for ARM Mali GPU Vulnerabilities*

Ducktail Threat Actors Targeting Facebook Business Accounts via WhatsApp*

Security Researchers Disclosed a Cross-Tenant Vulnerability in AWS AppSync Service*

Pro-Russian Hackers Claim Responsibility for DDoS Attack on European Parliament Website*

Delhi's AIIMS Server Suffers a Cyberattack Disrupting Patient Care Services*

Issue in Sophos and McAfee Scanning Engines results in Bypass of Cisco Secure Email Gateway Filter*

Researchers found Sudden Spike in World Cup-Themed Phishing Emails*

The Sharkbot Banking Trojan Distributed via Fake Android File Managers*

Threat Actors Targeted Discontinued Boa Web Servers to Infiltrate Energy Organizations*

More than 1500 Mobile Applications Leaking Algolia API Keys*

An Info-Stealing Google Chrome Extension 'VenomSoftX' is Used to Steal Cryptocurrency and Passwords*

Researchers Found Cybercriminals Increasingly Adopted Aurora Infostealer Malware in their Operations*

Attackers Trying to Bypass 2FA of Crypto Exchange Platforms Via Team Viewer and Fake Support Chat*

Hacking Group Daixin Team Claims to have Stolen 5 Million AirAsia Passengers' and Employees' Data*

DraftKings’ Customers Suffer Credential Stuffing Attack Resulting in Loss of $300,000*

New AXLocker Ransomware Group Stealing Discord Accounts of Infected Users*

Attackers Using Google Ads to Spread Royal Ransomware*

New Variants of LodaRAT Malware are Being Deployed in Conjunction with Other Sophisticated Malwares*

Hackers Employing a Windows Zero-day Vulnerability to Deploy QBot Malware*

Indian Central Depository Services Limited Reveals About its Network Being Compromised by Malware*

Over 22000 Students Targeted in Credential Phishing Attack Impersonating Instagram*

Critical Omron PLC Vulnerability Exploited by Sophisticated Malware Targeting Industrial Control Systems*

Atlassian Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in Crowd Server and Bitbucket Server*

Samba Addresses Vulnerability Resulting in DoS Attacks and Remote Code Execution*

Chinese Hackers Deliver Custom Malware to Government Organizations via Google Drive*

Previously Unknown ARCrypter Ransomware Expanding its Attacks Worldwide*

Researchers Discovered a New Version of RapperBot Malware Targeting Gaming Servers*

Researchers Discovered a Phishing Kit Impersonating Well-Known Brands to Target US Consumers*

Attackers Abusing a DLL Hijacking Flaw in the Windows 10 Control Panel to Infect Systems*

Disneyland Cybercrime Group Uses Punycode to Spoof Popular Bank Brands`*

F5 Addresses Several Security Flaws and Issues in its Products*

CISA Revealed About Federal Agency Being Hacked by Iranian Hackers Using Log4Shell Exploit*

Pro-Russian Hackers Claim Responsibility for DDoS Attack on FBI Websites*

Mozilla Announced the Release of Firefox 107 with Patches of High Impact Vulnerabilities*

Hundreds of Amazon RDS Instances Leak Users’ Personal Information*

PCspooF Vulnerability in TTE Affecting Network Technology used in Aircraft and Spacecraft*

State-Sponsored Chinese Hacking Group Targeting Government and Defense Organizations in Asian Countries*

Security Researchers Disclosed Details of Security Flaws in Zendesk Analytics Service*

Spotify's Backstage Developer Platform is Vulnerable to Critical RCE Flaw*

Researchers Discovered New Version of DTrack Backdoor Targeting European Organizations*

Researchers Discovered New KmsdBot Malware Mining Cryptocurrency and Launching DDoS Attacks*

'Fangxiao' A Malicious For-Profit Group Uses 42,000 Sites for Brand Impersonation Scheme*

Researchers Identified an Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Aiphone Intercom Products*

Russian Hackers Infected Ukrainian Organizations with New Somnia Ransomware*

New Phishing Campaign Targeting Spain Taxpayers to Steal Bank Details*

Cisco Addresses 33 Vulnerabilities in its Enterprise Firewall Products*

Foxit Patches Four Code Execution Vulnerabilities in its PDF Reader*

A New Extortion Scam Threatens to Leak Websites Sensitive Information Globally*

A 24 Hour Outage has Rendered Royal Mail Tracking Unavailable*

Sobeys a Canadian Food Retail Giant Hit by Black Basta Ransomware*

New Android Spyware BadBazaar Linked to Chinese Cyberspies*

Two Malicious Android Apps Spotted Distributing Xenomorph Banking Trojan*

US Confiscates 18 Domains Used for Recruiting Money Mules*

New Version of IceXLoader Malware is Dropped Via Phishing Emails*

Threat Group ‘Worok’ Concealing New Information-Stealing Malware in PNGs*

Android Spymax RAT Malware Targets the Indian Defense Forces*

Lenovo Fixes High Severity Vulnerabilities Allowing Attackers to Deactivate UEFI Secure Boot*

New Information-Stealing Malware StrelaStealer Targeted Outlook and Thunderbird Accounts*

Intel and AMD Addresses Multiple Vulnerabilities in its Patch Tuesday Updates*

SAP Released Patches for Critical BusinessObjects and SAPUI5 Vulnerabilities*

Massive Google SEO Poisoning Campaign Hacks 15,000 Sites*

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Distributing Amadey Bot Malware Via Phishing Emails*

Cloud9 Chrome Botnet Using Malicious Extensions to Remotely Control Victim's Browsers*

Citrix Patches a Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in its ADC and Gateway Product*

VMware Patches Three Critical Vulnerabilities in Workspace ONE Assist*

Siemens and Schneider Electric Addresses Several Security Vulnerabilities in its Products*

SocGholish Operators Expands its Malware Staging Infrastructure to Counter Defenders*

Researchers Found Security Scanner URLScan Accidentally Leaking Sensitive URLs and Data*

Cyberattack on PNORS Technology Leads to the Breach of Victorian School Students' Health Records*

The Largest Canadian Food Company Maple Leaf Foods Encountered Cyberattack*

The Robin Banks Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) Platform Back to Steal Bank Accounts*

Hackers Abusing Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Voice in Phishing Attack*

CISA Warns About Critical Vulnerabilities in Three ICS Software*

Apple Releases Xcode Update to Patch Git Vulnerabilities*

Verified Twitter Users are Targeted by New Phishing Attack*

New Crimson Kingsnake Group Impersonating Law Firms in Business Email Compromise BEC Attacks*

Indian Government Employees are Being Targeted by a New Malware Campaign*

Users Across the Globe are Facing Issues in Accessing Twitter*

RomCom RAT Malware Distributed via Websites Impersonates SolarWinds NPM, KeePass, Veeam Software*

LockBit Ransomware Gang Claims Cyberattack Against German Manufacturing Company Continental*

Cisco Fixed High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Email, Identity, and Web Security Products*

ALMA Radio Telescope Suffers Cyberattack Forcing it to Suspend All Operations*

Splunk Addresses 9 High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its Enterprise Product*

Fortinet Fixed 6 High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Products*

Researchers Disclosed Multiple Vulnerabilities in Checkmk's IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software*

Threat Actor Distributing Malware Via Hundreds of U.S. News Sites*

Malicious PyPI Packages Found Dropping 'W4SP' Info-Stealing Malware*

Infamous Emotet Malware Resumed its Operation After Five-Month Break*

Vodafone Italy Disclosed Data Breach After their Reseller FourB Hit by Cyberattack*

Hacker Steals 130 GitHub Repositories from Dropbox in Data Breach*

Malicious VPN Application Infects Android Users with SandStrike Spyware*

Malicious Android Apps Downloaded Over One Million Times Spotted on Google Play Store*

OpenSSL Releases Patches to Fix Two High Severity Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Library*

Microsoft Fixed a Critical RCE Vulnerability Detected in Azure Cosmos DB Jupyter Notebooks*

Cyberattack on Air New Zealand Compromises Multiple User Accounts*

Threat Actors Abusing Antivirus Software to Drop LODEINFO Malware Targeting Japanese Organizations*

Australian Defense Contractor Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Discovered a Security Vulnerability in Galaxy Store App for Samsung*

Label Printing Giant Multi-Color Corporation Confirmed Data Breach*

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc Suffers a Data Breach*

U.S. Bank Reveals Data Leak Affecting 11,000 Customers*

See Tickets Suffers a Major Card Data Breach Lasting for 2.5 Years*

Michigan Medicine Suffered Data Breach Impacting 33K Patients*

ConnectWise Fixes the RCE Flaw that Left Thousands of Servers Vulnerable to Attacks*

Twilio, A Cloud Communications Company Discloses Another Data Breach*

Google Patches the Seventh Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Chrome Browser*

Cyberattack on Aurubis Forces IT Systems to Shut Down*

Researchers Discover Android Malware Droppers on Google Play with 130K Installations*

Threat Actors using Clop Ransomware to Encrypt Devices Previously Infected with Raspberry Robin Worm*

The Latest Fodcha Botnet Featuring Ransom Demands has Emerged*

Drinik Android Malware Impersonating Official Tax Management Tool Targeting Users of 18 Indian Banks*

Australian Clinical Labs Disclosed Data Breach After Months of Data Leak Post*

Microsoft Fixed Sync Issue in the Vulnerable Driver Blocklist*

Medibank Confirms Hackers had Accessed the Customer's Personal Information During Ransomware Attack*

New Version of FurBall Android Malware Used for Spying Iranian Citizens*

Advocate Aurora Health (AAH) Suffers Data Breach that Exposing Data of 3 Million Patients*

Ursnif Malware Switches from Stealing Bank Accounts to Gaining Access to Computers*

Hackers Exploit Microsoft Azure SFX Vulnerability to Hijack Service Fabric Clusters*

Apache Patched RCE Vulnerability in its Open-Source Commons Text Library*

WordPress Fixed 16 Vulnerabilities with Security Update 6.0.3*

Researchers Uncovered a Previously Undetected PowerShell Backdoor Infected Over 60 Users*

Microsoft Suffers Data Breach Due to Misconfigured Server that Exposes Customers’ Information Online*

Cobalt Strike Releases Out-of-Band Security Update for Critical RCE Vulnerability*

DiceyF Attackers Deploying GamePlayerFramework in Attacks Against Asian Casinos*

Hackers Targeted Hong Kong Government Agency's Network in a Year-Long Campaign*

Ransom Cartel Ransomware Shares Similar Traits with the Notorious REvil Ransomware*

Black Basta Ransomware Gang Employing Qakbot to Drop Brute Ratel C4 Framework*

MyDeal Suffers Data Breach where 2.2 Million Customers' Personal Information was Stolen*

Australia's Largest Health Insurance Company Medibank Suffers Ransomware Attack*

A Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows Mark of the Web Receives Free Unofficial Patch*

End of Life for Over 45,000 VMware ESXi Servers*

Venus Ransomware Encrypting Windows Devices via Publicly Exposed Remote Desktop Services*

New PHP Version of Ducktail Malware Targeting Facebook Business Accounts*

Zimbra Zero-Day Vulnerability Leveraged to Compromise Over 900 Servers*

Microsoft Researchers Discovered A New Prestige Ransomware Targeting Organizations in Ukraine and Poland*

Colombian Govt Suffers Data Leak Exposing Secret Australian Police Agents*

India's Largest Electric Utility Company Tata Power Hit by Cyberattack*

Microsoft Office 365 Could Expose the Content of Messages due to Vulnerable Email Encryption Mode*

Hackers Distributing Android Banking Malware Copybara Via TOAD Tactics*

Magniber Ransomware Target Windows Users Via Fake Antivirus and Security Updates*

A Critical Flaw in Siemens SIMATIC PLCs Allows Hackers to Steal Cryptographic Keys*

Cloudflare Mitigates Largest DDoS Attack Aimed at Gaming Platform Minecraft's Server*

Windows, MacOS, and Linux Systems Targeted by New Alchimist Attack Framework*

Scammers Abusing Google Forms in New Covid-19-Themed Phishing Campaign*

Unofficial WhatsApp Application 'YoWhatsApp' is Stealing User's Account*

Hackers Creating Typo-Squatted Clone Packages to Trick Developers for Supply Chain Attacks*

Aruba Addressed Critical RCE and Authentication Bypass Bugs in its EdgeConnect Enterprise Orchestrator*

POLONIUM Threat Group Uses Creepy Malware in Cyber Espionage Against Israeli Organizations*

Microsoft Exchange Servers Targeted to Drop Lockbit Ransomware*

Researchers Warn of a Critical RCE Vulnerability in VM2 Sandbox Library*

Adobe Fixes Critical Flaws in ColdFusion, Adobe Commerce and Other Products*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - October 2022*

Caffeine, a Phishing-as-a-Service Platform Makes it Easy to Launch Phishing Attacks*

Researchers Disclosed New Emotet's Delivery and Evasion Techniques*

Toyota's Access Key Mistakenly Exposed on GitHub Leaking Customer Data*

Pro-Russian Hackers Take Down US Airports' Websites with Large-scale DDoS Attacks*

Android Security Updates for October Patches Critical Vulnerabilities*

Hackers Targeting Solana Cryptocurrency Owners via Fake Phantom Security Update*

Dark Web Carding Market BidenCash Leaks Details of 1.2 Million Stolen Credit Cards*

Source Code of Intel Alder Lake's UEFI Firmware has been Leaked*

Callback Scammers Strengthen their Social Engineering Techniques*

Taiwanese Chipmaker 'ADATA' Denies RansomHouse's Recent Data Breach Claims*

Fortinet Patches Critical Auth Bypass Flaw in FortiGate Firewalls and FortiProxy Web Proxies*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting a Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability in Zimbra Collaboration Suite*

Eternity Hackers Group Offering New LilithBot Malware-as-a-Service Via Telegram Channel*

Newly Patched macOS Archive Utility Vulnerability Details Released*

Telstra's Third-Party Platform Suffers a Breach Exposing its Employee Information*

A New Bug found in Linux Kernel 5.19.12, Which Damages Intel Laptop Displays*

Hackers Breach the Tucson City's Network and Stolen the Information of Over 125,000 People*

Researchers Discovered New 'Maggie' Backdoor Targeted Several Microsoft SQL Servers*

Consumer Banking Company Chase Bank Suffers Outage which Affects UK Customers*

Live Chat App Comm100 Trojanized to Spread Malware in Supply Chain Attack*

US Alert: Hackers Using New Custom Malware to Steal Data from US Defense Organization*

Hackers Injecting Malicious JavaScript on Scammer's Crypto Sites to Steal Crypto Funds*

A Popular Chinese-language YouTube Channel found Distributing Malicious Tor Browser Installer*

A High-severity Vulnerability in Packagist PHP Repository could Lead to Supply Chain Attack*

Cheerscrypt a Linux-Based Ransomware Linked to Chinese Hackers*

Researchers Warn Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Mitigation can be Bypassed for On-premise Servers*

Hackers Selling Fake Microsoft Exchange ProxyNotShell Exploits on GitHub*

BlackCat Added NJVC to its Data Leak Site*

Threat Actors Abusing Web Browser App Mode to Create Desktop Phishing Pages*

After Data Leak, Retail Chain 'DNS' Confirmed Data Breach*

CISA Adds Critical Bitbucket Server and Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog*

Hackers Exploiting Vulnerable WordPress Websites to Inject SolarMarker Malware*

Unknown Attacker Hacked Shangri-La Hotel Group's Customer Database*

Researchers Discovered Several Fake LinkedIn Profiles for CISOs of Large Organizations*

Cisco Fixed Several High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its Networking Software*

Lazarus Attackers Using New BYOVD Technique in Cyberattacks*

Scammers Dropping Cobalt Strike Beacons via Fake US Govt Job Offers*

Microsoft Confirms New Exchange Zero-Day Flaws are Being Exploited in Wild*

Microsoft Discovered Lazarus Hackers Weaponizing Open-Source Software*

Indian Government Swachh City Platform Suffers Data Breach*

Researchers Discovered New Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Being Actively Exploited in Attacks*

Hackers Using New Malware to Backdoor VMware ESXi Servers*

Hackers are Exploiting Ethernet VLAN Stacking Flaws to Launch DoS, MiTM attacks*

Researchers Uncovered New Secret Attack Campaign Targeting Military Contractor Companies*

World's Leading Business Media Brand Fast Company Hacked by Attackers*

New Chaos Malware Launches DDoS Attacks on Windows and Linux Devices*

The Internal Revenue Service Warned American about Huge Rise in Smishing Attacks*

Cybercriminals Distributing macOS Malware via Lucrative Job Offers Impersonating*

Optus Suffers a Breach Leading to Release of 10,200 Customer Records*

NullMixer Malware Distributed via Malicious Websites Mimicking Cracked Software*

Hackers Distributing Graphite Malware Using New Code Execution Technique*

New Info-stealing Malware Erbium Target Popular Video Games Via Fake Cracks and Cheats*

Tibetan Entities Targeted by Chinese Hacker using New LOWZERO Backdoor*

WhatsApp Patched 2 Major Zero-Day Bugs that Affect Both iOS and Android Versions*

Researchers Found 'Scylla' Ad-fraud Campaign on Google Play Store and Apple Store*

An Attack Targeting Universities, Telcos, and ISPs is Discovered by Researchers*

Android Users Targeted with Info-stealing Malware Via Fake Indian Banking Rewards Apps*

Several npm Packages Published by Crypto Exchanges have been Compromised*

Microsoft Patched Spoofing Vulnerability in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager*

Microsoft SQL Servers Targeted in New TargetCompany Ransomware Attacks*

A New RCE Firewall Bug Exploited by Attackers in Sophos Firewall; Hotfix Available*

A Worldwide Outage Affects YouTube Live Streams*

GitHub Users Targeted with New Phishing Campaign*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Critical Magento Vulnerability*

Threat Actor Hacked Microsoft Exchange Servers to Spread Phishing Campaign*

CISA adds Critical ManageEngine RCE Bug to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Threat Actors Using LinkedIn Smart Links to Evade Detection in Phishing Campaign*

Over 39,000 Unauthenticated Redis Servers are Exposed to the Internet*

CISA Warns of Multiple Vulnerabilities Detected in the Dataprobe's Power Distribution Units*

15-year Old Python Vulnerability Affects more than 350,000 Open-source Repositories*

Oracle Addressed a Critical Vulnerability in its Cloud Infrastructure*

Hackers Steal $162 Million Worth of Digital Assets from Crypto Trading Firm Wintermute*

Attackers Hacked 2K Game's Support Platform to Infect Players with Malware*

Security Company Imperva Stopped a Long-lasting 25.3 Billion Request DDoS Attack*

Hive Ransomware Claimed Responsibility for Cyberattack on New York Racing Association*

Attack on Financial Technology Company Revolut Exposes 50,000 Users' Data*

Microsoft and VMware Alert on Chromeloader Malware Campaign*

U.S. Government Agencies Targeted with Better-Crafted Lures in Phishing Attacks*

American Airlines Suffered a Data Breach Exposing Employee and Customer Data*

Uber Accuses Contractor for Breach, Claims Lapsus$ Threat Group Behind the Cyberattack*

LastPass's Development Systems were Accessed for Four Days in a Data Breach*

Hacker Claims to have Stolen GTA 5 and 6 Source Code and Assets*

Security Researchers Found New Attacks of Notorious Hacking Group TeamTNT*

North Korean Attackers Targeted Media Companies with Malicious PuTTY SSH Client*

BlackCat and Quantum Ransomware Groups Using Emotet Malware to Deploy Payloads*

A Ransomware Attack Results in a Data Breach at New York Ambulance Service*

A Hacker Sells the Personal Information of 219,000 Starbucks Customers in Singapore*

Organizations Must Patch Stuxnet Vulnerabilities, Says CISA*

Uber's Internal Systems Breached Exposing Vulnerabilities Reports*

Threat Actors Distributing New Malware Bundle via YouTube*

Akamai Mitigates Another Record-Breaking DDoS Attack in Europe*

Hive Ransomware Takes Responsibility for the Attack Against Bell Technical Solutions*

Phishing Campaign Targeting Greek Taxpayers to Steal Victims' Passwords*

Scammers Using Queen’s Death to Steal Users' Microsoft Credentials in Phishing Attacks*

Lenovo Addressed Several BIOS Vulnerabilities in September 2022 Security Updates*

FBI Warns on Hackers Targeting Healthcare Payment Processors*

Hackers Target Nuclear and Genome Researchers Via Multi-Persona Impersonation Phishing Technique*

Hackers Compromise Software Provider Magento's in a Supply Chain Attack*

Cyber Espionage Attacks Targeting Asian Governments and Organizations*

WPGateway Zero-Day Vulnerability Actively Exploited in the Wild*

Apex One RCE Vulnerability is Actively Exploited, Warns Trend Micro*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - September 2022*

Lorenz Ransomware Gang Exploiting Mitel MiVoice VOIP Appliance Vulnerability*

Hacktivist Gang GhostSec Claims Responsibility for Compromising 55 Berghof PLCs in Israel*

Researchers Discovered New Android Banking Trojan 'Zanubis' Targeting Peru Banks*

Steam Community User Accounts are being Stolen Via New Browser-in-the-Browser Attacks*

Apple Addressed Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Security Updates*

American Rental Company U-Haul Confirms Data Breach, Exposed Customers' Driving License Information*

Ransomware Developers Adopting a New Encryption Technique to Evade Detection*

Six High-Severity HP Firmware Vulnerabilities Left Unpatched For Over a Year*

Admins are Urged to Patch a High-Severity Vulnerability in ConnectWise Automate Tool*

The Lampion Malware Abusing File Sharing Service WeTransfer in Phishing Attacks*

Albania Hit by Another Cyberattack, Blamed on Iran*

5 Million Attacks Blocked Targeting Zero-Day in BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin*

Bumblebee Malware Now Using New Stealthy Infection Technique*

New Attack Technique GIFShell Used to Create Reverse Shell Using Microsoft Teams GIFs*

North Korean APT Group Lazarus Targets U.S. Energy Sector*

Iranian Threat Group DEV-0270 Abusing BitLocker Feature to Encrypt Windows Systems*

The Armed Forces General Staff Agency of Portugal Suffers a Cyberattack*

Threat Actors Found Utilizing PowerShell Empire After Initial Compromise*

New Moisha Ransomware Actively Targeting Several Organizations*

Attackers Hacked 200,000 The North Face Accounts in Credential Stuffing Attack*

Threat Group APT42 Distributing a Custom Android Spyware via SMS Phishing Campaigns*

Cisco Refuses to Patch Zero-Day Vulnerability in EoL Routers*

HP Patches a High Severity Flaw in its Support Assistant Tool*

New Linux Malware Shikitega Evade Detection Via Multi-Stage Deployment*

Ransomware Attack Hits Second Largest U.S. School District Los Angeles Unified*

Mirai Variant Moobot Botnet Targeting Vulnerable D-Link Routers*

InterContinental Hotels Group Hit by Cyberattack Disrupts IT Systems*

Zyxel Addressed a New Critical RCE Vulnerability in NAS Firmware Security Updates*

Ransomware Attackers Abusing Genshin Impact Game's Anti-Cheat Driver to Kill Antivirus*

EvilProxy Phishing Toolkit Allows Hackers to Steal Authentication Tokens to Bypass MFA*

TikTok Denies Security Breach Claims, Stating the Leaked Data is Unrelated*

QNAP Fixes a Photo Station Zero-Day Vulnerability Leveraged in Deadbolt Ransomware Attacks*

Italy’s Energy Sector Hit by BlackCat Ransomware Group*

NFL's San Francisco 49ers Confirms Data Breach; Information of 20K People Stolen*

French Clothing Store, Damart Hit by Hive Ransomware; $2 Million Ransom Demanded*

The SharkBot Malware Strikes Back to Steal Login Credentials*

Threat Actors Stole Victim Data with Prynt Stealer's Backdoor*

Internal Revenue Service Accidentally Leaked Personal Information of 120,000 Taxpayers*

Google Chrome Emergency Update Patches New Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Samsung Suffers Data Breach; Users Personal Data Leaked*

Chilean Government Agency Hit by a New Ransomware Attack*

New Instagram Phishing Campaign Targets Thousands of Accounts Via Blue-Badge Offer*

Over 1,000 iOS Applications Detected Exposing AWS Credentials*

Famous Social Media Platform Twitter Suffers Outage, Thousands of Users Reported Connection Problems*

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Claims Cyberattack Against TAP Air Portugal Airline*

Malicious Google Chrome Web Browser Extensions were Downloaded by 1.4 Million Users*

A TikTok Android App Vulnerability Enable Hackers to Hijack Accounts*

New Bug in Google Chrome Lets Websites Write to Clipboard Without User Approval*

Apple Fixed an Actively Exploited iOS Zero-Day Vulnerability in Older iPhone Models*

Microsoft Azure Outage Knocks Ubuntu Virtual Machines Offline Globally*

Russian Streaming Platform START Discloses Data Breach*

Threat Actors Hide Malware in the Images of the James Webb Telescope*

Chinese Threat Actors Actively Targeting Australian Government Via ScanBox Malware*

New Golang-based 'Agenda' Ransomware Targeting Healthcare and Education Entities*

Vodafone Idea Denies Data Breach Exposing Call Data of 20 Million Customers*

Baker & Taylor the Largest Library Solution Distribution Firm Hit by Ransomware Attack*

2.5 Million U.S Students Loan Accounts Details Exposed in Nelnet Data Breach*

Akasa Air's Data Breach Exposes Passengers' Personal Information*

Russian Attackers Employing New Malware to Hijack ADFS*

Iranian Hackers Leveraging Log4j 2 Vulnerabilities in Attacks Against Israeli Entities*

CISA Added 10 New Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities to its Catalog*

Threat Actors Exfiltrated LastPass Source Code Using a Compromised Developer Account*

The DoorDash Service Reveals a New Data Breach Linked to Twilio Hack*

Threat Actors Using the Fake "Cthulhu World" P2E Project to Spread Malware that Steals Data*

A Critical RCE Vulnerability Discovered in Atlassian Bitbucket Server*

A Database Leak in India Exposed Federal Police and Banking Records*

Researchers Identified that Over 130 Entities Hit by Okta Phishing Attack*

Canadian Manufacturing Company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) Hit by Cyberattack*

Phishing Campaign Targets PyPI Maintainers Leading to Hijacking of PyPI Packages*

Cisco Fixes Two High Severity Vulnerabilities Affecting its Nexus-Series Business Switches*

Mozilla Fixes Several Vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird Products*

New Evil PLC Attack Weaponizes PLCs to Hack OT and Enterprise Networks*

Researchers Found New BEC Campaign Using MITM Attack to Monitor Microsoft 365 Accounts*

Plex Alerts Users to Reset Passwords After Detecting a Data Breach*

IBM Fixes High-Severity Vulnerabilities in its MQ Messaging Middleware*

Dominican Republic's Government Agency Suffers Quantum Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Reveal 8-Year-Old Vulnerability DirtyCred Found in Linux Kernel*

Google Researchers Identified Iranian Hackers Using a New Tool to Steal Victims’ Email Data*

France Hospital Hit by a Ransomware Attack Demanded $10 Million Dollar Ransom*

Attackers Targeted Hotel and Travel Firms Via Phishing Campaigns*

Greek Natural Gas Operator DESFA Hit by Cyberattack*

GitLab Patches a Critical RCE Vulnerability Impacting its Community and Enterprise Edition*

Researchers Find RTLS Systems Vulnerable to MiTM Attacks and Location Tampering*

Scammers used Compromised PayPal Account to send Phishing Invoice Mail to PayPal Users*

Novant Health Disclosed Data Breach; Impacts 1.3 Million Patient Records*

Researchers Discovered New 'Escanor' Malware Weaponized in Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF Documents*

Grandoreiro Banking Malware Spotted Targeting Spanish and Mexican Manufacturer Employees*

CISA Warned About a Critical SAP Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild*

Researchers Detected 241 NPM and Python Packages Drop Cryptominers on Linux Systems*

Attackers Infecting Vulnerable WordPress Websites to Deliver RAT and Trojan Malware*

FBI Alert: Attackers Using Proxy and Configurations in Credential Stuffing Attacks*

Attackers Compromised General Bytes Bitcoin ATM Servers Using a Zero-Day Flaw*

Chinese APT41 Group Targeted 13 Entities Worldwide in 2021*

Amazon Fixes a High-Severity Flaw in its Ring Application*

Cozy Bear Attackers Actively Targeting Microsoft 365 Users*

Researchers Describe Evasive DarkTortilla Crypter Used to Deliver Malware*

Threat Actors Employing Bumblebee Malware Loader to Compromise Active Directory*

Cisco Fixes a High Severity Vulnerability in Secure Web Appliance*

Google Blocked the Largest HTTPS DDoS Attack of All Time*

A New MailChimp Data Breach Exposing DigitalOcean Customers' Email Addresses*

North Korean Attackers Infecting Job Seekers with macOS Malware*

Malicious Browser Extensions Downloaded by More than 7 Million People Since 2020*

Google Released Security Update to Address a Zero-Day Flaw in Chrome Browser*

Apple Patches Two Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities in iPhone, iPad, and macOS Security Updates*

Clop Ransomware Gang Breaches UK Water Supply Company But Misattributes the Victim*

BharatPay Suffers Data Breach Exposing 37,000 Users’ Personal and Transaction Details Online*

Hacker Loots 20,000 Items Worth $6 Million from CS:GO Trading Site*

Researchers Detected AEPIC Leak and SQUIP Bugs in Intel and AMD Processors*

Twilio Data Breach Exposed Phone Numbers of 1,900 Signal Users*

Behavioral Health Group Notifies Customers of Data Breach Affecting 198K Patients*

Malicious PyPi Packages Targeting Counter-Strike Servers with DDOS Attacks*

Argentina's Judiciary of Cordoba Suffers Play Ransomware Attack*

Security Researchers Disclosed a Security Flaw in Microsoft Signed UEFI Boot Loaders*

A New SOVA Malware Variant Now Encrypts Android Files*

Realtek eCos SDK Vulnerability Expose Multiple Routers to Remote Attacks*

CISA and FBI Alerts on Zeppelin Ransomware Attacks*

VLC Media Player Banned in India, Website and Download Link Blocked*

A Malicious MiMi Chat App Drops New Backdoor rshell on Mac, Linux Systems*

Researchers Detected Security Flaws in Xiaomi Smartphones Powered by MediaTek Chips*

Scammers Abusing Google Sites and Microsoft Azure Web App to Steal Cryptocurrency Wallets*

Zimbra Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Actively Exploited to Breach Over 1000 Email Servers*

Security Researchers Identified Critical Bugs in Device42 IT Asset Management Platform*

A Threat Actor Employs a New RAT Malware in Cuba Ransomware Operation*

Cisco Confirms Yanluowang Ransomware Group Breached its Network in May,2022*

Cybersecurity Firm Detects Vulnerabilities in Indian Insurance Company Policybazaar*

Cisco Patched a Vulnerability which Allowed to Steal RSA Private Keys on ASA, FTD Devices*

Microsoft Linked Service Outage to Cisco Meraki Firewall's IDR False Positive Alert*

Palo Alto Networks Fixed a Security Vulnerability Detected in PAN-OS Firewall Configuration*

IBM Fixes Several Vulnerabilities in Cloud, Voice, Other Security Products*

CheckPoint Researchers Discovered Ten Malicious Python Packages Steal Developer's Credentials*

CISA Alerts Administrators on Windows and UnRAR Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild*

Cloudflare Also Hit by Threat Actors Responsible for Twilio Data Breach*

New Android Spyware 'Dracarys' is Distributed via Fake Signal Messaging App*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - August 2022*

Chinese Attackers Employed a New Malware to Backdoor Government and Defense Organizations*

Cloud Communications Company Twilio Discloses a Data Breach*

New Orchard Botnet Utilized Bitcoin Founder’s Account Information to Create Malicious Domains*

Email Marketing Firm Klaviyo Suffers a Data Breach*

Multinational Retail Company 7-Eleven Suffers a Cyberattack Forced to Close All Stores in Denmark*

Threat Actors Abused Hostinger’s Preview Domain Feature in Phishing Attacks*

F5 Addressed 21 Vulnerabilities in its Quarterly Security Updates*

North Korean Attackers Impersonating World's Largest Cryptocurrency Firm Coinbase to Target Fintech Industry*

Hackers Abused Snapchat and American Express Websites in Phishing Attacks*

A New Ransomware 'GwisinLocker' Encrypts Vulnerable ESXi Servers*

Slack Resets Users Passwords After a Bug Exposed Hashed Passwords*

Akamai Reports Largest Ever DDoS Attack, with 659.6 Million Packets per Second*

Cyberattack on UK Managed Service Provider Causes NHS Outage*

A Zero-Day Bug Exposes 5.4 Million Twitter Accounts*

The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) Hit by a Cyberattack*

Over 280 Million Indian Citizens' Sensitive Data Exposed Online*

CISA Urges Users to Patch Vulnerable Zimbra Email Suites*

Community Healthcare "First Choice" Impacted by a Data Breach*

New Phishing Campaign Targeting Microsoft Email Services to Launch BEC Attacks*

Researchers Detected a Critical Vulnerability Affects 29 Models of DrayTek Vigor Routers*

Vulnerability in WordPress's Download Manager Plugin Hosted on Over 100,000 Sites has been Fixed*

Researchers Detected a New 'ParseThru' Flaw Impacts Golang-Based Applications*

NVIDIA fixed several Security Flaws in GeForce Security Update*

Google Addressed Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Chrome Browser Updates*

Cisco Patches Critical Security Vulnerabilities in its VPN Routers*

CERT-In Identifies High Severity Vulnerabilities in Mac, iPhone, iPad, ChromeOS and Firefox Browser*

Attackers Stolen Wiseasy’s Employee Passwords to Access Nearly 140,000 Wiseasy Payment Terminals*

VMware Fixed a Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Affecting its Multiple Products*

Taiwanese Websites Suffers DDoS Attacks Ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Visit*

Google Released its Android OS Security Bulletin August 2022*

A Major German Semiconductor Manufacturer Semikron Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Vulnerable GitHub Actions Workflow Allows Command Execution*

Over 3,200 Apps Leak Twitter API Keys Allow Hackers to Hijack Users' Twitter Accounts*

Security Researchers Detected a Directory Traversal Arbitrary File Deletion Flaw in CompleteFTP Software*

Cybersecurity Firm Halborn Warns of New MetaMask Phishing Campaign*

Microsoft Notifies About Outlook Crashing When Reading Uber Receipt Mails*

European Natural Gas Pipeline Operator 'Creos Luxembourg' Hit by BlackCat Ransomware Attack*

Subzero Malware Exploiting Windows and Adobe Vulnerabilities*

North Korean Threat Actor Deploying Malicious Browser Extensions to Spy on Email Accounts*

A Security Researcher Detected XSS Bugs in Google Cloud, DevSite, and Google Play*

LockBit Ransomware Hackers Abusing Windows Defender to Side-Load Cobalt Strike*

Researchers Discovered Giant Network of 11,000 Fake Investment Sites Targeting Europe*

OneTouchPoint Suffers a Data Breach Affecting 30 Healthcare Entities*

Android Adware Apps are being promoted by Facebook Ads*

Federal Communications Commission warned Americans about increasing Smishing Attacks*

Malicious Android Apps are Dropping Banking Malware on User Devices via Google Play Store*

LibreOffice addresses Multiple Security Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft 365 Suffers an Outage Impacting North American Admin Center*

Threat Actors Using Hacked Microsoft SQL Servers as Proxies to Steal Bandwidth*

Hackers Stealing Discord Users’ Payment Card Info Using Malicious npm Packages*

Cloud Services Have Been Disabled by a Kansas MSP to Fend Off Cyberattack*

Hackers Exploiting Nuki Smart Lock Vulnerabilities to Open Doors*

New ‘Robin Banks’ Phishing Service Targeting Customers of Financial Organizations*

Threat Actors Hacking Microsoft Exchange Servers with IIS Backdoors*

New Phishing Campaign ‘Ducktail' Aimed at Professionals on LinkedIn*

Hackers Employ Malware and Adware to Infect 28 Google Play Store Apps*

Threat Actors Hack Blockchain Music Platform 'Audius'; $6 million Stolen*

Hackers Employing WebAssembly-Coded Cryptominers to Avoid Detection*

New Version of Amadey Malware Distributed in SmokeLoader Campaign Via Software Cracks*

Hackers Leveraging GoMet Backdoor to Target an Ukrainian Software Company*

FileWave MDM Vulnerabilities Expose 1,000 Organizations to Remote Attacks*

Researchers Found CosmicStrand UEFI Malware in Gigabyte and ASUS Motherboards*

A Zero-Day Vulnerability in PrestaShop is Being Actively Exploited to Steal Customer's Payment Information*

Policybazaar Confirms a Network Breach in its IT Systems*

Atlassian Fixed Critical Bug Enables Hackers to login Unpatched Confluence and Data Center Servers*

Attackers Using DLL Side-Loading Technique to Drop QBot Malware on User Systems*

Zyxel Releases Security Patches to Fix Vulnerabilities in its Firewall Products*

Fraudsters Targeting Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) Consumers in New Online Scam*

A Threat Actor 'Devil' claimed to have stolen Account Data of 5.4 million Twitter Users*

Russian Attackers Breach Ukrainian Media Company TAVR Media to Spread Fake News About President Volodymyr Zelenskiy*

Konni RAT Malware is Used by North Korean Hackers to Attack European Nations*

SonicWall Immediately Patches a Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability*

Hackers Employing New ‘Lightning Framework’ Linux Malware to Install Backdoors and Rootkits*

Hackers Leveraged High-Severity Google Chrome Bug to Infect Journalists*

Cryptomining Group '8220 Gang' targeting Linux and Cloud Application Vulnerabilities*

Rouge ‘YouTube’ Google Advertisem*nt Redirect Users to Windows Support Scams*

Oracle Addresses 349 New Security Vulnerabilities in its July 2022 Critical Patch Update*

Apple Addressed Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in its All Devices*

A New CloudMensis Spyware Targeting Apple macOS Users*

A New Cryptocurrency Scam Swindle Users Via Fake Nvidia Giveaway*

Russian SVR Attackers Employing Google Drive Cloud Services to Evade Detection*

Belgium Claims Chinese Threat Groups Targeting its Ministry of Defense and Interior Ministries*

Attackers Steal 50,000 Payment Card Details from 300 U.S. Restaurants in Web-Skimming Campaigns*

German-Based Giant Building Materials Producer Knauf Hit by Black Basta Ransomware Attack*

FBI Alerts of Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Apps used to trick U.S. Investors*

Flipkart owned Cleartrip Suffers Data Breach*

Albania Government Hit by a Massive Cyberattack Forced to Shut Down Websites and Online Services*

Windows Network File System Vulnerability Leads to Arbitrary Code Execution*

The Infamous Pegasus Spyware Infected Thailand Pro-Democracy Activists' Smartphones*

Threat Actors Comproised Popular Premint NFT Website and Stolen Nearly $375k Worth of NFTs*

Israel's Health Ministry Website Hit by a Cyberattack Prevented Access to Users from Abroad*

Microsoft 365 Service Outage Impacts Outlook and Exchange Online*

The Qakbot Trojan Malware Increased its Infection Rate with New Techniques*

Juniper Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in Junos OS and Contrail Networking Products*

Attackers Spoofing GitHub Commit Metadata to Mask Malicious GitHub Repositories*

Colorado Springs Utilities Issued Warning to Customers After Identifying a Data Breach*

Researchers Detected a New Netwrix Auditor Flaw which Enables Hackers to Compromise Active Directory Environment*

Researchers Disclose Use-after-free Condition in Google Chrome WebGPU*

Threat Actors Using Digium Phone Software To Actively Exploit VoIP Servers*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Modern WPBakery Page Builder Addons Vulnerability*

Threat Actors Targeting Industrial Operators Using Trojan Horse Malware and Password Cracking Ecosystem*

DDoS Attacks by the Mantis Botnet Hit Hundreds of Cloudflare Users*

Microsoft Attributed Holy Ghost Ransomware Operation to North Korean Attackers*

Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian Students in a New Spear-Phishing Email Campaign*

Hackers Targeting PayPal Users Using Phishing Kit Installed on Hacked WordPress Sites*

Nation-State Hacking Groups Targeting Journalists in Espionage and Malware Campaign*

New Retbleed Speculative Execution Attacks Impacts Intel and AMD Processors*

Famous Social Media Site, Twitter Suffers Outage; Prevented Users from Posting Tweets*

SAP Fixed Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in its July 2022 Security Patch Day*

Lenovo Fixes Three UEFI Firmware Security Flaws Impacting more than 70 Product Models*

Bandai Namco Confirmed the Cyberattack and Investigating Data Leak*

Lithuanian Energy Company 'Ignitis Group' Hit by DDOS Attack*

Researcher Detected a New Android Malware 'Autolycos' on Google Play Store, Downloaded 3 Million Times*

Uniswap Lost $8 Million Worth of Ethereum Crypto in Large-Scale Phishing Attack*

Microsoft Uncovered the Exploit Code for macOS Sandbox Escape Vulnerability*

New Data Extortion Group 'Luna Moth' Breaching Organizations Via Fake Subscription Renewals*

Microsoft Detected AiTM Phishing Campaign Targeting Over 10,000 Entities Since 2021*

Malaysia and Indonesia Hackers Launch Cyber War Against Indian Entities Due to Nupur Sharma's Controversial Comments*

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Warned of Smishing Attacks*

Siemens and Schneider Electric Addressed Several Flaws in its ICS Products*

VMware Fixes Eight-Month-Old High Severity Vulnerability in vCenter Server*

CISA Urges Federal Agencies to patch the new Windows High-Severity Vulnerability*

Adobe Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in its Acrobat, Reader, Photoshop Products*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - July 2022*

North Korean Hackers Stole $620 Million from Axie Infinity in Spear-Phishing Attack*

India’s Central Public Works Department (CPWD) Experiencing Targeted Cyberattacks Across its Offices*

Scammers Started Phishing Campaign Targeting Amazon Prime Day-Shoppers*

Attackers Leveraging Azure VMs and GitHub Actions for Cloud-Based Cryptocurrency Mining*

A Rolling-PWN Vulnerability Enables Attackers to Start Honda Vehicle Remotely*

Hackers Disguise as Cybersecurity Companies to Trick Victims into Installing Malware*

Attackers Compromised Goa’s Water Resource Department (WRD) Server and Demanded Cryptocurrency as Ransom*

New 0mega Ransomware Gang Targeting Organizations in Double-Extortion Attacks*

A New Phishing Campaign Leveraging Follina Vulnerability to Deploy Rozena Backdoor*

Hackers Targeting Russian Users by Employing a Malicious Browser Extension*

Cisco Fixes a Critical Vulnerability in its Enterprise Communication Solutions*

Fortinet Addressed Several Security Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Products*

Mangatoon Data Breach Exposed 23 Million Accounts Information*

Microsoft Patched a Flaw Crashing Office Apps While Opening with Cloud Documents*

A Canadian Communications Firm Rogers Suffers Massive Outage Affecting Mobile Service*

New Stealthy OrBit Malware Harvesting Information from Linux Systems*

Hackers Sending Fake Copyright Complaint Emails to Deploy IcedID Banking Malware*

Hackers can Exploit Online Programming Learning Websites to Launch Remote Cyberattacks*

CuteBoi Threat Group Deploys Over 1,200 NPM Malicious Packages in Large-Scale Cryptomining Campaign*

Checkmate Ransomware Attacks Targeting QNAP NAS Devices Exposed to Internet*

Hacking and Ransomware Groups Switch from Cobalt Strike to Brute Ratel Post-Exploitation Toolkit*

Bitter APT Threat Group Still Targeting Bangladesh Military Entities*

Federal Agencies Alerted on Maui Ransomware Attacks Targeting Healthcare Entities*

OpenSSL Patches a High Severity Vulnerability in Cryptographic Library*

North American Giant IT Service Provider 'SHI' Hit by a Potential Malware Attack*

Marriott Hotels Suffers a Data Breach that Exposed 20 GB of Guests Information*

USA Professional Finance Company Suffers Data Breach Affecting Patients of 650 Healthcare Providers*

Microsoft Silently Patches the ShadowCoerce Windows NTLM Relay Vulnerability*

NPM Supply Chain Attack Employed Typosquatting Technique to Launch Supply Chain Attack*

New RedAlert Ransomware Gang Targeting Windows and Linux VMware ESXi Servers*

UK Army's YouTube and Twitter Account Hacked to Promote Crypto Scams*

Google Patches An Actively Exploited New Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability*

Django Patches A High Severity SQL Injection Vulnerability in its New Release*

One Billion Chinese Citizens' Stolen Data is Being Sold by Hackers for Bitcoins*

Jenkins Revealed Several Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Plugins*

Several Flaws in Brocade SANnav Storage Area Network (SAN) Affects Multiple Major Entities*

Evilnum APT Group Makes Comeback with Updated TTPs, Targeting Fintech Entities*

Microsoft Warns of Raspberry Robin Worm Infecting Hundreds of Windows Networks Via Infected USB Drives*

A Cyberattack Over Geographical Solutions Inc. (GSI) Disrupted Unemployment Services Across the United States*

Hackers Sent Fake Suspension Notices to Verified Twitter Accounts*

Google Alerts Users about Slice Payments App which Steals Photos, Audio Records, and Call Histories*

RCE Exploit Discovered in Zoho Manage Engine AD Audit Plus Bug*

A XFiles Info-Stealing Malware Now Leveraging Follina Vulnerability in Cyberattacks*

Toll Fraud Malware Targets Android Devices by Automatically Subscribing to Premium Services*

NFT Giant OpenSea Reports Data Breach and Warned Users of Phishing Attacks*

Macmillan Publishers Suffers a Ransomware Attack; Forced to Shut Down Network*

Norway's Government Websites Suffers Multiple DDoS Attacks*

Attackers Employing New Stealthy Malware to Backdoor Microsoft Exchange Servers Worldwide*

A New Info-Stealer 'YTStealer' Targets YouTube Content Creators to Steal Authentication Tokens*

MITRE Published Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Bugs List of 2022*

Walmart Denies Yanluowang Ransomware Attack*

CISA Urged Administrators to Patch High-Severity Linux PwnKit Vulnerability*

Microsoft Patches Azure FabricScape Vulnerability Enable Hackers to Hijack Vulnerable Linux Clusters*

Amazon Patches High Severity Security Flaw in its Android Photos Application*

A Famous Raccoon Stealer Malware Returned With New Malicious Capabilities*

Researchers Found Over 900,000 Internet-Exposed Kubernetes Instances Vulnerable to Data-Exposing Cyberattacks*

Hackers Reused Same Compromised Account Credentials of Zola Website to Gain Access to User Accounts*

Threat Actors Installing New 'ZuoRAT' Malware on Unpatched SOHO Routers*

Microsoft Released Windows 10 KB5014666 Cumulative Update Include Several Bugs Fixes and New Printing Features*

American Famous Semiconductor Company AMD Investigating RansomHouse Data Theft Claims*

Unknown Threat Actor Installed Credit Card Skimmers on Bank of the West's ATMs*

A New Android Banking Malware 'Revive' Masquerades BBVA Bank’s 2FA Application*

Chinese APT Group Compromising Building Automation Systems by Leveraging Microsoft ProxyLogon Vulnerability*

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Issues New Guidance on Securing macOS Systems*

A Cyberattack Hit Iran’s Major Steel Companies and Forced to Stop Factory Production*

The Vice Society Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility of Attack on Medical University of Innsbruck*

A New Phishing Technique Uses Microsoft WebView2 Apps to Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication*

LockBit Ransomware Gang Infecting Users Via Fake Copyright Violation Emails*

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Warns on Extortionists Targeting LGBTQ+ Community*

Microsoft Downplays High Severity Vulnerabilities in Edge Web Browser, Affecting Over 150 Million Users*

Fast Shop, a Brazilian Retailer, Disclosed a Cyberattack Involving Extortion*

Cybercriminals leveraging Mitel Zero Day to Launch Suspected Ransomware Attack*

Malicious PyPi Python Packages Sending stolen AWS keys to Unsecured Websites*

A Japan Based Automotive Fabrics Distributor TB Kawashima Confirmed on a Cyberattack*

ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited data is Encrypted by Hackers and They Demand Bitcoin to Decrypt It*

Automotive Hose Maker Nichirin's USA Based Subsidiary Suffers Ransomware Attack*

CISA Warns on Threat Actors Leveraging Log4Shell Vulnerability to Hack VMware Servers*

New Quantum Builder Enable Attackers to Easily Launch Malicious Windows 'LNK' Attacks*

A New Phishing Campaign Targeting Microsoft 365 Users to Steal MetaMask Recovery Phrases*

Vulnerable QNAP NAS Devices are Targeted by DeadBolt Ransomware Attacks*

Italian Spyware Vendor Infects Android and iOS Users with help of Internet Service Providers*

SMA Technologies’ Critical OpCon UNIX Agent Vulnerability Receives A Patch*

Chinese Hacking Group Disguising Cyber Espionage Operation as Ransomware Attacks*

Lithuanian NCSC Warned of an Increase in DDoS Attacks on Government Websites*

Google Fixed 14 Vulnerabilities with the release of Chrome 103 Version*

Chinese Hackers Distributing 'Nimbda' Loader Bundled in 'SMS Bomber' Tool to Install Info-Stealer Trojan Payload*

MEGA Patches Several Critical Vulnerabilities in Encryption Algorithm*

Cloudflare Suffers Massive Outage Caused by Network Configuration Error*

Icefall 56 Vulnerabilities are affecting Operational Technology Devices used in Various Industries*

New APT Group ToddyCat Targets Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Yodel Parcel Company Suffers Cyberattack Disrupting Delivery Services*

Microsoft 365 Service Outage Impacts Microsoft Exchange Online and Teams*

A New Phishing Campaign Steals Microsoft 365 Credentials Via Fake Voicemails*

New DFSCoerce NTLM Relay Attack Enables Attackers to Take Control Over Windows Domain*

RobertHalf, Global HR Firm Warns Users About Credential Stuffing Attack*

Android Banking Trojan BRATA Now Evolving Into Advance Persistence Threat*

A New Surge in ECh0raix Ransomware Attacks Detected Targeting QNAP NAS Devices*

Hackers Dropping Malicious Cobalt Strike Beacons in a New Phishing Campaign*

Cisco Confirmed on not Patching RCE Flaw in Obsolete VPN Routers*

A New 'MaliBot' Android Banking Malware Distributing as Crypto-Mining or Chrome Browser Application*

Researchers Identified Dozen of Flaws in Industrial Network Management System of Siemens*

The United States Department of Justice Dismantled Russian RSocks Botnet Infrastructure*

A Vulnerability in Cisco Appliances Allows Hackers to Bypass Authentication*

WordPress Force-Updated Ninja Forms Plugin Patch on Millions of Websites*

Chinese Hackers Exploited Sophos Firewall Zero-day Bug Weeks Before Official Patch Release*

Africa's Largest Supermarket 'Shoprite Holdings' Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Citrix Fixed Critical ADM Vulnerability in its Security Updates*

New Peer-to-Peer Panchan Botnet Compromised Several Linux Servers in Education Sector*

Public Travis CI API Logs Exposed Thousands of GitHub, AWS, Docker Tokens*

A New Side-Channel Attack 'Hertzbleed' Affects Intel and AMD Processors*

Cloudflare Detects and Mitigates Largest HTTPS DDoS Attack*

Microsoft Fixed Actively Exploited Windows MSDT Zero-Day Vulnerability in its June 2022 Security Updates*

ALPHV Ransomware Group Created a New Technique for Extortion*

Unknown Threat Group Hacked Over 500 Indian Websites, Demanding an Apology to Muslims All Over the World*

Android Adware and Info-stealing Malware Downloaded Over Two Million Times on Google Play Store*

Nonprofit Health Care Company Kaiser Permanente Confirms on Data Breach, Affected Over 69,000 Individuals*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - June 2022*

Gallium Hackers Targeting Financial and Government Organizations Using New 'PingPull' Malware*

Attackers Deploying BlackCat Ransomware on Compromised Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Threat Actors Employing a New Linux Rootkit Malware ‘Syslogk’ in Cyberattacks*

A Stealthy Linux Malware 'Symbiote' Targeting Latin American Financial Entities*

Malicious PyPI Package ‘keep’ Contains Password Stealer Due to Typographical Error*

Hello XD Ransomware Group Now Dropping a Backdoor While Encrypting Systems*

New PACMAN Hardware Attack can Bypass Pointer Authentication (PAC) in Mac Systems*

AvosLocker and Cerber2021 Ransomware Gang Actively Targeting Unpatched Atlassian Confluence Servers*

Google Fixed Several Security Vulnerabilities in Chrome Browser Updates*

Iranian Hackers Use DNS Backdoor to Attack Energy Sector*

Hackers Distributing New Info-Stealer Malware Via Pirated CCleaner Pro Software*

Several Botnets Now Exploiting Critical Atlassian Confluence RCE Vulnerability to Deploy Cryptominers*

Researchers Identified a New Chinese-Linked APT Group Spying on Organizations for 10 Years*

The New Advanced Malware 'Symbiote' Infects All Linux Processes and Steal Account Credentials*

Threat Actors Compromised US Online Gun Shops to Steal Customers' Credit Card Details*

Emotet Malware is Now Harvesting Credit Card Information from Google Chrome Browser*

Medical Service Provider 'Shields Health Care Group' Suffers a Data Breach, Exposed Over 2,000,000 People Data*

Google Fixed Several Critical Android Flaws in June 2022 Security Updates*

Hackers Abused Facebook Messenger in Large-Scale Phishing Campaign to Steal Victims' Credentials*

Two Critical U-Boot Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Linux-Based Embedded Systems*

Black Basta Ransomware Strikes Vulnerable VMware ESXi Servers*

Threat Actors Deploying New Malware 'SVCReady' Via Phishing Campaigns*

Chinese Govt Hackers Compromise US Telecommunication Companies to Snoop on Network Traffic*

Black Basta Ransomware Group Employing QBot Malware in their Operations*

Italian City of Palermo Hit by Cyberattack, Impacting Wide Range of Operations and Services*

The LockBit Ransomware Group Claims to Infiltrate Mandiant Company's Network*

Hackers Actively Exploiting Critical Windows Zero-day Vulnerability in a Phishing Campaign*

Sensitive Data of Pharmaceutical Giant 'Novartis' Exposed in a Recent Cyberattack*

WatchDog Hacker Group Mining Crytpocurency in a Newly Launched Cryptojacking Campaign*

The Android Malware 'SMSFactory' Discreetly Subscribes Users to Premium Services*

Hackers Stolen NFTs From the Bored Ape Yacht Club Via Yuga Lab's Discord Server Hack*

GitLab Patches a Critical Account Takeover Vulnerability in its Enterprise Edition*

Malware Controlling Thousands of Sites in the Parrot TDS Network Identified by Researchers*

Chinese Threat Group LuoYu Using WinDealer Malware in Man on the Side Attacks*

Foxconn's Mexico-Based Manufacturing Unit Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Suspended Malicious OneDrive Applications Used in Polonium's Attacks*

A New Clipminer Malware Brought its Operators $1.7 Million Via Transaction Hijacking*

Hackers Actively Exploiting New Atlassian Confluence Zero-Day Vulnerability in the Wild*

Attackers Targeted Hundreds of Unsecured Elasticsearch Databases in Ransom Attack*

SideWinder APT Group Creates Fake Android VPN App on Official Google Play Store*

RuneScape-Themed Phishing Campaign Steals Users' Account Details and In-Game Item Bank PIN*

A Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows Microsoft Office Receives Free Unofficial Patch*

Researchers Found Over 3.6 Million MySQL Servers are Exposed to Public*

Costa Rica’s Public Health Service Network Hit by Hive Ransomware Attack*

Attackers can Hijack WhatsApp Accounts Using Call Forwarding Method*

Chinese APT Hackers Actively Exploiting New Microsoft Office RCE Vulnerability in the Wild*

A New XLoader Botnet Variant Hides its C2 Servers Using Probability Method*

Zoom Released Security Patches to Fix Four Critical Vulnerabilities in its Video Conferencing App*

Cisco Researchers Discovered Several Flaws in Open Automation Software Platform*

Hackers Leveraging a New Microsoft Office Zero-Day Flaw to Run PowerShell Commands*

Austrian Federal State Carinthia Hit by BlackCat Ransomware Gang*

Attackers Employing a New WSL-Based Malware to Steal Web Browser Cookies*

EnemyBot Malware Includes New Exploits for Critical Web Servers, Content Management Systems Vulnerabilities*

FBI: Attackers Marketing Network Access Credentials for U.S. Education Institutions in Hacking Forums*

Security Researchers Released Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Exploit for Critical VMware Flaw*

Microsoft Detected Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Android Applications*

Threat Actors Stole Around 100,000 NPM User Account Credentials in GitHub OAuth Breach*

Zyxel Fixed Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in its Products*

Windows 11 KB5014019 Patch Affects Trend Micro UMH Driver, Breaking Ransomware Protection*

Scammers Impersonating QuickBooks Support Team in Phishing Attack*

Threat Actor Leveraging Stealthy BPFDoor Malware to Infect Linux and Solaris Systems*

Microsoft Shared Guidelines to Mitigate KrbRelayUp LPE Attacks on Windows Systems*

New Linux-Based Ransomware 'Cheers' Targeting Vulnerable VMware ESXi Servers*

Researchers Detected a Rise in ChromeLoader Malware Infection Rate, Targeting Windows and Mac Systems*

Developers Warned Users to Stop Using Tails 5.0 Linux Distributions Until Next Release*

Popular Python and PHP libraries Compromised to Steal Users' Amazon AWS Keys and Credentials*

Russian Government Agencies Targeted by Fake Windows Updates Campaign*

Researchers Discovered a New Chaos Ransomware Variant*

Trend Micro Fixed a DLL Hijacking Vulnerability in its Security Solution*

Mozilla Fixed Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Products*

Indian Airline SpiceJet Suffers Ransomware Attack, Impacted Flight Departures*

Hackers Targeted Security Researchers with Fake Windows PoC Exploits*

US Car Manufacturer General Motors (GM) Suffers Credential Stuffing Attack, Exposed its Customers Information*

Chinese Twisted Panda APT Group Targets Russian’s Defense Institutes in Espionage Attacks*

A New Unpatched Vulnerability in PayPal Allows Hackers to Steal Money From PayPal Users*

Microsoft Store App Issues are Fixed with Emergency Updates for Windows 10*

Russian IoT Botnet Fronton Used to Launch Social Media Disinformation Campaigns*

Chicago Public Schools Suffers Massive Data Breach After Ransomware Attack*

Predator Spyware Actively Infecting Android Users in Zero-day Attacks*

Hackers Employing PDF Documents to Drop Snake Keylogger Malware*

Threat Actors Promoting New Cryptocurrency Scam Using Fake Elon Musk YouTube Videos*

Cisco Addressed a Zero-Day Vulnerability in IOS XR Router Software*

Vidar Malware is Distributed via Fake Windows 11 Downloads*

Malicious PyPI Package Drops Backdoors Targets Windows, Linux, and Mac OS*

North Korean Lazarus Hacking Group Leveraging Log4J Vulnerability to Infect VMware Servers*

QNAP Warned Customers on New DeadBolt Ransomware Attack*

Media Giant Nikkei’s Singapore Unit Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Detects a Massive Rise in XorDDoS Malware Activity Targeting Linux Devices*

Most Sophisticated BlackCat Ransomware (ALPHV) Gang Targeting Various Organizations*

NVIDIA Addressed Ten Flaws in the Windows GPU Display Drivers*

Microsoft Warns About Brute-Force Attacks Targeting MSSQL Database Servers*

VMware Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Products*

WordPress Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities in Jupiter Theme and JupiterX Core Plugins*

Over 200 Apps Found Distributing Facestealer Spyware Via Google Play Store*

Millions of Attacks Exploiting Vulnerable WordPress Tatsu Builder Plugin*

Multiple Third-Party Web Trackers Steal User's Entered Data Before Submitting*

CISA Alerts on Actively Exploited Spring And Zyxel Vulnerabilities*

A Custom PowerShell RAT Targeting German Users Looking for Ukraine Crisis Information*

Apple Patches a Zero-Day Vulnerability in its MacOS and Watch Devices*

Manufacturing Firm Parker-Hannifin Discloses Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

HTML Attachments Still Used in Phishing Emails as it Avoids Detection*

Sophos Fixes BSODs Flaw in Antivirus Driver Triggered After Windows KB5013943 Update*

CISA Warns May Windows Updates on Domain Controllers*

Fake Pixelmon NFT Site Infect Users with Password-Stealing Malware*

Attackers Promoted Fake Binance NFT Mystery Box Bots on YouTube to Install RedLine Malware*

SonicWall Patches New Vulnerabilities in its SSLVPN SMA1000 Devices*

Pro-Russian Hackers DDoS Italian Govt Sites Via “Slow HTTP” Technique*

Sysrv Botnet Variant is Now Exploiting New Vulnerabilities to Deploy Cryptomining Malware*

Massive WordPress JavaScript Injection Campaign Redirecting Visitors to Malicious Sites*

Zyxel Pacthes Critical Vulnerability in its Firewall Products*

Cobalt Mirage Attackers Using BitLocker and DiskCryptor in Ransomware Attacks*

A Stealthy BPFdoor Backdoor Targeting Linux and Solaris Systems*

FBI and CISA Warns on Supply Chain Attacks Targeting MSPs*

Bitter Hacking Group Targeting Bangladesh Government Entities via Spear-Phishing Campaigns*

HP Patches High-Severity BIOS Vulnerabilities Enabling Kernel Privileges*

Hackers Deploy a New Post-Exploitation Framework IceApple on Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Attackers Spreading Another Set of Malicious Apps Through Google Play Store*

Researchers Alerts on DCRat Backdoor Being Sold on Russian Hacking Forums*

Costa Rica Declares National Emergency Following Cyberattacks from Conti Ransomware Group*

Scammers Distributing Jester Stealer Malware in Phishing Attacks*

Microsoft Patches an Actively Exploited Windows LSA Spoofing Zero-Day Flaw*

Hackers Employing Critical F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability in Destructive Attacks*

FluBot Android Malware Aims at Finland in a New SMS Phishing Campaign*

German Automotive Industry Targeted by a Month-Long Malware Campaign*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - May 2022*

Microsoft Patches a Flaw in Azure Synapse and Azure Data Factory Pipelines*

QNAP has Fixed a Critical Vulnerability Affecting Remote Command Execution in QVR*

New Windows Worm Spreading Through Infected USB Drives*

US Agricultural Machinery Company 'AGCO' Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Google Docs Crashes at the Sight “And. And. And. And. And.”*

Attackers Hijacked Ferrari's Subdomain to Host Fake NFT Scam*

New NetDooka Malware Framework Distributed via PrivateLoader Malware Distribution Service*

Unsecured ElasticSearch Server Instance Exposed Thousands of Borrower's Data*

New Chinese Threat Group Moshen Dragon Targeting Asian Telecommunication Entities*

Security Researchers Disclose Years-Old Bugs in Avast and AVG Antivirus Solution*

Google Patches an Actively Exploited Linux Kernel Flaw in its Android Security Updates*

North Korean Hacker Group 'APT38' Linked to New Ransomware Strains*

Threat Actors Targeting Microsoft Logins from Compromised UK NHS Email Accounts*

Cisco Patches NFVIS Vulnerabilities Enabling Access to Root Privileges*

F5 Alerts Users on Critical BIG-IP RCE Vulnerability Allowing Device Takeover*

Hackers Targeting Pixiv, DeviantArt Artists to Push an Info-stealer Malware*

Pro-Ukraine Hackers Actively Exploiting Docker Images to DDoS Russian Sites*

Threat Actors Distributing Magniber Ransomware in a Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Campaign*

Over Millions of Routers and IoT Devices are Vulnerable to Unpatched DNS Vulnerability*

Aruba and Avaya Network Switches Highly Vulnerable to "TLStorm 2.0" Vulnerabilities*

Threat Actors Abusing Google’s SMTP Relay Service to Distribute Phishing Emails*

Car Rental Giant Sixt Hit by Cyberattack, Disrupting its Operations*

Threat Actors Employing Bumblebee Malware Instead of BazarLoader Malware in Cyberattacks*

Attackers Targeting Ukraine Websites from Compromised WordPress Sites in DDoS Attacks*

Synology Alerts Customers on Critical Netatalk Bugs, Affecting its Several Products*

Russian Threat Group Targeted Romanian Government Sites with DDoS Attack*

Austin Peay State University Suffers Ransomware Attack*

A YouTuber Encouraging Followers to Perform DDoS Attacks Against Russia*

Popular Social Media App Whatsapp Suffers Outage, Users Reported Connection Issues*

A NPM Flaw Enable Attackers to Add Other Developers to their Malicious Packages*

Microsoft Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server*

The RIG Exploit Kit Leverages an Internet Explorer Flaw to Spread RedLine Malware*

Chinese-Linked Threat Group 'Mustang Panda' Now Targeting Russian State Officers*

Threat Group Hive0117 Targeting Eastern European Organizations in Phishing Campaign*

QNAP Warned Customers to Disable AFP Until Critical Bugs Fixed*

Microsoft Disclosed a New 'Nimbuspwn' Vulnerability in Linux Operating System*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Critical VMware RCE Vulnerability to Deploy Backdoors*

Threat Actors Actively Spreading Emotet Malware Via Windows Shortcut Files*

Multinational Beverage Corporation Coca-Cola Suffers a Network Breach*

American Dental Associations Sensitive Data Stolen by Black Basta Ransomware*

North Korean APT Group Targeting Journalists with Malware 'Goldbackdoor'*

French Hospital Group Suffers Cyberattack; Administrative and Patient Data Exposed*

A Critical Flaw in Ever Surf Wallet Enable Attackers to Steal Victim's Cryptocurrencies*

Atlassian Patched Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw in Jira Seraph*

Hackers Slipping 'More Eggs' Malware Into Resumes Sent to Corporate Hiring Managers*

A Critical Flaw in Cisco Umbrella’s Default SSH Key Enabled Credential Theft*

UPI Suffers Outage, Social Media Flooded with Payment Failure Complaints*

T-Mobile Confirms Lapsus$ Threat Group Breached its Internal Network*

Several Critical Flaws Disclosed in SmartPTT and SmartICS Industrial Products*

QNAP Urges Users To Mitigate Critical Apache HTTP Server Flaws*

LemonDuck and TeamTNT Hacking Docker Servers in Cryptomining Malware Campaigns*

A Critical Android Chipset Vulnerability Enables Attackers to Access User's Media Files*

New BotenaGo Botnet Variant Targeting Lilin Security Camera DVR Devices*

Amazon Web Services Patches Container Escape in Log4Shell Hotfix*

Russian Threat Group Employing New Pteredo Variants to Infect Targeted Ukrainian Entities*

Hive Ransomware Group Targeting Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Emotet Botnet Increased its Infection Rate in March 2022*

CISA Warns About an Actively Exploited Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability*

QNAP Warned Customers to Secure NAS Devices from Cyberattacks*

Lenovo Disclosed UEFI Firmware Driver Vulnerabilities, Affecting Over 100 Laptop Models*

Israelian NSO Group Leveraging New iOS Flaw to Drop Spyware on iPhone Devices*

CISA Issues a Warning Regarding a North Korean Hacking Group Targeting Cryptocurrency Industries*

A Threat Actor Stole $655,388 in Cryptocurrency from Apple's iCloud*

Hackers Using Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Campaign to Infect Users*

Decentralized Finance Project Beanstalk Lost $182 Million in Flash-loan Attack*

Cisco Patches a Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in its WLC Software*

'JekyllBot:5' Bugs Enable Hackers to Compromise Aethon TUG Hospital Robots*

Hackers Accessed Several GitHub's Private Repositories Using Stolen OAuth Tokens*

Scammers Targeting T-Mobile Customers in SMS Phishing Attacks*

A Vulnerability in Rarible NFT Marketplace Let Attackers Steal Users' Crypto Assets*

Wind Turbine Manufacturer 'Nordex' Suffers Conti Ransomware Attack*

Oil India Limited (OIL) Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Targeting Ukrainian Government Entities with IcedID Malware and Zimbra Exploits*

'OldGremlin' Ransomware Group Returns with New Malware Targeting Russian Entities*

CISA Warns About an Actively Exploited Windows Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability*

Google Fixes An Actively Exploited Vulnerability in its Chrome Browser*

Malware Campaigns Targeting African Bank Employees with RemcosRAT Malware*

Russian Hackers Employ the Industroyer2 Malware to Attack Ukraine Power Grid*

Federal Agencies Issues a Joint Advisory on APT Groups Targeting ICS/SCADA Devices*

Hackers Actively Exploiting An Already Patched Critical VMware Vulnerability*

WordPress Developers Patches a Critical Flaw in Elementor Plugin*

A New Malware Tarrask Hides Scheduled Tasks Using Windows Vulnerability*

HP Patches Critical Bugs Impacting 15 Million Endpoints in Teradici PCoIP Software*

Hashnode Blogging Platform Reported to Have Critical LFI Vulnerability*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - April 2022*

Italian Luxury Fashion House 'Ermenegildo Zegna' Confirms Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Leveraging Spring4Shell Exploits to Install Mirai Malware*

American Manufacturing Company 'Snap-on' Suffers a Data Breach*

Researchers Issue Alert About Information-Stealing Malwares FFDroider & Lightning*

Qbot Operators Now Distributing Malware via MSI Windows Installer Packages*

The Android Banking Trojan Mimics Bank Customer Service Calls*

Atlassian's Ongoing Outage Might Extend Another Two Weeks*

Threat Actors Distributing a New META Malware in Spam Campaigns*

Chinese Threat Actors Actively Targeting Indian Power Grid Organizations*

New Octo Malware Let Attackers Take Control of Android Devices Remotely*

A New Traffic Direction System 'Parrot' Infects 16,500 Sites to Deploy Malware*

New Malware 'Denonia' Targets Serverless AWS Lambda with Cryptominers*

Hackers Harvesting Data Via Malicious Android Apps with Million of Downloads*

Threat Actors Using New 'FFDroider' Malware to Steal Social Media Accounts*

An Ongoing Atlassian Outage Affects Jira and Confluence Customers*

OpenSSL Infinite Loop Vulnerability Affects Palo Alto Networks Firewalls and VPNs*

Scammers Using Malicious Shopping Apps to Steal Bank Credentials of Malaysian Customers*

UK Retail Chain The Works Hit by Cyberattack*

VMware Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in its Multiple Products*

CISA Issues an Alert Relating the Active Exploitation of a Critical Spring4Shell Vulnerability*

Researchers Link Chinese Threat Group 'Cicada' to Widespread Espionage Attacks*

Hackers Breach Email Marketing Company 'Mailchimp' to Conduct Phishing Attacks*

FIN7 Hacking Group Employing Stolen Credentials and Software Supply Chain Attacks*

Several Hacking Groups Capitalizing on Russia-Ukraine War To Distribute Malware*

Threat Actors Marketing New Sophisticated Malware on Russian Hacking Forums*

Beastmode DDoS Botnet Exploiting New TOTOLINK Bugs to Enslave Routers*

New RAT Malware 'Borat' Appears on Hacking Forums, Offering Several Features*

Brokenwire Hack Could Let Attackers Disrupt Charging for Electric Vehicles Remotely*

VMware Fixes Critical Spring4Shell RCE Vulnerability in its Multiple Products*

A 15 Year Old Bug in Pear PHP Repository could Lead to Supply Chain Attack*

Trend Micro Patches Actively Exploited Vulnerability in its Apex Central Product*

Threat Actors Employ New Android Spyware to Harvest Sensitive User Data*

American Express Suffers Massive Outage, Affects Payment Services*

Threat Actors Abusing Microsoft Azure Static Web Pages in Phishing Attacks*

Hackers Using Fake Trezor Data Breach Emails to Harvest Users Cryptocurrency Assets*

CISA Warns Federal Civilian Agencies to Patch Critical Sophos Firewall Vulnerability*

Critical GitLab Vulnerability Enables Hackers to Take Over User Accounts*

Palo Alto Networks Error Leaks Customer Support Cases, Attachments*

Apple Patches Two Zero-Days in its iPhones, iPads, and Macs Devices*

Zyxel Patches Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in its Firewall and VPN Products*

Vulnerable Wyze Cam Devices Allow Hackers to View Video Feeds*

Chinese Hackers Installing New 'Fire Chili' Rootkit on Vulnerable VMware Horizon Servers*

Viasat Confirmed Satellite Modems were Compromised with AcidRain Malware*

Developers Release a Fix for a Zero-Day Vulnerability in Spring Java Framework*

A New Zero-Day Vulnerability in Spring Java Framework Allows Remote Code Execution*

A Severe OpenSSL Bug Affects the Majority of QNAP NAS Devices*

Globant, an IT and software Firm, Suffers a Data Breach; 70GB of Data is Stolen*

Viasat's KA-SAT Satellite Service Suffers From Cyberattack*

A New Spear-phishing Campaign Targets Russian Govt Dissidents with Cobalt Strike*

Russian Phishing Attacks Target NATO, and European Military Forces*

FBI Warns Election Officials of Credential Phishing Campaigns*

Transparent Tribe Hackers Targeting Indian Government Officials Via Modified MFA Tool*

Mars Stealer Malware Spreads Through OpenOffice Ads on Google*

New Malware 'Verblecon' Infects Hacked PCs with Cryptocurrency Miners*

CISA Wans of Attacks on Internet-connected UPS Devices*

Shutterfly Discloses Data Breach Post Suffering Conti Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Using Infected WordPress Sites to Launch DDoS Attacks*

Remote Keyless System of Honda Vehicles Vulnerable to Replay Attacks*

Threat Actors Targeting Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers Via Reply Chain Hijacking Attacks*

'Purple Fox' Hackers Actively Using New Variant of FatalRAT in Recent Malware Attacks*

Muhstik Botnet Targeting Redis Servers Recently Disclosed Vulnerability Via Recently Disclosed Vulnerability*

An Emergency Google Chrome Update Fixes Zero-Day Flaw Used In Attacks*

A Critical Vulnerability in Sophos Firewall Enables Remote Code Execution*

Chinese Hacking Group 'Scarab' Spotted Targeting Ukraine Amid Russia Invasion*

Threat Actors Distributing a Vidar Infostealer Via Malicious Email Attachments*

Hackers Targeting Azure Developers Via Over 200 Malicious NPM Packages*

Social Engineering Attacks Compromise Morgan Stanley Client Accounts*

Western Digital Updates My Cloud OS To Patch Critical Vulnerability*

Threat Actors Distribute a New Version of JSS Loader RAT Via Malicious Microsoft Excel Add-ins*

North Korean Hackers Actively Exploiting Recently Patched Chrome Zero-day Flaw*

VMware Releases Patches For Carbon Black App Control Flaws*

New WPS Office Flaws Give Hackers Access To Betting Firms*

China-Linked Threat Actor 'Mustang Panda' Targets European Diplomats and ISPs*

Thousands of MikroTik Routers Abused in Glupteba, TrickBot Campaigns*

Microsoft Confirms the Hack by LAPSUS$ Extortion Group, 37GB of Source Code Leaked*

New Dell BIOS Flaws Affect Millions of Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, Alienware Systems*

Several HP Printer Models Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Attacks*

Greece's Public Postal Service ' ELTA' Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Expose Custom macOS Malware of Chinese Hackers*

A New Crypto Scam Dubbed 'CryptoRom' Abusing iPhone Features to Target Mobile Users*

New Backdoor 'Serpent' Targets French Entities via Open-Source Package Installer*

Hackers Targeting Bank Networks with New Rootkit to Compromise ATM Machines*

Threat Actors Spreading BitRAT Malware as Windows 10 License Activator*

Hackers Impersonating Legit Domains by Using New Browser-in-the Browser (BITB) Attack*

Opatch Releases an Unofficial Patch For Windows Zero-Day Flaw Giving Admin Rights*

Hackers Infecting Android Users Via Password Stealing Malware 'FaceStealer'*

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) Patches High-severity Bugs in BIND Server*

A New Variant of Cyclops Blink Botnet Actively Targeting ASUS Routers*

Europe Warns of Aircraft GPS Outages Linked To Russian Invasion*

Unsecured Microsoft SQL and MySQL Servers are Targeted by Gh0stCringe Malware*

SolarWinds Warns Against Attacks Aimed at Web Help Desk Instances*

Over Hundreds of GoDaddy-Hosted Sites Were Backdoored In One Single Day*

CISA Added 15 Known Vulnerabilities Exploited in Attacks*

OpenSSL Patches a High-Severity DoS Vulnerability*

Hackers Employing Log4j Exploits to Infect Linux Machines*

A Massive Phishing Campaign Employs 500+ Domains to Steal Credentials*

Giant Automotive Manufacturer DENSO Suffers Data Breach*

QNAP Alerted on Linux 'Dirty Pipe' Vulnerability, Affecting its NAS Devices*

Threat Actors Employed CaddyWiper Data Wiping Malware in Ukraine Attacks*

New Linux Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Elevate Privileges*

Researchers found New Evidence linking Kwampirs Operators to Shamoon Malware*

Bridgstone Americas Suffers Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Vulnerable Package Managers let Attackers to Infect Developers' Systems*

Giant Video Game Developer Ubisoft Disclosed a Cyberattack, Services Disrupted*

New Variant of Aberebot Trojan Harvest Users' Google Authenticator MFA Codes*

Attackers Using YouTube Platform to Infect Video Games Players with Malware*

Threat Actors Using Custom-made Hacking Tools in Cyberattacks*

Emotet Botnet Employing Over 100,000 Bots to Carryout Cyberattacks*

Iranian Threat Group Targeting Turkey and Arabian Peninsula in Malware Attack*

Threat Actors Employing Mitel Devices to Launch DDoS Reflection Attacks*

Russian Federal Agencies' Websites Compromised in a Supply Chain Attack*

CISA Updated Conti Ransomware Alert with 100 Domains used in Cyberattacks*

Chinese Threat Actors Targeting European Diplomatic Entities in Phishing Attacks*

Scammers Impersonating Government Officials and Law Enforcement in Fraud Scams*

Coinbase Blocks Over 25,000 Blockchain Addresses Linked to Russian Individuals*

A New Linux Vulnerability Enable Hackers to Gain Root Access on Vulnerable Systems*

Microsoft Fixes a Critical Azure Bug Exposing Other Customers Data*

Romania's Rompetrol Gas Station Network Suffers Hive Ransomware Attack*

Ukraine's Computer Emergency Response Team Warns of New Phishing Attacks*

TerraMaster Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in its Network-attached Storage (NAS) Devices*

Researchers Identify SharkBot Malware Disguised as an Android Antivirus on Google Play Store*

Threat Actors Using Stolen NVIDIA's Code-signing Certificates in Cyberattacks*

Russian Government Shares a List of IP Addresses DDoSing Russian Organizations*

Vulnerable Linux Kernel Versions Enable Hackers to Execute Arbitrary Commands*

New Security Bug Affects Thousands of Self-Managed GitLab Instances*

Mozilla's Security Updates address two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox*

'Lapsus$' Hacking Group Allegedly Leaks Samsung Electronics Confidential Data*

Cisco Issue Patches for Expressway Series, TelePresence VCS Products*

Researchers Propose New Side-Channel Attack on hom*omorphic Encryption*

New York State Office of the Attorney General Warns Users Impacted by T-Mobile Data Breach*

Over 71,000 NVIDIA Employees Credentials Compromised as a Result Of a Data Breach*

Researchers Disclose a Malware Campaign Impersonating VC Firm Using Phishing Emails*

Developers Address Critical Security Flaws in Famous Multimedia Library PJSIP*

Researchers Disclose Critical Security Vulnerabilities in VoIPmonitor Monitoring Software*

Threat Actors Leveraging Log4Shell Vulnerabilities to Launch DDoS and Cryptomining Attacks*

Belarusian Nation-state Threat Group Actively Targeting European Government Entities*

TrickBot Operators Updates its AnchorDNS Backdoor to AnchorMail*

Threat Actors Abusing Google Ads to Push Hundreds of eBike Phishing Sites*

China-linked Daxin Malware Actively Targeting Several Governments Infra in Espionage Attacks*

TeaBot Malware Resurfaces on Google Play as a QR Code Scanner App*

Insurance Giant 'AON' Suffered Cyberattack Over the Weekend*

Second New Malware 'IsaacWiper' Targets Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion*

Automobile Giant 'Toyota' Halts Production Amid Cyberattack on Supplier*

Video Surveillance Giant 'Axis Communications' Suffers Massive Network Breach*

Threat Actors Abusing Content Filtering Devices in DDoS Amplification Attacks*

An Infostealer Malware 'Jester Stealer' Updated with New Malicious Capabilities*

Threat Actors Using Ransomware as Decoy in Ukraine Cyberattacks*

Android Visual Voice Mail App Vulnerability Let Attackers to Steal User Passwords*

NHS Urges Users to Patch Okta Advanced Server Client RCE Vulnerability*

American Multinational Technology Corporation 'Nvidia' Hit by Cyberattack*

Targeted Citibank Customers Suffer Phishing Attack with Fake Suspension Alerts*

Threat Group 'UNC2596' Exploiting Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities to Install Ransomware Payload*

Hackers Using Microsoft Official Store to Deploy Malware on Victims' Systems*

Threat Actor Group 'APT27' Hit US Defense Contractors Using Stealthy SockDetour Backdoor*

Deadbolt Ransomware Operators Actively Targeting ASUSTOR NAS Devices*

Researchers Identify a New Destructive Wiper Malware Leveraged in Ukraine Attacks*

CISA Warns About an Actively Exploited Flaws in Zabbix Network Monitoring Platform*

Researchers Unveil New Malware 'Small Sieve' Used by MuddyWater Hackers*

Researchers Warn of New Russian Botnet Built from Hacked Firewall Devices*

25 Malicious JavaScript Libraries Enable Hackers to Steal Users' Discord Tokens and Environment Variables*

Threat Actors Employing Dridex Bots to Deploy Ransomware Payload on Infected Networks*

Chinese Researchers Uncover Details About Equation Group's Bvp47 Backdoor*

Researchers Disclose a 9-Year-Old Bug in Horde Webmail Software*

Massive DDoS Attacks Hit Ukrainian Government Agencies and Banks Once Again*

Researchers Disclose a New Phishing Technique Bypassing Multi-factor Authentication*

Chinese Threat Group 'APT10' Targeting Taiwan Entities in a Supply Chain Attack*

Hancom Office Software Vulnerable to Code Execution and Memory Corruption Attacks*

Fraudsters Stolen $1.7 Million Worth NFTs from OpenSea Users' in a Phishing Attack*

Threat Actors Actively Scanning Vulnerable MS SQL Servers to Deploy Cobalt Strike Beacons*

A New Android Banking Trojan Spotted on Google Play Store, Targeting Europeans*

American Logistics Company 'Expeditors International' Hit by Massive Cyberattack*

Giant Cookware Distributor 'Meyer Corporation' Suffers Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack*

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Hit by Cyberattack*

WordPress Force-Updating UpdraftPlus Plugin Patch on Million of Sites*

Iranian Threat Group Leveraging Log4j Vulnerabilities to Affect VMware Horizon Servers*

PseudoManuscrypt Botnet Followed CryptBot Techniques Since May 2021*

Monzo Online Banking Users Targeted by New phishing Attack*

Popular E-cigarette Online Store was Compromised to load Credit Card Skimmer*

Adobe Updated its Security Advisory for Critical Vulnerability*

Cisco Patched high severity vulnerability Impacts Cisco Email Security Appliance*

Hackers Use Microsoft Teams Chats to Spread Malware*

Researchers Alerts on Golang-based Kraken Botnet Targeting Windows Systems*

Cyber Threat Group 'Moses Staff' Targeted Israeli Organizations*

Red Cross Claimed State-Sponsored Hacking Group Responsible for the Attack*

BEC Scammers Impersonating CEOs in Virtual Meetings*

Trickbot Malware Targeting Well-known Companies to Steal Users Credentials*

Researchers Disclosed a High-Severity Vulnerability in Apache Cassandra*

VMware Patched High Severity Vulnerabilities Affecting Several Products*

BlackCat Ransomware Group Claims Swissport Ransomware Attack*

Ukrainian Defense and Two Bank Sectors Hit By Massive DDOS Attack*

Threat Actors Employing Mylobot Malware to Send Cyberbulling Emails*

Researchers Attribute ShadowPad Malware Attacks to Chinese Threat Groups*

Japanese Sportswear Company Mizuno Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Moxa Patches 5 Critical Security Vulnerabilities in its MXview Software*

Ukraine Suffers from Ongoing Massive Hybrid Warfare*

NFL’s San Francisco 49ers Team Hit by Blackbyte Ransomware Attack*

Google Pushes a Chrome Update to Fix Zero-day in its Chrome Browser*

Adobe Fixed Critical Zero-day Vulnerability, Affects Adobe Commerce and Magento Users*

Croatian Mobile Network Operator 'A1 Hrvatska' Suffers Data Breach*

Researchers Identified New Sophisticated Rust-based Ransomware Attack*

CISA Added 16 New Flaws to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog*

Threat Group ModifiedElephant Installed Fake Digital Evidence on Indian Activists*

Apple Patches an Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaw in its Security Updates*

Threat Actor Group 'APT29' Targeted European Diplomats Via COVID-19-Themed Phishing Emails*

FritzFrog Botnet Infects 1500 Hosts Within a Span of One Month*

Researches Disclose Advanced Threat Group 'ModifiedElephant' Stealth Mode Operation Strategies*

Vulnerable 'PHP Everywhere' Plugin Pose High Risk for Thousands of WordPress Sites*

Iranian Threat Group Deploying Backdoor Dubbed Marlin in a New Espionage Campaign*

Hackers Infected Hundreds of Magento Sites in MageCart Attacks*

FBI Alerts Users of Increased SIM Swap Fraud Hijacking Victims Numbers*

Advance Threat Group Employing New Implant to Infect Middle East Entities*

Threat Actors Targeting European Android Users in Smishing Attacks*

Kimsuki Hacker Group Using Commodity RATs with Custom Gold Dragon Malware*

Google Patches Two Critical Bugs Via Android Security Updates for Feb 2022*

Vulnerable Mimosa Wireless Broadband Products are Exposed to Remote Attacks*

SAP Patches Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in its February 2022 Security Patch Day*

Vodafone Portugal Hit by Massive Cyberattack*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - February 2022*

Politically Motivated Threat Group Targeting Indian Military and Diplomatic Resources*

Medusa Malware Targeting Android Users in Smishing Campaigns*

Leading Sportswear Manufacturer Puma Suffers Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack*

DPD Group's Parcel Tracking Flaw May Expose Customers' Personal Information*

Vulnerable Argo CD Exposes Sensitive Information from Kubernetes Apps*

American Media Giant News Corp Hit by Persistent Cyberattack*

Researchers Identified a New Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Operation in Cyberattacks*

Israeli Company QuaDream Abusing iPhone Security Vulnerability to Deploy Spyware*

Switzerland's Aviation Firm Swissport Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Chinese Threat Actors Actively Exploiting a Zimbra Zero-day Vulnerability to Steal Emails*

Cisco Patches Several Flaws Discovered in Small Business RV Series Routers*

Intuit Warns of Phishing Campaign Sending Fake Account Suspended Mails*

Antlion Hackers Targeting Financial and Manufacturing Institutes Using Custom Backdoor*

Threat Actor Group 'Moses Staff' Using New StrifeWater RAT in Ransomware Attacks*

UEFI Firmware Vulnerabilities Impact at least 25 Computer Vendors*

Threat Actors Using SEO Poisoning Technique to Install Malware Package*

New Malware Used by SolarWinds Hackers Went Undiscovered for Many Years*

Kenyon Produce (KP) Snacks Company Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Morley Companies Inc. Discloses a Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

ESET Patches High Severity Vulnerability Affecting its Multiple Products*

Threat Actor Group 'Charming Kitten' Using New PowerShell Backdoor in Cyber Espionage Attacks*

SolarMarker Malware Employing Novel Techniques to Persist on Hacked Systems*

Researchers Disclose New Iranian Hacking Campaign Targeting Turkish Users*

Researchers Found a New Oski Malware Variant Dubbed ' Mars Stealer' in Cyberattacks*

Phishing Scammers Employing Malicious CSV Files to Drop Malware*

German Petrol Supply Firm Oiltanking Severely Impacted by Cyber-attack*

British Council Suffers Data Leak, 144000 Records Exposed*

Gamaredon Threat Group Using New Malicious Files in Phishing Attack*

Samba Patched a Critical Vulnerability that Let Hackers Gain Root Access*

Hackers Abusing UPnP Routers to Perform Malicious Activities*

WordPress Addresses a Critical Vulnerability in a Plugin with Over a Million Downloads*

Russian Threat actors Employ Stealthy Malwares in Cyber Espionage Campaign Dubbed 'StellarParticle'*

Taiwanese Electronics Manufacturer, Delta Hit by Conti Ransomware*

Hackers Taking Over CEO accounts Using Rogue OAuth Apps*

Phishing Operators Using a Windows Update to Install Malware*

Researchers Discover Over 20,000 Vulnerable DCIM Systems Prone to Attacks*

Finnish Diplomats’ Mobiles Infected with Pegasus Spyware*

Patched Windows Vulnerability with New Public Exploits Lets Hackers Become Admin*

Linux Version of LockBit Ransomware Targeting VMware ESXi Servers*

Discord Suffers Major Outage Caused by API and Database Issues*

Chaes Banking Trojan Hijacking Chrome with Malicious Extensions*

New FluBot and TeaBot Campaigns Abusing Android Devices Worldwide*

Phishing Attack Impersonate Shipping Giant 'Maersk' to Deploy Malware*

A Video Game Company BANDAI NAMCO Shutdown Servers to Prevent Cyberattacks*

Apple Patches New Zero-day Exploited to Hack macOS, iOS Devices*

German Government Warns of APT27 Group Backdooring Business Networks*

Linux System Service Flaw Enables Root on all Major Distros*

DazzleSpy Malware Targets macOS Users in Watering Hole Attack*

Threat Actors Employing Compromised Accounts to Deliver Large-scale Phishing Emails*

Premium Subscription-Based Scam Targeting Android Users*

TrickBot Malware Operators Added New Techniques to Elude Detections*

Russian Threat Group Targeting Government and Defense Industries*

New DeadBolt Ransomware Targets QNAP Devices, Demands 50 BTC for Master Key*

Initial Access Broker Attack VMware Horizon Servers in Log4Shell Attacks*

Canadian Government Hit by Cyberattack, Few Services Disrupted*

Threat Actors Hacked Segway Store to Steal Customers' Credit Card Data*

Emotet Spam Campaign Using Unconventional IP Address to Evade Security Detections*

Phishing Campaign Employing Malicious PowerPoint Files to Push Malware*

Threat Actors Now Actively Targeting a Patched Critical SonicWall RCE Bug*

Two CWP Bugs Allow Code Execution as Root on Linux Servers*

Android Malware BRATA Strikes Back with Enhanced Features, Wipes Device After Stealing Data*

Hackers Encrypted Belarusian Railway's Internal Servers in Protest*

Researchers Identified a New UEFI Firmware Implant in Cyberattacks*

Hackers Backdoored Over 90 WordPress Themes, Plugins in Supply Chain Attack*

Researchers Uncover 2 Flaws in Zoom Software, Resulting in Zero-click Attack*

SonicWall Provides Temp Fix For Firewalls Stuck in Reboot Loop*

CISA Discloses New 17 Vulnerabilities Exploited in Attacks*

Threat Group Molerats Targeting Middle East in Cyberespionage Campaign*

McAfee Agent Update Fixes Two High-Severity Vulnerabilities*

F5 Patches 24 Vulnerabilities in its BIG-IP, BIG-IQ, and NGINX Controller API Products*

Dutch National Cybersecurity Centre Warns of Lingering Log4j Threats*

WordPress Plugin Flaw Puts Users of 20,000 Sites at Phishing and Code Injection Risk*

Several Spyware Campaigns Stealing Credentials in Industrial Firms*

DoNot Hacking Group Targeting Government and Military Entities in South Asia*

Indonesia's Central Bank Discloses Ransomware Attack, Conti Leaks Data*

Cisco Flaws Provide Remote Attackers Root Privileges via Debug Mode*

Red Cross Cyberattack Leaks Data of 515,000 Individuals*

SolarWinds Patches Serv-U Vulnerability Exploited for Log4j Attacks*

Russian Attackers Employing Subscription-based Malware Service to Deploy Malware*

Scammers Impersonating United States Department of Labor in Phishing Campaign*

A New Stealthy Malware Targeting Users' Cryptocurrency Wallets and Passwords*

Researchers Discloses a Critical Flaw in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and ABAP Platforms*

Critical Flaw in IDEMIA Biometric Identification Devices Enable Unauthorized Access*

Large-scale Phishing Campaign Targeting Renewable Energy Firms*

Researchers Link New White Rabbit Ransomware to FIN8 Hacking Group*

Earth Lusca Hackers Targeting High-Value Targets in Government and Private Sectors*

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patches for Windows Server, VPN Bugs*

Fashion Giant Moncler Discloses Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Warns of Fake Ransomware Targeting Ukraine in Data-wiping Attacks*

High-Severity CSRF Flaw in 3 WordPress Plugins Affected 84,000 Websites*

Nintendo Warns of Phony Sites Pushing Fake Switch Discounts*

eNom Data Center Migration Process Knocks Sites Offline*

Zoho Patches a Critical Security Flaw in Desktop Central*

An Undisclosed npm Dependency Flaw Affected Facebook's Create React App*

Vulnerable Apple Safari Browser Allows Hackers to Track User Activity*

Cybercriminals Abusing Public Cloud Infrastructure to Distribute Several RAT's*

Goodwill's E-commerce Platform 'ShopGoodwill' Suffers Data Breach*

Cisco Patches a Critical Bug Affecting Unified CCMP and Unified CCDM*

Qlocker Ransomware Returns to Target QNAP NAS Devices Globally*

Defense Contractor Hensoldt Discloses a Ransomware Attack*

Massive Cyber Attack Knocks Down Several Ukrainian Government Websites*

North Korean Hackers Stealing Millions from Cryptocurrency Startups Globally*

Financially Motivated Hacking Group Targeting Cryptocurrency Startups*

Threat Actors Compromised FIFA 22 Accounts Using Social Engineering Techniques*

AWS Patched Security Vulnerabilities that Exposed AWS Customers' Information*

Sentinel LABS Released an Unofficial Patch for Privilege Escalation Vulnerability, affecting all Windows Devices*

OceanLotus Threat Group is using Web Archive Files to Install Backdoors*

Magniber Ransomware Gang now Utilizing Signed APPX Files in Attacks*

Microsoft Patched Critical Flaw in Windows HTTP Protocol Stack*

Apple Fixed a Persistent Denial of Service (DoS) Flaw Dubbed 'doorLock'*

Ransomware Operators Leveraging Log4Shell Exploit to Infect VMware Horizon Systems*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - January 2022*

New SysJoker Backdoor Actively Targeting Windows, macOS, and Linux Users*

Threat Actors Deploying New RedLine Malware Via Fake Omicron Stat Counter App*

KCodes NetUSB Kernel Module Bug Affects Millions of Routers Globally*

CISA Warns Federal Agencies of Ancient Flaws Still Being Exploited*

Threat Actor Group 'Patchwork' Infecting Users with Ragnatela Malware*

Researchers Link 'Abcbot' Botnet Operation to Xanthe Cryptomining Botnet Operators*

Threat Actors Targeting Cybersecurity Researchers and Developers in Malware Campaign*

State Hackers Employ New PowerShell Backdoor in Log4j Attacks*

Vulnerable Open-Source NPM Libraries 'colors' and 'faker' Breaks Thousands of Apps*

Linux Version of AvosLocker Ransomware Encrypting VMware ESXi Servers*

Researchers Discovered Security Flaw like Log4Shell in H2 Database Console*

A New 'Night Sky' Ransomware Targeting Corporate Companies*

Microsoft Warns of Persistent Attacks Leveraging Apache Log4j Flaws*

Y2K22 Bug Hits SonicWall's Email Security, Firewall Products*

Hackers Employ BadUSB to Target Defense Firms with Ransomware*

NHS Warns of Unknown Hacker Group Exploiting Log4Shell in VMware Horizon*

FluBot Malware Operators Targeting Europe Posing as Flash Player App*

FinalSite Hit by a Ransomware Attack that Disrupted Thousands of Schools*

QNAP Warns of Attacks Targeted at Internet-exposed NAS Devices*

North Korean Hacker Group "Konni" Attacks Russian Foreign Ministry*

Credential Stuffing Attacks Impact 1.1 Million Users at 17 Companies*

US Online Pharmacy "Ravkoo" Suffers Data Breach Post AWS Portal Hack*

Hackers Abusing Google Docs Commenting Feature to Drop Malware*

FBI Warns of an Ongoing Google Voice Authentication Scams*

Microsoft Releases an Emergency Update to Address Windows Remote Desktop Issues*

Threat Actors Injecting Web Skimmer Code to Steal Sensitive Information*

U.S. Cellular Disclose Data Breach Post Billing System Hack*

Hospitality Chain McMenamins Suffers Data Breach Post Ransowmare Attack*

Apple iOS Vulnerable to Denial of Service Flaw "doorLock"*

Broward Health Company Discloses a Data Breach, 1.3 Million Individuals Affected*

Threat Actors Deploying Purple Fox Malware via Malicious Telegram Installers*

Microsoft Release a Temporary Fix to Address Exchange Server Flaw*

Kyoto University Loses 77TB of Research Data due to Backup Error*

Netgear Leaves Six High Severity Vulnerabilities Unpatched in Nighthawk Router*

PulseTV Discloses Data Breach of 200,000 Credit Cards*

Researcher Discloses a Security Flaw in Uber's Email System*

New iLOBleed Rootkit Wiping Data from Compromised HP Enterprise Servers*

AvosLocker Ransomware Group Releases Decryptor Post Breaching US Police*

Firmware Attack May Drop Persistent Malware in Hidden SSD Area*

Chinese APT Hackers Employ Log4Shell Flaw to Attack an Academic Institution*

Prominent Crypto Trading Platform, ONUS Suffers Ransomware Attack via Log4j Hack*

Storage Devices of Several Vendors Impacted by Encryption Software Bugs*

Norwegian Media Giant Amedia Suffers Disruption Due to Cyberattack*

Researchers Disclose New Autom Cryptomining Malware Attacks Using Upgraded Evasion Tactics*

Apache Releases Log4j 2.17.1 to Address a Remote Code Execution Bug*

RedLine Malware Stealing Passwords Saved in Chromium-based Web Browsers*

BlackTech Cyber-espionage APT Targeting Japanese Companies Using Flagpro Malware*

Threat Actors Attempted to Compromise LastPass Users Master Passwords*

Researchers Identify Infiltration of Riskware Apps on Samsung's Galaxy Store*

Threat Actors Actively Abusing MSBuild for Cobalt Strike Beacon Execution*

Photo Services Giant Shutterfly Hit by Conti Ransomware Attack*

ech0raix Ransomware Group Actively Scanning for Vulnerable QNAP NAS Devices*

Pirated 'Spiderman: No Way Home' Movie Torrent Delivers Crypto-Mining Malware*

Several Vulnerabilities in Garrett Metal Detectors Let Hackers to Alter Configurations*

Global IT Services Provider Inetum Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Android Banking Trojan Spreads via Bogus Google Play Store Page*

Blackmagic Patches Critical DaVinci Resolve Code Execution Flaws*

Dridex Operators Targeting Covid-19 Victims via Omicron Phishing Taunts*

Monongalia Health System Suffers Email Breach, Affecting 400,000 Individuals*

NVIDIA and HPE Patches Apache Log4j Library Vulnerabilities in its Products*

Researchers Disclose a New Variant of Babuk Ransomware*

New Dell BIOS Updates Results in Laptops and Desktops Boot Issues*

Apple Patches macOS Security Flaw Behind Gatekeeper Bypass*

Researchers Uncover New Phishing Campaign Aimed at CoinSpot Crypto Exchange*

Threat Actors Deploying Stealthy BLISTER Malware on Windows Devices*

Pro Wrestling Tees Discloses Data Breach, 31,000 Customers Info Compromised*

Apache Patches Two Severe Security Vulnerabilities in its HTTP Server*

Microsoft Azure App Service Bug Exposes Customers Source Code Repository*

CISA, FBI and NSA Releases Joint Advisory and Scanner for Log4j Vulnerabilities*

Chinese-speaking Espionage Group Targeting Government and Transportation Sectors*

Researchers Identify Stealthy Backdoors in Auerswald's COMpact 5500R PBX's Firmware*

All Mobile Phone Generations Since 2G Vulnerable to Newly Identified Mobile Network Vulnerabilities*

FBI: Threat Actors Actively Exploiting New Zoho Zero-Day Since October 2021*

Over 820,000 Vulnerable WordPress sites are Exposed to Attacks*

PYSA Ransomware Group was Behind Major Attacks in November 2021*

Scammers Impersonate Pharmaceutical company 'Pfizer' in Phishing Attacks*

Sony Life Insurance Employee Arrested for Stealing $154 Million Dollars*

Hackers Taking Over Vulnerable Windows Domains via Elevation of Privilege Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Suspect 'Cytrox' for Distributing 'Predator' Spyware on iPhones*

Cyber Criminals Infected U.S. Federal Agency's Network with Backdoor*

Malicious Android App Distributes New Joker Malware, Infected Over 500,000 Android Users*

Hackers Distributing New Stealthy DarkWatchman Malware through Phishing Emails*

Threat Actors Revived TellYouThePass Ransomware in Linux, and Windows Log4j Attacks*

Threat Actors Exploiting Log4j Vulnerability to Deploy Dridex Banking Malware*

Western Digital Urges Users to Upgrade their My Cloud Devices*

Logistics Firm "Hellmann" Warns Users of BEC Emails Post Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Infected Over 35,000 Computers in 2021 Using a New PseudoManuscrypt Malware*

Threat Actors Targeting Spider-Man Franchise Fans with Credit-Card Harvesting*

VMware Patches a Critical Flaw in Workspace ONE UEM*

Phorpiex Botnet Surfaces Again with a more Sophisticated Variant*

Khonsari Ransomware Group Targeting Self-Hosted Minecraft Servers*

Apache Issues a New Patch to Fix 3rd Log4j Vulnerability*

Researchers Suspect New Attack Vector Identified in Log4j Exploits may Expand the Attack Surface*

Iranian State-Sponsored Hacker Abused Slack API to Steal Asian Airline Data*

US Prominent Brewery and Hotel chain "McMenamins" Hit by a Conti Ransomware Attack*

Log4j Hackers Switch to Injecting Monero Miners via RMI*

Credit Card Skimmers Targeting Ecommerce Sector via Magecart Attacks*

DDoS Mitigation Service Provider "Cloudflare" Suffers Widespread Latency and Timeouts*

A New Espionage Campaign Targeting Telecom Organizations in Middle East and Asia*

Hackers Steal Microsoft Exchange Credentials Using Backdoor "Owowa "*

Threat Actors Begin Exploiting Second Log4j Vulnerability as a Third Flaw Emerges*

Apple Releases an iOS Update for Remote Jailbreak Exploit*

PyPi Removes 3 Python Packages Suspected of Dropping a Trojan on Victim Systems*

Virginia Information Technology Agency Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Workforce Management Solutions Provider, Kronos Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Over 300,000 MikroTik Devices Still Vulnerable to Remote Hacking Flaws*

AWS Suffers Second Outage in this Month, Impacts Twitch, Zoom, PSN, Hulu, others*

Vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Chips Enable Hackers to Steal Passwords*

Researchers Identify "ALPHV" as the Most Sophisticated Ransomware in 2021*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Log4Shell Vulnerability to Deliver Malware on Vulnerable Machines*

Partially Fixed Dell Computer Drivers Still Vulnerable to Windows Kernel-level Attacks*

Threat Actors Targeting German E-Banking Users via New Phishing Campaigns*

Volvo Cars Suffers Ransomware Attack, R&D Information Exposed*

Researchers Link 'XE Group' to Eight Years of Credit Card Theft*

Apache Foundation Releases a Security Patch for Second Log4j Vulnerability*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - December 2021*

Mojang Studios Publishes an Emergency Minecraft Update Amid Critical Log4j Vulnerability Exploits*

Threat Actors Dropping Agent Tesla Malware Using PowerPoint Macros in On-going Phishing Campaigns*

Hackers Employ Known Info-stealing Malware "TinyNuke" Targeting French Users*

Researchers Disclose Building Blocks of Widely Active Qakbot Banking Trojan*

AWS Discloses the Cause Behind the Recent Massive Outage*

Researches Disclose an Active Campaign Exploiting Over Vulnerable 1.6 Million WordPress Sites*

17 Malicious NPM Packages Let Attackers to Steal Discord Tokens*

Google Pushes Emergency Chrome Update to Fix Zero-day in its Chrome Browser*

South Australian Government Data Breach Expose Over 80,000 Employees Info*

Threat Actors Targeting Enterprises Using New Zero-day Exploit for Log4j Java Library*

StrongPity Hacking Group Pushing Malware Using Malicious Notepad++ Installers*

Dark Mirai Botnet Actively Targeting Unpatched TP-Link Routers*

Hackers Targeting US Universities via Office 365 Phishing Campaigns*

Vulnerable Hikvision's IoT Devices Targeted by Moobot Botnet*

Emotet Malware is Now Installing Cobalt Strike Directly on Infected Devices*

Fujitsu Cites the Breach on Japanese Ministries' on Stolen ProjectWEB Credentials*

Cox Communications Disclose Data Breach Post Hacker Impersonates Support Agent*

SanDisk SecureAccess Flaw Enables Brute Force Attacks Against Vault Passwords*

Google Fixes High Severity Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in its Chrome Browser*

SolarWinds Hackers Targeting Government and Business Organizations Worldwide*

Phony KMSPico Software Stealing Victims' Cryptocurrency Wallets*

Hackers Employ Fake 'Spam Notification' Phishing Emails to Steal Microsoft Credentials*

SonicWall Patches Several Security Flaws in its SMA 100 Series Appliances*

Grafana Patches a Zero-day Flaw Post Exploits Spread Over Twitter*

Popular Cloud Service Providers Affected by Multiple Vulnerabilities in Eltima SDK*

AWS Suffers Outage, Impacts Ring, Netflix, and Amazon Deliveries*

QNAP Warns Users to Secure NAS Devices Against Bitcoin Miner*

Conti Ransomware Strikes Scandinavian Hotel Group "Nordic Choice"*

Hundreds of SPAR Stores Suffer Massive Outage in Northern England*

BitMart Cryptocurrency Exchnage Loses $200 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Tokens Post Hack*

Microsoft Seizes Domains Used by APT15 Chinese State Hacker Group*

Researches Disclose 17 Malicious Frameworks Used to Attack Air-Gapped Networks*

Pakistani Threat Actor "SideCopy" Targeting Indian and Afghan Governments*

Malvertising Campaigns Distributing Backdoors and Malicious Chrome Extensions*

Threat Actors Distributing Android Banking Malware "BRATA" via SMS Phishing Campaign*

Researchers Disclose 14 New XS-Leaks Attacks on Well-known Web Browsers*

Finland's National Cyber Security Centre Warns of New Android Banking Malware Campaigns*

Threat Actors Employing RTF Template Injection Method in Phishing Campaigns*

Phishing Actors Actively Exploiting Users Via Omicron Themed Phishing Campaign*

Zoho Patches a Critical ManageEngine Bug Exploited in Wild*

Pegasus Spyware Reportedly Hacked iPhones of U.S. State Department and Diplomats*

Scammer Sentenced for Stealing Millions of Dollars of Cryptocurrencies via SIM Hijacking*

Threat Actors Promoting a Malicious Android App to Steal Malaysian Bank Credentials, and MFA Codes*

BlackByte Ransomware Group Exploiting Proxy-shell Flaws to Deploy Web-shells on Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers*

New Malware "NginRAT" Actively Targeting E-commerce Servers*

Planned Parenthood LA Discloses Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Spreading Emotet via Fake Adobe Windows App Installer Packages*

Four Android Banking Trojans Infected Over 300,000 Android Devices in 2021*

Mozilla Patches a Critical Flaw in its Cross-platform Cryptography Library*

TrickBot Malware Authors Employing New Ways to Evade Detection*

Russian Threat Actors Employing Babadeda Crypter to Evade Detection*

Hardware Giant "HP" Patches 8-year-old Critical Flaws in its Multi-functional Printers*

Ohio-based DNA Testing Firm "DNA Diagnostics Center" Discloses Data Breach, Impacting 2.1 Million People*

'Sabbath' Ransomware Operators Target Critical Infrastructure in US and Canada*

North Korean Defectors and Journalists Targeted by a New Chinotto Malware*

Threat Actors Utilizing Compromised Google Cloud Instances to Mine Cryptocurrency*

Marine Services Provider "Swire Pacific Offshore" Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Hide New Linux Malware Payload in Cron Jobs to Steal Credit Card Data*

Stealthy Hacker Group "WIRTE" Targeting Governments in the Middle East*

Researchers Warn of Attacks Targeting Recently Patched Apache HTTP Server Vulnerability Exploited in Wild*

Japanese Multinational Conglomerate "Panasonic" Discloses Data Breach Post Network Hack*

Furniture Retail Giant IKEA Email Systems Hit by Ongoing Cyberattack*

Researchers Disclose New Zero-day Vulnerability in Windows 10 Mobile Device Management Service*

APT C-23 Hackers Targeting Target Middle East Users Using New Android Spyware Variant*

Researchers Uncover a New Stealthy JavaScript Malware Dropping Several Windows based RATs*

Iranian Threat Actors Exploiting Microsoft MSHTML RCE Flaw to Steal Google, Instagram Credentials*

Advanced Hacking Group Targeting Biomanufacturing Industries Via New Malware Variant*

Researchers Linked North Korean Attackers to Several Credential Theft Campaigns*

Malicious Python Libraries Steal Discord Tokens and Install Reverse Shells*

PHP Deserialize Bug in CloudLinux Imunity360 May Lead to Remote Code Execution*

"RedCurl," A Corporate Cyber Espionage Threat Group Strikes With New Hacking Tools*

Cisco Patches a High Severity Bug in its Cisco ASA and FTD Firewalls*

MediaTek Chips Bugs Affect 37% of All Smartphones and IoT Globally*

VMware Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities in its vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation*

Over 6 Million Sky Routers Vulnerable to Takeover Attacks for 17 months*

New Android Banking Malware ‘SharkBot’ Hitting Targets in U.S., UK and Italy*

North American Wind Turbine Giant "Vestas" Suffers a Data Breach*

Iran Airlines "Mahan Air" Hit By Cyber Attack*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting New Windows Installer Zero-day Flaw*

US SEC Alerts Investors About Ongoing Impersonation Attacks*

Utah Medical Center Suffers Data Breach; 582k Patients Info Stolen*

Threat Actors Hacking Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers to Hijack Internal Email Chains*

GoDaddy Suffers Data Breach Affecting 1.2 million Customers*

Android Malware BrazKing Back with New Stealthy Techniques*

Threat Actors Abusing Glitch Cloud Service to Host Short-lived Phishing Websites*

APT Group Exploiting FatPipe VPN Zero-Day Bug Since May 2021*

Vulnerable eCommerce Sites Allow Hackers to Deploy a New Linux Backdoor*

Attackers Employing Domain Fronting Technique to Evade Malicious Traffic*

Attackers Distributing Emotet Malware in New Spam Campaigns*

Netgear Fixes Pre-Authentication Buffer Overflow Bug which Affects various Products*

New TikTok Phishing Attack Targeting Influencers’ Accounts*

Emotet Botnet Returns Using TrickBot Malware*

Microsoft Released Emergency Updates to Fix Windows Server Authentication Issues*

NPM Patched Private Package Names Leak and Serious Authorization Flaw*

New Release Google Chrome 96 Shatters Twitter and Discord Web Apps*

WordPress Sites are Targeted to Display Fake Ransomware Notes*

High Severity Flaws Discovered in BIOS Firmware Affects Various Intel Processors*

Hackers Actively Targeting Alibaba ECS Instances to Deploy Cryptojacking Malware*

Lazarus Attackers Targeting Security Researchers with Trojanized IDA Pro Application*

Attackers Hacked FBI Email Servers to Distribute Spam Campaign*

American Retail Giant 'Costco' Reveals Data Breach After Identifying Credit Card Skimmer*

A Zero-Day Flaw in the Windows User Profile Service Gets Free Unofficial Patch*

BotenaGo Malware Targeting Millions of Routers and IoT Devices with 33 Exploits*

TrickBot Hackers Abused Microsoft's App Installer in Spam Campaigns*

WP Reset PRO Plugin Enables Attackers to Hijack Websites*

Netflix, Instagram, and Twitter Users are Targeted by New Android Malware*

TeamTNT Cybercrime Group Actively Targeting Vulnerable Docker Servers*

German Medical Software Company Medatixx Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Palo Alto Addresses Multiple Vulnerabilities in PAN-OS*

Clop Ransomware Gang is now Exploiting SolarWinds Serv-U flaw in Attacks*

Zombie-themed Phishing Emails Infecting Users with MirCop Ransomware*

A New Variant of Mekotio Banking Trojan Spotted in the Wild*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - November 2021*

Microsoft Warned Admins to Patch Exchange Server Vulnerability*

Cisco Patches Hard Coded Credentials and Default SSH Key Issues in its Catalyst PON Switches*

Researchers Disclose a Critical RCE Vulnerability in Linux Kernel's TIPC Module*

Scammers Harvesting Microsoft O365, Google Logins Via Fake Proofpoint Emails*

Researchers Disclose Two Critical SQL Injection Flaws in Philips Healthcare Informatics Solution*

Prominent Stock Trading Platform "Robinhood" Suffers a Data Breach*

Electronics Giant "MediaMarkt" Hit by Hive Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Actively Targeting Patched Sitecore XP RCE Flaw*

Central Depository Services (India) Limited Discloses a Data Breach*

Babuk Ransomware Deployed via Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Vulnerabilities*

New Android Rooting Malware "AbstractEmu" Takes Over Mobile Phones Via Root Access*

CISA Discloses a Catalog of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities for Multiple Products*

UK Labour Party Discloses a Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Critical Flaw in Cisco Policy Suite's Hardcoded SSH Key Lets Remote Hackers Gain Root Access*

US Defense Contractor Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) Suffers Data Breach*

Google Patches Actively Exploited Kernel Bugs in its Android November Patch*

Microsoft Suffers Outage, Blocks Access to Onedrive and Sharepoint Files*

Over 30,000 Unpatched GitLab Servers Vulnerable to Already Patched Critical RCE Flaw*

Over 1.6 Million Devices in China Infected by Pink Botnet*

Researchers Uncovered Multiple Critical Flaws in Pentaho Business Analytics Software*

Threat Actors Used Kaspersky's Stolen Amazon SES Token in Office 365 Phishing Campaigns*

Threat Actors Distributing Chaos Ransomware via Fake Minecraft 'alt list' Text Files*

Threat Actors Deploying Snake Infostealer Malware Via Phishing Emails*

Iranian Hackers Breach Israeli Web Hosting Provider"Cyberserve"*

Canadian Province Health Care System Hit by Cyberattack*

Researchers Disclose New Spook Ransomware Built on Prometheus Code Exposing All Victims*

Pirated Sports Streamer Hacked Major American Sports Leagues and Tried to Extort MLB for $150,000*

Hive Ransomware Group Launches New Variants Capable of Encrypting Linux and FreeBSD Devices*

Israeli Internet Firm Hit By Ransomware Attack Led By Iranian Hackers*

UMass Memorial Health Care Center Suffers Data Breach*

Google Fixes the Flaw Causing Chromebooks Failing to Enroll Devices*

Google Patches Two Zero-Day Bugs in Chrome Browser*

macOS Flaw Allow Hackers to Deploy Rootkits*

WordPress's OptinMonster Plugin Flaw Allow to Hijack Sites*

Threat Actors Targeting YouTubers’ in Phishing Campaigns*

Cybercriminals Delivering Ransomware via Malicious NPM Packages*

Apple Fixed 22 Security Flaws in iOS and iPadOS Devices*

Iranian Gas Station Hit by a Cyberattack*

Hackers Employing a New Squirrelwaffle Malware In Spam Email Campaigns*

Attackers Used a New Yanluowang Ransomware in Targeted Attacks*

Russian Attackers Delivering Malicious Documents in Phishing Campaign*

WordPress Plugin Flaw can Lead to Complete Takeover of Vulnerable Sites*

South Korea's Telecommunications Firm 'KT Corporation' Suffers Nationwide Outage*

CISA Advised to Fix Critical Flaw in Discourse Software*

Attacker Hijacked NPM Library to Compromise Windows and Linux Devices*

macOS Malware Utilizes New Evasion Techniques*

New PurpleFox Backdoor Uses WebSockets for C2 Communication*

SCUF Gaming International Suffers Data Breach: 32,000 Customers Affected*

Attackers Distributing Malware Through Korean Webhard and Torrent Websites*

New Threat Group Targeting South Asian Organizations Using Custom Malware*

Chinese Attackers Exploited Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability in Cyberattacks*

FBI Alerts on Fake Govt Sites Used to Steal Sensitive Information*

Telecommunications Company 'Sinclair Broadcast Group' Hit by Ransomware Attack*

The University of Sunderland Hit by Cyberattack*

Olympus US Systems Hit by Cyberattack*

Ecuador's Largest Bank 'Banco Pichincha' Hit by Cyberattack*

Microsoft Fixed Compatibility Issues in Windows 11 KB5006674 Cumulative Update*

Attackers Using Math Symbols in Phishing Campaigns*

Microsoft Azure's Customer Hit by Largest DDoS Attack*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - October 2021*

Apple Fixes a Zero-day Flaw in an Emergency iOS 15.0.2 Update*

Google Fixes Four High-Severity Flaws in its Chrome Browser*

American Pacific City Bank Hit by AvosLocker Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Targeting Linux Devices Using New FontOnLake Rootkit*

Ransomware Group FIN12 Aggressively Attacking Healthcare Sectors*

Cox Media Group Discloses a Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Impersonating "QuickBooks" in Ongoing Phishing Campaigns*

Global Brewery Firm BrewDog Exposes 200,000 Customers Sensitive Information*

Researchers Disclose New Android Malware Infecting Android Mobiles*

Telecommunication Firm 'Syniverse' Discloses a Database Breach*

Microsoft Patched Flaw Prevent Security Updates for Azure Virtual Desktops*

Apache Emergency Update Patched Incomplete Fix for Actively Exploited Bug*

Researchers Disclose UEFI Bootkit Exploiting Windows Systems Since 2012*

Live Streaming Platform 'Twitch' Suffers Massive Data Leak*

APT Group "ChamelGang" Targeting Fuel, Energy, and Aviation Industries*

Researchers Disclose Multiple Critical Flaws in Honeywell Experion PKS and ACE Controllers*

Apache Patches a Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Web Server*

The Telegraph Suffers Massive Data Breach;10 TB Database Leaked*

Researchers Link Disparate Malware Attacks to Chinese Cyber-espionage Group*

Unknown Ransomware Gang Encrypting VMware ESXi Servers Using Python Script*

Industry Publication Giant Sandhills Global Hit by a Ransomware Attack*

Misconfigured Apache Airflow Servers Leak Credentials*

New Atom Silo Ransomware Group Targeting Unpatched Confluence Servers*

An Unpatched Flaw Enables Contactless Payments From Locked iPhones*

Threat Actors Targeting Commerzbank Customers Via New Malware Campaign*

Hackers Steal Cryptocurrency from Coinbase Customers Using MFA Flaw*

Threat Actor Group "GhostEmperor" Backdooring Windows 10 Systems Using a Rootkit*

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Suffers Massive Outage Due to a Configuration Error*

Google Fixes Two Zero-Day Flaws in its Chrome Browser*

Hackers Spreading Flubot Android malware Via Fake Security Updates*

QNAP Patches 3 High-severity Stored Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Flaws Affecting NAS Devices*

MoneyLion Discloses a Data Breach Post Credential Stuffing Attacks*

Neiman Marcus Discloses a Massive Data Breach; 4.3 million Users Affected*

Fake Amnesty International Pegasus Antivirus Affects Windows Systems*

JVCKenwood Hit by CONTI Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Hijack Windows Boot Manager With UEFI Bootkit*

Microsoft Warns of Cyber Attacks Targeting Active Directory FS Servers*

Hackers Draining Brazil's PIX Payment System Users' Bank Accounts*

Researchers Linked New Tomiris Backdoor to Hackers Behind SolarWinds Cyberattack*

Giant Trucking Company "Forward Air" Suffers Data Breach*

Microsoft Suffers MFA Outage; Access to Microsoft 365 Services Blocked*

Threat Actors Distributing a New Jupyter Malware Version Via MSI Installers*

Threat Actors Stealing Financial Data from 378 Banking and Wallet Apps Via "ERMAC" Malware*

Multiple Cyberattack Campaigns Abusing Atlassian Confluence RCE Flaw*

Colossus Ransomware Hits Prominent Automobile Company in the USA*

Twitter Web Client Suffers Worldwide Outage*

Threat Actor Targets Indian Government With Commercial RATs Via Operation Armor Piercer Campaign*

QNAP Patches Two Critical Flaws in its QVR Software*

Prominent Communications Provider "" Hit By a DDoS Attack*

New Malware 'BloodyStealer' Targeting Popular Gaming Platforms*

Google Fixes High-Severity Zero-Day Flaw in its Chrome Browser*

Researcher Discloses Exploit Codes for 4 iOS Zero-Day Flaws on GitHub*

Microsoft Warns Organizations About a Wide-Scale Phishing-as-a-Service Operation*

Colombian Real Estate Firm "Coninsa Ramon" Suffers Data Breach*

Scammers Targeting US, Canada Users Via New Android Malware*

SonicWall Patches a Critical Vulnerability in its SMA 100 Series Products*

Threat Actors Deploying Web Shells Via Nagios RCE Vulnerabilities*

Researchers Disclose a Remote Code Execution Flaw in AWS WorkSpaces*

Netgear Patches a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in its Routers*

Threat Actors Employing BitRAT to Target South American Organizations via Spam Campaigns*

Cisco Patches Three Critical Flaws in its IOS XR Software*

Apple Patches a Zero-day Flaw Used to Hack iPhones and Macs*

Threat actor Group "FamousSparrow" Breaching Hotels Worldwide Via ProxyLogon Exploits*

Cyber Criminals Deploying Rootkit Via a New Bug in Microsoft Windows*

Threat Actors Targeting Organizations in Latin America Via a New Banking Trojan*

Threat Actors Employing New Malware Campaigns to Mine Cryptocurrency*

Cring Ransomware Group Actively Exploiting Decade-Old Patched ColdFusion Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Exchange's Autodiscover Flaw Leaks 100K Windows Credentials*

Russian Threat Actors Deploying TinyTurla Malware as Secondary Stage Backdoor*

VMware Fixed Critical Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability in its vCenter Server*

Researchers Disclosed a New Zero-Day Vulnerability in macOS Finder*

Republican Governors Association's Server Breached Via Microsoft Exchange Cyberattack*

US Farmer Cooperative Suffered a BlackMatter Ransomware Attack*

Over 1.4 Million COVID-19 Test Results From Multiple Hospitals Exposed in Paris*

Scammers Sending Spam Emails to Promote Elon Musk-themed Cryptocurrency Scam* Hit By a DDoS Attack; Multiple Services Impacted*

AMD Patches An Information Disclosure Flaw in its Chipset Driver*

Prominent Integration Service Provider, Travis CI Patches a Critical Security Flaw*

Researchers Uncovered Phishing Campaign "Operation Layover" Targeting Aviation Industry*

Threat Actors Deploying New Malware to Compromise Windows Subsystem for Linux Environment*

Tamil Nadu Public Department Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Netgear Patches Third Critical Bug in its Smart Switches*

Microsoft Patches a Critical Flaw in Open Management Infrastructure Affecting Azure Cloud Services*

Adobe Patches 36 Critical Vulnerabilities in its Products*

Threat Actors Impersonate US Department of Transportation to Steal Microsoft Credentials*

South Africa's Justice Ministry Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Warns of Information Leakage Vulnerability in Azure Container Instances*

Cyber Criminals Deploying New Linux Cobalt Strike Beacons in Ongoing Cyber Attacks*

Nitro Software Patches a Remote Code Execution Flaw in its Nitro Pro PDF*

Threat Actors Spreading New ZLoader Malware Through Fake TeamViewer Installer*

Millions of Computers Affected by HP Omen's Privilege Escalation Bug*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - September 2021*

Telecommunications Provider "MyRepublic" Suffers Data Breach*

New Android Banking Trojan Dubbed "S.O.V.A" Emerges With Growing Capabilities*

TeamTNT Hacking Group Stealing Credentials Using New Open-Source Tools*

Apple Patches Zero-click iPhone Exploit Deploying Pegasus Spyware*

Google Patches 2 Zero-day Flaws in its Chrome Browser*

“FudCo” Spam Empire Linked to Pakistan-based Software Firm*

Howard University Suffers Ransomware Attack Leading to Network Shutdown*

Threat Actors Targeting Kurdish Ethnic Group Via Mobile Spyware Attacks*

New Windows 0-Day Attack Targeting Users Via Weaponized Office Documents*

Meris Botnet Launches a 22 Million RPS DDoS Attack*

Cisco Patches Multiple High-Severity Flaws in its IOS XR Software*

Threat Actors Leaked 500,000 Fortinet VPN Credentials On Hacking Forum*

Zoho Patches Critical Vulnerability in its ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Solution*

Critical Flaw in HAProxy Result in HTTP Request Smuggling Attack*

FIN7 Group Deploying Backdoor Via Windows 11 Alpha-themed Word Documents*

Ribbonsoft’s dxflib Library Flaw Allow Attackers to Remotely Execute Commands*

New Malware Family Leverages CLFS Log Files to Evade Detection*

Threat Actors Hacked Jenkins Project's Confluence Server to Install Monero Miners*

NPM, Package Manager Patches a Critical Bug in the Package Pac-Resolver*

Microsoft Links SolarWinds Serv-U SSH Zero-Day Attack to Chinese Hackers*

Netgear Patches High Severity Bugs in its Smart Switches*

Threat Actors Exploiting Confluence Bug to Install Cryptocurrency Miners*

Billions of Bluetooth Devices From Multiple Vendors Remain Highly Vulnerable to BrakTooth Flaws*

Dallas Public School Suffers Data Breach*

Canada Immigration Accepts Additional 7,300 Applications in TR to PR Program Due to a Technical Bug*

Cisco Patches Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw in NFV Infrastructure Software (NFVIS)*

Over 60,000 Parked Domains Were Vulnerable to Domain Hijacking Attacks*

Autodesk Targeted By SolarWinds Hackers Via Sunburst Backdoor*

LockFile Ransomware Bypassing Protection Via Intermittent File Encryption*

Microsoft Exchange ProxyToken Flaw Allow Attackers to Access User Email Messages*

Multiple Vulnerabilities Identified in Fortress S03 Wi-Fi Home Security Systems*

Threat Actors Selling a GPU Based Malware Via Hacker Forums*

Annke Patches a Stack-based Buffer Overflow Flaw in its Video Surveillance Product*

Synology Discloses Open SSL Vulnerabilities Impacting its NAS Devices*

Attackers Abusing Proxyware Applications to Monetize Malware Campaigns*

QNAP Discloses OpenSSL Flaws Impacting its NAS Devices*

New York Credit Union Discloses An Insider Threat; 21GB of Sensitive Data Destroyed*

Google App Bug Restrict Users To Make & Receive Calls*

Attackers Distributing Phishing Mails Using Open Redirect Links*

Researchers Warn Users About Four Emerging Ransomware Groups*

FIN8 Threat Group Targeting Financial Institutions Using Sardonic Backdoor*

U.S. Based Computer Retail Company Targeted by New SideWalk Backdoor*

Critical F5 BIG-IP Vulnerability Affects Customers in Sensitive Sectors*

VMware Fixes Four High Severity Flaws in vRealize Operations Manager API*

Microsoft Power App Leaks 38 Million Sensitive Data Records Via Misconfigured Tables*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting 15 Vulnerabilities to Hack Linux Systems*

Microsoft Warns Customers of Azure Critical Cosmos DB Vulnerability*

Cisco Patched a Critical Flaw in its APIC Software*

Boston Public Library Suffers System Wide Outage*

Cyber Criminals Deploying BazaLoader Malware via Fake DDoS Notifications*

Emsisoft Releases Free Decryptor for SynAck Ransomware Victims*

Compromised WhatsApp Mod Distributing Malicious Payloads Via Supply Chain Attack*

Threat Actors Discreetly Marketing ShadowPad Malware Among Chinese Espionage Groups*

NSO Group Deploying Pegasus Spyware Via New Zero-click iPhone Exploit*

OpenSSL Vulnerabilities May Be Exploited For Multiple Cyber Attacks*

ACROS Security Releases a Micro Patch to Address PetitPotam Flaw*

Mozi, an IoT Botnet Targets Network Gateways and IoT Devices*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting Newly Disclosed Realtek SDK Vulnerabilities in the Wild*

AT&T Denies Data Breach Post Attacker Auctions 70 Million User Database*

Google Discloses Information of Unpatched Windows AppContainer Vulnerability*

Cloudflare Thwarts the Largest DDOS Attack Ever Recorded*

Microsoft Exchange Servers Under Attack By New LockFile Ransomware*

SAC Wireless, A Nokia Subsidiary Discloses Data Breach Post Conti Ransomware Attack*

Phishing Campaign Used a XSS Flaw in UPS Website to Distribute Malware*

Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers Under Attack Via ProxyShell Vulnerabilities*

Attackers Hacked US Census Bureau Servers Using Citrix Vulnerability*

Critical Vulnerability Discovered in the Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) Service of Multiple Cisco Routers*

BadAlloc Flaw Affects BlackBerry's QNX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)*

Chase Bank Suffers Data Leak Via Technical Glitch*

Data Exfiltration Attacks Can Bypass Cisco Safety Products*

Ransomware Attacks Hit Maine's Rural Sewage Treatment Plants*

Memorial Health System, Florida Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Attackers Targeting Multiple Users in Mexico via Neurevt Trojan*

Adobe Patches Critical Photoshop Security Flaws*

Critical Flaw in ThroughTek's Point-to-Point (P2P) SDKs Impacting Million IoT Devices*

Fortinet Delays Patching a Zero-day Bug in its Web Application Firewall (WAF)*

Multiple Realtek Related Flaws Affecting its Wi-Fi SDKs; Impacting Nearly a Million IoT Devices*

Tokio Marine's Singapore Branch Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Selling Ficker Info Stealer Malware as a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS)*

Iranian Government-linked Hacker Groups Conducting Cyber Espionage Activities in Israel*

Attackers Use 'CAPTCHA' Images to Trick Users into Bypassing Browser Warnings*

Brazilian National Treasury Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors may use Middleboxes Related Flaws for TCP Reflected Amplification*

Threat Actors Distributing WarzoneRAT via Compromised WordPress Sites*

TA505 Threat Group Installing ServHelper RAT Using New Techniques*

Multiple STARTTLS Related Bugs Found in Popular Email Clients*

Trend Micro Addresses Wild Zero-Day Vulnerabilities*

T-Mobile Suffers Massive Data Breach; 100 Million Customers Data Stolen*

The Infamous AlphaBay Darknet Market Has Reopened for Business*

Microsoft Spotted Hackers Using Morse Code in Phishing Campaigns to Evade Detection*

Threat Actors Employing CAPTCHA Protected Phishing Campaigns*

Scammers Impersonating FINRA in an Ongoing Phishing Campaign*

Multiple Flaws in Wodify Fitness Platform Allow Hackers to Take Control*

New AdLoad Malware Variant Escapes through Apple's XProtect Defence*

Ford Flaw Exposed Sensitive Information from Internal Systems*

Attackers Can Now Spy On DNS Traffic via Bugs in Managed DNS Services*

Intel Releases Patches for High-Severity Flaws in NUC 9 Extreme Laptops, Ethernet Linux Drivers*

Cinobi Banking Trojan Targets Cryptocurrency Exchange Users via Malvertising*

One Million Stolen Credit Cards Data Leaked on Carding Marketplace*

Gigabyte Suffers RansomEXX Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Confirms another Zero-Day Bug in Windows Print Spooler*

Accenture Hit by LockBit Ransomware Attack*

Attackers Stole Cryptocurrency worth of $600 Million*

Researchers Revealed eCh0raix Ransomware Targeting Both NAP and Synology NAS Devices*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - August 2021*

Adobe Patched Several Critical Vulnerabilities in its Products*

Russian Federal Executive Authorities Targeted by Chinese Threat Actors*

Chinese Threat Actors Targeting Prominent Southeast Asian Telecom Firms*

Joplin City Suffers from Ransomware Attack*

FatalRAT Trojan Exploiting Telegram*

New FlyTrap Malware Compromises Thousands of Facebook Accounts*

New Chinese Spyware Used in Widespread of Cyber Espionage Attacks*

VMware Patches Security Vulnerabilities in Workspace ONE Access and Identity Manager*

INFRA:HALT Flaws Affect Embedded TCP/IP Stack Widely Used in OT Devices*

Cisco: Firewall Manager RCE Flaw is a Zero-day, Patch Incoming*

Go & Rust Languages Affected by Critical IP Address Validation Flaw in "net" Library*

New York City Public School's Info Leaked; Officials Confirm*

Threat Actors are Actively Exploiting Vulnerable Home Routers*

Solarmarker Malware Targeting Healthcare and Education Sectors*

Attacker Scanning Microsoft Exchange Servers for ProxyShell Vulnerability*

New APT Threat Group Targeting Microsoft IIS Servers*

Google Fixed Several High-Severity Security Flaws in Android OS*

Linux Variant of BlackMatter Ransomware Encrypting VMware ESXi Machines*

New Android Malware Vultur Abuses Accessibility Services*

Energy Group ERG Reports Minor Interruptions Post Ransomware Attack*

Google Patches Several Chrome Vulnerabilities*

New Cobalt Strike DoS Vulnerability Allows Takedown of Attackers’ Servers*

Advanced Technology Ventures Discloses a Data Breach Attack*

Cisco Patches Pre-Auth Security Flaws in its VPN Routers*

Romania Cryptojacking Attackers Targeting Linux Devices*

Multiple TransLogic Firmware Vulnerabilities Discovered; Major Impact on North America Hospitals*

Italy's Lazio Region Suffers Ransomware Attack*

New Meteor Malware Used in Iranian Railway Attack*

Multiple Vulnerabilities Patched in WordPress Download Manager*

Node.js Patched Severe HTTP Vulnerability*

Russians Attackers Compromised Federal Prosecutors Email Accounts*

New Vulnerabilities could let Attackers to Compromise Zimbra Server via Email*

Researchers Discovered New Haron Ransomware Gang*

A New .Stolen Ransomware Deleting Disc Shadow Copies Post Encrypting Disc Drives*

LockBit 2.0 Ransomware Uses Group Policies to Encrypt Windows Domains*

Attackers Compromised Chipotle’s Marketing Account to Deliver Phishing Emails*

Multiple Flaws Discovered in 3 Open-Source Software*

DarkSide Ransomware Gang Returns as New BlackMatter Ransomware*

Attackers Installing PlugX Malware Variant on Compromised MS Exchange Servers*

Northern Ireland Suspends COVID Certificate Service Post Data Breach*

Attackers Posed as Aerobics Instructors to Target Employees*

APT Attackers Distributed Android Trojan via Syrian E-Government Portal*

UC San Diego Health Suffers Data Breach Post Phishing Attack*

Oracle Fixes Critical Flaws in its Products*

LemonDuck Malware Targeting Windows and Linux Systems*

Signal Patches a Critical Flaw in its Android Versions*

Apple Patches a Zero-day Flaw Exploited in the Wild*

XCSSET MacOS Malware Targets Telegram Accounts and Google Chrome Data*

Researchers Disclose 3 Zero-day Flaws in Kaseya Unitrends Backup Solution*

Kaseya Gets Universal Decryptor Tool to Help Victims*

Critical Security Flaws Reported in Etherpad*

Law Firm Campbell Conroy & O'Neil Suffered Ransomware Attack*

Malicious NPM Package Steals Chrome Passwords on Windows via Recovery Tool*

Federal Agencies Say China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies between 2011 and 2013*

Akamai Suffers DNS Outage; Prominent Websites and Online Services Across the Globe Impacted*

Dell Patches 3 Critical Vulnerabilities in OpenManage Enterprise Service*

Atlassian Patches Critical Vulnerability in its Jira Data Center and Jira Service Management Data Center Products*

Ecuador's State-run CNT Telco Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Juniper Fixed Multiple Flaws in its Products*

Attackers Distributing Remcos RAT via Visual Basic*

Microsoft Seizes hom*oglyph Domains used in BEC Campaign*

Saudi Aramco Suffers Data Breach; 1 TB Stolen Data for Sale*

16-Year-Old Bug Impacts Millions of HP, Samsung, Xerox Printers*

Bug discovered in Fortinet lets Attackers to run Code as Root*

WIFIDemon Leading to Remote Code Execution Attacks on iOS Devices*

Magecart Attackers Using Unique Techniques to Avoid Detection*

Cisco Patches High Severity Flaw in its ASA & FTD Software Versions*

Pegasus Spyware Infecting Prominent Personnel's Mobile Devices Across the Globe*

WildPressure APT Targeting Windows and macOS Systems via New Malware Variant*

Google Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability in its Chrome Browser*

D-Link Fixes Multiple Security Bugs in its DIR-3040 Router Version v1.13B03*

Scammers Target Comparis Group Users Post Ransomware Attack*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in NuGet Packages Affect .NET Platform*

Microsoft Patched Windows Hello Authentication Bypass Vulnerability*

Recent ZLoader Malware Attacks Adopt New Macro-Related Delivery Method*

Sage X3 Patched Multiple Security Flaws in its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Product*

Attackers Spreading BazarBackdoor Malware via Nested RAR and ZIP Archives*

SonicWall Warns of Imminent Ransomware Attacks Targeting SMA 100 & SRA VPN Appliances*

VMware Fixed Flaws In ESXi and ThinApp Applications*

Chinese Hackers Utilizing SolarWinds Zero-Day to Target US Defense Companies*

New BIOPASS RAT Live Stream Victim's Computer Screen*

Kaspersky Password Manager Generated Passwords used in Brute Force Attacks*

Adobe Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - July 2021*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - July 2021*

Kaseya Fixed Multiple VSA Bugs Exploited in REvil Ransomware Attack*

Flaws in Cisco BPA and WSA could lead to Privilege Escalation Attacks*

Mitsubishi Electric Fixed Bugs in Air Conditioner Control Systems*

Fashion Retailer Guess Suffers Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

SolarWinds Patches a Zero-day Flaw Exploited in the Wild*

Insurance Firm CNA Suffers Data Breach After Ransomware Attack*

Mint Mobile Suffers Data Breach; Hackers Port Victims Phone Numbers*

Morgan Stanley Reports Data Breach After Vendor Reports Accellion Hack*

Nobelium Hacking Group Reportedly Accessed Microsoft's Customers Support Tools*

Crypto Mining Scams Targeting Victims via Fraudulent Android Apps*

Malspam Campaign Deploying Cobalt Strike Payloads Posing as Kaseya VSA Security Update*

Microsoft Addresses Critical Edge Bug Leading to UXSS Attacks*

CISA Discloses 15 Vulnerabilities Affecting Philips Vue Healthcare Products*

Pro-Trump Social Media Site "GETTR" Suffers Data Breach*

QNAP Patches Critical Flaw in NAS Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution*

Insurance Giant AJG Reports Data Breach post a Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actor Group Wizard Spider Linked to a New Ransomware 'Diavol'*

NETGEAR Patches 3 Critical Bugs in DGN-2200v1 Series Routers*

Microsoft Urges Azure Users to Update their PowerShell Tool*

Threat Actors Hacked Mongolian Certificate Authority to Deploy Backdoors*

Threat Actors Targeting Unpatched Cisco ASA Devices Aggressively Post the PoC Release*

Kaseya Suffers Massive Ransomware Attack; Hundreds of Companies around the Globe Affected*

Retail Giant Coop Shuts Down 500 Stores Post Kaseya Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Windows Zero-day PrintNightmare Vulnerability*

Attackers Target Microsoft's Halo Development Servers via Dependency Hijacking*

Law Enforcement Officials Seize DoubleVPN Service's Servers*

WD Storage Devices Vulnerable to Ongoing Cyber-Attacks*

LinkedIn Suffers Data Breach, 700 Million Users Data Exposed*

DarkRadiation Ransomware Gang Targeting Linux & Docker Instances*

Threat Actors using WIM Files to Bypass Security Solutions via Phishing Emails*

Microsoft Signs a Rootkit Malware Disguised as Windows Driver*

Unpatched Flaws in PlingStore Apps may Lead to Supply-Chain Attacks*

Scammers Impersonating FINRA Support in a New Phishing Campaign*

Fortinet Patches 2 Vulnerabilities in its Web Application Firewall (WAF)*

High Severity Flaws Found in Vulnerable NVIDIA Jetson Chipsets*

Spam Campaign Hides "handwritten" Links in Tinder Profile Images*

Pakistan Hackers are Targeting Indian Power Company with ReverseRat*

Mercedes-Benz Suffers Data Breach*

Multiple Bugs in Dell SupportAssist; Impacts 30 Million PCs*

Researchers Discovered Security Vulnerability in 2G Mobile Data Encryption Standard*

Conti Ransomware Gang Leaked Tulsa City's Police Citation Documents*

Covid-19 tracking app ‘MassNotify’ Auto-installed on Massachusetts Android Phones*

VMware Fixed Critical Vulnerability in Carbon Black App Control*

A Partially Fixed Bug in SonicWall Affecting 800K Firewalls*

Vulnerabilities in Open Design Alliance's SDK Impacting Multiple Vendors*

Nuclear Research Agency of South Korea was Hacked Using VPN Flaw*

Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered in Schneider PowerLogic Devices*

Zephyr RTOS Patched Multiple Bugs in its Bluetooth LE Stack*

Healthcare Giant Grupo Fleury Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Palo Alto Networks Fixed Critical Vulnerability in Cortex XSOAR*

Microsoft Patched High-Pitched Noise Bug in Windows 10*

Threat Actors are Sending Fake Extortion Emails by Impersonating DarkSide Gang*

Supermarket Chain Wegmans Suffers Data Breach*

Andariel Hacking Group Targeted South Korean Industries with New Malware Campaign*

Poland Officials Targeted in Russian Cyber Attacks*

Russian Consumer Watchdog Bans VyprVPN & Opera VPN Services*

Gelsemium Hackers Target NoxPlayer with Supply Chain Attack*

Reproductive Biology Associates Clinic Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Critical Flaw in ThroughTek Allows Millions of Cameras to Spy*

Newly Discovered iPhone Bug can Disable iPhone's Wi-Fi Functionality*

Researchers Warn of SolarMarker Malware Deployed via SEO Poisoning*

Attackers Bypass Office 365 MFA in BEC Attacks*

Attackers can Access Victim Information via Vulnerability found in Microsoft Power Apps*

Instagram Bug Allows Attacker to View Private Accounts Details of the User*

Propane Service Provider AmeriGas Discloses Data Breach*

Cake Box Suffers Data Breach; Credit Card Numbers of Customers Exposed*

Clop Ransomware Gang Suspects are Arrested in Ukraine*

Google Patched Zero-Day Bug in Chrome Web Browser*

Scammers are Sending Fake Ledger Devices to Steal Cryptocurrency*

Thousands of VMWare vCenter Servers are Still Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Attacks*

Apple has Fixed 2 Zero-Day Flaws in iOS Devices*

Hackers can Spy on Samsung Mobile Users using Pre-installed Applications*

Interpol Removed Multiple Fake Online Pharmaceutical Websites*

Spain's Ministry of Labor and Social Economy Suffers Cyberattack*

Avaddon Ransomware Group Shuts Down*

Food Supply Giant Edward Don Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Ransomware Attack*

7-Year-Old Privilege Escalation Polkit Flaw Affecting Linux Devices*

McDonald's Discloses Data Breach; Customers and Employee Information Exposed*

Audi and Volkswagen Suffers Data Breach; 3.3 Million Customers Affected*

Food Giant JBS Pays $11 million to REvil Ransomware Group*

Famous Video Game Company Electronic Arts Suffers Data Breach*

WAGO Controller Flaws Could Lead to Industrial Process Disruptions*

Stolen Login Credential Marketplace Slilpp is Seized by Law Enforcement*

Fastly CDN Outage Impacted Multiple Websites*

Latest Necro Python Malware has New Exploits and Crypto Mining Capabilities*

Phishing Campaign Targets U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)*

Memory & Storage Manufacturing Giant ADATA Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Patched Vulnerability In MSGraph Component*

PuzzleMaker Threat Actors Targeting Windows 10 Systems using Chrome Zero-days*

STUN Servers Abused for DDoS Attacks*

New Siloscape Malware Targets Windows Containers to Access Vulnerable Kubernetes Clusters*

Attackers are Actively Targeting Vulnerable VMware vCenter Servers*

Google Fixed Multiple Critical Bugs In Latest Android Security Updates*

Adobe Patches 41 Vulnerabilities in 10 Products*

Intel Fixes 73 Security Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - June 2021*

EvilCorp Cybercrime Gang Mimics PayloadBIN to Evade US Sanctions*

US Truck Manufacturer Navistar Discloses Data Breach*

Cisco Patches High-Risk Security Flaws in its Multiple Products*

Open Source Application "Have I Been Pwned" Used to Expose Stolen Credentials*

Nantucket Steamship Authority Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Researchers Disclosed Critical Bug In Realtek Wi-Fi Module*

Threat Actors Deploying SkinnyBoy Malware using Malicious MS Word Documents*

Threat Actors Bypassing Ransomware Defense in Antivirus Solutions via Whitelisted Applications*

Huawei Fixed Privilege Escalation Bug in its USB LTE Dongle*

FUJIFILM Suffers Ransomware Attack*

North Korean Hacking Operation Targeting South Korea Government Units*

Multiple Products from Cisco, Akamai & Linux affected by Vulnerability in Lasso Library*

Multiple Vulnerabilities Reported in Industrial Switches from Several Vendors*

Swedish Health Agency Shuts Down SmiNet's Database after Multiple Intrusion Attempts*

Attackers Exploiting Critical Zero-day Flaw in WordPress Plugin*

Researchers Disclosed Two New Attack Techniques which Modifies Certified PDF Document Content*

New Phishing Campaign Targeting Walmart Users Discovered*

Two Domains Used In Nobelium Phishing Campaign Seized*

Food Giant JBS Shuts down Temporarily due to Cyberattack*

BazaLoader Campaign Spreading Phishing Emails to Compromise Users Windows System*

FBI Reports Attackers are Exploiting Unpatched Fortinet Devices*

Researchers Warn of Facefish Backdoor Infecting Linux Devices*

New VSCode Extensions Bugs may Lead To Supply Chain Attacks*

Siemens Patches a High-severity Memory Protection Bypass in its PLCs*

Canada Post Reports Data Breach Post Supplier Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Distributing Trojanized AnyDesk Installer via Malvertising Campaign*

SolarWinds Hackers Deploying New 'NativeZone' Backdoor via a New Supply Chain Attack*

Klarna Mobile Application's Technical Bug Leaking Users Data*

New Epsilon Red Ransomware Abusing Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Threat Actors Actively Exploiting a Command Injection Flaw in SonicWall's NSM On-Premises Products*

TPG Shutdown the Legacy TrustedCloud Service Post Data Breach*

Threat Actors Deploying Data Wiper Malware Disguised as Ransomware*

Checkbox Survey Patches Arbitrary Code Execution Flaw Being Exploited in the Wild*

Attackers Impersonating Devices via Newly Disclosed Bluetooth Bugs*

HPE Patches Critical Zero-day Flaw in Systems Insight Manager (SIM)*

Office 365 Bug Sending Exchange Online, Outlook Emails to Junk Folder*

Malware Attack Knocks out Siegfried Group’s Network*

Multiple Japanese Agencies Suffer Data Breaches in a Supply Chain Attack*

Hackers Sent Racist Registration Emails Pretending to be from Walmart*

Zeppelin Ransomware Back in Operation with an Updated Malware*

Apple Patches a Zero-day Flaw in TCC Framework*

Japan’s Omiai Dating App Data Breach; Over 2 Million Users Data Exposed*

VMware Patches Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw in vCenter*

CryptoCore Campaign Hacking Cryptocurrency Exchanges Globally*

Scheme Flooding Vulnerability Enables Hackers in Identifying Users*

Florida Water Treatment Plant Suffered a Cyber Incident Prior to the Poisoning Attack*

Ivanti Addresses a High-Severity Vulnerability in Pulse Connect Secure VPN*

Electronic Giant Bose Reports Data Breach Post Ransomware Attack*

Trend Micro Patches 3 Vulnerabilities in Home Network Security Devices*

Threat Actor Behind Infamous UPMC Breach Gets Verdict; Faces 7 Years in Prison*

Apple Patches 3 Zero-days Affecting macOS & tvOS Devices*

Microsoft Releases a Simulated Tool for Attack Scenarios*

23 Misconfigured Android Applications Leaking Users Personal Data*

Google Fixes Chrome Browser Crash on Windows 10 and Linux Platforms*

Google Patches Heap-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Chrome*

CNA Financial Paid $40 Million Ransom to Evil Corporation*

FBI Warns Organizations about Conti Ransomware*

E-commerce Giant Mercari Suffers Massive Data Breach in Codecov Incident*

QNAP Warns Organizations about Qlocker Ransomware Impacting Vulnerable HBS Devices*

Stolen Dominos India Data Up for Sale on Dark Web*

Air India Hacked; 4.5 Million Passengers Information Leaked*

Android Releases Patches for 4 New Zero-day Vulnerabilities*

New Malware Campaign Delivers Fake Ransomware*

Slack Messaging Application Suffers Massive Outage*

Over 600,000 WordPress Sites Impacted by a Vulnerability in WP Statistics Plugin*

Magecart Hackers Deploying PHP-based Backdoor via Website Favicons*

New Banking Trojan Bizzaro Targeting European and South American Banks*

Experts Warn About Ongoing AutoHotkey-Based Malware Attacks*

FBI Warns of a Spear Phishing Campaign Delivering Advanced Malware*

Student Insurance Provider Guard[.]me Suffers a Data Breach*

Insurance Giant AXA Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Threat Actors Deploying Lizar Malware under the Disguise of Ethical Hacking Tool*

APT36 Group Mimicking Legitimate Indian Military and Defense Organizations*

Monday[.]com Source Code Accessed by Codecov Hackers*

Toshiba's Subsidiary Unit Struck by DarkSide Ransomware Group*

Cisco Patches a Zero-day Bug in Cisco AnyConnect Client*

Rapid7 Source Code Accessed in Codecov Supply-chain Attack*

AMD Patches Two Flaws Bypassing AMD's SEV Protection System*

Snip3 Crypter Service Deploying Multiple RAT Variants*

Hackers Delivering Malware via Microsoft Build Engine Files*

Citrix Patches Vulnerability in Workspace Application for Windows*

New Cryptocurrency Phishing Scam Stealing Recovery Phrases via Twitter*

Colonial’s Pipeline Hack; $5 Million Ransom Paid*

QNAP warns of Zero-day Bug in Roon Servers*

Herff Jones Suffers Data Breach*

New Lorenz Ransomware Affecting Multiple Organizations Globally*

Brenntag Hack; $4.4 Million Ransom Paid*

DarkSide Ransomware Servers Seized Post-Colonial Pipeline Attack*

Lemon Duck Cryptominer Strikes Again*

Ireland’s Health Services Reports Ransomware Attack; $20 million Ransom Demanded*

Threat Actor Leaks Stolen Data Post D.C. Police Columbia Hack*

FBI and ACSC Warns of Avaddon Ransomware Attacks*

VideoLan Patches Auto-updater Bug in VLC Media Player*

Ransomware Attack on the City of Tulsa, USA*

All Wi-Fi Devices are Vulnerable to FragAttacks*

A New Qualcomm Vulnerability Impacting Android-based Mobile Devices*

Over 25% of Tor Exit Relays Spied on Users Dark Web Activities*

Google Patches 19 Bugs in Chrome 90.0.4430.212*

Twitter's New Feature Tip Jar Exposing Sensitive Information*

Cuba Ransomware Partners With Hancitor for Spam-Fueled Attacks*

Law Firm Jones Day Hit by Data Breach*

Attackers are Exploiting Authoritative DNS Servers via TsuNAME DNS Bug*

NatWest Bank Scheduled Payments Bug May Cost Customers Money*

Russian Hackers Are Allegedly Exploiting 12 Vulnerabilities in the Wild*

New Stealthy Rootkit Targeting High-Profile Organizations*

Twilio & HashiCorp Reports Cyber Attacks Post Codecov Supply Chain Hack*

UNC2529 Threat Group Delivers Three New Malware Strains via Phishing Emails*

Six Unpatched Critical Flaws Detected in Remote Mouse Application*

Foxit Patches Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerability in Foxit Reader*

Colonial Pipeline Suffers from Alleged Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Edge Crashes while Playing YouTube*

Scammers Impersonate "SNL in Elon Musk" Show in a Cryptocurrency Scam*

VMware Patches Critical Flaw in vRealize Business for Cloud Virtual Appliance*

HP Enterprise Fixes Critical Bug In Edge Platform Tool*

New Windows Malware 'Pingback' Using ICMP for C2 Operations*

N3TW0RM Ransomware Targeting Israel-based Companies*

Alaska Court System Went Offline Amid Cyber Attack*

Critical 21Nails Exim bugs Affecting Vulnerable Linux Servers*

Network Solution and Reports DNS Outage*

Tesla Car Hacked Remotely using Drones*

Dell Fixes a 12-year-old Bug in DBUtil BIOS Driver*

Insight Global's Insider Threat Leaks COVID-19 Information*

Complexcodes is Selling Subscription based Commodity Malware "WeSteal"*

Chinese Attackers Hacked Russia's Largest Nuclear Submarine Designer*

A New Malspam Campaign Distributing Rust-based Buer Malware Variant*

Intel and AMD Chips are Vulnerable to Spectre Side-Channel Attacks*

Pulse Secure Addresses VPN Zero-Day Vulnerability*

LuckyMouse Targets Multiple Organizations via Sys-update Toolkit*

Critical IP Address Validation Vulnerability found in Python*

Mount Locker Ransomware Uses New Tricks to Evade Detection*

ISC Patches Several BIND Vulnerabilities in DNS Servers*

Researchers Expose a New Iranian State-Sponsored Ransomware Campaign*

SolarMarket RAT Uses Google SEO Tactics to Lure Victims*

First Horizon Bank Hacked; $1 Million Stolen*

2 iOS Zero-day Vulnerabilities fixed by Apple*

Chinese Hackers Attacking Military Organizations in South-East Asia*

Stealthy Backdoor Infecting Linux Systems*

FBI Shares 4 Million Emotet Botnet Stolen Email Addresses*

PHP Composer Bug Ends Up in a Widespread Supply-Chain Attacks*

Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Down Post Cyberattack*

ParkMobile Stolen Customers Data Exposed Online*

Whistler Resort Municipality Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Uncovered Critical Code Execution Bugs In IoT, OT Devices*

DigitalOcean Data Breach Exposes Customer Billing Information*

Brazil's Rio Grande Do Sul Court System Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Attackers are exploiting SonicWall Zero-day for Ransomware Attacks*

F5 Discloses KDC Spoofing Vulnerability in BIG-IP Consoles*

UnitingCare, Queensland Systems Taken Down*

UK Rail Network Merseyrail Hit by Lockbit Ransomware*

Google Patches Critical RCE Vulnerability in Chrome*

MangaDex Stolen Database Leaked Online*

NTLM Relay Attack Abuses Windows RPC Protocol Vulnerability*

Guilderland Central Schools Hit With Malware Attack*

Apple iCloud Mail Server Outage*

Fake Microsoft DirectX 12 Deploying Crypto-Stealing Malware*

D.C. Police Columbia Hacked; Ransom Demanded*

Oilfield Services Giant Gyrodata Discloses Data Breach*

Microsoft Teams Suffers Outage*

Attackers Spreading FluBot Malware via Android Devices*

Prometei Botnet Operators Exploiting Obscure Microsoft Exchange Servers*

New Cryptomining Malware Turning Vulnerable Windows, Linux Devices into Bots*

Hacker Leaks 20 million BigBasket's Data for Free*

Critical RCE Bug Reported in Homebrew Package Manager*

Hackers Exploiting PulseSecure to Deploy SUPERNOVA Malware*

Qlocker Malware Encrypting QNAP Devices Using 7zip*

Twitter Mistakenly Sends Spam Emails*

ToxicEye Trojan Abusing Telegram to Steal Data*

PasswordState is Latest Victim of Supply Chain Attack*

WhatsApp Pink Malware Auto Replies to Skype, Signal and other Messengers*

Exchange Online Down; Microsoft 365 Outage Affects Email Delivery*

Pareto Android Botnet Attacks Smart TV Ads*

1.3 Million Windows RDP Servers Login Credentials found in Hacker Forum*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Patched*

Microsoft Partially Fixes Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Vulnerability*

Attackers Infecting Google Play Store via Fake Applications*

Eversource Energy Reported Data Breach*

Attackers Actively Exploiting 4 Pulse Secure Vulnerabilities*

Attackers Target Multiple Networks in a Supply Chain Attack Post Codecov's Data Breach*

Revil Gang Attempted to Extort Apple via Alleged Quanta Hack*

Zero-day Vulnerabilities Patched in SonicWall Email Security*

Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Discovered in Cosori Smart Air Fryer*

Malvertising Campaign "Tag Barnakle" Compromised 120 Ad Servers*

Attackers Hacking Android Devices Remotely via WhatsApp Flaws*

Lazarus APT Using BMP Images to Distribute Trojan*

Geico Suffers Data Breach; Policyholders' Driver's License Numbers Stolen*

Researchers Found Campaign Mimicking Microsoft Store, Spotify Sites, and Chess Application*

WordPress Patches XXE Flaw in PHP 8*

Domino's India Database Hacked; 10 Lakh Credit Card Details Leaked*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Juniper Devices Discovered*

Attackers Exploiting Critical Flaw in Facebook's Live Videos Feature*

Multiple Vulnerabilities Reported in EtherNet/IP Stack for Industrial Systems*

Malware Spreading via Xcode Projects; Infecting Apple's M1-based Macs*

Attackers Stealing Credentials via Operation "Overtrap"*

Fortinet Discloses a New FormBook Variant*

Hackers Gained Access via Vulnerable VPN Device in Capcom Ransomware Attack*

Critical Zero-day Vulnerability Found in Desktop Window Manager (DWM)*

Swinburne University, Australia Suffers Data Breach*

Twitter Suffering Worldwide Outage*

Google Released Chrome 90*

Cyberattack on The University of Hertfordshire, UK*

Tata Communications Data Breached via Route Mobile*

Over 100 Million Devices Vulnerable to DNS Vulnerabilities*

Attackers Tampering Popular App Stores to Distribute Malicious Apps*

Researchers Disclosing Second Chrome Zero-day Exploit*

SAP Fixes Critical Flaws in SAP Commerce, NetWeaver & Business Client*

Spying Android RAT "BRATA" Strikes Back*

New Phishing Campaign Delivering Fake Antivirus Billing Notices*

Malware hidden in Fake Browserify NPM package*

Adobe Fixes 10 Vulnerabilities in Multiple Products*

QBot Operators Using QBot & IcedID Malware as Final Payload*

Malicious Facebook Ads Dropping Malware on Systems*

Bakker Logistiek Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Campaign Evades Detection with Malicious Javascript Code*

10 Malicious Applications in App Gallery Infected with Joker Malware*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - April 2021*

New Malware "Saint Bot" Snatching User Passwords*

IcedID Malware Delivered via Contact Forms*

Swarmshop Hacked; Over 600,000 Stolen Records Exposed*

Pharmaceutical Giant "Pierre Fabre" Suffers REvil Ransomware Attack*

Multiple Gigaset Android Smartphones are Infected with Malware*

New Android Malware Auto-spreads to Devices using WhatsApp Auto-replies*

Lazarus Hacking Group Strikes Back with Vyveva Backdoor*

Rockwell Automation Addresses 9 Critical Vulnerabilities in FactoryTalk AssetCentre*

VISA Warns of Increasing Web Skimming Attacks*

LinkedIn Data Breach; 500 Million Users Data Posted On Dark Web*

Unpatched Fortinet VPN devices are exploited by Cring Ransomware*

Cisco Patches Cisco SD-WAN vManage Software Vulnerabilities*

Chinese Hackers Attacks Government & Military of Vietnam*

A New Spear-Phishing Campaign Deploying Malware Using Voice Changing Software*

Attackers Targeting Firms Using new Banking Trojan "Janeleiro"*

Hackers Deploying 'more_eggs' Malware via Fake LinkedIn Job Offers*

European Commission and EU Organizations Suffer Cyber Attack* Fined $560,000 by DPA*

VMware Fixes Critical RCE Flaw in Carbon Black Cloud Workload*

Data of Over 279 "Only Fans" Accounts Posted Online*

TU Dublin and National College of Ireland Suffers from Ransomware Attack*

Attackers Actively Exploiting Unpatched SAP Applications*

Hackers Exploiting Windows OS "BITS" Component*

$38M Worth of Gift Cards Sold by Cybercriminal on Russian Hacking Forum*

Outlook "Cannot send this item" Error Patched by Microsoft*

Clop Ransomware Gang Leaks Multiple Universities Sensitive Data Online*

Attackers are targeting Japan Industries with Multiple Backdoors*

Fake jQuery Plugin Deploying Malware on Systems*

Electronics Manufacturer "Asteelflash" Suffers REvil Ransomware Attack*

Brown University Suffers Cyberattack*

US DOJ Warns of Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Survey Phishing Campaign*

FBI and CISA Warns of Exploits Against Unpatched Fortinet FortiOS Servers*

Threat Actors Attempt to Extort Ubiquiti Post Data Breach*

Researchers Report Spike in Ransom DDoS Attacks*

Bogus Pen-Test Company "SecuriElite" Targeting Security Professionals*

Facebook Data Breach; 533 Million Users Data Exposed*

Citrix Addresses Multiple Vulnerabilities in Hypervisor*

SolarWinds Patches Four Vulnerabilities in Orion Platform*

Attackers Hacked PHP's Git Server to add Backdoors*

Malicious “System Update” Android Malware is Compromising Devices*

German Parliament Members Targeted by Spear-Phishing Attack*

BazarCall Malware Infecting Systems via Malicious Phone Calls*

New 5G Security Flaw allows Denial-of Service Attacks & Data Access*

Campaigns Spotted Targeting Gamers via Malware hidden in Game Cheats and Mods*

Fat Face Discloses Data Breach; Pays $2 Million Ransom*

VMware Fixes Two Critical Flaws in vRealize Operations Manager*

Harris Federation Hit by Ransomware Attack*

Slack Disables New Feature Amid Security Related Concerns*

npm Fixes a Critical Networking Vulnerability in "netmask" Library*

OpenSSL fixes Two High Severity Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Patches Windows 10 Secure Boot Vulnerability*

Weintek Patches Remote Code Execution Flaws in its Product Range*

Evil Corporation Employs Hades Ransomware to Evade Detection*

Two Critical Vulnerabilities Patched in a WordPress Plugin*

FBI Warns of Mamba Ransomware*

Mobikwik Data Breach; Over 5 Million Users Data Exposed*

Threat Actors Exploiting Critical Flaws in GE's Universal Relay Products*

Apple Patches Webkit Browser Engine's Zero-day Vulnerability*

Backblaze Reports Data Breach; 9,245 Users' Metadata Exposed*

New Cloudflare's Page Shield Feature notifies Malicious JavaScript Dependencies*

Purple Fox Operators are Targeting Vulnerable Windows Systems*

Two Dozen Malicious Chrome Extensions are distributing Malware Globally*

Microsoft Patches Privilege Elevation Flaw in PSExec*

Multiple Security Vulnerabilities discovered in Cisco Jabber*

Adobe Fixes Critical Vulnerability in ColdFusion*

CISA and FBI warn about Phishing Attack spreading TrickBot Malware*

Colorado & Miami Universities Suffers Data Breach due to Vulnerable Accellion FTA Servers*

High Availability Server Manufacturer Stratus Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Shell Suffers Data Breach due to usage of Vulnerable Accellion FTA Servers*

Attackers Exploiting Vulnerable Qualcomm Graphic Components on Android Devices*

CNA Insurance Firm Suffers Ransomware Attack; New Malware Family Used*

IoT maker "Sierra Wireless" Reports Ransomware Attack; Site Taken Offline*

Attackers are taking Control of Vulnerable Apache OFBiz ERP via RCE Vulnerability*

Phishing Campaigns Bypassing Secure Email Gateways*

Phishing Mails containing fake COVID-19 Relief Checks downloads Dridex Trojan*

Threat Actors Hacked Windows, iOS, Android Users via Zero-day Attacks*

Mirai Botnet Exploiting Critical Flaws in Network Security Devices*

MangaDex Taken Offline Post Cyberattack*

Black Kingdom Ransomware Exploits Zero-day Flaws in Microsoft Exchange Servers*

Road Ministry warns Multiple Indian Government Organizations post Cyber-Attack Threats*

Fake Telegram Desktop Application downloads AZORult Malware*

CISA releases CHIRP Tool for SolarWinds Malicious Activity Detection*

CopperStealer Malware is Hijacking Social Media Accounts*

DDoS-as-a-Service exploits Citrix Devices*

New Malware XcodeSpy Targets iOS & macOS Developers*

Acer Suffers Ransomware Attack; $50 million Ransom Demanded*

Zoom Screen-sharing Bug is exposing Sensitive Data to Unauthorized Users*

Post Microsoft Outage files are missing from SharePoint*

Phishing Campaign Targets US Taxpayers*

Pysa Ransomware is Targeting US & UK Educational Institutions*

Twitter Image can be abused to hide Malicious Files*

Hackers Exfiltrating Stolen Data via JPG Files*

Mimecast Says SolarWinds Hackers Accessed Some Source Code*

Ransomware Attack on Pune District Smart City Costs Project Operators 50 Million Dollars*

RTM & Quoter Ransomware are Targeting Russian Finance and Transport Organizations*

A Time Zone Bug Crashing iOS Clock Application*

Microsoft Releases Mitigation Tool for Exchange Servers Affected in ProxyLogon Hack*

WeLeakInfo Hacker Site Hacked*

Phishing Domains can now Detect Virtual Machines using JavaScript*

Blender Software Developer Reports Cyber Attack*

Researchers Discovered Nim based Malware Exploiting Devices*

Microsoft Suffers Outage; Multiple Services Affected*

Metamorfo Banking Trojan abuses AutoHotKey to steal User Information*

Threat Actors Exploiting Avira Antivirus to Deliver Banking Trojans via DLL Side Loading Attack*

New ZHtrap Botnet Malware is turning Infected Targets to Honeypots*

Three Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities fixed in Linux Kernel*

Threat Actors Exploiting Linux based Systems with new RedXOR Malware*

A New Zero-day WordPress Vulnerability enables Site Takeover*

Google Patches Zero-day Vulnerability in Chrome*

Mozilla Addresses Linux Crashes, Apple Silicon Hangs in Firefox 86.0.1*

Molson Coors Reports an Outage*

Windows 10 Emergency Updates fixes Printing Crashes*

Researchers Disclose New and Powerful Version of BADHATCH PoS Malware*

Spanish Government Labor Agency Suffers Ransomware Attack*

New DEARCRY Ransomware Exploiting Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers*

OVH Data Center Reported Massive Outage*

Second Cyber Attack on Norway's Parliament*

Maryland Attorney Seizes 5th Domain Used in COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing Attacks*

Hackers Accessed Verkada's Live Surveillance Cameras*

iPhone Call Recorder App Exposes People's Conversations*

F5 BIG-IP issued patches for Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities*

Microsoft Discloses 3 New Malware Strains in SolarWinds Hack*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - March 2021*

GitHub Users were forcibly Signed out to patch a Security Bug*

9 Android Application on Google Play Store found to be distributing Malware Dropper*

Researchers Disclose Side-Channel Attacks on Vulnerable Intel CPUs*

Global Aviation Industry Tech Supplier "SITA" Suffers Massive Data Breach*

Apple Addresses Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in WebKit*

Adobe Patches Flaws in Creative Cloud, Connect & Frame-maker*

Researchers Disclose New Tor based Malware "gafgyt"*

New Sarbloh Ransomware Encrypting Victim Files through Political Agenda*

Flagster Bank Suffers Data Breach due to usage of Vulnerable Accellion FTA Servers*

Google Chrome Blocks Port 554 as a Counter to NAT Slipstreaming Attacks*

European Banking Authorities Exchange Servers Hacked*

Microsoft Themed Phishing Attack Stealing User Credentials*

Over 15 Schools in UK Suffered Cyberattack*

Multiple Cisco Products Exposed to DoS Attack due to Snort Vulnerability*

Microsoft Releases a Tool for ProxyLogon Security Verification on Exchange Servers*

Microsoft Outlook Breached; Over 20,000 Organisations Affected Globally*

Supermicro, Pulse Secure Patches Vulnerabilities in BIOS & UEFI Products*

Attackers Hiding ObliqueRAT Trojan in Image Files via Steganography*

GRUB2 Patches Multiple High Severity Vulnerabilities in Boot Loader*

Over 6,700 VMware Servers Exposed post Exploit Code Release*

Hackers Deploying Malware on Compromised Websites via SEO Techniques*

Over 100 Italian Banks Targeted via Ursnif Trojan*

VMware Patches Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in View Planner*

Attackers Targeting Investors via BEC Campaigns*

CompuCom Suffers Malware Attack Leading to Service Outage*

Botnet Campaigns Abusing Bitcoin Blockchains & Deploying Skidmap Malware*

AOL Phishing Campaign Reported Stealing User Credentials*

Researchers Disocvered DoS Vulnerability in Eclipse Jetty*

Qualys Suffered Data Breach due to Zero-day Vulnerability in Accellion FTA Server*

PrismHR Suffers Massive Outage*

Malaysia Airlines Discloses a Data Breach*

Chinese Cybercriminals Exploiting 4 Zero-day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange*

Universal Health Services lost $67 Million by Ryuk Ransomware Attack*

Google Patches Zero-day Vulnerability in Chrome*

Dependency Confusion Vulnerability Exploited to steal Linux/Unix Password Files*

Ransomware Attack on Aviation Giant Bombardier*

Dutch e-Ticketing Platform Ticketcounter Suffers Data Breach*

Chinese Hackers Targeting Indian Power Grids & Seaports*

World's Leading Dairy Products Group Lactalis Hit by Cyber Attack*

Drive Corruption Vulnerability in Windows 10*

LazyScripter Actors Target Airlines with Remote Access Trojans*

New Variant of Ryuk Ransomware Observed Self-propagating in Local Network*

Cisco Patches Critical Severity Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Cisco ACI MSO*

Sequoia Capital Suffers Data Breach post a Failed BEC Attack*

FriarFox Browser Extension Targeting Tibetan Organizations*

Windows 10 BSOD Issues Resolved via Intel Wireless Driver Updates*

Online Dating Application Gaper Vulnerable to Multiple Critical Zero-day Flaws*

US Federal Reserve Suffers Massive Outage Nationwide*

Researchers Discloses Potential Code Injection Flaw in NodeJS Library "systeminformation"*

TD Bank Recovering from Systemwide Banking Outage*

XBOX Live Suffers Global Outage*

Accellion Vulnerability Exposes Pharmacy & Employee Data in Kroger Data Breach*

Keybase Patches a Bug that Exposes Deleted Sensitive Media to Attackers*

Threat Actors Deploying New Variants of MINEBRIDGE RAT via Word Documents*

Powerhouse Management Suffers from Large Scale DDoS Attacks*

WACUP Patches Several Bugs in Winamp Media Player*

Over 8 Million COVID-19 Test Results Leaked*

TietoEVRY IT Services Suffers Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Begins Windows 10 21H1 Beta Testing*

VMware Patches Critical RCE Bug in vCenter*

Python Software Foundation Addresses Two Vulnerabilities*

US Shares Information on AppleJeus Malware*

LinkedIn Suffers Global Outage for Two Hours*

Fake Adobe Flashplayer Update Installs Adware Bundle*

Brave Browser's "Tor Mode" Leaks Onion Queries in DNS Traffic*

Certification Giant Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Suffers from Ransomware Attack*

Magecart Hackers Stealing Credit Card Information via Google Apps Script*

Attackers Targeting Apple's M1 Chip via Malicious Adware Extension*

Cuba Ransomware Triggers Data Breaches In US Cities & Agencies*

Dutch Research Council (NWO) Suffered Cyberattack*

RIPE NCC Suffers Credential Stuffing Attack*

OpenSSL Project Releases A New Patch For Three New Vulnerabilities*

VMware Patches Vulnerability in vSphere Replication Software*

Windows 10 Secure Boot Patch Exposes BitLocker Recovery Key*

Kia Motors USA Suffers Massive IT Outage*

EMSISOFT Exposes Internal Log Data Generated by their Test Products*

EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange Suffers DDoS Attack*

Researchers Discloses Unpatched Vulnerabilities in SHAREit for Android OS*

Yandex Insider Threat Compromises 4887 Customer Accounts*

Telegram's "Super-Secret" Feature Exposes Self-Destructing Media Files to Attackers*

Siemens Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities in Virtualization Software*

PayPal Patches XSS Vulnerability in Currency Converter Feature*

Over 30 Mobile Health Apps Exposing Records of Millions of Users*

Fortinet Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities In SSL, VPN & Web Firewall Products*

Critical XSS Vulnerabilities Fixed In WordPress Plugin "NextGen Gallery"*

Windows Kernel Escalation of Privilege Zero Day Bug is Fixed in Microsoft Patch Tuesday*

CISA Warns of High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Fuji Electric Products*

Researchers Discloses Multiple Vulnerabilities in YouPHPTube and AVideo*

Dairy Farm Suffers REvil Ransomware Attack*

C-Level Executives Targeted via Phishing Attack*

Over 3 Million Cook County Court's Sensitive Data Records Exposed*

Mozilla Enhances Firefox Security Against Super Cookies & Disables Adobe Flash Support*

Microsoft Azure Function Vulnerable to Privileges Escalation & Docker Escape*

Apple Patched iOS, iPadOS & tvOS Multiple Vulnerabilities*

Law Enforcement Agencies around the Globe takes Down Emotet Ransomware Gang*

Oscorp - Credential Stealing Android Malware*

Lebanese Cedar APT Targeted Telecoms, Hosting, ISPs Worldwide*

North Korean Hackers Attacking Security Researchers*

Cisco Discloses Multiple Vulnerabilities in Small Business Routers*

Researchers Discloses Critical Vulnerabilities in F5 BIG-IP Products*

Well-known Religious Services "The Temple" Suffers a DoS Attack*

Linux Systems Under Attack via FreakOut Malware*

QNAP Warns Users of Dovecat Crypto Miner Malware*

Microsoft Discloses Methods used by SolarWinds Hacker Group to Avoid Detection*

1.9 Million Pixlr Users Stolen Data Available on Free Forums*

Adult Social Media Platform Fleek Leaking Users Explicit Data*

4.1 Million AnyVan Users Data Compromised via Data Breach*

VLC Media Player Patches Several Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities*

Cisco Fixes PreAuth Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities*

Crypto Exchange LiveCoin Shutting Down Post Cyber Attack*

Microsoft Enabling Full Automation Support for Microsoft Defender AV*

Cisco Fixes Windows DLL Injection Vulnerability in Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client*

Raindrop Malware Observed in SolarWinds Hack*

FireEye Releases Tool to Detect SolarWinds Hack Techniques*

SolarWinds Malware "Raindrop" Hiding in Modified 7Zip Source Code*

Oracle Releases Quarterly Critical Patches*

Multiple Twitter Accounts Hacked in "Elon Musk" Crypto Scam*

Malwarebytes Breached by SolarWinds Threat Actors*

Apple Removes Vulnerable MacOS Features in MacOS 11.2 Beta 2*

Cybercriminals Blunder Exposes Stolen Credentials in Plain Sight*

Threat Actors Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication for Several Cloud Services Accounts*

Microsoft Patches Zero Day Vulnerability in Defender Antivirus*

Google Bans 164 Offending Android Applications from Play Store*

Mozilla Releases Security Updates for Thunderbird*

Scammers Blackmailing Coinmama Users via p*rn Backlinks*

Windows 10 Bug Corrupts Hard Drive via Single Line Command*

NSA Urges Organizations Not to Use Third Party DNS Resolvers*

Bitdefender Releasing Free Decryptor for DarkSide Ransomware Victims*

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Suffering Conti Ransomware Attack*

Microsoft Announces Windows Zerologon Flaw ‘Enforcement Mode’*

Threat Actors Compromising Mimecast's SSL Certificates*

Researchers Exposes United Nations Data Breach*

Linux Mint OS Patches ScreenSaver Bypass Vulnerability*

UK's Nohow International Cloud Data Breached*

Threat Actors Exploiting Windows "Finger Command" via Phishing Campaign*

Large Scale Data Breaches Targeting Russian Federation in Year 2020*

Over 390,000 Users Data Compromised in Capcom Data Breach*

DoS Vulnerability in RockWell Automation RSLinx Classic Software*

Breached COVID-19 Vaccine Data Leaked Online via Hacker Forums*

Fake Trump Scandal Video Distributing QNode Malware*

SolarWinds Threat Actors Accessing Department of Justice's Email Servers*

FBI Warns Organizations on Egregor Ransomware*

Pysa Ransomware Hits Hackney Council & Leaked Data Up for Sale*

FIN7 Hacking Group Leveraging JSSLoader Malware*

Indian Government Websites Leaking COVID-19 Patient's Test Results*

Earth Wendigo Campaign Exfiltrating Emails via JavaScript Backdoor*

British Airways Plans £3bn Breach Settlement*

North Korean Hacking Group Supply Chain Attack Targeting Stock Investors*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Fortinet FortiWeb WAF Leading to Arbitrary Code Execution*

Phone and Email Scammers Impersonating as ACSC*

Ransomware Attack Knocks Out Funke Media Group*

ElectroRAT Malware Drains Funds from 6,500 Digital Wallets*

Lake Regional Healthcare Suffers Ransomware Attack*

NameSouth's Data Breached by NetWalker Ransomware Group*

Sabre Corporation's 2017 Data Breach LawSuit Verdict*

Microsoft’s Windows Core Polaris Leaked Online*

10,000 American Express Credit Card Holder's Data Breached*

Vodafone's ho. Mobile Suffers Data Breach Impacting 2.5m User Records*

Hackers Launch Swatting Attacks by Exploiting Smart Home Devices*

SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack Led Hackers Access to Microsoft Source Code*

Secret Backdoor Account Detected in Several Zyxel Firewall & VPN Products*

CISA Releases Sparrow.ps1 Tool for Azure/M365*

Japanese Aerospace Firm Kawasaki Warns of Data Breach*

Japanese Game Developer Koei Tecmo Suffers Data Breach*

FreePBX Developer Sangoma Technologies Hit by Conti Ransomware*

Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in SolarWinds Orion API*

Whirlpool Hit by Nefilim Ransomware Attack*

Adobe Flash Player Reaches End-Of-Life (EOL)*

Phishing Campaign Using Chase Banking Security Notice Emails*

Cisco IP Phone TCP Packet Flood Denial of Service Vulnerability*

Smart Doorbell Devices Easily targeted by Hackers*

Cybercriminal's Bulletproof VPN Service Shuts Down*

Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Bouncy Castle*

Chinese APT Group Operation StealthyTrident*

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Reported in Dell Wyse Thin Clients*

Ransomware Threat Actors Using 'SystemBC' Malware as Backdoor*

QNAP Fixes High Severity Vulnerabilities in NAS Devices*

CrowdStrike Launches Reporting Tool to Audit Azure AD Permissions*

Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions of Users Private Web & Phone Usage*

Al Jazeera Journalists Targeted via Pegasus Spyware*

VMware Vulnerability Exploited in SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack*

Credential Stealer Malware Targeting Financial Institutions*

Clop Ransomware Attack Detected on Symrise*

Microsoft Defender Blocking Known Malicious SolarWinds Binaries*

Mozilla Releases Security Fixes for Multiple Security Vulnerabilities*

Sextortion Campaign Targeting iOS, Android Users via Goontact Spyware*

New Windows Trojan Steals Browser Credentials, Outlook Files*

5G Network Architecture Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered*

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin Emergency Patch Released*

MoleRats APT Variant Stealing Sensitive Data*

Unauthenticated Command Injection Flaw Exposes D-Link VPN Routers to Attacks*

Iranian Rana Android Malware Snooping on Instant Messenging Platforms*

Samsung Fixes Critical Android Bugs*

Adobe Releases Security Updates*

COVID-19 Vaccine Data Leaked*

Ransomware Attack on Netgain Technologies*

70 Lakh Indian Cardholders Data Leaked on Dark Web*

FireEye's Red Team Security Testing and Assessment Tools Stolen by State-Sponsored Hackers*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Security Advisory - December 2020*

Ransomware Attack on Television Production Company - Banijay Group SAS*

Maze Ransomware Attack on Canon*

DeathStalker APT Group Offers Hack For Hire Service*

Security Researchers Accidentally Discovers Windows Zero-Day*

Bandook Malware Targeting Multiple Sectors*

Windows 10 20H2 Update Fixes Broken In-Place Upgrade Feature*

Microsoft Office Products Non-Security Updates November 2020*

Advanced Persistent Threat Attack Targeting U.S. Think Tank*

Huntsville City Schools District Shut Down by Ransomware Attack*

Ryuk Ransomware Attacks K12 Online School Platform*

Malicious npm Packages Installing Remote Access Trojans*

IoT Chip Maker Advantech Hit by Conti Ransomware*

Gootkit Malware Returns with REvil Ransomware*

New CursedGrabber Malware*

Delaware County Hit by DoppelPaymer Ransomware Attack*

Hackers Targeting COVID Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca*

Data Breach Attack on Peatix Events Management Organization Inbox*

LidarPhone Attack Converts Smart Vacuums into Microphones*

Mercy Iowa City Hospital Data Breach*

Over 300K Spotify Accounts Hacked*

Industrial Control System Vendors Warn of Critical Bugs*

Cisco Webex Ghost Flaw*

Chinese Sponsored Cyber Criminal Group Attacking Japan-Linked Organizations*

Cisco Webex Meetings API Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability*

Mozilla Released Firefox 83*

Unprotected Database Exposed a Scam Targeting 100K+ Facebook Accounts*

Mount Locker Ransomware Targeting TurboTax files*

Chinese APT Group FunnyDream*

Supply-Chain Attack Distributing Malware in South Korea*

APT 'Hackers For Hire' Target Financial, Entertainment Firms*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco Security Manager Software*

New Phishing Campaign Delivering Jupyter Malware*

Image Inversion Technique to Bypass Office 365*

Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in World's Largest Android TV Manufacturer*

E-Shops Running Vulnerable Version of Magento*

Source Code of Cobalt Strike Toolkit Shared Online*

Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Server*

Animal Jam Kids Virtual Playground Suffered Data Breach*

Security Vulnerabilities in Unity Orchestrator SD-WAN*

High Severity Security Vulnerability in Cisco’s IOS XR Software*

Chrome Zero-day Vulnerabilities*

Australian Government Warns Healthcare Sector against Ransomware Attack*

Mozilla Releases Security Updates*

xHunt Hackers Attacking Exchange Servers*

Ransomware Attack on Blackbaud Cloud Software Provider*

Ransomware Hits E-Commerce Software Platform X-Cart*

Ubuntu GNOME Display Manager Vulnerability allows Root Access*

Ransomware Attack on Australian Media Monitoring Company*

Scammers Impersonating IRS for Payment Fraud*

Adobe Releases Security Updates*

WordPress Sites Open to Code Injection Attacks via Welcart e-Commerce Bug*

Microsoft Teams ‘Fake Updates’ Malware Campaign*

Critical Security Updates for Multiple Intel Products*

Ghimob Banking Trojan*

Ransomware Attack on Italian Liquor Brand - Campari*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday - November 2020*

Pay2Key Ransomware*

True Social Network App Exposed*

Critical Security Flaws in SaltStack IT Infra Management Solution*

Phishing Attacks on Russian Industrial Enterprises*

Cisco AnyConnect Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Android OS*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Adobe*

Folksam Data Breach*

Bigbasket Suffers Data Breach - Data of 2 Crore Users Now On Sale In Dark Web*

Apple Fixes Three iOS Zero-Days*

Capcom Hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware*

Dridex Botnet Stealing Banking Credentials*

VMware Multiple Security Updates*

Second Hand USB Drives Expose Sensitive Information of Previous Owners*

New Google Drive Phishing Campaign*

Cyberattack on Vermont Health Network*

Alibaba's Online Store RedMart Suffers Data Breach*

Bank Phone Numbers are being Spoofed to Rob Victims*

Windows Zero-Day Exploit Publicly Disclosed*

Nitro Software Massive Data Breach*

Cryptocurrency Service 'Harvest Finance' Hacked - $24 Million Stolen*

New Delivery Method of Emotet has been discovered*

Cyberattacks Hit Schools & Colleges*

Patients in Finland Blackmailed*

KashmirBlack Botnet*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Fujitsu M12 Servers*

IT Service Provider Sopra Steria Hit by Ryuk Ransomware*

High Severity NVIDIA GeForce Experience Vulnerabilities Patched*

SQL Injection Vulnerability in Rapid7 Nexpose*

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Linux Kernel*

Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Identified in WAGO’s Cloud Connectivity Controllers*

Browser Locker Scam Campaigns*

VMware Multiple Security Updates*

Zero-Click Vulnerabilities Identified in the Linux Bluetooth Software Stack*

Browser Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerabilities in Multiple Mobile Browsers*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in HP's Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Software*

High Severity Router Vulnerability in Cisco IOS XR Software*

Google Chrome Browser Multiple Security Updates*


Rise in QR Code Related Scams*

Latest Release of Chrome and Edge Generating Random Log Files*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Magento CMS*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in SonicWALL Sonic OS*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in F2FS Toolset*

Juniper Networks Releases Security Updates*

Silent Librarian APT*

Clips from Exposed Home Security Cameras Posted Online*

Microsoft Disrupts TrickBot Malware Network*

Double Extortion Ransomware Attack on Software AG*

Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in Allen-Bradley Flex I/O System*

Adobe Flash Player Application Critical Patch Update*

Microsoft Patch Tuesday - October 2020*

Microsoft Patches Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities*

Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Apache Tomcat*

Fitbit Spyware Watch Face*

MontysThree Malware Used In Targeted Industrial Espionage Attacks*

Critical Flaws Found In QNAP Helpdesk Leading To Device Takeover*

New Cryptojacking Variant : Black-T*

Vulnerability in Apple's T2 Mac Security Chips*

Google Releases Patches for 50 Android System's Vulnerabilities*

Trump's Health Email phishing Campaign Delivering BazarLoader Trojan*

Cisco Patches Multiple Vulnerabilities*

BAHAMUT : Hack For Hire Service*

Flaws In Top Antivirus Softwares Leading to Privilege Escalation*

Facebook Disables Chinese-Sponsored SilentFade Malware Campaign*

HEH Botnet*

APT Attack Injects Malware into Windows Error Reporting*

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Hit by Ransomware*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Web Browser*

Iranian hackers are exploiting the Zerologon vulnerability*

Indian State Government Massive Data Breach*

MosaicRegressor Malware Framework UEFI Firmware Bootkit*

DDoS Attacks by Ransomware Attacker Groups*

XDSpy APT Group*

Backdoors in Microsoft 365 & Azure Active Directory using AADInternals PowerShell Module*

Raccine Ransomware Vaccine*

Microsoft Office 365 OAuth Access Token Phishing*

Egregor Ransomware*

InterPlanetary Storm Botnet Infects 13K Mac and Android Devices*

Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Wireshark Packet Analyzer*

Palmerworm Espionage Campaign*

Swatch Shuts Down IT Systems to Stop Cyberattack*

Operation Sidecopy Launches Attack on Defense Forces in India*

Microsoft Removed 18 Azure AD Applications*

Microsoft Windows XP Source Code Leaked Online*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products*

247K Microsoft Exchange Servers Vulnerable for RCE*

A Bug in Windows Server 2016*

Magento Credit Card Stealing Malware*

Federal Agency Hit by Cyber Attack*

Chalubo DDoS Botnet Targeting Unsecured SSH Servers*

UHS hospitals Hit By Ransomware Attack*

Phishing Campaign stating End of Support for Windows 7*

Microsoft Office 365 Outage Reported in USA & Australia*

Joker Trojan*

Taurus Malicious Ad Campaign*

Cisco Patches Multiple Security Bugs*

APT-C-43 Steals Military Secrets*

Microsoft Outlook Squatting Campaign*


Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Instagram*

Mozilla Firefox 81 Released*

Automated MEOW Attack*

RansomExx Ransomware Attack on Tyler Technologies*

Phishing Campaign Targets AT&T Global Employees*

TinyCryptor Ransomware*

Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Web Browser*

Mozilla Bug - Hijacking Firefox Android Browsers*

Maze Attackers adopt Ragnar Locker VM technique*

Chinese Hackers Targeting U.S. Agencies*

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Safari*

ZShlayer Malware*

APT41 Chinese Hacking Group*

Phishing Scam using Security Awareness Training Emails*

MrbMiner Malware*

MFA Bypass Vulnerability in Microsoft 365*

Prometei Multi-Modular Botnet*

Emotet Malware New Spamming Campaign*

Lemon Duck Cryptominer*

Qakbot malware*

Trojan Glupteba

Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in GE Ultrasound Systems (2024)
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